Muslim groups denounce Trump retweet of fake Pelosi-Schumer photo

One advocate said that 'it’s disappointing but not surprising' that Trump would 'spread this kind of harmful, ignorant, anti-Muslim bigotry.'


President Trump circulated a fake image on Monday depicting congressional Democrats’ top-ranked leaders in traditional Muslim attire in front of the Iranian flag, drawing criticism that he was promoting Islamophobic tropes.

One advocate said that 'it’s disappointing but not surprising' that Trump would 'spread this kind of harmful, ignorant, anti-Muslim bigotry.'

Wa’el Alzayat, CEO of the Muslim American group Emgage Action — named for its mission to engage Muslim Americans — also criticized Trump’s decision to amplify the doctored photo of Pelosi and Schumer."There’s no place for it, irrespective of political differences," he said in an interview.

The image that Trump retweeted has been circulating on the internet for a few days. The source of the tweet has not been authenticated by NBC News. According to the AP, the Twitter account that Trump got it from has a history of tweeting in both English and Persian about Iranian issues, promoting pro-Trump content and criticizing U.S. Democrats.

Democrats have raised questions about the Trump administration’s rationale for ordering the Soleimani killing, warning about the resulting heightened tensions with Iran. But no Democrats have praised Soleimani, and Pelosi herself described him last week as a"terrible person" who"did bad things."

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This is fake? Really? Well, I guess there are morons who don't know, so OK. Thank you Iran for showing how disrespectful Dictator Trump is. . And to present what we all know as false and disgusting of any leader but especially from a country that prides themselves of being respectful and decent. No wonder America is not trusted.

Trump’s a Racist and pussygrapper And rightly so, he is so low,I don't know if he can get any lower This is absolutely despicable, but so of the norm for Trump. If a Democrat...ANY DEMOCRAT...would have done that of Trump, FOX NEWS would have been having an absolute hissy fit.... Who cares? It's just a funny little photo. The Fake News organizations are the ones that wanted the photo be something important. Is it that hard to write a factual news story? One reason why I stopped watching the nightly news.

We have Muslims in our military & our potus who had a doctor sign a Bone Spurs ailment for trump! trump honored our muslim americans with our politions wearing their clothing, good going trump, maybe will see Biden with a mecican sombrero & zarape! I'm sorry, but President Bonespurs is a disgusting leader of our country. He has no skills for the job, nor does he have the emotional maturity for it. He is like a bull in a China store: Breaking EVERYTHING, including the COUNTRY!!!

Trump is insane!!!!!!!!!

Pelosi says no regrets about holding onto impeachment articles, suggests Trump could face moreSpeaker Pelosi says she has no regrets about holding onto the articles of impeachment against President Trump for weeks and suggests he could face additional articles of impeachment going forward. My prediction: Nov 3, 20/20 will be the biggest election in turnout in US History; Millions regret sitting out the last election; realDonaldTrump will lose; And he will refuse to leave Office! Our jaw will be handed to us when we learn what he’s been hiding! Prepare the Nation! she is a joke, she has Alzheimer or she had stroke, every one can see it in press conference, from the other day, maybe drugs or alcohol, she jerk around a lot Pelosi is a joke. Impossible to take her seriously.

Jews, Muslims, Mexicans, who's next ? It wasn't anti It depicted them as Iranian Muslims not supporting our Country first! People who can't figure that out are kind of dense. Do the people at NBC news fall into that category? All this time we were led to believe we received news from educated liberals, not dopes.

And it suited SpeakerPelosi and SenSchumer well. TRUMP is a mental sick person! Best President Ever!!!!!! Perfect! The Dems .DNCWarRoom have been calling POTUS a RUSSIAN agent for 3 years!!!!! Now suddenly it’s inappropriate? When will twitter stop his tweets Unamerican unholy lying liberal socialist democrats 😡

Trumps actions shows what he is and it is not a President. He can not do truth on anything and the lies are hard to keep up with. Trump would blow up in a day without telling a lie. We GOTTA get this overgrown juvenile out of office fast!!! People, vote!

Via Twitter, Trump submits questions for Pelosi interviewBefore House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” to defend delaying the Senate impeachment trial, the president tweeted some advice for her interviewer The man is insane. realDonaldTrump is totally unhinged. That he has nuclear codes is terrifying. This asshat doesn't get to call journalists the enemy of the people and then presume to tell them how to do their jobs. I’m retired so not very busy. I keep up with current events but didn’t know Pelosi would be on tv today. How does the president have time to tweet questions about her interview? Shouldn’t he be busier than I? Ah! Not golfing today!

Perfect news... Nancy and Chuck This Not FAKE Over 80,000 Football Fans at Superdome in New Orleans Cheer President Donald Trump and Chant U.S.A. at the opening ceremony of CFP National Championship: LSU vs Clemson Game. Millions Watch on Cable Networks and America Tells Nancy Impeach This Lady it was great....but hit the demoncrats a little to close to home

Gosh, why does Trump have a hard time getting non-whites to support him? Trump creates fakenews literally. This should be a problem for all Americans. If any other president did this it we big a huge issue. Fake news CNN have apparently confirmed NBCs scoop after experts confirmed the image had been doctored

Why not show SpeakerPelosi SenSchumer for what they are. Terrorist lovers. I have no problem with this at all. America is not even 2nd on their list. It’s closer to 15 or 16 as they believe.

Pelosi Reminds Trump He Is 'Impeached for Life'The speaker’s words immediately caused the hashtag ImpeachedForLife to start trending on Twitter Yep. Just like Impeached Former President BillClinton What evil crazy human being. She did nothing for the country, beside her evil behavior. Disgusting!!! Just like Bill Clinton

Unfit to hold office. I think there are some people around Trump that know exactly how he thinks and influences him to post stupid stuff that he may not have even thought about until someone whispered a suggestion. First one to come to my mind would be Kellyanne. RemoveTrumpNow When MSM/Democrats use satiric memes/outrageous political cartoons of Trump, it’s all political dialogue, press freedom. When Republicans memorialize Democrat disgusting behavior w/an appropriate meme, it’s “islamophobia.” Fact: Schumer/Pelosi = poster children for TDS madness.

President Trump is using propaganda propaganda propaganda propaganda to incite the American people to violence. This is very dangerous. They truly hate 63 million Americans. He retweeted a post lol Trump hates all muslims. Loves Russians. Putin already hacking for him. Nice picture that reflects which side Democrats support in Iran.

Pelosi to Trump: You Are Impeached Forever (And Your Tweets Are Crazy)'This president is impeached for life,' Speaker Pelosi said Sunday morning. And that wasn't all. Then, what!!!!!! Lmfao! Oh yeah...It's Vodka Pelosi again.

Maybe they should quit acting like they do. The Crusades continue. After three dreadful years of this man's ignorance, stupidity and bigotry this should come as no surprise to anyone. I ask one simple question in light of this-what's wrong with this picture America?!? Our president depicting his political opponents as radical Islam?!? The norm?!

He was. 1. Was it really fake? 2. It's only Islamophobia if the viewer has the preconceived association of Muslims & terrorism. If SenSchumer, SpeakerPelosi look at the meme & see terrorists, it's bec they are believe all Muslims are terrorists They love the Islamic terrorists. So the prez is telling America the truth. DumbocRATs are liars.

Lol 😂 ... Hilarious The vengeancical christians cannot get enough of that red meat. Donald John Trump will never be able to forgive Nancy Patricia Pelosi for the impeachment Stan on his White House portrait that visitor will view for ever.Depicting Pelosi in traditional Muslim attire is Trump way of expressing the pain Pelosi is causing him

GOP senator blasts Pelosi for trying to control the impeachment trial — 'she just hates Trump'“Clearly what Pelosi’s done is just a circus, it’s a sham,” Sen. Rick Scott says about the impeachment proceedings. “She just hates Trump.” maybe she just hates corruption No, she loves this country. Trump loves himself.

All those pictures were is something coming from a mentally unbalanced person. I should add with childlike behavior. Twitter should have removed the post and suspended trumps account. Then he’d actually need to hold press conferences like a normal president Actually it was very fitting... It's not islamophobic it was simply stating the truth in a manor that most democratic voters would understand. Democratic strongholds are not noted for their intelligence. I offer Baltimore as an example.

AWWWWW. CORRECT ATTIRE WHEN YOUR SUPPORTERS OF TERRORISTS So what is this supposed to distract us from? Are we sure it was fake....? He’s an asshole and proud of it realDonaldTrump Your top anchor kept a closet full of dildos.

Pelosi poised to send Trump impeachment charges to US Senate for trialOn Sunday, US President Trump wrote on Twitter that a full trial would give the Democrats undeserved credibility, and appeared instead to favour the Senate quickly dismissing the charges.

Trump amounts to a bratty 9 yr old having a tantrum on the playground when the other kids refuse to be bullied by him. Democrats and the MSM do it to TRUMP every day. He pushes back and they all run to the cry room. Democrats 'America Last!' Pelosi and Schumer are self-serving human garbage, and our country sees right through them.

Awe, did it upset the liberal MSM propaganda machine If this is true- such behavior is very unbecoming of a president and each day he proves he really don’t deserve his current position or another term and whats really sad is who’s advising him to do or not to do it - he’s surrounded by a bunch of yes men and woman.

When SpeakerPelosi said the killing of 'this terrorist' was 'disproportionate', after he is responsible for the murder of over 600 Americans and the maiming of hundreds more, tells one all they need to know. Trump exposed them! HowManyMore No, just the treasonous ... If the show fits! Making the other side mad is called winning.

Pretty good joke of depicting their hidden agenda 👍 of who's side they are on and the Hell with America's Interest , Right On Mr. PRESIDENT 👏👏👏👏

Most normal people had a laugh, virtue signaling Libs, not so much 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Trump was merely pointing out the Democrats' phobia over the success of a political opponent, the success of our nation. Pelosi & Schumer represent those who support Iran's murder of Americans, Canadians, Ukrainians, Iraqis, Irainians, ... Iranians hate those who rule over them.

This is absolutely true. Our president did this. Why does Twitter allow trump to put up fake images it should be illegal Shame on Trump! IMPOTUS Someone should portray realDonaldTrump in a dress. He's always been a reluctant male, pushed by his father to be 'butch'. He can’t help it. He’s a giggling adolescent boy and thinks he’s smart and funny

It may be fake now but it's not far from the truth. Give it time and DrunkNancy will be wearing a Hijab. DemocratsTheEnemyWithin American people can’t allow Putin to control this country through Donald Trump for another 4 years!

Trump2020Landslide Exposing them for who they are is not an 'anti-Semitic trope'. They chose to defend a terrorist. WordsMatter Utterly repugnant More rotten meat for his rabid and racist base. It didn’t draw criticism from anyone but from MSM and a few liberals. Trump knew what he was posting wasn’t real, just that it seemed like it the way Chuckie and Nancy acted.

NBC is the authority on Fake Stuff We all know he is such a bullying child. More disgusting behavior of a President. How would this go over if someone in Congress did this? Why is he getting away with this garbage? Yeah, I wouldn’t want to be associated with those two either.... They love them some Muslims!!

I can't wait until we have a mature president who is able to construct a complete sentence. Any Muslims still voting for Trump? Didn't think so. The division is killing this country. All signs of his emotional instability and why he was bounced out of Fordham many years ago- You called Trump a Russian agent for 3 years. This however is appropriate👇

Twitter should have blocked Trump. He is promoting hate. Shameful. Trump can do and say anything With impunity. Do something about this, America. LMFAO Meanwhile in Iran, the people know that what Trump was saying is fact. Nancy and other Dems would prefer terrorist leaders over freedom loving people. American or Iranian. Nice try though.

Keep us the bias ! Would any one of you ever conceive Bush, Reagan, Clinton, ANY former president of the United States doing this? God help us all!! 😢 Trump is not racist. Trump is something else.

This is not in any way surprising, or shocking, or unexpected. There is no bottom for bottom feeders. No surprise, he’s a pompous ass Yes, realDonaldTrump promotes hate every day. Spot on with his tweets.. Funny but Trump's tweet represents how most Americans feel. I guess demeaning the President is more important than reporting the facts.

Every day is another notch on the door post of the asylum for this orange man. NOTHING makes me prouder of my President than hearing he is being denounced by Muslims! Thank you DJT!

They should quit being spokespersons in America for Iran trump is a child not fit to lead. And we loved it Butthurt over a meme? Too bad, laugh once in awhile. It was mildly entertaining at worst. Do you have proof it was fake? It wasn’t a fake image - it was a meme. Depicting their true allegiance It was awful and should never have been offered as something of interest. He offended everyone and further debased the office he holds. He should resign. He is not worthy of this Office and we all know it. Stop playing his game.This maniac should be ignored and put in our past

Or just simply promoting the truth.......

docrocktex26 He’s so stupid and boring at this point with his robot followers. Too bored to even be outraged anymore We all laughed at these two America hating Loons. Chuck and Nancy. Twitter should have removed the post and suspended trumps account. Maybe then he’d actually communicate through words.

wrong is not islamafobia is about these two SpeakerPelosi & Shummer clowns 🤡 protecting and defending a regime that supports terrorists like the one we just took down , you’re just as much on the side of Iran as those 2 idiots are. Who cares if he posted a picture. You’re news is fake all the time.

He ain't lying.... Do people just not understand the concept of a joke? They are funny bc its fake with just a tiny bit of truth thrown in it...get a sense of humor folks... 😂🤣😂🤣 it was hysterical, right? We liked it

Well clean up your house then & stop crying when people call you out !!! MAGA KAG2020 GOP POTUS realDonaldTrump Whoever cares what Dec and NBC thinks It was hilarious!!!!!! The criticism must be echoing inside the bubble again, because I don’t hear much out here NBC. Pretty sure it wasn't him, maybe someone who works for him.

It’s ludicrous that they let this imbecilic immature POTUS incite hate and violence towards people. I don’t care how much you love 45 and hate Pelosi, what he’s doing is morally wrong and it should be illegal. Trump is mentally unstable. Remove him from office NOW. Some of the tweets here show exactly why Trump followers are called a cult.

Disgraceful Waahhhh cry babies. It depicts their loyalty to factions in Iran who hate us. Islamphobic tropes? Hardly Trump is liberating the people of Iran and making Iran great again. Pelosi and Schumer get out of the way.

He did that so we’d all have a hissy fit and ignore the real news (Parnas documents).. I have/had Trumper friends. They post the most offensive memes of the Obamas, Hillary, and Pelosi. I am still shocked at the racist, hateful content on them. You gotta get down in the mud to fight Trump. There's no bottom with him. Remember how he had all of the women who accuse Bill of sexual harassment at the Republican convention? Give as good as you get. Call Stormy!

Remember when the MAGAts were trigger over that George Lopez joke, about the bounty on 45s head? But they all seem ok with this. 🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ Trump is unfit and should be removed. Off course he did, he’s the king of Fake news, and propaganda. Or as his cultist call it “jokes” or “memes” Hey NBCNews! Didn’t see your story on how Bernie told Warren that a woman couldn’t win the Presidency. Waiting!


Maybe the democrats you speak of should stop defending a terrorist and funding them and maybe put Americans above all else in this world!! American should be Americans first not foreign terrorists not illegals Americans !!! How many times are you going to repost this tweet for the Month? enemyofthepeople

But it's true, Democrats love terrorists. OMG it was fake?!?! Sorry NBC you won’t change any Trump voters’ minds. No matter how hard you try, gonna be 4 more years. Like they say, if the turban fits wear it. But it's wonderful to call Trump orange, right? Shrieking Social Justice Warriors are the most hypocritical halfwits around.

More biased propaganda from the left-wing fruitcakes at nbc. One-sided shrieking from Social Justice Warriors and, yes, the media and Democrats need to stop supporting Muslim Extremists and terrorists. Read and listen to her and other democrats words. They echo the Iranian regime. Democrats always side with terrorists, and against America. DemocratsHateAmerica

Leftists call a satirical image tweeted by the president a 'Islamophobic trope'. Then, in equal seriousness, they give you this...

Thank you nbc for not duplicating the false picture again, like so many did. People, we need to care about how Trump behavior, this is not normal. Bastard will do anything , he just took 1billion under table from Saudis bragged about it , no one else in govt was aware outside mafia swamp ! biggest crook on earth !

Did we all forget what Bush said at the mosque after 9/11? Islamophobia is helpful to terrorists who are trying to radicalize and recruit. They can simply point to this sort of disinformation and rhetoric from our president and his supporters and say 'See? I told you so.' How Low and Despicable can Trump get? He’s really mentally ill. It may just be that he Doesn’t Realise that he’s President. 🥜

They earned that shit! If the shoe fits... No promotioning, the President is an outright public racist... Seems legit.... Wthell

He’s a xenophobic, racist, bigot. That’s exactly what he was doing. And he was doing what does best — lying! The Democrats do NOT support terrorists. But they do believe in the rule of law and they believe in not sending our soldiers into unnecessary and unjustifiable wars! Yeah big deal. It’s was amusing.

Sure it was fake? Duh. The media turns everything around to suit their hate! Oh Dimocraps... It was fake Really? It was fake? 😂🤣 The media gets really pissed at Trump's jokes at the Democrats' expense. They got mad at Ricky Gervais for the same thing.

So,I thought it was funny, but they are putting the dead terrorist and his leader on an Pedestal and supporting them over Americans. Truth hurts don’t it nancy and Chuckie Say what?😮 You mean that pic of Mr. & Mrs. Dumb & Dumber' in their traditional Muslim attire wasn't a 'coming out' pic to admit why they blatantly sympathize with the 'Religion of Peace' followers?! Wow!😏

my fellow citizens, there is a new movement drafted by the people to restrict the use taxes for politicians' salaries they aren't doing a damn thing for America its to boot them all out and replace them.WE can do better... Imagine that, Trump tweeted something & the liberal lunatics heads exploded. NBC, you're getting ridiculous. This is not Islamophobic, it's a clear statement about the leanings of these two. They have been defending a terrorist and a terrorist regime, both of whom happen to be Muslim. This reporting is beneath any legitimate news organization. Oh, wait.

That photo was hilarious... all you morons need to lighten up!!! NO ONE GIVES AF Because emotionally he’s 12 NANCY SIDED WITH TERRORISTS KNOWING IT WAS THEM WHO KILLED AMERICANS AND THEIR OWN PEOPLE, SERIOUSLY WHO DOES THAT.? A big hit...🇺🇸😂

We thought it was funny Well, it’s better than promoting child abuse by displaying a baby Trump balloon. 🤪 see we can do it too! So what does this mean then? Is it americaphobia Shame on him. Trump wants foreign countries to help him win but has disqualified himself as a Leader. He has been Impeached therefore should start accepting that fact. He has defied every thing in the Constitution and Made America a laughing stock in the World.

🤣🤣🤣 Photoshop is a tool of the devil. He shared what everyone else was and he wasn't the first to send it viral either. Islamphobia isn't even a word. How come you didn’t show us the pic? If it was the other way around it would have been breaking news. And making a great many of us laugh heartily and send another donation to his campaign.

Can we stop referring to him as President Trump? It’s just Trump or Chump. He is the stupidest, racist, impeached President. VoteBlue2020 Isn’t Nanci Pelosi overrated ? wasn't the Amish that flew planes into buildings on 9/11 or killed three US Navy personnel in Florida 'Drawing criticism'...trump Was promoting Islamic 'tropes', and he was lying, promoting Islamaphobia and being the all-around sick MF that he is. Fixed that NBC news.

Democrats are anti-America. Now ppl understand why silencing was a terrorist he kills his own ppl Disrespectful drug addict.. ကိုယ်တိုင်သတင်းသွားမယူပဲ Facebook ပေါ်က ပုံတွေကို သတင်းလုပ်ရေးတဲ့ Media တွေ ရှိတယ် မဆူဆူအောင်လုပ်နေကြတယ် Why would Trump ever let something like the truth stand in the way of his bigoted rantings.

What’s wrong the Republicants party? They’re shameful. The truth hurts No way! That photo was fake? Nothing gets past NBC!!! EVERYONE should be denouncing this belligerent, childish nonsense from the impeached gameshow host. Admit it. It was funny. Was it doctored? BWAAA HAAAA HAAAA His pic hurt our feels... That's RACIST !

Fake news. You can't be serious enough to assume people are going to be convinced by this bogus story. Trump is well known for showing compassion to everyone. All ethnic groups of people regardless of their religion, color or creed! He loves everyone. Pelosi Schumer and democrats all supported terrorist for the past week. They are all disgusting!!! So is mainstream media!!!

FakeNews It was funny! He is totally insane He has a different experience with memes. There's a shocker Is it fake just because it's a political cartoon and not a photoshopped image (like you use)? She should not be one of them. We know who is IMPEACHED and Big Mad 😡 about it 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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