More Star Wars: Visions and a new Tales of the Jedi prequel anthology are on the way

6/5/2022 4:00:00 AM

Star Wars’ canon is about to get even bigger with more animation.

More Star Wars: Visions and a new Tales of the Jedi prequel anthology are on the way

Star Wars’ canon is about to get even bigger with more animation.

, the event came to a close with more than a handful of new developments on the animation front that are set to broaden the Star Wars canon in the near future.Early footage of Dawson’s upcoming Ahsoka series, which is currently filming and will debut next year, featured glimpses of characters from the Rebels series who will now make the transition, like the title character, into live action, building on the younger fandom who grew up with the animated shows.broke too late to make it onto The Daily Show Wednesday night.✖ Warning: this story contains spoilers for Wednesday's"Part III" episode of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Though most of the news out of this year’s Celebration was focused on stories about the adult heroes and villains who’ll be duking it out across Star Wars ’ history, the conversation turned toward younglings on Friday as Michael Olson and the rest of the creative team behind Disney Plus and Disney Junior’s Young Jedi Adventures revealed some early details about the upcoming project.Set during Star Wars ’ High Republic era, Young Jedi Adventures — due out in spring 2023 — will follow the journeys of multiple Jedi-to-be as they first begin to learn the ways of the Force.The actor playing Hera remained under wraps, but Natasha Liu Bordizzo, who plays Sabine, came onstage before thousands of cheering fans to take a bow.While the series is aimed at younger viewers, supervising director Elliot M.“Nobody should have to just shut up and take racism,” Noah said in response to Ingram’s exasperated attempts to address the hate she has received online.Bour explained that Young Jedi Adventures will also delve into new details about the larger universe as it existed during the High Republic, when the Jedi were still at the height of their power.And watching Rebels , she has come to mean a hell of a lot to me too,” Bordizzo said.Set during The High Republic era, the Original Series follows Younglings as they study the ways of the Force and become Jedi: Compassion, self-discipline, teamwork, patience, and friendship.Obi-Wan rematch to life: Tom O'Connell as Darth Vader and Ross Kohnstam as Obi-Wan.

Young Jedi Adventures is coming to Disney+ and Disney Junior spring 2023.” Artistic Rebel: Emily Ong as Sabine Wren, posing at Star Wars The positive effect was virtually immediate.“From the beginning, this has been a series where no one thinks twice if Harrison Ford is best friends with a giant dog-bear or if a brother and sister want to smash..

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