Mpox cases among women mostly affected Black, Hispanic Americans: CDC

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New federal data shows that among the few hundred cases of mpox diagnosed in women—less than 3% of total U.S. cases—Black and Hispanic women were disproportionately affected.

The 2022 outbreak was primarily concentrated in men who have sex with men, a group that includes people who identify as gay, bisexual, transgender and nonbinary, although health officials have said anyone -- regardless of sexual orientation -- is at risk if they have direct contact with an infected patient.

This means Black and Hispanic women make up 67% of all mpox cases among women in the United States despite"This finding is similar to disparities among mpox cases in the United States overall and underscores the continued need for public health efforts to provide education on prevention of mpox and ensure equitable access to mpox vaccination, testing, and treatment," the authors wrote.

The most common symptom was rash with 93% reporting lesions, particularly on the legs, arms, genitals and chest or stomach. "Rash location was similar when comparing cisgender women who reported recent sexual exposure with those who did not," the report read.Additionally, among the 23 pregnant or recently pregnant women who were diagnosed with mpox, nine reported sexual contact as likely exposure and three reported household contact. The remaining 11 didn't have exposure data available.


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Mostly homosexual men? What is that goddam hand gesture stuff?

You mean MonkeyPox?

So what's the point of this article?

Viruses are racist. 😐

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Is this analPox?


Where are the people crying to round them up and vax them or lock them up?

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What's mpox? Oh...MONKEYPOX.

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Journalism has died

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Ok. Black and Hispanic women, stop fucking randoms.

White Supremacist virus.

Clearly the virus is racist

Who wants to point out that women are 51% of the population? Why are they ONLY 3%?!?

... disproportionately affected Just stop... you race baiting losers.

Viruses are racist now

And... why is that important? Are we blaming racism? That's weird.

Why can you not say MONKEY POX ?

🤡We take nothing you tell us seriously. MPOX?

It's called 'mpox' for a reason


It’s because a lot of these men grow up in households where being gay is wrong so they are in “straight” married relationships but hooking up with men on the side. You’d be SHOCKED (or not so shocked really) at how prevalent this is. Ladies. Don’t let your guards down.


They the ones turning tricks

Unprotected sex can lead to all kinds of misfortune. 🤦🏽‍♂️

Or black and white woman made up 69%, could be a headline too

So monkey pox, called mpox, mostly affects black people and people of color hispanics? So it is not offensive when called mpox? afrdiasporanews kengandanation DrMumbiSeraki rolandsmartin RealDLHughley rickeysmiley

Oh man, the racism is never going to end. It's that white man again, isn't it? 🙃

Dirty girls 🤮

Hispanic and white women were equal in numbers damn near, but this headline wants you to equate dark with disease. It's overtly racist. ABC always was.

So what does 67% of women with MONKEY POX come out to be ? Id put the over/under at 11.

Black and white women made up 69% of mpox cases among women .. So what? Abc fu€king racist news ?

I thought it was homosexuals who mainly contracted Monkey Pox?

It closely mimics abortions statistics. Non Hispanic Black women accounted for the largest percentage of all abortions at 38.4% and Hispanic women accounted for 21% of abortions according to the CDC in 2019. That equals 59.4% White women made up 33.4% of all abortions.


“Among infections of cisgender women with available data, 44% were among Black women, 25% among white women and 23% among Hispanic women.” What purpose does it serve to lump black and Hispanic women together? Why is that the headline?

and what's their percentage relative to all healthy women? isn't it more or less the same? .. isn't it just like stating the obvious and saying almost 50% of the population are females ? 👀🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

The article lists Whites as having a higher infection rate than Hispanics and the 'journalist' felt the need to lump Hispanic stats together with Black. Not very scientific, but very much race baiting

It is said Afro-American and Latinas Women,do not be racist.

Same as monkeypox, right?

Too easy.

Hmmm really makes you wonder if the jab did this, doesn’t it?

Racist virus!

I dont identify as any of those.

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Why are they profiling that’s racist.

Same with AIDS. Stop having sex with black men who are also on the Down Low.

I like the camera angle.

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CityBureaucrat The jokes write themselves

So, there's more gay and bi blacks and Hispanics than whites. Why should this even be in the news?

Of course they were.

Damn, even mpox is racist. Good one

CityBureaucrat Racist virus?

Monkey Pox is racist

Is Mpox Monkeypox? I feel like the PR people for this failed pandemic scare got their messaging mixed up.

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