My Immersion Blender Is My Favorite Blender

And yes, I have a Vitamix.

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1/24/2022 11:02:00 PM

Easy to use ✅ Easy to clean ✅ Easy to store ✅

And yes, I have a Vitamix.

; I can stick it straight into a simmering tomato sauce or use it to smooth out a soup without pouring scorching hot liquid into the pitcher of a freestanding blender. And because it fits into a wide-mouthed mason jar, I can prepare smoothie ingredients ahead of time in the same container I’ll use for blending and drinking.

On the rare occasion my immersion blender struggles to chop or blend, it’s usually because I’m trying to use it in a vessel that’s too big and the ingredients are too shallow to make full contact with the blade. Other times, changing the angle of the stick can help create a more powerful vortex. Every once in a while, it just needs a little more time or liquid (but even my

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