World, Coronavirus Live Updates: Cases Top 1.4 Million Globally - Cnn

World, Coronavirus Live Updates: Cases Top 1.4 Million Globally - Cnn

More than 13,000 people have died in the US from coronavirus

More than 13,000 people have died in the US from coronavirus, with at least 402,923 reported cases

4/8/2020 9:01:00 PM

More than 13,000 people have died in the US from coronavirus, with at least 402,923 reported cases

Countries continue to battle the novel coronavirus as it infects more than 1.4 million around the world. Follow here for the latest news.

Cuomo says New York will do more coronavirus testing in minority communitiesFrom CNN's Adrienne VogtState of New YorkData suggests that coronavirus infection rates are higher for black and Hispanic residents of New York, according to Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

George Floyd's family says four officers involved in his death should be charged with murder This Chef Has a Michelin Star and a Mission: Feeding Millions in India’s Lockdown Trump takes his war on masks to new heights

In New York City, 34% of deaths from coronavirus are Hispanic while 28% of deaths are black. Respectively, those numbers are 14% and 18% for the rest of the state.The figures are disproportionate as compared to each population in the state. Cuomo said that the state is going to immediately start more testing in minority communities.

Cuomo referenced how minority communities are affected in natural disasters, such as in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.“Why is it that the poorest people always pay the highest price? But let's figure it out. Let's do the work. Let's do the research. Let's learn from this moment and let's learn these lessons and let's do it now,” he said."Let's actually get research and data that can inform us.”

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Sad. I pray that America will come out from the threat of the pandemic. And the total prediction has fallen off to 1/4 of the hyped hysteria CNN was pushing only a bit over a week ago. Wow eventually this is going to come out less than H1N1 during Obama except for the media histrionics Hydroxychloroquine works!

That makes sence More than 15000 babies saved from Democrats and abortion clinics since virus shutdown... look 4 the good Da_sempere And? 12,469 died during obama/ biden. Life goes on. Wow this is scary. It’s like I would’ve never died if it wasn’t for something like this Where’s the report of 80,000 dying of the flu several years ago? Fakestream media. realDonaldTrump DonaldJTrumpJr

Wrong. It is exactly the opposite: More than 13,000 people have died in the US WITH coronavirus, FROM at least 402,923 reported cases nochina do not buy anithing from china Just so you guys are aware that the director of the World Health Organization threatened realDonaldTrump that there would be more body bags if we didn’t pay the 22 percent . You will have to google it. Just on case you’re news doesn’t say it the right way.

If Trump has taken his briefings seriously in January., We might be ahead of this problem. 😥🙏🏻 Are those numbers your final answer? Wait...I thought 2M Americans were gonna die. Isnt thst why we shut down the country.? Fact is...more people will die from fallout of the “solution” to this than died of the virus.

All bogus numbers. Determining the cause of death can take weeks, and sometimes months, so how can be so sure that over 13,000 people died from Covid-19? Is that all? We lose more than that to the accidents....heart and liver disease....smoking. plus they are stacking those numbers by reporting anyone who dies as a corona death. CNN keeps pushing fake data, fake news. Get wise America

What a weak system healthcare.!! It is a shame for your country and the World will see it !!! How many of these died from a car wreck or an unrelated ailment who happend to also have Corona virus? The numbers are inflated... FROM coronavirus is misleading. We're already know it's being over-reported. And we have NEVER had enough tests which Trump steals to give to foreign nations.

Well according to Dr. Brix all deaths that test positive for the virus are being counted as coronavirus deaths regardless of their cause of death. Baby world news South Korea said all countries that ban South Korea from entering the country will stop issuing visa exemptions and visa-free certificates. I made a decision based on mutual principles.'

Oh my God 😭 Baby world news Japan's Prime Minister Abe said that if he gets the coronavirus, Deputy Prime Minister Asodaro will act as acting president. Yesterday in Japan, the largest number of confirmed cases of new coronavirus per day was 500. CNN is first to report death they love it And 'we need to address it now' responsibility for our own health...BLACK people stop eating unhealthy foods (greens, & beans without pork), JUST SAY NO TO PORK! No added SUGAR and SALT!, exercise, take advantage of free health fairs offered in your neighborhoods & communities...

Let me know when we get to 80 million cases reported. ...are we classifying auto accidents deaths as CV19 yet? 13,000 died with covid -19 not necessarily of it. Baby pop 3 Baby pop 2 Not that bad actually. Pray we all get back to work soon. It's a population control method CNN seems almost giddy reporting these figures each day because of their hatred of our president.

Thats a 3% mortality rate. What is the rate for influenza? Cancer? Baby pop 1 And trump is profiting from it, hiding his crimes by firing watch dogs and putting all the blame on anyone that hates him it seems the spread od covid19 losing control, any action from gov to do hel with that? How many people are HOSPITALIZED? That's what 'Flattening the Curve' is all about. Extrapolating from Florida's data of 12% hospitalized, there could be ~48,000 hospitalizations across the US right now.

比较中国和美国的感染数字,你更相信哪个? We are lucky that we have Trump as POTUS, otherwise many more of us would have the COV virus by now. rosemaryCNN That shows the total lack of Civic Responsibility! Nothing else. Just take a look at countries where the Density of Population is a lot thicker and how they have been containing the pandemic! Japan for example! And, India! in spite of the Corona Jihadists!

ThePromisedSaviour And Coro is just warming up. CoroWantsYourLungs covid19 CNN and their Dem friends downplayed COV at the very start and bashed Trump for closing travel with China. Wuhan’s outbreak only affected a small part of their population! They are now letting people travel and go about their business! Trump wants to do the same! Many Americans will be hit in the second wave! Many Americans won’t be able to leave home until the vaccine is available!!!

Bullshit! We know the numbers are inflated and Dr. Birx admitted as much yesterday. Not all were TRUE covid19 deaths.... DrTedros shouldn't just resign, he needs to go to international court for crimes against humanity. For covering up Corona virus that China started. The blood of thousands are on his hands and WHO. No more funding and dispand the organization

How many died from AIDS? Why not report the there is a 98% recovery rate. Cuomo fucked up. New York’s numbers are staggering We can develop a smartphone camera, scan surfaces and homes, detect covid-19 and other bacteria, and clean it, and fight faster. 😞 🙏 Over 22,000 recovered! Good news - and remember Dr. Birx all but admitted we are over counting deaths.

☝️😭☝️☪️☝️🤲☝️🇺🇸☝️🌎☝️🇧🇩☝️🇴🇲☝️ Remember when realDonaldTrump said it will go away when it gets hot out..cause that's what happens.... hahaha yeah what a goofball. Sounds like CNN is loving all the deaths How many cured CNN come on post all the facts. On worldometer for the past few days over 1000 people are dying every day in USA, today so far is 1,399

How about reporting encouraging reports from Wash and Cali? Or do you not cover the west? Or only cover the negative? Cover both!!! USA has reported approx 399,000 cases with more than 12,000 deaths Here is the timeline of COVID in the US COVID19 COVIDー19 And how many have recovered? 13000 out of 360 million is a fantastic number do the math that's probably .001%

you 403K ww not in the US Can we trust these figures are accurate? Not everyone is being tested! Chinese Government ordered to burn people alive at Wuhan, why are you covering such a giant abomination ? 13K died with no other health issues? I’m pretty sure the HIPAA laws are out the window right now. So, you should at least share what other health issues people are dying had for others to be informed!

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