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Monster Hunter Rise Is Infuriating, but I Love It

I take back the hurtful things I said when I was struggling with the tutorials.

4/22/2021 7:31:00 AM

I take back the hurtful things I said when I was struggling with the tutorials.

The Nintendo Switch game is a lot of fun, once you make peace with all of those menus.

Monster Hunter Riseto my friends? The crucial thing about the game is that it’s meant to be played with other people; yes, there’s a single-player mode, but the multiplayer mode—available locally and online—is where the game really shines. The many different weapons that are available to players are vastly different—the hunting horn provides support buffs such as increasing defense or reducing stamina use, the dual blades are fast and do a lot of damage, the gunlance charges up unbelievably powerful shots, the list goes on. And part of the fun of playing with friends is, like building a good D&D party, figuring out what everyone’s role is, and cooperating to bring down a gigantic creature that would be impossible to tackle on one’s own. Though it’s possible to play without any real communication, Discord calls and other such chat functions make teamwork that much more seamless—and feel like more of a party.

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AdvertisementAdvertisementFurthering the group chat experience is the fact that the YouTube guide economy is prospering when it comes toRise, with seasoned hunters making video tutorials for each weapon as well as explaining the things that the game glosses over (such as how “

latent power” works) so that newer players can really get all of the juice out of the metaphorical fruit. The sense of community that the game fosters branches out not just to your immediate friends but to strangers as well. Granted, that’s not really something that the developers could have planned out, but it’s now one of the great aspects of getting into the game.

As for what’s actually part of the text of the game, there’s tremendous appeal both in hunting monsters and in the fact that the game provides cat and dog (“Palico” and “Palamute”) companions to help player characters out. Their appearances can be customized—you can give your Palico Scottish Fold ears, for instance—and you can put them in little outfits (that up their stats and can match your own clothes, if you so desire) as well. The cut scenes scattered throughout the game, which do everything from introducing new monsters to providing a small reprieve as you watch chef cats cook dango dumplings, are gorgeously animated. The game continues to impress during missions, as monsters really grapple with one another (I once saw a monster swing another around by its tail) rather than exchanging rote punches.

AdvertisementKaren’s hunter and her beloved Palamute. Read more: Slate »

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