More Americans Opting To Deep Fry Christmas Tree This Year

More Americans Opting To Deep Fry Christmas Tree This Year

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12/9/2021 6:30:00 AM

More Americans Opting To Deep Fry Christmas Tree This Year

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Analysis: A people's Fed? It's starting to at least look that way

Seven years ago white men made up the majority of directors on the boards of all but one of the 12 U.S. Federal Reserve banks. This year, white men are for the first time in the minority at every one.

dmaofkansascity Dammit!! I lost my hit over that!! 😂 That should do the trick!! This makes me more happy than it should. At least give me a credit Fox News right now book960 If it was a cure for covid I'd believe it. It's the only I do it now. No more soggy needles. Where are the extra crispy lights and ornaments?

Don't we have enough problems with cats trying to eat the tree as it is? I air fried mine I am a living testimony👏🏿👏🏿 if you are having problems with investment or having difficulty finding a legit platform. I urge you to give Dylan Holloway a try today and earn your profit without stress. 👇👇👇👇 dylanholloway04

Man Held As Fox News' Giant Christmas Tree Goes Up In FlamesThe 100,000 lights on the conservative network's so-called 'All-American Christmas Tree' were only switched on Sunday. That’s awesome So, they are fine with setting OTHER shit on fire as long as it isn't theirs? So the 'Great American Christmas Tree' is fake? LOLOLOL OK that should tell you all you need to know about FOX!

Treeducken is delicious! I can see why Where's the issue? This is more like it. Now put the 'snow' on it as Ranch dressing and it's perfect. KFC_ES coyotedancer

Our Team's Favorite Cozy, Holly (& Jolly) Christmas TraditionsMatching onesies, baking together, singing Christmas tree lights...we've got a bit of everything.

kekstheladyDoor somelonelyspace ok but how does it do in the air fryer? Why do they say it like it’s weird? Fox news leads that trend. If it hasn't been dipped in cheese, you're not finished decorating the tree Is this before or after what happened to the Fox Christmas tree? Funny. Where have you been? Please stay.

Generally everything is better when deep fried. This is something I can get behind Why?

Man in custody after Christmas tree outside Fox News building in Manhattan set on fire, police sayA 49-year-old man has been taken into custody after a large Christmas tree outside the Fox News building in Manhattan appeared to have been set on fire overnight, police have said appeared? They're not sure? WTF I suspect that Fox News set its own tree on fire This feeds their victim mentality of all white males being persecuted *clutching pearls* and at CHRISTMAS time hero

I’m really hoping my Opiate Advent Calendar sales take off this holiday season The Fox Christmas Tree!! Air frying the tree is much healthier. Make sure you put gravy in stand before going to bed. Nah we're deep frying oreos! Trees are nasty when fried! I thought Tucker Carlson calles this an attack on Xmas or some schmaltz.

is that what happened to Fox's tree? “We’re gonna need a bigger deep fryer”

Yep, Ariana Grande Sure Wore Heels With Her Snowsuit For Her New Christmas CollabFor their new Christmas collaboration, 'It Was A... (Masked Christmas ),' Jimmy Fallon, Ariana Grande, and Megan Thee Stallion opted for retro chic

Guess I can’t knock it till I try it “Mmm, deep fried Christmas tree.” tastes like fried buffalo cauliflower. This is the perfect complement to deep-basted stockings Fox News thinks this is too soon. MAKE SURE to completely defrost your tree before frying or you might start a house fire! 🔥 I'm not going to follow this nonsense trend until they release a Cool Ranch version.

Gregg Wallace's 'Christmas crazy' house with nine trees – take a tourGregg Wallace house: MasterChef star Gregg lives in Kent with his wife Anne-Marie and their son Sid – see all nine of their jaw-dropping Christmas trees. my best cousin uncle is looking awesome awesome share lot of love 🍻💙

Fox News Christmas Tree Set on Fire in Suspected Arson'It's about Jesus. It's about Hanukkah,' Fox host Ainsley Earhardt inexplicably said of the blaze. ho ho oh no