Morphe Cosmetics Cuts Ties With Jeffree Star After Jackie Aina and More YouTubers Speak Out - E! Online

Makeup brand Morphe announced they will no longer be working with beauty YouTuber Jeffree Star following months of controversy.

7/11/2020 12:46:00 AM

Makeup brand Morphe announced they will no longer be working with beauty YouTuber Jeffree Star following months of controversy.

Makeup brand Morphe announces they will no longer be working with Jeffree Star following months of controversy and demands from stars like Jackie Aina

released on Friday, the makeup company stated they are working towards cutting ties with the controversial YouTuber. "Today we've made the decision to cease all commercial activity related to Jeffree Star and affiliated products. We expect this to conclude within the coming weeks," they said. "As we look to the future, we will continue to share updates on what lies ahead for the Morphe brand."

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Their decision to stop working with Star comes after multiple influential figures in the beauty community demanded action from the company.Jackie Aina Read more: E! News »

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YEARS* WHY HE DIDNT DO ANYTHING PEOPLE ARE SENSITIVE SO WHAT IF HE SAID THE N WORD ITS JUST A WORD 👍😱 xaslx_ After all these years Wtf has our country turned into? 🤦‍♀️Fuck Morphe!!!!! the glam he has. if he were buff. he'd look like some kind of JoJo villian It’s about time. ABOUT FUCKING TIME 🗣 Wow I still love Jeffree!! Since 2006 he has been my hero

Some people didn’t read this article throughly. Read it first before you comment. Her career...🥴 Ahhh that investing stop huh loool A puffy-lipped mannequin!! Good for morphe, goodbye to shady ppl! So now after years of not saying a word of JeffreeStar actions MorpheBrushes is dropping him for of fear of BLM retribution affecting their profit margin— they drop Jeffree. Ridiculous! MorpheSucks

it’s about time twillynavy246 Yasssssss soupysoupstar took them forever What about Tati? No one is cancelling her and she is practically the same awful person, probably worse. I don't really get why Jeffree is being cancelled. Because he's drama and maybe not so nice? Meh. You'd find this with most celebs?

How did you even start working with him. He’s a nasty predator This guy is a wack job! Just my opinion. Lmbo the pandemic caused MorpheBrushes enough money they was not apt to let Star boy finish them off rox_harwood It’s called KARMA Stupid move Morphe!!! I will never buy your junk makeup again!!! Monika_0124 did you see this?

Cancel culture is a joke. He doesnt need them Shame. His makeup line rocks. PopCrave Shlda been cancelled him and anything affiliated with him. He’s trash. It’s so sad reading how excited people are to hope someone fails with this whole cancel culture... jealous lil folk Checkout a non problematic and QUALITY makeup line 💋

This has got to be one of the stupidest things this month. You want to shit can someone that has made you a fortune just because a bunch of jungle monkeys have decided they want to take this country hostage. Go ahead and call me racist but I am just sick of this BS from all races Finally Morphe Drops Jeffree Star lol

Morphe will be going out of business soon while Jeffree will always be a rich king and that’s on periodt beccaa_R13 Yaaaass Jeffree Star cancelled via public opinion while everyone still uses iPhone, Amazon, Facebook, etc. Don’t feel like this is a bad thing, think about it now he can make his own stores no more middle man baby 🤙🏽

Hey Beautylish, where yall at? About time lol Morphe took too long ThaHoneyLove Lmao bet they’ll retract their announcement What!!!! Kimberlyyann91 Good How can you be gay and racist. That just doesn’t make since. F*ck Morphe 💅 AndrogynEli Camille93202915 You get what you deserve.. This is sad :( He'll be fine 👌

Jeffree don't need Morphe, they need Jeffree lmao AHAH 👏🏽👏🏽 happymumnz 😳 Why would a make up brand support a delusional man instead of a real woman's career? I am glad that Can see his actions are not ok They certainly collected that check from the collection anyway though 🙄 There is no way Jeffree will go quietly. The Beauty world is exploding in all directions with a multitude of law suits. Wow. Just wow.

Is Dyhzy, Alberto Fernández's son. Don’t know if this was the wisest decision. We will see. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Urgh... it's what you get for doing these things to make more views... i know YouTubers are on the phone with each other and be like 'Hey... let's make this up together to get lots of views' and it's seeping into more YTubers, it's NOT cool.

more like years lmao FINALLY! Funny it’s after they made millions off of him and Shane. Shady AF. Done with this company 💯💯 peace out People are like 'yaas it's what he deserves' but then why isn't Tati getting the hate he does and getting dropped by brands cus ultimately SHE was the one who started it all by uploading that video. Or y'all really buying this ' I was manipulated' BS?

Cremated Good Shanbam6 Wow! Their loss This is HUGE and should have been done a year ago. Props for MorpheBrushes mikaylaxdavis Isn’t this the makeup store you worked at FINALLY...ship em out Morphe Jeffree star and Laura Lee are both incredibly toxic racist people. Does anyone remember jeffree’s Nazi phase. Don’t give them your money. So many better options out there

Marilyn Manson is a blonde now!?! Morphe who? Oh you mean that crappy formula company. Who cares it’s garbage. Ok, it's your turn now YouTube MissBNasty Months? This shit has been known for YEARS and they're finally doing something about it Muck Forphe. You sure liked the money, eh? edlyyynn_ **YEARS Finally because I don’t want anymore emails to buy his stuff

oliwiakuzdzal Wow To those 7 JSC 'buyers' of jeffree's merch 😂 they've got James Charles he's 19 not borderline 40 they'll be fine without a few of you or just all 7 - 12 of you 💀💀😂😭 Now I’m interested in the business side bc Jeffree owns some parts of Morphe. Who is Jackie Aina They might have dropped him from selling his stuff on their website/in stores, but he still owns part of Morphe, so buying Morphe products you still giving him your coins, ladies . Plus he will continue selling his stuff on his own website plus Beautylish. No way he’s going broke

Next up to file bankruptcy: MORPHE Jeffree Star is going dowwnnnn notherfuckasssss🤪🤪🤪 I thought that was a mannequin! Danggggg Byeeeee Karen Good why did you used the picture of delicious when you could have used the picture of me intead smh tyra1904 😱 Their loss That's not what they said. They said commercial activity. That leaves a whole slew of behind the scenes work that can still happen. Words matter. Use the right ones when reporting.

2020 is cancelling everyone yall 👋🏻 There is truly no honor among thieves. This is the beginning of the end for MorpheBrushes finally! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 now they need to stop working with James Charles SoyMiguelitto Good THANK YOU jackieaina 😘 The racism wasn’t enough but the controversy surrounding it was? Lol k.

Good good move ... but it should've been done way earlier plantbasedtan Aliciamystory 😮 oh girl Ok wow she just looks scary lol Oof. It’s for the better. But damn the amount of money they made from having him open their stores and shit, I’m glad they still took the step to rid themselves of him and his image

ABOUT FUCKING TIME GOOD HeathaaOdell 😳 Idk why but this makes me happy 😂 BYE STEPSISTER!!! MissBNasty Please help support a small black, lgbt owned business✊🏾🌈 IG: Prettysweetcosmeticsbylex Any support would help! (Like, Comment & follow) ( Lashes, lipgloss, Glitters & keychains) Website: One retweet could help🙏🏾

You mean years of controversy RichLux713 is this fake tea? What I don’t really get is why didn’t they think his past behaviour was bad enough to never work with him in the first place? Why now? Good I’m glad. Shane Dawson should also be removed from all other companies he’s working with as he supports and tried to justify paedophillia. Makes me sick both of them do.

We have Defeated the beast oh shit I’m shocked. Well,well well. Jeffrey star ended himself no assistance needed.💀 Can someone fill me in on all this from the beginning? Tbh I’m not sure who Jefree and Shane are. naomiatlanta I don’t understand why anyone still supports this dude nonetheless attaches their brand to him. He revealed himself years ago.

Say bye bye to that house As they shouldn’t . Jeffree is pitiful & disgusting . Anyway please share or donate even $1 would mean a lot 🙏🏼 lol what took so long Endlich Morphe needs to keep the same energy with all the other influencers on their roster they have all said stupid shit JEFFERSON STAR OVER. NEVER EVEN STARTED.

GOODBYE SKELETOR JeffreeStar will be just fine smilecortney finally Took ‘em long enough Damn lol This is fine but why did Morphe wait until NOW? Ultimately none of these companies care about the actual issues. They knew Jeffree had a past and how he is now. They 'care' now because they are only worried about their wallets. Ethics has nothing to do with this.

MorpheBrushes just lost a customer for supporting cancel culture. They used Shane and Jeffree for publicity with their YouTube docuseries and now they are turning their backs dretchennissta ccrryystal amy_alabawi Isn’t he a partner though? They built their whole brand off him lol Lbacon14 im waiting for jeffree to be broke so he knows how it feels to be peasant again💅🏻✨

Thank you!!!! Nahomsromero SanellOutlaw We LOVE to see it! Hahahaha reality bites go throw up some more paint physco Noooo !!! Good Morphe just afraid of the cancel culture 🙄 I love how it’s Morphe cuts ties with Jeffree yet Jeffree hasn’t spoke. For all we know he cut ties with them and sticking by Shane. Also - cutting commercial ties does not mean cutting all ties......

lamarmolejo_ oh ooohhh I’m mean Jefferson items are still on the morphe website *years Hahaahhahahaha YEEET He doesn’t care he owns his own. Company , he will still make money tho Yet but has anyone followed up on allegations of sexual assault against your beloved jamescharles ? Whhhhhhhaaaaaatttt but really he has his own company so ... y’all just putting more money in his pockets

jackie been speaking out against him since 2016 and now y’all finally choose to listen what a joke I love to see it About time!! thank god they dropped Jacob Stankass CharlotteO___ At one point i was a fan of both, now i cant stand either. Good riddance 👏🏾👏🏾✌🏾 God is good

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