MSNBC's Ali Velshi on Covering Protests Amid Press Attacks: 'We Exist to Hold Power to Account'

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MSNBC anchor Ali Velshi gives a minute-by-minute account of getting shot by a rubber bullet fired by police in Minneapolis on Saturday night.

MSNBC anchor Ali Velshi has covered conflict zones around the world throughout his lengthy career in broadcast journalism, but he never expected one of those places to be Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Velshi, who relocated from Minnesota to Chicago on Monday before heading back to New York, talked to The Hollywood Reporter about being targeted by the police and the larger climate of anti-press violence around the country. We had had some people on the ground. One of the good things about NBC is we've got affiliate relationships as well. So we had a very good sense of what was happening in Minneapolis, including with our own reporters. So I went right to the scene of the Third Precinct police station, which is where most of the protests had been centered around. The crowd had been gathering there. By Thursday evening, even prior to my getting there, it had been fairly tense and fairly hot. By 9 p.m.

We're walking back — we took a break from TV, we turned around to continue walking, when suddenly the intersection that was in front of us as were were walking the opposite direction was suddenly entered by police and National Guard. Having just encountered what we did, we raised our hands and yelled out, 'We're media,' to which they responded, 'We don't care' and they fired projectiles at us. We didn't get hit in that encounter.

I will say this: in fairness, the way you cover these stories is to be there. If you want to bear witness, you actually have to be there. It is not always possible, whether you're covering a protest or a hurricane, to establish a position in which you are able to tell a story and yet be safely enough removed that you're not in the mix. If you're in a crowd and the crowd's getting tear-gassed, that's the nature of the business.


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AliVelshi Canada’s loss is America’s gain!

AliVelshi How come when AliVelshi is not live, 1) He does not wear a mask 2) He congratulates the rioters

AliVelshi thank you for your service.

AliVelshi I'm just gonna leave this here.....

Hopefully he will not get arrested like his colleague of CNN who was arrested in live television !

Thanks to Dimocrats he got the chance to experience it.

Modi :- world was struggling in the grips of coronavirus, we took the right steps at the right time....

AliVelshi cops only care about cops

AliVelshi Stay safe my friend

AliVelshi Should have just kept yourself at home dummy

That article is his public relations and agents doing their job. He got dumped from his show. This is damage control

Ali Velshi is the best!

Why is he making himself the story?

mayne marshmallow bullets would make you happier? seems you want a tellytubby police frce to hold back violent looting mobs.

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