Mount Rushmore Fireworks Revival To Feature Trump But No Social Distancing

Mount Rushmore Fireworks Revival To Feature Trump But No Social Distancing

7/2/2020 2:13:00 AM

Mount Rushmore Fireworks Revival To Feature Trump But No Social Distancing

Environmental dangers, including wildfires and groundwater poisoning, ended the Rushmore pyrotechnics a decade ago. Now they're back, defying a pandemic and protests.

"I said, 'You mean you can't have fireworks because of the environment?' 'Yeah, environmental reasons.' I said, 'What can burn? It's stone.' You know, it's stone. It's granite," Trump recalled."So I called up our people. And within about 15 minutes, we got it approved."

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Trump's claim of having settled the matter was made more than a month before the National Park Service began a formal"" and month-long public comment period to decide whether to resume permitting and hosting the Mount Rushmore fireworks.

The NPSsettledin late April on the option of ending the ban on pyrotechnics at Mount Rushmore"because it best meets the project purpose and need to celebrate the spirit of Independence Day by hosting a fireworks event, while providing for the enjoyment of the public in a manner that ensures safety and resource protection."

In a 2017 document made public byThe Washington Postnotedthat a minimum of 27 wildfires had been started around Mount Rushmore during annual fireworks displays between 1998 and 2009, and warned that"July fire danger risk can be high to very high" in the Black Hills area.

A former NPS employee who was in charge of the fire management program at Mount Rushmore and six other Black Hills park sites, and who saw trees set ablaze more than 1,000 feet from the fireworks' launch point, says shooting fireworks over the national monument's 1,278 acres of forest is"insane."

"The president likes to say, 'well, what can burn, it's rock, right?'"Bill Gabbert, who is nowmanaging editorof the online publication Wildfire Today, tells NPR."Yeah, the carving itself is rock, and right below the carving is rock that was carved off in order to make the sculpture," Gabbert adds."But beyond that, there's a Ponderosa pine forest. The Black Hills generally is a tinder box this time of year, and right now, they're in a drought."

The entire Black Hills area,accordingto the National Integrated Drought Information System, is currently experiencing a"moderate drought."The National Park Service did a controlled burn around the monument in the springtime, according to Noem's office, in an effort to lessen the chances of the fireworks igniting surrounding forest.

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Gabbert questions the utility of such an exercise."Conducting that prescribed fire won't reduce the amount of flammable material — the vegetation that is on the ground," the veteran fire ranger says."It cannot prevent any fire from starting."

Environmental concerns raised by the prospect of fireworks go beyond the hazard of wildfires. A 2016 U.S. Geological Service studythat"past fireworks displays are the probable cause of elevated concentrations of a contaminant called perchlorate in groundwater and surface water at the national monument."

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InaJaffeNPR Interesting that protests on 4th of July are ok but it's not ok to go to watch fireworks? Same virus, same freedom of speech. Not judging, questioning the logic. Where is the NPR logic? Why do you never question or criticize the left? Are they beyond accountability? COVID19 SpewerWorks will win the day.

GeoffRBennett realDonaldTrump WILL INVITE THE TALIBAN, AND MAYBE THEY'LL BLOW IT UP 🤞🤞 goldietaylor When can we blow up Mount Rushmore? Asking for a friend! Are we really not starting a revolution? After a wildfire destroys the Midwest, then? Infuriating Someone can tell him Mount Rushmore has been moved and take him to a remote location with a big rock. He won’t know the difference. Blame it on GPS.

The tentacles and fibers of trump’s evil reach into the cells of our souls. NALM, Native American Lives Matter, realDonaldTrump life does not What the hell is wrong with him? I think he's knows he is not going to be reelected. He is acting like I do when I know I'll be quitting a job within the week, except 11 billion times worse. He's not just bagging bread with canned goods, he's fucking destroying people's lives.

WTF IS GOING ON W OUR COUNTRY?!? JohnEG78 Sounds like a future outbreak, well done..rolling my eyes... Guess after the bust in Tulsa he's gotta do something... hands down Putin's greatest investment and Russia's greatest asset. Wish I could be there. Sounds like a great time. npr= Neomarxist Propaganda radio

45shole! 25th amendment Trump has once again shown how he gives zero fu¢ks about anything other than himself. GeoffRBennett He doesn't give a hoot about indigenous Sioux people. He is disgusting. All for self adulation and his cult. Trump playing to his ego. SD should insist social distancing and masks. Trump should honor the Sioux people and the environment. Trump is a national disaster, not a hero, not a warrior, not a leader.

Make them sign DNRs Good. Don Mask is a good new nickname for Derwood Despicable behavior by a despicable Regime! If they are stupid enough to not we’re a mask in a large crowd, it is probably better not to have their DNA in the gene pool. If they are stupid enough to go to a Trump rally, it is definitely better to not have their DNA in the gene pool. Let natural selection work it’s magic.

GeoffRBennett July 4th is two days away. How long does it take to carve out face masks for 4 presidents? Wow, just a shit show all around. What’s your excuse for the 20,000 protestors wearing and not wearing masks? Sweet Jesus you went with the mask bullshit at the end. Why does exist? Why can’t they exist without state or Federal subsidies? This is just shameful. The author should publicly apologize for this article.

Ideally Trump would be at the top and just happen to slip. Woopsie doopsie GeoffRBennett He is the definition of the face palm. Is Trump deliberately trying to get people infected? This man enjoys sowing chaos. It’s gonna be AWESOME!🇺🇸💥 Malkefunstires Blow up comma Mount Rushmore Get the bodybags ready

Hope the covid takes them fast. This kind of shit is why other countries rightfully hate us. We’re assholes. Personally, I thought letting a foreigner, Archie Leach, clamber all over the monument’s face in movie directed by a foreigner, Al Hitchcock, was an intolerable effrontery... Right now would be a good time to return control of the Six Grandfathers to the Lakota people.

4 more years. Phase 2 of putting out America's leftist dumpster fire. That all checks out - I can’t wait to hear what dumb fuckery will ensue when realDonaldTrump opens his buttholemouthpiece - I mean I’d rather wait, but we are going down in flames so I bought popcorn 🍿- so there’s that. He is LITERALLY going to burn down this country. All that’s left is to nuke us! TrumpIsUnwell Treaty AmericanIndian NeverForget StandingRock NoDapl TrumpIs51/50 Insanity environment MotherNature

goldietaylor People are still going. No masks. We’re gonna need more diverse words for idiot. JFC! It's not like this just happened last night! Why now? All of a sudden every one has an ancestorial issue that's 'been violated' hundreds of years ago and want it corrected over night. 🙄 It will be glorious.

Just another TrumpShitShow. I agree to having the show every year but I'm not sure if a big showing is necessary or get creative and find a better way that is better for the surronding area but the same effect. Dump Trump! Everything about this is so wrong! Someone needs to step up and stop it ASAP! 🤬 Your BS propaganda news is old always negative and anti-Trump. DemocratsHateAmerica

I wish someone would do a Christo and put cloth masks on George, Thomas, Abe, and Teddy. What is wrong with this man So awful Crap, it looks like tRump is on Mount Rushmore now... oh wait.... lol my bad, that's a glob of bird shit. If there is justice in this world, God will strike Jefferson’s big nose with a lightning bolt, and the avalanche will, well, you know—don’t want to get the SS after me

Oh dear. Sorry to hear about one more poor choice made based on purely selfish criteria. Good grief. Do you D's know how utterly ridiculous you all sound ? cancelMtRushmoreRally You know he's going to cause the forests to be torched. Jared is surely heading up the fireworks. Americans nationwide are calling for Trump to be added to Mt. Rushmore.

LadyWTFx A track by The Exploited comes to mind… search YouTube for ‘Fuck The USA’. Not going to let the religion of wokeness cancel independence day. realDonaldTrump wants to spread the Caronavirus at Mt. Rushmore. I keep telling y’all the man is evil. That’s why trouble is happening every day with him. Everything about him is evil. Peace ✌🏿

theodoricofyork Do people STILL need proof that Trump doesn't give a damn about anything or anybody but himself, well here it is. i l l This is just govkristinoem trying to get to Washington by bowing down to Trump. Don't forget, this idiot approved the SD slogan, 'Meth, We're On It!' Yeah, we know you are, Kristi.

Infect the Sioux *Lakota This all sounds very American. Which, unfortunately, isn't exactly a compliment. All just for his campaign ads Despicable. 😳 Trump is trash as usual It’s as close to being on Mt. Rushmore as this jackal is ever going to get. WINNING why would they accuse the united states government of doing such a horrible thing

Didn't the United States win this mountain in a war against the Native Americans in the area? The natives should remember their history. Oh my lawd. I try to like NPR, but your Twitter SUCKS. realDonaldTrump this is ABSOLUTELY insane......this decision and you! July 23rd. Anti Trumpism Movement. Plato’s allegory of the cave but make it 2020

*750,000 spectators Der Gropenfurer must have his spectacle in a place he can't find on a map! Think of it as a protest against hysteria.

South Dakota tribal leader joins call to remove Mount Rushmore ahead of Trump visit'We are now being forced to witness the lashing of our land with pomp, arrogance and fire hoping our sacred lands survive,' Frazier said. Its their land so remove those monstrosities 👍 They never said anything all the yrs before Winners rule, losers take toys, go home!

S. Dakota gov says 'we will not be social distancing' at Mount Rushmore event with TrumpSouth Dakota governor says 'we will not be social distancing' at Mount Rushmore event with Trump but what if they bus in the antifas with their weaponized rona? Boycott all liberal Democrats turn the Channel Death cult

'We won't be social distancing' at Mount Rushmore celebration with Trump, says SD Gov. NoemHealth experts fear the celebration, which 7,500 people are expected to attend – along with a lack of mitigation efforts – could lead to a spike in infections. Hot governor. But I thought mass outdoor gatherings weren’t a problem. Oh wait, is that only if you’re operating on the lefts agenda?

S. Dakota gov says 'we will not be social distancing' at July 3 celebration with Trump at Mount RushmoreSouth Dakota Gov. Noem says 'we will not be social distancing' at July 3 Independence Day celebration at Mount Rushmore with President Trump. You have 884k in your entire pancake ass state and now you want to bring an event that will spread a virus in after doing well? Motherfuckers keep trying to ice skate uphill. Stupid. South Dakota Gov translation - we love that F-ing virus here in SouthDakota. Having my citizens gasping for air and on ventilators would be a dream govkristinoem

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