Much of the country at risk for rolling blackouts

12/4/2022 9:26:00 PM

Americans are going to have to prepare for massive blackouts this winter because of the Biden administration, a former EPA official said. MORE:

Americans are going to have to prepare for massive blackouts this winter because of the Biden administration, a former EPA official said. MORE:

Mandy Gunasekara, a former chief of staff for the Environmental Protection Agency, urges Americans to start preparing now for energy shortages to hit this wi...

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Mmmhmmmm Go figure... I think Americans are already in a blackout...the blacking out of intelligent thinking, starting with the media Enjoy the cold and the dark freezing winter, Americans voted for this . enjoy the frost bite and tell your self that it's to so call save the planet. Agree but for US large homes without big family's, multi units and only one or two people = wasted energy. Their money, but part of demand issue. Tiny homes, RVs, small apartments best efficiency. Update Grid, Clean burn oil, gas at source, use carbon, cogeneration, send power

Be ready when Jesus Christ comes back Genesis 3 15 3 15 John 1 1-50 Matthew 28 28 Acts 2 22-47 Acts 8 26-40 John 3 5 mark 16 15-16 Fake news with no proof. I am SURE it will be Trumps fault!!! The News is FAKE but the girl is real.....lmao Or maybe domestic terrorists who have learned how to sabotage the grid will cause massive blackouts. We just saw them do a dry run.

FBI Playbook, “dress as Patriot Front and shoot at Electric Company Transformers, primarily impacting low income “black” neighborhoods…”. “This will get even with elonmusk because no one can charge their Teslas”. Domestic terrorists are so predictable. SparksN123 catturd2 That’s bull shit

California reparations could see Newsom give Black Americans $223k eachNationally, Black households have a median wealth of $24,100, compared to white households' median wealth of $188,200. Bahahaha California is broke. Are they going to write bad checks?

People will freeze to death. Thanks Brandon Impeach Joe Biden Everyone should remember that democrats don't care about you or your families,isn't that obvious by now? Not your children, not your parents or grand parent's, they don't care if you freeze or get shot by criminals. I signed up for Twitter. Once I saw Elon Musk take it over! About time someone did something big in retaliation!

“former”……. That's a lie. You're spreading lies. Well, Texas certainly... This has to be the stupidest tweet of the day!!!!🥱🥱

OneTen, National Student Clearinghouse team up on employment of Black Americans - Jacksonville Business JournalOneTen currently works with over 70 companies across industries, including many household names such as Bank of America Corp., Deloitte LLP, Walmart Inc., Nike Inc. and General Motors Corp.

They will likely be caused by more terrorist attacks from the MAGACult. Then the GOP will blame President Biden. That is 'the plan.' Does that include Texas?and the majority of Privately owned grids in the USA Hi

EXCLUSIVE: After little progress on lending discrimination, a mortgage fairness crisis loomsYou have a fair shot at getting a mortgage – if you’re white or Asian. For every other race, 'mortgage fairness,' which is already at low levels, could be sinking further. Enough of the race bating we have laws against discrimination use them If there is discrimination otherwise stop the nonsense move on this is America Then why do I have Indian, Black, and Hispanic neighbors in my $500k + neighborhood? Something isn't lining up. Are they not who they appear to be? Mortgages are racist?

Did George H.W. Bush Say He Would Be 'Lynched' If Americans Knew the Truth?The forty-first President of the United States allegedly uttered the statement in response to a journalist's question about Iran-Contra in 1992, yet it has eluded documentation for a quarter-century. Looks like we need to come up with a site to fact check snopes… GHW Bush was also running for re-election in June 1992, which makes it completely unbelievable he would say that to any reporter at the time, especially McClendon.

These are the top 5 'financial regrets' of Americans over 50One of the great problems with retirement planning is that by the time we realize the big mistakes we’ve made it’s usually too late to do anything else. Here are older Americans' five major financial regrets: WeThePeople A stich in time Saves a Nile

Andrew Dominik Blames ‘Blonde’ Backlash on Americans Wanting Marilyn Monroe Portrayed as “Empowered Woman”The director also said he was 'really pleased' the film starring Ana de Armas had 'offended so many people.' for me, I just don't want to see that much emotional suffering in every scene Or and hear me out.. the movie is bad