World, Coronavirus Live Updates And News: Cases Top 1.2 Million Globally - Cnn

World, Coronavirus Live Updates And News: Cases Top 1.2 Million Globally - Cnn

More than 10,000 people have died from coronavirus in the US

The United States has at least 10,335 reported deaths from coronavirus, according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University

4/6/2020 8:42:00 PM

The United States has at least 10,335 reported deaths from coronavirus, according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University

The novel coronavirus continues to spread, with more than 1.2 million cases across the globe. Follow here for the latest news.

New projection suggests New York could be at the apex of coronavirus casesFrom CNN's Elise HammondJim Malatras, the president of SUNY Empire State College State of New YorkNew York could be at the apex of coronavirus cases according to new projections shown at a press briefing.

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Jim Malatras, the president of SUNY Empire State College, said new models show a much lower projection.“This could suggest that we are indeed, potentially, at the apex or beginning to be at the apex at this moment," he said.Some of the initial models predicted that up to 110,000 beds would be needed for coronavirus patients alone, and another that suggested 55,000 beds were needed. Both of the early models showed the peak — or apex — occurring at the end of April.

Malatras said a new, more optimistic projection can be attributed to social distancing.“We saw the folks looking at those types of model says it was going so what activities and actions could you take to aggressively lower that overall number," Malatras said."The answer really was, and what the governor’s been doing, was aggressively enforce and enact social distancing to lower the overall number and this number, and the current data suggests that is exactly what's happening.”

Remember:Malatras said that while the new model is hopeful, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo will continue to take it one day at a time. Read more: CNN Breaking News »

Americans are not that intelligent as we knew. Bwahahahaaa our eyes have been opened and we cant unsee what we have seen can we get the demographic data on all people with the virus and not just black people. This is an irresponsible and racist attempt to sensationalize this pandemic to get VOTES! foh Today you reported 17 Deaths today, between 7am eastern you reported 9000+, right now you are reporting 12000+, that is a difference of 3000, who is putting out this info?

Perhaps the people of New York will learn a lesson and stop living in a city so densely populated like ants in an ant hill.... I suspect Americans who STILL believe this virus is a joke, haven't begun to lose family yet. Doesn't matter. This virus infects and kills without approval. TrumpSupportersGuiltyToo

that is so many JohnHopkins Cnn is so...YELLOW Fake news cnn They're all gonna catch it again. This isn't the flu or chicken pox. No antibodies for this People who have been Quarantined aren't out of the woods yet So sad and so tragic it's all just really disappointing specially for the whole nation over ten thousands of American's are just lost their lives it's a real worst scenario but still it's a real big lesson for the whole nation.

China’s fault 🥺 An estimated 46k Americans died of flu related causes between 1/1/2020-3/31/2020. I don't see a flu death update everyday. This is not news its propaganda and fear mongering. Far from the 100k to 2M deaths that the “ models” showed. How many survived and what was the treatment for the ones who did survive?

The United States has at least 10,335 reported deaths from coronavirus, according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University... But the stock market rebounded today! All is well... Damn. We've become Nazis.... Thanks for your constant 'score' updates CNN . Human beings pass away every day from a variety of reasons. Thank you for acting like ESPN and providing me with the stats. Do you also in your infinite wisdom have a Convid-19 'Mock Draft'?

Absolute horseshit anybody who has the sniffles considered covid-19 10000 our goverment is proud of GovRonDeSantis appointed sheriff epic failure I thought you trump was telling everyone “good things are coming” 🤦🏻‍♂️ For A country founded on we the people - Trump sure has screwed the people - what will the Trump Dead count get to

Anybody fact check this cnn article? Seems they are such liars lately...all their articles need fact checks. Please stop airing Trump’s entire press briefings each day. He’s using free air time to campaign for re-election, and his misinformation is dangerous. Please, please stop. I know his freak show gets ratings, but don’t our lives mean more to you than ratings?

Your data on your screens is with THOUSANDS more than the data twice updated daily, by WHO...YOU GUYS are misleading the public. SHAME ON YOU (wolfblitzer have you lost your MORAL COMPASS ) 10,335/329,450,000= .00003 (.003% chance of dying from COVID-19) out of the entire United States. Of course, the rates in each city, county, town or state will be different.

This is why we have stop airing that dementia ridden television reality show every day..from the white house Are you serious ? Those patients dying without any history problem of health? I don't really believe this! Only God knows how people dying. 'Nothing's real. CNN, ABC, MTV-- all manufactured and manipulated just like this. To entertain.' thecondemned Unreliable data, no context, no qualification, no disclaimers. cv19 coronavirus

BuT iT’s StiLL lEsS tHaN H1N1!! BlAmE oBaMa!! Attorney General Bill Barr has indicted 8 people for funneling millions in foreign donations to Democrat campaigns including: Hillary Clinton Ted Lieu And even Adam Schiff This is true foreign interference in our elections Where is the Mainstream Media? RT!

What's the difference between this and deaths from car accidents, slips falls, other things of the sort, which probably exceed the deaths from The Corona. We can do something about Corona. Please fire Acosta - if you will your ratings might go up “According to a tally” What is this a fucking scoreboard?

Way overstated number- especially with CDC advisory guideline to count most all deaths as COVID, even if just “assumed.” Indicator supporting this is mortality numbers for other conditions have dropped because they’re now counted as COVID That’s it ? There were models suggesting hundreds of thousand to millions of death. The hard work of Trump is flattening the curve. Long live King Trump.

Ok we need to redo how these deaths are being categorized. COVID-19 with no other known issues, COVID with known issues, and no known COVID. I feel like they are all overlapping at this point and we don’t have a true number. Three ways now to get tested: Say something nice about Trump. Be in a Red State. Dress up like a tiger and hang around a Zoo.

Omg I can't believe you mindless idiots who think this is a made up number Democrats have blood on their hands. They’re open borders and sanctuary cities and NYC allowing people to go out and shop in March and denying this for months caused this mess The equivalent of three 9/11’s in 2 weeks time and realDonaldTrump is pushing unproven medication, distribution of medical supplies for political advantage, and making fun of Biden for following CDC guidelines. Never forget this.

Is that his light at the end of the tunnel? 😂😂😂😂 China is winning the fight against COVID-19. Japan, Korea and Singapore are all doing a very good job. There must be something there to learn from. When virus comes, there’s no boundaries from nation to nation. All we need to do is help each other and learn from each other.

Every country can reach a tally significantly higher than the official. Then there's China, which just lopped 95% of actual off its infections and deaths and is 'detaining' any undercutting that massive lie. Also very state which has low cases are only 2-3 weeks behind the numbers New York or California is showing. Also lack of testing in most of the inner states will never show the real numbers.

At least there’s transparency in America. Tell that to American pundits and news outlets who espouse the supremacy of the Chinese regime you got to start cremating corpse irrespective of faith.... Because of testing of lack of we will never know for sure It’s probably saved 20k lives through reduction of car accidents.

now everyone wants to be a solder 😎😎 May GOD remember the US at this Hard times.. That of course includes terminal cancer patients in hospice care who happened to get Corona right before they died. How many of these are from other illnesses? Heart disease, cancer? If you have covid and are killed on a car accident the cause of death is the car accident NOT covid-19!!

That's shocking FAKE NEWS! These numbers are obviously inflated. It is a potty my friends all over the world. We shall remain prayerful for U.S and world over Use weapon to kill the virus 🦠 Trump says they have the best weapon in the world. Kill the virus 🦠 Damn!...very sad. We need to see the end of this Covid_19 quickly.

Every. Single. Death. Belongs to tRump Trump don’t care yet china opening up way to soon the carrier of this decease should be last to open disgraceful we will go round this round about again WoW! TrumpVirus Treystur Outrageous US needs to ramp up 50 million doses of this vaccine now! Why wait 90 days? Can’t bring myself to like this post.

Cnn fake news 10335 too many One word: tRump and ppl still think it’s cool to go outside

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Infectious disease expert's plan to crush coronavirus in 10 weeks'If we are in this as a war, we should be in it to win,' says Harvey Fineberg, fmr. Dean of the Harvard School of Public Health. 'To win we have to do a great deal more than we are doing.' We’re doomed. We have been in a shooting war for almost 20 yrs. I wish we would act accordingly for it too. Citizens who lost health coverage in past 2 weeks due to economic collapse: USA 3,500,000 Australia 0 Belgium 0 Canada 0 Chile 0 Denmark 0 Finland 0 France 0 Germany 0 Greece 0 Hungary 0 Italy 0 Japan 0 New Zealand 0 Norway 0 Portugal 0 S Korea 0 Spain 0 Sweden 0 Turkey 0 UK 0