'My dad didn't have a fighting chance': Covid is leading cause of death among law enforcement

Covid-19 is the leading cause of death among law enforcement nationwide, the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund says.

9/16/2021 7:14:00 PM

Covid-19 is the leading cause of death among law enforcement nationwide, the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund says.

'It doesn't make me invulnerable,' said one police officer who has been vaccinated against Covid-19. 'But I'd rather have as much protection as I can.'

had contributed to the apparent Covid-19 related deaths last week of 22 law enforcements officers nationwide.Last week, firefighters and police officers from across New Jersey attended a protest against vaccine mandates in Newark, the state's largest city. Newark Mayor Ras Baraka's vaccine requirement for city workers

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has been challenged in courtby a number of unions representing police officers and firefighters."It just really makes me feel really disappointed that they see so many of their brothers and sisters in blue die from this virus and they have the opportunity to take a stand for them and to live for them in their honor or just for themselves, for their families, but won't," Tokley said.

The Philadelphia Police Department told NBC News in August that it did not know how many of its officers were vaccinated.Tokley said that she and her husband did not need encouragement to get vaccinated. They had resolved to protect themselves in any way they could. headtopics.com

From the start of the pandemic, Tokley said she would send her husband to work each night with a book bag filled with gloves, masks and Lysol wipes and spray to try to protect him from the coronavirus.Amethyst was the first of the three to show symptoms and to test positive. Tokley said she and her husband, who had two children from a previous relationship and was a reverend at Calvary Baptist Church in West Philadelphia, suspected he had contracted Covid-19 on duty.

Amethyst, however, initially blamed herself for her father's death, Tokley said."She knew that we found out about her first and she said, 'It's my fault that daddy isn't alive,'" Tokley said.The doctor who treated Erin while he was in the hospital assured Amethyst she was not to blame, Tokley said. Erin is one of six Philadelphia police officers to have died of Covid-19 as of Monday.

Mark Hall Jr. takes the oath to become a New Orleans police officer, following in his father's footsteps.New Orleans Police DeptMark Hall Sr., a police officer in New Orleans, died of Covid-19 last year, has become a vaccine advocate in her family and a supporter of vaccine mandates.

"While there are still breakthrough cases, it gives you a fighting chance," said Hall, 29, a props assistant."And my dad didn't have a fighting chance."Mark Hall Sr. died on April 30, 2020, at age 53. His family believes the 30-year police veteran would have gotten inoculated against Covid because he did get the flu vaccine every year. headtopics.com

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As part of his job at the start of the pandemic, Hall helped to transport homeless people who gathered under the Claiborne Avenue Bridge to hotels, his daughter said.Sonya Hall said her husband went to an urgent care four times after he suspected he had contracted Covid-19 on duty, but he was refused tests each time because of a policy that limited the number of times a person could be tested.

"I do not believe that he got the best care, but I understand at the time why that was," Jasmine Hall said."No one knew what Covid was and what it does to the body."Her father eventually spent nearly a month in the hospital with the coronavirus. He died months before a vaccine was available.

The Halls are all now vaccinated against Covid-19. Sonya said that even though she is not entirely sold on the effectiveness of the vaccines, she was inoculated at the urging of her children, because she has an autoimmune disease and because 17 people close to her have died of Covid-19.

She said her children"are for the vaccines," including Mark Hall Jr., whoshortly after his father's death.The city of New Orleans requires that police officers either be vaccinated or tested weekly.Mark Hall, 24, said he didn't need the city or police department to force him to get vaccinated, despite encountering colleagues within the department and people in the city who he believes are not taking the virus seriously. headtopics.com

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The Back the blue crowd are hypocrites about everything! Yes a vaccine and a mask should be required. They are literally front line safety. And yet some of the most outspoken opponents of both have been LEO. summerbrennan They are really owning us, Libs. I guess those guns can’t protect them. So sad. If COVID-19 is anywhere, it is potentially everywhere. COVID-19 vaccines will save many lives.

IAmSophiaNelson Too bad there isn’t something that might protect the police from dying from COVID19. Why did being gop turn into a death sentence? GOPDeathCult And many still resist wearing masks. Riverside county sheriff has stated that his job is not to keep others healthy, so he will not be vaccinated, nor will he enforce the mandate. Literally his job to protect and keep others safe. I'm so over all of this stupidity.

IAmSophiaNelson What, then, is the reason so many won't get vaccinated? Cigarette Juice Any stats on what % of the officers that died were not vaccinated? Just wondering. 🇺🇸 It is Your Responsibility to Protect: ❤️ Yourself ❤️ Your Family ❤️ Other People ➡️ Follow CDCgov, WHCOVIDResponse, NIH and US_FDA Guidelines ✔️ Get Fully Vaccinated for COVID19 ✔️ Get Fully Vaccinated for other Diseases ✔️ Wear a Mask 😷 ✔️ Avoid Large Gatherings

Another radio host who urged listeners to boycott COVID-19 vaccines dies from COVID-19Bob Enyart is at least the fifth anti-vaccine talk show host to die from complications due to COVID-19 in recent weeks. F around and find out He died doing what he loved. I would not make him get this one, but it mighta helped. Not my choice. May he Rest In Peace. Now, let’s stop reporting on these cases with the tone and suggestion that they deserved to die.

So cops aren't under a vaccine mandate? Their job (unfortunately) is to interact with other people. Shameful. steve_sherwood Back(stab) the Blue Can't we just defund them and shut them down already? God bless those who protect us ! Bullet proof vests are no match for this pinche virus Not the brightest group, are they?

see, there are some positive things about covid don't try to make me like covid w

COVID-19 Vaccines Won’t Affect Your Sexual Performance, but COVID-19 MightJust in case you were wondering. I like your choice of that photo. Very fitting. mood😑

i'm rooting for covid to stop police brutality since nothing else will hear me out, COVID might be good actually CarlaRK3 Awesome 👌 👏 RIP 🤷🏿‍♂️ They'd shoot it, but they can't which part of it is its back. We've been wanting to restructure our police depts. Looks like now's a good time to do it. Let's be careful who we hire to replace the kind of officers who had no regard for themselves, or the people they were supposed to protect.

Then why are police unions fighting vaccination mandates?

Covid-19: NI records 10 Covid-linked deaths,1,304 casesThe total number of deaths linked to coronavirus in NI since the start of the pandemic is 2,478.

MaddowBlog here is another wrong path that so many have followed Trump down... JudgeClayJ I’m not surprised, Whenever I see officers whether it’s in person or on television, they are never wearing a mask. If you refuse to get vaccinated and you refuse to wear your mask, reality is you will find out how real COVID-19 really is! WearYourDamnMask GetVaccinatedASAP

Awwww so sad🤣🤣🤣 Maybe the should have just complied. Your dad did have a fighting chance he just refused to take it bc acab 'Sonya said that even though she is not entirely sold on the effectiveness of the vaccines, she was inoculated at the urging of her children, because she has an autoimmune disease & because 17 people close to her have died of Covid-19.' Including her husband. Cult45 GetTheShot

Then maybe dumbass fascist cops should stop crying about vaccine requirements lol I was pulled over at the start of summer and the officer told me not to worry about a mask when collecting my ID/insurance because masks are ineffective and do more harm than good. 😕

More Americans Are Using Religion To Avoid COVID-19 Vaccine RequirementsThe practice is likely to grow following President Biden’s sweeping new vaccine mandates. Get it right führer Biden Well without a vaccin they will get to meet their maker sooner😢 Tax The Church

Let’s give em more guns. They can shoot covid! forced police reform is kinda cool, actually Oh, I thought it was black ppl with cell phones? Qualified immunity doesn’t apply to actual viruses lol DebraMessing it's a shame I guess this works for defund the police? Weed out the numbskulls. Weird how obstinate anti-vaxx cohorts keep shrinking

Wise up ! Get the vaccine! Unvaccinated

Florida vaccine advocate loses 6 members of her family to Covid-19 within 3 weeksAfter months of knocking on doors in the neighborhoods of Palm Beach County, Florida, trying to convince members of the community to get vaccinated, Lisa Wilson said she lost six members of her family to Covid-19 in a three-week span. A never ending tragedy in Florida. Hard to believe there are people that STILL don't take THIS seriously... SMH... So what we still won't take the jab.

Maybe if cops weren't Trump worshippers & actually followed medical advice they'd be vaxxed & masked. Their high death rate from COVID is their own Republican fault. Supporting the Covid party can kill you. If only there were some thing that could be done to prevent these deaths and reduce the chance of spreading the virus to the general public.

Their body their choice. They are adults and can choose. If you are vaccinated why do you even care, half of you were supporting BLM/Antifa while they chanted “ACAB”and “fry them like bacon” last summer? They need to get vaccinated! Stay safe! “Many police officers, including Erin Tokley, died before a vaccine was widely available or before they could get vaccinated, and while performing jobs that put them in close contact with their communities as the virus spread.”

They all need to get vaccinated, this doesn't have to happen! It should be mandatory for all public workers But “Hell No!” tho… PoliceUnions But instead of wearing masks they shoot the poor. Good job 👍 Thin Silver Lining

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Wow I don’t care at all. So they can't breathe, eh? JonLemire Defunding themselves via no vaxx… JonLemire I can kinda believe it cuz I got stopped by the police the other night we were talking and I asked him why he didn't have on the mask he said he had already had covid. I am fully vaccinated if something goes down it was him, LORD WILLING, it will not & he wasn't active w/ covid.

There it is. The treatment is wrong. The vax ain't working. The powers that be are stuck on a vax that doesn't work. How do we know? Covid leading cause of death in law enforcement. We not to stop censoring treatments and start looking for a treatment that works. How many were over weight and unhealthy, wheres the calls for bans on sugar filled foods, didnt most americans who died have 2 or more co morbidities Very easy to target the anti vax nonsense, but if ye are calling for forced vax then call for forced healthy eating and excercis

People who are paid to serve the public and who refuse to take public health precautions should forfeit their public pensions! If they won’t do their job - protect and serve - fire them! If only there were a simple way to prevent this. Because there is, color me unmoved by their selfish, foolish intransigence.

So now the public has to pay extra sick days, health costs and life insurance for the officers refusing to get vaccinated Because “freedom”? So we are all clear. Police unions are NOT labor unions. They have very little in common and are normally at odds with each other. Yet their unions are fighting vaccination. Utterly stupid and self defeating.

I've worked with police officers & am friends with quite a few: all vaccinated, & they're pretty vocal about how stupid it is not to get vaccinated. Of course, this is just my experience, but people forget there's a lot of variation between police departments & individual police Not surprising, the Police are traditionally on the wrong side of every major issue.

That’s a shame. Most of these guys are aligned to the Deploreables. Take the vax or leave the force. Simple Well that ruins the MAGA cult’s narrative. Vaccine mandates = Back the Blue It’s almost like you need to question their judgement at times 😂

And yet, not one police officer has died from being vaccinated. Go figure. If only there was something they good get that prevented almost all of their COVID deaths. And just imagine how many people they’ve infected while on duty... Cops love to die from covid …so conflicting. 💔💔💔💔 MONEY - 21 day challenge 💸 Change your FINANCIAL status in just 3 WEEKS!

check pentagon And yet they are fighting against the vaccine.

Get VACCINATED You know what they say, the only good cop….. Well they should probably start getting vaccinated then. pimping donations for top execs... Citizens are really in peril if they need to call police or interact with them. I pray police officers and the public get vaccinated so no one dies needlessly.

Well, there goes all the money that they paid in towards their pensions, all to unvirtue-signal to their GQP friends. SheriffBianco is this report accurate? Another piece of evidence no I that the police Union doesn’t give a shit about the members and just want their dues money

Okay get shit on? And yet they won't take the vaccine. This is the result of the police unions...not protecting police officers BlueLivesMatter Yeah right. My bet is on the race baiting from and other MarxistMedia outlets have gotten more cops killed. All Cops Are Covid Vectors When I worked for the railway in northern Canada..frostbite was considered to be a self inflicted injury and you’d get 10 demerits and lose a toe…keep your feet dry and get vaccinated..

🤷 Because police unions are fighting against the Covid vaccines. Get the shot and live🌺 If only their deaths weren’t also causing spread of a deadly disease, this would be sad. But for every dead officer, how many people did they also spead their disease to? DBChirpy They can get vaccinated to nearly eliminate that statistic. I do not feel sorry for them. It’s a political choice for them. As first responders and not vaxxed they are willingly infecting others.

OK. So, our cadre of law enforcement officers is a bunch of goddam REFUSENIIKS?!!! That actually explains “A LOT” Bummer Simultaneously, police depts coast to coast are suing state governments over vaxx mandates, vaxx rate among police is well under 50% because they are all trumpists. Awknddragn What is their PROBLEM? Hard to socially distance when you’re taking down criminals. Self-defeating nonsense. Get it together!

Clearly what we need to do is give them $50 billion worth of military equipment Something they can't shoot Welp… And yet they’d rather resign or threaten resignation then protect themselves from the very real virus.

I will never understand this self destructive mentality. Wtf, i love covid now If only the police would stop fighting mask and vaccine mandates... Have they tried shooting the virus? Keep it going you love to see it Oh no. Now they won’t be able to…do whatever they did. Surely they served a purpose. NYPD vaccination rate is deplorable- what’s wrong with all these guys- mostly guys

So why are Police Unions across America fighting against getting vaccinated?

They are purging Trump voters. Have they tried shooting at the virus or perhaps just engaging in some systematic harassment of viruses? Duh, people who think they are smarter than the scientists and doctors, copers who think science does not apply to them, individuals who think this is all a political stance; well, you then got to pay the price. Adios is all we can say; RIP.

'Nobody will put limits on our mission to kill as many people as possible.' Wonder how many people they have spread it to since they deal with the public everyday 🤔 Perhaps they should get the life saving vaccine? Just saying... shannonrwatts And yet the loud police union when it comes to bashing black people GLFOP, is saying nothing about these fallen officers! Some union😤

MalcolmNance And yet they have the highest number of religious vaccine exemptions. Yet a good amount of them still refuse to take the vaccine….🤦‍♀️ 'unvaccinated people dying of covid for those responsible for talibanization'

How about reporting that the police unions are fighting vax mandates? They are killing themselves. Maybe they should get vaccinated if they want anyone to care. Why don't they get vaccinated then? The vaccine is free… Let them eat cake Cause, Effect, weird. 'But police unions are fighting [COVID19] vaccine mandates.' -Sifill_LDF, NAACP_LDF

I doubt it

that’s wild lol Yada yada yada yada Sad Mandate Vaccines. Get vaccinated That’s because most of law enforcement are Republicans. Cops sure seem to need a lot of guidance. genesimmons People are upset over that now until media posts some policeman does something to turn the public against the police. I get tired of the media going back and forth over who is the good guy or bad guy all the time to cash in at the expense of public safety.

genesimmons Heartfelt

katiedidanddid ACAB CopsNeedToVaccinate CopsSpreadCovidEverywhere DefundThePolice Sad but true. Why? Because of political beliefs. A lot of cops are Trump supporters. Even though Trump got vaccinated, they won't. Very strange, this right wing Q cult. They are waiting for Kremlin stooge Trump to tell them if they should take the vaccine? 🤔

Love how the keep blaming us un vax yet they won't report all the deaths from the vax the past 7 months that killed more than covid. Lol. Racism didn't work covid was going way boom vax now more are popping up. And alot passed away from 2nd booster I greatly doubt it. Show me the data docrocktex26 Idiots.

AllVirusesMatter I wonder where all the workers are going? 🤔 660k probably had a lot of workers in it. The millions infected & unemployed probably had a lot of workers in it.. hmm... Maybe covid is bad for all systems we have? Teacher shortage, med prof shortage, cop shortage, trucker shortage. Perhaps more should get vaccinated EnoughIsEnoughIsEnough

So you’re saying; going unvaccinated is like heading out on a beat w/o a protective vest and gun. Protect yourself, fellow officers and the public you serve, get vaccinated.

LMAO!!! The stupid fucks wont get Vaccinated, fuck 'em. All they do is enforce the rules of the 1% anyway. WHY? Get a vaccine shot!