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Coronavirus, Entrepreneurship

More than 93% of U.S. college students say tuition should be lowered if classes are online

More than 93% of U.S. college students say tuition should be lowered if classes are online. (via @CNBCMakeIt)

8/2/2020 7:25:00 AM

More than 93% of U.S. college students say tuition should be lowered if classes are online. (via CNBCMakeIt)

While many students agree that social distancing is vital, many have also raised concerns that they are still paying full tuition for what is now an online education.

"I would like to see a calculation around how much money is being saved by this remote instruction and using that to factor into a kind of refund to give to the students," Aaron Vanek, a rising senior at New York University told CNBC Make It in April after his campus was closed. "That seems like the fairest thing for me."

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"There's been a push to lower tuition just because classes are going to be taught online," Robin Fierberg, a recent Stanford University graduate, said in April. "The university has said the tuition will not change."Some students have gone as far as to

after the 2020 Spring semester was cut short.But others have pointed out that taking classes online isnotnecessarily more affordable.Experts say online education can be expensive for schools to administer, especially schools that have been forced to create online learning infrastructure in a rush.

"Schools really need to do a better job of providing online education, not just Zoom in a hurry," says higher education expert Mark Kantrowitz. "So they'll have to invest in equipment and training."These investments, he points out, cost money.

"Some institutions charge more for online courses," says Lynn Pasquerella, president of the Association of American Colleges and Universities. She explains that offering online courses can be more time-intensive for professors who are expected to respond to questions around the clock.

But Pasquerella emphasizes that there is a wide range in the quality and cost of online higher education."We've seen the perils of online programs run by for-profit schools where students have very low completion rates and are left with large amounts of student debt," she says. "But there are other institutions that do online education very well, such as Southern New Hampshire University, which is

cutting tuitionfor their students next year."Todd Rose, a professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education says if his children were attending college this year he would recommend they at least temporarily go to a school that specializes in online education, such as Southern New Hampshire. He explains that college costs will remain high at schools such as Harvard, even though all classes will be taught online next year.

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"Harvard has an entire model that is built on a certain kind of experience, and we really believe that there's a lot of value to in that experience, but there's a lot of baked-in costs including incredible infrastructure costs and administrative costs," he says. "When we go online, it actually isn't that much cheaper because there are structural costs and legacy costs built into those incumbents."

"But I gotta be perfectly honest, that's not really [students'] problem," says Rose. "That's [Harvard's] problem." Read more: CNBC »

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MakeIt We understand why students are frustrated. That's why we have always believed that quality education should be accessible, and we know it’s not just tuition that stands in the way. MakeIt Agreed MakeIt Interesting, because when you choose to take the online class version of anything at your university, I'm petty sure you pay the full price for the class. Some of us know how to prioritize & care about education over the experience, but we didn't get a break. And it is a scam.

MakeIt Of course they do. MakeIt صباح الخير من القلب لكل من يتابعني ومن اتابعه ومن سيتابعني وساتابعة مستقبلا ، صباح الخير لكل أبناء وبنات ديرتناالمهرة اينما كانوا، والاقليم المجاور ممن تربطنا بهم روابط القربى والقرابة ويفرحون لفرحنا ويحزنون لحزننا (ربنا ما يجيب الحزن لاحد) MakeIt DUH. Why should they?

MakeIt 7% were ripping the juul at the bar and drunkenly clicked the wrong button. MakeIt Read 10 books, listen to 20 podcasts, take some financial planning classes then get a job or go to school for a specialty.. immediately solves most of the issues MakeIt Long CHGG MakeIt Still cant figure out why online tuition is MORE than non-resident tuition at some schools. There also has been an unprecedented level of price gouging by many corps since covid19 and nobody is focused on this at ALL!

MakeIt Yeah, and they won’t have any degreed teachers monitoring or grading their submissions. So that degree you are seeking won’t be worth Schmitt. MakeIt Should be lowered even if on campus. Not many education costs seem to be worth the investment, judging by how many can't pay back loans. MakeIt I laugh at this. Because there is no way 7% disagreed. Fake news.

Reverend_Ducati MakeIt Tell them to stop signing promissory notes with their F.A.O. at the school until they are clear on the costs. MakeIt Government subsidies in education are the reason for sky high tuitions. MakeIt Kinda of a stupid poll. What did you think they were going say? Jeez MakeIt nope. check previous years and you'll find your own school has always charged more for online classes. this isn't new and shouldn't be changed.

MakeIt Tuition should be lowered. But they probably will not. Similar to online movies. They charge much more than getting the same movie in a DVD at Redbox. If they can get away with it, they will. That is why we have local/state/federal governments - to help protect the vulnerable MakeIt 1970 grad. No such thing as online....duh

MakeIt Well, they have learned something.... MakeIt They would reopen the schools before they lowered the prices MakeIt DUMBEST survey ever. Ask them how many think water is wet? Everyone thinks tuition should be lowered, period. MakeIt Breaking news! College is a scam and should be free. There was a time when high school had to be paid for and they made it free. Now a high school degree isn’t enough anymore so college needs to be made free in order to free our students of trillions of dollars of overpriced debt

MakeIt 💯 MakeIt 😂😂Good luck with that! MakeIt 7% bots MakeIt First ...Work on the quality of online classes. Cut the in-person fees that you are still charged when you take online classes. Tuition in general should be free. I’m not versed enough to know how to make that happen but it shouldn’t mean a cut in funding from another entity.

MakeIt It's great when you attend a community college and the professor says I also teach at *insert 50k/yr private college name here* that's a few miles away. Where is all that $$ going? MakeIt They are right. However, academia won’t allow that. MakeIt What were they supposed to say petenajarian MakeIt Pete, so you’re saying price finally matters when weighing the value of college? It’s about time. 😀

MakeIt 100% of homeowners that don’t work for banks say mortgages should be erased MakeIt Should be lowered regardless MakeIt Create a steady stream of income through forex/bitcoin trading! Send a DM to get started MakeIt I agree with them! But frankly everyone would like lesser fees to almost everything.

MakeIt Imagine if people decide they don't need college, college football, NFL, Nike ... the list goes on MakeIt Yes, and I would like my taxes back if the local schools are on line as well itsmikegee MakeIt Forgive student loan debt too lol MakeIt And 93% say tuition should be lowered if classes are in person too...

MakeIt Lol good luck. New fees for online tools. It's like taxes, they will pass it down to the lowest denominator and that is you student or rich parents of a student OR Family sending first generation to move up in the dog race. You can't put a name on a virtual learning center lol MakeIt Who are the other 7%?

MakeIt In other news, grass is green MakeIt That’s just common sense. The online students aren’t utilizing as many of the college’s facilities or resources. CryptoEcon_Li MakeIt Its should be way lower not just lower come on let the young generation learn..... MakeIt Show me a college student who thinks tuition should be higher in any circumstance. Think McFly think.

MakeIt Not that college isn’t too expensive, but is the value of its education derived from its content or its presence? Personally, presence has significant value to effectiveness. MakeIt Duh MakeIt I totally agree. petenajarian MakeIt They should be lower if the classes are in person, too. MakeIt They should reduce salaries too for those not actually teaching.

MakeIt Supply and demand dictates price. People flock to online for convenience. Nonetheless, the education quality of online courses is poor. MakeIt MakeIt How did tuition ever get so high and still Schools lost Liberal Arts and the Humanities? Business became king proliferated from big building grants and land grant schools lost their purpose while supporting farm league sports for major league macho billionaire pedophiles.

MakeIt Most college degrees are completely pointless. The people choose to play this game and pay these colleges for overpriced 'education' - then learn little more than social justice warrior BS. MakeIt Honestly 93% think it should be lowered period MakeIt I'm guessing if you asked, 100% of students would say it should be lowered period. Or their parents, whoever is paying. Our system sucks. Tuition costs are a complete joke.

petenajarian MakeIt 100% think it should be free MakeIt 800 years old church carved from single stone DidYouKnow Informative sundayvibes SundayThoughts MakeIt The ratio of market inflation versus Tuition inflation is ridiculous. Colleges have convinced us that degrees are essential and have skyrocketed tuition

MakeIt Is should be, online teaching is different from in person. Remove the fee for stuff like using facility,lab, computer,etc. MakeIt I suspect 93% of students think college should be free... MakeIt Why aren’t 100 percent saying it MakeIt Hahaha...the end of outrageous college BS tuitions are on the way... I love Trumpy...😊😊

petenajarian MakeIt Absolutely! The solution so more kids can afford higher education. petenajarian MakeIt If schools end up with some savings, it’s a pretty good idea to pass on those savings to their students. MakeIt And if it can be done online, why ain’t there one cloud kitchen type institution that can take care of all. $1000 per degree

MakeIt The other 7% have rich parents and haven't taught their kids the value of money MakeIt Tuition should be lowered as well as salaries of professors, instructors, teachers. Students paid tuition believing there would be classroom instruction, lectures, lab work, etc. MakeIt Breaking: Most people would like to pay less for everything.

MakeIt ...wondering what the poll would show asking US college students if they think tuition should be lowered. Period. Guessing it would be close to 93%. MakeIt Good luck with that — the liberal left has turned colleges and universities into industries dependent on high tuition... MakeIt There is absolutely no reason we should be paying full price when we are not receiving the full experience.

MakeIt And 100% of their parents MakeIt It’s funny that a news head line about an opinion by students which really is common sense. If most schools werent ran by libtards for major profit this wouldn’t be the case. To run up that debt without the real college experience is fraudulent but so is what they learn. 😂

MakeIt That's a no-brainer. MakeIt Makes sense-we need 10% of the teachers now. What's the point of having American teachers? Even outsource teachers to 3rd World teachers. MakeIt 100% of their parents want it lowered. MakeIt Hey all! When all your online classes are loaded up contact us for a stress free year, with an A guaranteed!

MakeIt Wonder what a poll of K-12 property tax payers would show? MakeIt Well hell yes it should be lowered....... MakeIt Ditch college. Learn skills online or go to a community college or trade school. Avoid the 5 figure-per year universities. Learn direct skills and no fluff. MakeIt Tuition should be free for all. Tax the rich. Cut the military. Defund the police and prisons. Legalize drugs and tax and regulate them. Tax the churches.

MakeIt Why aren’t the millennials protesting that!! Now that’s something to demand change on. Colleges bankrupting families with $60k per year hahaha insane! Nuts ! MakeIt College is a bubble that needs to pop.. MakeIt UNLV MakeIt Students should come together across the country to boycott online tuition rates. Especially if you're attending top universities who sell these students the 'culture' of college experience

MakeIt almost like they should do it huh MakeIt 100% of college students' parents agree. MakeIt 93 percent of students wouldn’t give a F if all classes were canceled but they could enjoy their normal social lives on campus MakeIt Who are the other 7% MakeIt MakeIt I agree MakeIt Drive costbof schools down and access even if it's a limited connectivity.

MakeIt Soon US diplomas will be worthless against those foreign educated MakeIt There’s a technology fee. Some classes end up costing more. MakeIt Breaking news: People like paying less! 😮 MakeIt ZeroTuition FeeltheBern MakeIt Should be lowered regardless of classes being online or not. MakeIt Students should boycott college en masse. That will lower tuition so fast, their heads will spin.

MakeIt King of Reposts MakeIt Well, than it’s settled. Good luck with that. MakeIt Props to all you teachers out there adapting to this new teaching method. 👍🏻 MakeIt Who tf is the remaining 7%? MakeIt Ridiculous! Millenials at it again.

With petitions and lawsuits, some students demand lower tuition for online instructionNEW: Students are launching online petitions and even filing lawsuits seeking refunds and tuition breaks while college life remains restricted. Good approach 🙌🏾 Good. All online schooling should be discounted. And if a student gets sick with this virus during the semester, they should be able to retake the course at no additional cost. More Epstein deflection to protect Bill Clinton WHERE IS THE NEWS? EpsteinFiles EpsteinFiles epstein billclinton clinton clintons HillaryClinton

Less than half of US colleges are now planning for in-person classes - Business InsiderBusiness Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. Launched in 2007, the site is now the largest business news site on the web. And less than 1% of those colleges are planning a tuition discount. You would think that with an inferior experience, a discount would apply.

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Students return to campus as coronavirus infections grow in some statesThe first wave of college students returning to their dorms aren’t finding the typical mobs of students and parents. Some states? One of them is the state your newspaper offices is located in. Newsom has no clue and is in over his head like the clowns in FL and TX. In California it's entirely online only, up until next fall. Flatten the curve. Safer than going out and protesting and/or rioting.

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