Mtv, Mtv Music Video Awards

Mtv, Mtv Music Video Awards

MTV Reveals New Moon Person Statue to Mark 40th Anniversary

Artist Kehinde Wiley designed new trophy that winners will receive at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards

8/1/2021 7:15:00 PM

MTV reveals new Moon Person statue, designed by artist Kehinde Wiley, to mark their 40th anniversary today

Artist Kehinde Wiley designed new trophy that winners will receive at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards

“The design features botanical vines seamlessly flowing up and around the figure’s legs, body, and arms as a commentary on the ethnic histories that surround America. Each intertwined vine or leaf has a different historical relevance, such as the seeds from African slaves, that are woven into the American tapestry. The sculpture complements Wiley’s forthcoming series of portraits, in which he plans to create paintings featuring his subjects lying on their sides as vines encircle their bodies.”

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Wiley is the third artist to put a spin on the Moon Person — as its been dubbed in recent years to remove “the implication of gender from its name, and signaling a cultural shift in support of equality and representation,” MTV said — following KAWS’ version in 2013 and fashion designer Jeremy Scott’s take in 2015.

MTVpremiered on this date 40 years ago— at 12:01 a.m. on August 1st, 1981 — with footage of NASA’S Apollo 11 mission. As a nod to that historic first broadcast, a full-sized version of Wiley’s Moon Person sculpture will display starting at noon E.S.T. Sunday at the Kennedy Space Center’s Rocket Garden.

“For the past 40 years, the pioneering spirit of space exploration has inspired MTV to break boundaries in culture and, as such, has encouraged generations to rethink what is possible,” MTV said. “Now, MTV is celebrating its 40th anniversary with new beginnings at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. Following its debut, the large-scale MTV Moon Person will be on display to guests at NASA Central at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.”

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MTV rocks JimLaddRocks SIRIUSXM Rock on Forever. ☮️❤️🤩😎🎶🎸🤍🎶✨🌈🎶 Not like they really show music videos anymore. It's alot of stupid crap like 16&pregnant shows now. This reminds me of the ridic artist Disney Funkos nobody asked for This. . .looks like not a whole lot of effort went into it. I want MORE Music 🎵 Videos.

Happy Birthday! To be fair there is MTV 3 or 4 channel that plays 80s Tím top thích bot to con. Tim top cao to, map map, dam duc voi bot. Khong Vui lòng PM để trao đổi SDTy ba, khog chin nAm. vmas I WANT MY MTV! 80'S AND 90'S. Tired of low moral reality shows and days in a row of Ridiculousness... Used to love it, now am tired of it. Play music videos.

Cool now they should bring back MUSIC.

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It has been at least 20 since they actually played music videos vmas i miss old mtv back then

As MTV Turns 40, It’s Time to Embrace the Generation That Grew Up With It (COLUMN) MTV turns 40 on Sunday, and it hardly looks its age. Well, that’s because it hardly looks like, well, anything anymore. At least that’s the depressing state of the linear MTV channel, which i… Imagine thrusting yourself into every conversation half as much as Gen X .ForeverKeogh When MTV was worth watching.

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