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Most Americans Now Want Vaccine Mandates For Planes, Hotels And Restaurants, Per Gallup

Most Americans now want vaccine mandates for planes, hotels and restaurants, per Gallup

9/18/2021 7:40:00 PM

Most Americans now want vaccine mandate s for planes, hotels and restaurants, per Gallup

Over the last four months, support for travel-related vaccine mandate s has ticked noticeably upward.

gettyNearly two years into a pandemic that shows no end in sight, a majority of Americans now support vaccine mandates for travelers. Most Americans now believe that people should be required to show proof of Covid-19 vaccination before getting on a plane, staying at a hotel, dining in a restaurant and attending large events,

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according to the latest Gallup poll.In the four months between April and August, as the delta variant swept across the U.S., support for travel-related vaccine mandates ticked noticeably upward.More than six in 10 Americans (61%) now support requiring proof of full vaccination before getting on a plane — up from 57% in April 2021.

Support for vaccine mandates for hotel guests reached majority status in August, notching up 9 percent from 44% in April to 53% in August.The largest shift in attitudes about vaccination mandates involves eating out. Between April and August, there was a whopping 13% jump in support for having to show proof of vaccination status before dining in a restaurant. Now 53% of Americans support such a requirement, compared to 40% four months ago.

Nearly six in 10 (58%) of Americans now support a vaccine mandate for attending large events like concerts and festivals — up from 55% in April.Perhaps unsurprisingly, Americans who are already vaccinated tend to favor vaccine mandates for travel, while the unvaccinated oppose them. Nearly eight in 10 (79%) of vaccinated Americans support having to show proof of vaccination status for air travel, compared to just 22% support among the unvaccinated.

Affiliation with a political party is also strongly related to opinions on vaccine requirements. A supermajority (92%) of Democrats support a vaccine mandate for flying, compared to just 29% of Republicans. Independents are split right down the middle, with 50% supporting and 50% opposing such a requirement for air travel.

Of course, majority support for vaccine mandates does not necessarily translate to adoption by the travel industry. Airlines do not require passengers to show proof of vaccination — or get tested, for that matter — before flying within the U.S.. And very few, if any, hotels in the U.S. require guests to show proof of vaccination status at check-in.

Vaccine mandates for dining out have more traction, as“no vax, no service” policies pop up in a growing number of restaurantsfrom coast to coast.In a polarized country, the popularity of such measures can be in the eye of the beholder. One in three Americans say they'd be less likely to dine in a restaurant if they were required to show proof they are vaccinated, according to a

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. But another third say that a vaccine mandate would have the opposite effect — and actually make them more likely to dine in a restaurant. Read more: Forbes »

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According to which biased poll?

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The Fake Vaxx Card Next to YouThe proliferation of vaccine mandate s is creating a black-market boom for counterfeit proof. In the live broadcast of the Italian media, the media said that the intensive care unit had not been vaccinated, and medical staff came forward to clarify that all the intensive care unit had been vaccinated, and then the picture was quickly cut off. its probs a lot easier to get a shot

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The Long History of Vaccine Mandates in AmericaEssay: Arguing about vaccine mandate s has been an American tradition since George Washington inoculated his soldiers against smallpox, writes historian David Oshinsky wow But but, MuH FrEeDoM. Yes and those against vaccines have been proven wrong every time, haven’t they? For 200+ years they’ve been wrong.

Many faith leaders say no to endorsing vaccine exemptionsAs significant numbers of Americans seek religious exemptions from COVID-19 vaccine mandate s, many faith leaders are saying: Not with our endorsement. Trumpaterians ? Religious reasons!? What? Any Fükwit, just has to say “it’s against my religious beliefs” Or do they have to quote the appropriate verse from their Bible, to make it so? Dream on ppl. Covid Card or you don't get in. Who knew the Mark of the Beast would turn out to be a vaccine? Anyways... Try not to take the bible literally. Get vaxxed. It isnt a conspiracy.

Companies Grapple With Questions About Covid-19 Vaccine MandateCompanies preparing to implement the Biden administration’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate face logistical challenges and unanswered questions about how to comply, employment and compensation lawyers say. So a weekly test is equivalent to a vaccine, but prior infection is not? Where's the 'science'? Where is the ACLU when American workers need them🤔 SARS-CoV-2 is a bioweapon, or not. However, if you do come to that conclusion once you’ve seen the evidence, then you have to recognize that the vaccines are nothing more than the genetic reproduction of that bioweapon. Hence, COVID shots are bioweapons too. NoMaskNoVaxNoTest