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Multiple people dead in Milwaukee shooting at Molson Coors

Multiple people have been killed in a shooting at the Molson Coors corporate complex in Milwaukee, the city's mayor says.

2/27/2020 1:48:00 AM

Multiple people have been killed in a shooting at the Molson Coors corporate complex in Milwaukee , the city's mayor says.

MILWAUKEE (AP) — Multiple people were killed Wednesday in a shooting on the Molson Coors Brewing Co. campus, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said. The dead include the shooter, said Barrett, who...

The dead include the shooter, said Barrett, who did not give an exact number of people killed.“What has happened is there was a horrific shooting that has occurred,” Barrett told reporters. “We’re urging all residents and people in this area to stay away from this area. ... They’re continuing their sweep to make sure there is nothing more that’s occurring. It is a horrible, horrible day for the employees here. It’s a very rough day for anyone who is close to this situation.”

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Police tweeted that there was no longer an active threat. Authorities did not immediately release details about the shooter or how the shooting unfolded.It occurred at a sprawling complex that includes a mix of corporate offices and brewing facilities. At least 600 people work at the complex, which is widely known in the Milwaukee area as “Miller Valley,” a reference to the Miller Brewing Co. that is now part of Molson Coors.

James Boyles told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that his wife, Lasonya Ragdales, works at Molson Coors in the claims department. She was texting from inside the facility and told her husband that there was an active shooter and she was locked in a room with a bunch of co-workers, the Journal Sentinel reported.

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers was on his way to the scene. Attorney General Josh Kaul called the shooting “gut-wrenching.”“Miller Valley” features a 160-year-old brewery, with a packaging center that fills thousands of cans and bottles every minute and a distribution center the size of five football fields. A massive red Miller sign towers over the complex and is a well-known symbol in Milwaukee, where beer and brewing are intertwined in the city’s history.

The facility is also home to corporate customer service, finance, human resources and engineering. Tours take people to underground caves where beer was once stored, a saloon with intricate woodwork, a stein hall with stained-glass windows, a champagne room meeting hall with leaded-glass windows, and an outdoor beer garden that can hold 300 people.

Before Wednesday’s shooting, there had been three mass killings nationwide in 2020, with 12 total victims. All have been shootings. In 2019, there were 44 mass killings, with 224 total victims. The Associated Press/USA TODAY/Northeastern University Mass Killings database tracks all U.S. homicides since 2006 involving four or more people killed over 24 hours regardless of weapon, location, victim-offender relationship or motive.

The last mass shooting in the Milwaukee area was in August 2012. when white supremacist Wade Michael Page fatally shot six people and wounded four others at a Sikh temple in suburban Oak Creek. Page killed himself after being wounded in a shootout with police. The worst mass shooting in the area in the past 20 years was in 2005, when seven people were killed and four wounded at a church service in Brookfield, a Milwaukee suburb. The shooter killed himself.

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___Associated Press reporters Dave Kolpack in Fargo, North Dakota; Meghan Hoyer in Washington, D.C.; and Scott Bauer and Todd Richmond in Madison, Wisconsin, contributed to this report.___This story has been updated to correct the name of the company to Molson Coors Brewing Co., instead of MillerCoors.

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Multiple babies have been murdered today, 3500 exactly at abortion clinics promoted by TheDemocrats Where are the tears? Im just here to watch everyone blame the gun instead of the person All these comments.... Not one person talking about mental health... Nobody interested in Identifying and treating crazy people before they do crazy shit. Would we have all the same comments if this person ran over 20 people with a truck? I doubt it.

BretBaier 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 TygerWDR Holy shit man. Hope your not close to this 3 Critical Incident = ANOTHER mass shooting. Preventable Currently the only suspect is Sam Adams As long as the NRA is legal, nothing will change. And in related news the sun will rise tomorrow, just another day in trumps amerika

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Queue the ignorant Leftists blaming everyone but the shooter and pretending like the government disarming the law abiding will actually stop these attacks. Why weren’t there more armed citizens to stop this horrific crime? Still, another victory for the 2nd Amendment, right? Isn't that the important thing.

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BretBaier Look for false flag (ie: crazies set up & let loose) events in swing states. JonLemire So sad my hometown. 7 fatalities. 😢😢 Employee terminations should not be done without security precautions. Armed security, deactivation of all access cards, etc. This isn’t the first workplace shooting by a disgruntled employee following termination.

I don’t care anymore realDonaldTrump ‘s Merica!!!! This is getting fucking embarrassing. So sad This type of shit going on now for 21 years..Now the totally useless US Government will now give billions to attack a virus that has not even come close to killing the amount of people the seasonal flu has killed while continuing to ignore the mass killings by guns.

realDonaldTrump FYI I find it amazing that I'm seeing this on Twitter, not smeared over all the cable tv stations. The result of the 2nd amendment? Mass killings almost every day. Long live the right to arms. Long live the NRA. And fuck ordinary innocent people killed only because they were there. I wish everyone of you, gun lovers, shot dead one day or the other. That's all you deserve.

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Wisconsin is a 'shall issue' concealed carry state. Where was the good guy with a gun? Just another day in the United States of Thoughts and Prayers Zero chance the people involved are Libs. I don't understand. Why weren't the thoughts and prayers after the Route 91 massacre enough to prevent another tragedy? Was the shooter subject to extreme vetting before arriving from his $h¡th0£€ country of origin? Would a border wall have kept him out?

BretBaier Bernie simps? It's amazing how the media ignores mass shootings that happen daily in urban areas. This is nothing compared to them. Welp. 😒 When will they learn.. 💔 Just another proud American exercising his god-given 2a rights. ThoughtsAndPrayersDontWork Man I’d be scared to fire someone because of this reason

I heard 6 killed on the scanner Before y’all get started I’d just like to remind you that “Thoughts and Prayers” don’t work VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare Another day, another mass shooting

Multiple people dead in shooting at Molson Coors campus in Wisconsin, Milwaukee mayor says Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett says multiple people have been killed in a shooting on the Molson Coors Brewing Co. campus. There were more mass shootings than number of days last year in America. Mass shooting has become so commonplace I worry it's now a competiton for the terrorists

'Multiple Casualties’ In Reported Shooting At Molson Coors Facility In MilwaukeeThe Milwaukee Police Department said there was a 'critical incident' at the company headquarters, formerly known as MillerCoors, Wednesday afternoon. Just another day in Murica... Trumpmerica amaoker famousandyhall

Police respond to 'critical incident' at Molson Coors campus in Wisconsin Milwaukee police are responding to what they are calling a “critical incident” on the Molson Coors Brewing Co. campus amid reports of a possible shooting. Ahhh, 😢🙏🏻❤️ But they have the second amendment

Seven dead including shooter in rampage at Molson Coors in MilwaukeeMolson Coors said Wednesday there was an active shooter on its Milwaukee campus and ordered its employees to find a safe place to hide. Everyone in the GOP rise and in unison say; 'Let's offer thoughts and prayers'. Gun violence is the devil's violence. Prayers and love ✌😎🌈

Active shooter reported at Molson Coors Milwaukee campus, unknown injuriesMolson Coors said Wednesday there was an active shooter on its Milwaukee campus and ordered its employees to find a safe place to hide. More fake news rayleengale Shooters and schools? Damn. I call it Terrorist attack....

Active shooter reported at Molson Coors Milwaukee campus, unknown injuriesMolson Coors said Wednesday there was an active shooter on its Milwaukee campus and ordered its employees to find a safe place to hide. UPDATE: Seven people killed, including gunman, in Milwaukee shooting