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7/1/2020 11:17:00 PM

Join Ms. Classroom for our two-day virtual workshop—Teaching WGSS Online Virtual Workshop: Preparing for Fall Classes in the Time of COVID ! July 9 + 10, 10am to 12noon PT. Free & open to all who are interested. RSVP by Monday, 7/6! MsTeach WGSS

Preparing for Fall Classes in the Time of COVID#MsTeachWGSSPlease join us for a virtual workshopJuly 9-10, 202010am-12noon PT both daysWorkshop Objectives:Adapt an existing course for online delivery and/or develop a new,"born digital" online or hybrid course

North Carolina Will Pause Further Reopening Until September To Start The School Year Seeking refuge in US, children fleeing danger are expelled NBA Foundation created, pledges $300 million to Black growth

Share best practices in online course design and feminist pedagogyEngage students with resources for the feminist classroomUse social media to build communityAddress structural inequality in the online classroomGo where students are. Now.Workshop led by:

 Gender Studies, University of MississippiPresenters: Program for the Study of Women and Gender, Smith CollegeMichele Tracy Berger, Ph.D. Women’s and Gender Studies, UNC, Chapel HillMichelle McGibbney Vlahoulis, Ed.D., Women and Gender Studies, Arizona State University

Loretta Ross, Visiting Professor, Program for the Study of Women and Gender, Smith CollegeR. Dianne Bartlow, Ph.D., Gender and Women’s Studies, California State University, NorthridgeTracy Butts, Ph.D., English, California State University, Chico

Susan Shaw, Ph.D., Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Oregon State UniversityMargaret Lowry, Ph.D., Women’s and Gender Studies, Texas Christian University Read more: Ms. Magazine »

Respiratory therapist struggles to catch her own breath after COVID-19

Ana Carolina Xavier was helping as many as six coronavirus patients a day to slowly recover lung capacity when she began worrying about her own breathing.

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Hollywood Flashback: Kirstie Alley Played Gloria Steinem in 1985The first actress to play the Ms. magazine founder was Alley — and she did it as a Playboy Bunny. kirstiealley I must have the centerfold... kirstiealley I will never forget the 80’s watching ET (after Joker’s Wild and Wink Martindale) kirstiealley making an awards acceptance speech: “This is for all the BITCHES that we’re mean to me in high school!” This has been my mantra...💜Girl, you gave me STRENGTH! 💪 Thank 💕You

‘Black Women Are the Architects of Cuisine’“Black people shaped this country — and Black women are absolutely the architects of cuisine in this country and throughout the world. And our stories really don’t get as much attention,” says KlancyCooks KlancyCooks throughout the world ? Not so sure ? Yes for Chinese Italian French cuisine but who knows Senegal? Congo? Cameroon? Gaboon? cuisine?

Jeff Sessions Keeps Getting WorseJeff Sessions is trying to claw his way back into relevance while telegraphing a level of personal depravity that matches — if not exceeds — that of his political agenda. zakcheneyrice writes zakcheneyrice Who Let This Moron Back In The Picture? zakcheneyrice I dunno... Trump called Sessions 'a total disaster' zakcheneyrice Loved the article on the always repugnant Jeff Sessions, but “As it turns out, Sessions’s ideological project was what a decisive share of Americans wanted in 2016” isn’t quite true, a decisive share of Americans wanted Hillary in 2016. BanTheElectoralCollege

Black Stylists Launch the Black Fashion & Beauty Collective | V MagazineTheir main objective is to fix the lack of representation in fashion and beauty.