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My Parents Are Aliens cast now from bearded rock star to unrecognisable kids

My Parents Are Aliens cast now from bearded rock star to unrecognisable kids

7/31/2021 10:43:00 AM

My Parents Are Aliens cast now from bearded rock star to unrecognisable kids

The heartwarming yet chaotic tale about a pair of aliens crash-landing on Earth and looking after three kids had us racing home from school every day. But what happened to the cast of My Parents Are Aliens after the show ended?

A pair of aliens crash-landing on Earth and ordering some young kids to keep their secret might sound like a horror film.But My Parents Are Aliens won the hearts of school kids across the country with many of them rushing home every day to watch the wacky antics of Brian and Sophie Johnson.

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It may come as a shock to some people that the hit CITV show first aired over two decades ago.After bumbling Brian messed with the controls of their spaceship, the alien couple accidentally crashed onto our planet.Instead of trying to take over the planet, they decided to morph into human form and foster three orphaned children.

Mel, Josh and Lucy Barker tried to help their out of this world foster parents act like normal humans, but chaos followed the family wherever they went.While it was ultimately a kids' show, there were a lot of cheeky references to mature subjects that we wouldn't have clocked as children.

The award-winning show spurned 106 episodes and picked up the gong for Best Children's Drama at the Royal Television Society Awards twice.Sadly, all good things must come to and end and My Parents Are Aliens aired its last series in 2006 when ITV closed it's in-house children's production unit.

But what happened to the cast of the hit show? Here's what they have been up to since:Tony Gardner - Brian Johnson Everyone's favourite character, Brian was always getting himself into some hilarious mishaps.The Valuxian alien was the biggest kid on the show, always getting distracted from the task at hand and refusing to take orders.

While often selfish, Brian had a heart of gold really, but even his bets intentions caused chaos for the family.He was able to morph at will but had a strong allergy to ice cream, which made him grow moose antlers. The tearaway alien dad was played by Tony Gardner, who has been in a host of big shows since My Parents Are Aliens.

The former GP played Dan Miller in The Thick Of It and has also starred in Lead Balloon, The Lenny Henry Show, Doctor Who and is currently in Last Tango in Halifax.The generation that watched Tony in My Parents Are Aliens also know him as Tony Shales in Fresh Meat - the sleazy professor who had an affair with his pupil, Oregon.

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Last year, one fan of the show got a hilarious surprise when she spotted Tony having the time of his life at Glastonbury while wearing a leopard print suit - with the clip going viral.Barbara Durkin - Sophie Johnson Sophie had a tad more common sense that Brian, which isn't really saying much.

Ditzy Sophie was also fairly clueless about Earth life but made more of an effort to fit in.There is clearly an ice cream issue with these aliens as Sophie was only able to morph while eating the cold dessert.This once ended in disaster when she morphed into a new body and got stuck as the start of series 3.

In real-life, this plot device was used to explain why actress Barbara Durkin was being replaced on the show in 2000.She did made a surprise return for the final episode of series 7, which was originally intended to be the last ever.Barbara went on to appear in Midsomer Murders, Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps and Heartbeat.

She's also had two guest appearances in Doctors, The Bill and My Family.Carla Mendonça as Sophie Johnson There was some confusion when Sophie's face completely changed for series 3, but the clever writes managed to come up with the idea that it was a morphing attempt gone run.

The alien realised she was unable to go back to her previous form so decided to remain as she was.Actress Carla Mendonça took to the role like a fish to water and played Sophie for the majority of the show's run. Carla appeared in sitcom Roman's Empire with the IT Crowd's Chris O'Dowd and Gavin and Stacey's Mathew Horne.

Aside from three separate guest appearances on Doctors as three completely different characters, she has mostly remained in children's TV.She has starred in CBBC show's My Dad's the Prime Minister, Dani's House, Scoop and So Awkward.Danielle McCormack - Mel Barker Eldest child Mel was your typical teenager with a sarcastic attitude and disdain for rules.

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On the outside, Mel was a very tough cookie and let no one get in her way.But she occasionally showed a much softer side and was very protective and motherly towards her younger siblings, having felt responsible for them since losing their birth parents.

Remembered fondly for her quirky fashion sense and bold hair styles, Mel headed off to Canada at the end of the sixth series but made a welcome return for the final episode of series 7.Yorkshire actress Danielle McCormack, who looks very different now, continued as an actress in Where the Heart Is, Casualty and Doctors.

The accomplished singer also branched out into songwriting and has written a number of tracks with Geordie Walker from Killing Joke.Alex Kew - Josh Barker Video Loading Video Unavailable Click to play Tap to play The video will auto-play soon8Cancel Play now Middle child Josh was the joker of the pack - and was always coming up with a cunning money-making scheme.

The spikey-haired lad always easily suckered Brian into his scams, and was also helped by best pals Pete and Frankie.Josh was always out-smarted by his quick-witted sisters and was helplessly in love with "the gorgeous Tania Thomas".When actor Alew Kew's voice broke in series five, the writers wrote an episode around the change.

Alew is all grown up now and looks unrecognisable with his rugged beard and long hair.The singer and guitarist went into the world of music after the show and joined local rock band The Wutars in 2009.But he did briefly remain in acting, appearing in 2Point4 Children, The Bill and Coming of Age.

He also had a brief part in About A Boy in 2002 alongside Hugh Grant.Rockstar Alex is now focused on a solo music career and regularly posts pictures from his gigs on social media.Charlotte Francis - Lucy Barker Lucy was th youngest of the Barker clan, but she was definitely the most intelligent member of the family.

This meant she had a close bond with Brian, who had a strong knowledge of science, and they would conduct experiments together.Lucy and equally geeky pal Wendy struggled to fit in at school - and Lucy would often come across as uptight and controlling.

But the caring schoolgirl was always the one helping her alien foster parents to separate right from wrong.Actress Charlotte Francis has not acted on screen since the series ended and concentrated on her studies.Olisa Odele - C.J. C.J. was a shy boy who was saved from being run over in a nasty accident by 'SuperBrian', a.k.a. Brian wearing a cape.

A fellow orphan from the children's home, C.J. discovered Brian and Sophie were aliens and threatened to report them to the authorities.In a bid to keep him quiet, the alien couple decided to adopt C.J. and he became Brian's sidekick - getting involved in his funny schemes.

Actor Olisa Odele graduated from Brit School and went on to perform in the West End.He then appeared in acclaimed E4 comedy Chewing Gum as Ola.Stephanie Fearon - Harriet Harry When Mel left there was a gaping hole in the family, so Brian and Sophie foster their final child.

Harriet was very similar to her predecessor and a bit of a tomboy but was very protective over young C.J.Josh was initially planing on asking her out, but had to drop his plans when she became his foster sister.Actress Stephanie grew up in the limelight as her mother, Dorothy Fearon, was the singer from 90s dance group Baby D.

She graduated from the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts and was a pit dancer at the 2007 Brit Awards.Stephanie was back on TV in 2010 BBC singing contest Over the Rainbow, finishing in fourth place. Read more: Mirror Celeb »

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