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More of This, Please: Illinois Approves Over-the-Counter Birth Control

More of This, Please: Illinois Approves Over-the-Counter Birth Control

7/27/2021 5:51:00 AM

More of This, Please: Illinois Approves Over-the-Counter Birth Control

Pharma cists in the state can now approve a full year of birth control without a doctor's prescription.

)An elected official has done something morally responsible, scientifically supported, and indisputably good for people’s reproductive health.AdvertisementLast week, Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed a law that allows pharmacists to approve up to a year’s worth of hormonal birth control without a doctor’s prescription. The legislation,

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House Bill 0135, only requires that patients—people who walk into the drugstore—complete a self-screening assessment and undergo a brief consultation. The pharmacist would then provide patients with “counseling and education about all methods of contraception ... and their proper use and effectiveness.” Et voilà! Twelve months of birth control.

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