‘Mulan’ Is Disney’s First Live-Action Remake to Get a PG-13 Rating

Mulan, Disney, Mulan

#Mulan is Disney's first live-action remake to get a PG-13 rating

Mulan, Disney


Mulan is Disney 's first live-action remake to get a PG-13 rating

Mulan ” may not be for very young children, as it’s become the first Disney live-action remake to receive a PG-13 rating. The new take on the Disney classic got the rating from th…

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I will BoycottMulan even though I’m a Disney fan. The actress supports police brutality and freedom suppression. She degrades the real hero Mulan. No thanks. These films are supposed to be fun. This looks like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Disney. If you go to a theater to see this movie the virus might kill you lol

wow!!! excited😍😘 Gosh somebody tells me why she is so handsome And im way hyped for it. I am super looking forward to this movie i 😍 mulan All Chinese people support liuyifei! We are the same attitude with her! Anyone who want to break China and destroy our peaceful and happy life, we all can not agree! She is real mulan! Fight for her homeland! !

Our family will support mulan! Can’t wait to see it!

'Mulan' Receives First PG-13 Rating for Disney's Live-Action Remakes Disney 's live-action remake of Mulan has received a PG-13 rating from the Motion Picture Association of America due to 'sequences of violence.' Flop An R rated Mulan film is what we truly deserve. No mushu. i wont be seeing it.

wow They picked a bad time to cater to the Chinese market Mulan is Disney’s first live-action remake that actually makes sense to do in live-action. Bad Can not wait to go see this Not sure PG-13 will be sufficient as they are literally supporting an actress who promotes and encourages PoliceBrutality BoycottMulan BoycottChina StandWithHongKong

I think folks with good conscience should consider boycotting Mulan, the main actor is a supporter of China communist party although she is American born & bred This and Shang Chi I’m super duper excited for! I don't care about PG-13, R, PG, G, just give me a good fucking movie that isn't a boring rehash abomination like The Lion King.

Mulan Is Disney's First Live-Action Remake to Get a PG-13 Rating Mulan will be rated PG-13 when it opens in theaters March 27

Sorry but Mulan without mushu is No longer Mulan. Mulan I would like LILO and Stitch to get this rating mainly for action but.....we know it won’t BoycottMulan IStandWithHK Mulan so cool!I cannot wait to see this There’s no talking dragon :( The trailer looks good 🤗 Superhero + Disney Princess,So Mulan is a Superprincess mulan

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Because it’s gonna be some Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon tier like kinda flick. Without Googling, who knows how to say 'fuck' in Chinese? Still not gonna see it since it still looks like a bad movie. BoycottMulan TseungKwanO: Mulan shot teargas at student who then fell off car park and died. Mulan stabbed Lennon wall artists. SaiWanHo: Mulan shot youngsters with live ammo. WanChai: Mulan blinded foreign journo with rubber bullet. YauMaTei: Mulan rammed vans into crowd. ...

quite obvious considering all the duels that will take place in it guys Mulan is allowed to drop an F-Bomb

Cinderella's Castle at Disney World Is Getting a 'Bold' New Look — See the Concept ArtThe new look is in honor of the original Cinderella movie's 70th anniversary Gonna have to go back after that. So it’s going to look like the Sleeping Beauty castle with the pink and blue. I thought it was when I first saw the picture. There is nothing wrong with the way it looks now. I love the way it looks now. Why change it? Nothing’s ever good enough right? So when I go with my daughter, I can’t say to her “it looks just like it did when I was here!“ 😢

Disney announces princess-themed wedding dresses - CNN Video Disney has announced a collaboration with Allure Bridal to create a 16-gown, princess-inspired wedding dress collection. ) Belle from beauty and the beast— my beautiful book lady 👑🥰🌏

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