Multiple number of St. Louis Cardinals players test positive for COVID-19; game Saturday postponed

There have now been 31 games postponed because of positive coronavirus cases after an outbreak on the St. Louis Cardinals.

8/1/2020 10:37:00 PM

There have now been 31 games postponed because of positive coronavirus cases after an outbreak on the St. Louis Cardinals.

Multiple players, staff on the Cardinals have tested positive for COVID-19, forcing the postponement of Saturday's game against the Brewers.

USA TODAYPHOENIX -- Major League Baseball and the players union still are committed to playing as many games as possible this season, but there have now been 31 games postponed because of positive coronavirus cases after an outbreak on the St. Louis Cardinals.

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The Cardinals, whose game against the Milwaukee Brewers Saturday was postponed, have had three players and three staff members test positive the past two days, according to a baseball official with direct knowledge of the situation.The official spoke to USA TODAY Sports on the condition of anonymity because the results have not been announced yet.

The two teams, whose game was also postponed Friday, have a scheduled doubleheader Sunday but it appears unlikely those games will be played.Commissioner Rob Manfred warned union chief Tony Clark on Friday thatif players didn’t improve their protocol efforts the season would be shut down

, and alerted their TV network partners to have alternate programming “”“There are so many unknowns in all of this,’’ Boston Red Sox infielder Michael Chavis told reporters. “We don’t know if we’re going to finish the season. We don’t know what’s happening with whatever team has COVID-19. There is a lot of uncertainty.’’

The Cardinals’ outbreak is the second largest of the season behind the Miami Marlins, who had 21 positive tests from their players and staff last week.“It’s a little nerve-wracking,’’ Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo said. “We say the most normal thing about the day is when we play actual baseball.’’

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Multiple numbers = three players, three staff members. Give it up

St. Louis Cardinals' game postponed after positive coronavirus testsTwo St. Louis Cardinals players have tested positive for Covid-19, the team said Friday, forcing Major League Baseball to postpone Friday's game between the Cardinals and the host Milwaukee Brewers. With all the postponements, coupled with the empty stadiums, what exactly was the point of starting the season? 🧐. MLB MLBNetwork

More Cardinals Test Positive For Covid-19, Saturday’s Game PostponedMLB Commissioner Rob Manfred told the MLB Players Association on Friday that if players don't do a better job managing outbreaks, the season would be canceled. Most of them will have COVID-19 in 60-days if play continues. That’s just the simple probability of it for any team once a couple of players start the ball rolling. Hope it gets stopped soon.

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred warns season could shut down if players aren't more carefulThe St. Louis Cardinals had two players test positive, further altering MLB's schedule and casting doubt on the 60-game season. Rumor has is 5 Marlins fans now have the virus. 5 doesn't sound like a lot except when you factor the fact they're made of cardboard. Shut it down. Wait. Professional athletes can not risk a COVID-19 infection ruining their health. It's a pandemic and this was to be expected, but Trump insisted on starting professional sports. He has no idea what a pandemic is, or he would have been on it in December.

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