Mother, 2-year-old escorted from Southwest Airlines flight because of mask policy

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A woman traveling from Fort Myers, Florida, to Chicago said she was escorted off her Southwest Airlines flight on Saturday because her 2-year-old son was snacking prior to takeoff and wasn't wearing his mask.

on Saturday because her 2-year-old son was snacking prior to takeoff and wasn't wearing his mask.

According to CDC guidelines, children 2 years and older should wear a mask over their nose and mouth if its difficult to social distance. But that wasn't the case for Degyansky, she said. The mother said she supports wearing masks and is aware of how it can stop the spread of COVID-19.


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I applaud Southwest. I wouldn't want to fly with people who are maskless. The woman was asked 4 times to put a mask on her child, and didn't comply until the end. She deserved to be removed from the flight. As for the snack, why didn't she feed her child before the flight?

WOW USA, complete lunacy. What happened to common sense? Last month an autistic boy removed due to not being able to wear a mask, now a 2 y old. No wonder this world is going to sh*ts, half the population is brain-dead.

Sue the SW morons!

Oh... Wearing a mask has a serious impact on the world. It is also extremely serious in Japan.

Really slow news day.

but this 'lady' gets to act like this? hmmm

What will be just as interesting to watch is how society responds to people slowly saying “fuck the mask” and businesses capitulating to this to increase retention. There will be videos left and right of the morally superior getting in the faces of people w/o masks...for safety.

Many people have authoritarian personalities

Dr. Fauci initially said masks were not healthy and we should not be mandated to wear them. Now, he has changed his tune. There are varying opinions in the medical field pertaining to the efficacy of masks.

More than likely, she wasn't wearing one either.

Probably wasn't snacking and was probably an entitled brat. RealTalk

Age for a mandatory mask wearing on flights should be changed to 4 yr old. The genius that thought of that rule has never dealt with a toddler 2 or 3 an even a four-year-olds is prone for noncompliant behavior. That’s why parents drink.

Good, Follow the Rules. Safety for All.

Make your children behave or drive. Your little angel isn’t special. Big reason why we have a lot of the problems we do today.

Thank God he's white, airline off the hook


Rules are rules

Real stupid Southwest!

What are you going to do for Appalachia?

You people 6 months ago would never say this crap. You all are brain washed from this total bs and obviously have no children, and never had to take a child on a long airplane trip. Don’t you dare judge a mother taking care of her child!

O m g please enough already!

Zero tolerance. If you can't control your kid, you're a weak parent.

Southwest is trying to keep passengers safe. She needs to follow their guidelines.

So now another slew of people are being trained to use authoritative tactics. Flight attendants & captains in addition to TSA. .. anyone smell tyranny? This is NOT about a virus, people? Next stop is forced vax... & then____ ... southwestairlines = tyrannical - policy or not

This guy is ok on southwest flights!

OMG! That’s the worst that can be put on twitter? Geez!!!

There must be more to this story.

We all have to make sacrifices these days. If ANYONE is unable to wear a mask on a plane then now is not the time for them to be flying.

Expecting a 2 year old to even wear a mask is ridiculous.

So he was eating shitty food on a filthy plane

Get ready for the racist card and lawsuit!!!

We have lost our fucking minds.

Probably there is more to this story than this woman wants to admit... COVIDIOTS

Boo-hoo. We have rules and laws in place during this pandemic to protect people. She knew her son was required to wear a mask. She didn’t care about anyone’s health, including the health of her own son. As far as I’m concerned, she should have been fined.

lol, people being selfish, nothing new

Welcome to the socialist Mecca the progressives have so strongly pushed for.

This is odd , I just flew back from Florida yesterday, several times Over the intercom in the airport and also on the airplane they said that you must have your mask on unless you are eating or drinking! If this child was eating , then what is the problem

Terrible!!! We al know how small children are spreading the virus 😂Let the child snack and leave them alone 🤨

Ummm.... when have you ever received a snack prior to take off? They must have been provided by mom. My guess is they asked for the mask to go on & mom refused? 🤷‍♀️

So fricking pathetic has anyone tried to keep a mask on a two year old and for what reason. This plandemic has just become the boil on the butt of humanity just like the liberals who keep pushing their political virus agenda.

Do not fly. Drive.

No flight. Rent a car.

So are the airlines not interested in recovering and are promoting failure?

And then there’s the guy on our SouthwestAir flight last week who simply took his mask down with the FAs weren’t watching and didn’t wear it in the gate area at MCO. And then they bust a 2-year-old...


If your kid can’t wear a mask then you shouldn’t be visiting and going on vacation

If masks can’t be taken off at all once you’re on the plane why were they served?

One one side, it’s a two year old, lighten up. Have you ever negotiated with a two year old? On the other side, why on earth are you flying with a two year old during a pandemic?

Simply outrageous

Rules are rules, for everyone.

I’m sure that was it no more to the story at all

As per WHO kids aged 5 and below do not need to wear masks it seems this guidance not followed by airline companies.

Better that her child infect a plane load of people than she be humiliated.

SouthwestAir this is an embarrassment

I don’t believe a word of this shit.

Toddler in WH doesn't so....lead by example

Socialism run wild!

200,000 dead. Follow the rules. Stop whining.

Stupidity! A two year old ?

One solution is to stop serving snacks and drinks. Not a single person on that flight was at risk of perishing from a three hour flight without food or beverage. ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯

Lmao. Covid Karens reported the kid.

this new genre condones these acts on families.

Rules are rules!

SouthwestAir I mean, I’m all for masks, but let’s not crazy. The little man had a mask, No? A warning would have sufficed.

I doubt that is not the whole story.

Hmmk why do I feel like there's more to this story 🤔


Good she should’ve fed the little brat before they hopped on a plane out of respect for the others on the plane people act like they can’t go 2-3 hours without a damn snack it’s pathetic

Oh well.

Tyrants of the skies.

Simple solution: take off the masks. They don't work. We all know it. Move on.

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