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Morgan Wallen Speaks Out, Kanye West Gets Emotional at ‘Donda’ Event

On ET's The Download, Morgan Wallen speaks out over racism controversy, and inside Kanye West’s ‘Donda’ release event.

7/24/2021 3:30:00 AM

On The Download , we dig into what country star Morgan Wallen said on ‘Good Morning America’ after using a racial slur.

On ET's The Download , Morgan Wallen speaks out over racism controversy, and inside Kanye West ’s ‘Donda’ release event.

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Some Afghan girls return to school, others face anxious wait

Some Afghan girls returned to primary schools with gender-segregated classes on Saturday, but older girls faced an anxious wait with no clarity over if and when they would be able to resume their studies at the secondary school level.

Morgan Wallen Says He Meant to Use N-Word Playfully, Was Ignorant and Wrong Morgan Wallen gives his first interview on his n-word scandal, telling 'GMA' he meant to be playful, but now knows he was ignorant and wrong. No worries, he was just jiving around. Chill out KellyClarkston…… i’m sorry I get you BULLS mixed up from time to time GardnerMinshew…….OOOOPSThere I go again hhsshshshhddddhdhdhddhdh

Morgan Wallen Gives First TV Interview Since Using Racial Slur Morgan Wallen spoke with Michael Strahan in his first TV interview since a video surfaced of him using a racial slur. The fact y’all gave him a platform 😒 I believe support for his album was everyone showing grace to him just like michaelstrahan mentioned also came from many black organizations.

Morgan Wallen Discusses Use of Racist Slur, Going to Rehab on 'Good Morning America'“I think I was just ignorant about it,” country star said of why he used the n-word during his first major interview since the scandal He is great 👍🏽 Idrc

Morgan Wallen speaks to 'GMA' about being filmed using racial slur.MichaelStrahan: “I’ve been called you understand why it makes Black people so upset?” Country music star Morgan Wallen sits down with GMA for his first interview since he was caught on tape using a racial slur. Read more: michaelstrahan GMA Interesting interview... michaelstrahan GMA I'll take this seriously when they stop using it themselves michaelstrahan GMA strahan (or anyone) should pull the stick out of their own eye first...identity politics (judgeing based on skin color) is supported by half the country...find me a person in this country who hasnt judged based on skin color at some point...btw...has stra used the n word?

‘GMA’: Country Singer Morgan Wallen Pleads Ignorance And Contrition In Racial Slur Incident, Writes $500,000 CheckCountry singer Morgan Wallen , who saw his album sales skyrocket after he was caught on video using a racial epithet in a loud conversation with friends, says he donated $500,000 of that sales spike… Oh f*** that guy. I will take that money though. Testing fences… 😔 Isn’t throwing money at a mistake Worst then the Racial Slur?

Morgan Wallen Tells ‘GMA’ He’s Donated $500,000 to Black Charities, Says Racial Slur Was Used ‘Playfully and Ignorantly’In his first interview with a news outlet since his racial-slur scandal broke six months ago, country superstar Morgan Wallen told “Good Morning America” co-host Michael Strahan that hi… We've all said N word before leave him alone 🤦🏼‍♀️ Oh, please. Playfully…….gtfoh.