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MoviePass is shutting down — here’s how the remaining movie-ticket subscription plans compare

See how Regal Unlimited, AMC Stubs A-List and other plans stack up.


See how Regal Unlimited, AMC Stubs A-List and other plans stack up.

Cinema buffs looking for cheap ways to see movies in theaters still have options.

Over time, MoviePass tweaked its subscription service as it struggled to stay solvent. The company found itself quickly running out of money as ticket purchases outpaced subscription fees.

Here are how the remaining subscription plans stack up:

The cheapest plan costs $18 per month plus tax and gives the member access to around 200 theaters nationwide. The most expensive plan costs $23.50 per month plus tax and gives customers access to all Regal theaters.

In addition to movie tickets, the program also gives members a 10% discount on all food and non-alcoholic drink purchases and a free large popcorn and soft drink on their birthdays. Users can earn loyalty credits for every dollar spent with their Unlimited subscription.

You also have to submit of photo of yourself for Regal to use to verify that no one else attempts to purchase tickets with your account. The subscription can also only be active on one mobile device at a time. People who switch mobile devices multiple times could see their service interrupted or cancelled.

The key difference between Regal’s program and AMC’s is that AMC members can only see three movies per week. Weekly benefits reset every Friday morning, so if someone sees three movies over the course of the weekend, they won’t be able to use their A-List allotment until the following Friday. If someone reserves a ticket using their A-List account but doesn’t show up for the movie, it still counts as one of their three movies for that week.

The membership entitles users to see movies at any AMC location in those states, including Dolby Cinema and Imax screenings.

Like the offerings from Regal and AMC, Alamo’s plan is built off its loyalty program, Alamo Victory, and people must be members of that program before signing up for Season Pass.

Alamo has a strict no-show policy, so if Season Pass members don’t show up for a movie they reserved, they could be barred from making advance reservations. And if you choose to cancel your Season Pass subscription, you may be barred from subscribing again for a year. Theater employees will ask to see ID to ensure the account holder is present for movie reservations — those caught cheating could have their subscriptions cancelled.

If they are unused, the monthly credits roll over and are even redeemable for up to six months after a consumer chooses to cancel his or her membership. Credits are applied to members’ Cinemark accounts and can be redeemed in person, online or in the Cinemark mobile app.

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