Russia Covid-19: Moscow Mayor Announces 'Non-Working' Week To Curb Spread - Cnn

Russia Covid-19: Moscow Mayor Announces 'Non-Working' Week To Curb Spread - Cnn

Moscow mayor announces 'non-working' week to curb spread of Covid-19

Moscow mayor asks residents of the Russian capital to stay home this coming week, declaring it a 'non-working' week, to curb the spread of Covid

6/12/2021 6:57:00 PM

Moscow mayor asks residents of the Russian capital to stay home this coming week, declaring it a 'non-working' week, to curb the spread of Covid

The mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin has asked residents in the Russian capital to stay home in the coming week, declaring it a 'non-working' week, to try and curb the spread of Covid-19.

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Installing a Critical System for Our Orion Spacecraft on This Week @NASA – July 16, 2021

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I thought everyone received the Sputnik vaccine and there was no Covid in Moscow 55andwhat Perhaps Putain oughtn’t to have sent all that anti-vax disinformation all around the world for the last 20yrs, eh? Sorry for all the hundreds of thousands of Russians who have died because of him. Lo sputnik lo danno a Salvinovsky

Ma che aspettano con lo sputnik? Put the vaccine in vodka, half price drink for a week,,,, bingo Russia vaccinated in a weekend. For the anti vaccers gonna be a long dry life. Why vaccination is too slow there... Does that include computer hackers? Stop doing sins keep distance wear your mask eat well sleep enough say prayer do some exercise and if die every creature will die so don’t do vaccines let’s your body to fight the viruses

14 days to flatten the curve……worked for us….smh….. They should take off two weeks that will make it go away. RIGHT! Putin banned Pfizer vaccine in Russia

Moscow orders new restrictions as COVID-19 infections soarMOSCOW (AP) — Moscow's mayor on Saturday ordered a week off for some workplaces and imposed restrictions on many businesses to fight coronavirus infections that have more than doubled in the past week. I feel sorry for the people of Russia with Putin the Poisoner as current Czar of Russia.

An informed public / an available vaccine/ no one wants it? What does that tell u? Did Trump move to Russia? …oh really I thought Putin the Almighty had cured and rid Russia of the virus? …with his shirt off!!

Covid-19 Deaths This Year Have Already Eclipsed 2020’s TollAs wealthy nations vaccinate, the growing death tally underscores the worsening divide between rich and poor nations and highlights how the pandemic is far from over. Why scare people, why not produce a graph that shows our rate of death falling! I was new I really lost all my investment cause I was new and I didn't meet the right account manager to invest with I was at the verge of quitting till I was introduce to kimberlyalr88 my story changed its worth a try I can testify on platform. inbox kimberlyalr88 And where did these numbers come from.? The GD worthless WHO?

COVID-19 outbreak closes hotel hosting G7 summit delegationA hotel, which British media reported was being used by members of Germany's delegation to a Group of Seven summit in England, has closed because members of staff tested positive for COVID-19, its owners said on Thursday.

What To Know About The Delta Variant Of COVID-19The higher transmissibility could make the Delta variant the “most dangerous variant yet.”

Covid-19 vaccination site worker accused of stealing more than 500 blank vaccine cardsA man is accused of stealing more than 500 blank vaccine cards from the California vaccination site where he worked, Los Angeles County DA says. 🤦🏻‍♂️.. Even lower than to bribe people to protect themselves, stealing blank vaccination cards is beyond words. If a moron doesn’t want to be vaccinated then let them be a moron.

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