Monsta X Groove Along in New Single 'Middle of the Night' Ahead of 'All About Luv' Album Release: Listen

Monsta X want to spend the “Middle of the Night” with a lover in their new single


Monsta X want to spend the “Middle of the Night” with a lover in their new single

Monsta X released 'Middle of the Night' and announced their upcoming 'All About Luv' album today.

Released fittingly at midnight EST, the new English single from the South Korean septet is a sleek, groovy precursor to their upcoming

album, which they announced today is set to arrive on Feb. 14. It will be the act's first all-English album.

“We are super excited about our new English album,” Monsta X says in a statement. “It’s a Valentine gift to all of our [fans known as] Monbebe who are standing by our side day and night. This album talks about relationships, and things that we are all dealing with on a daily basis. We hope that our Monbebe all over the world will like it, and spread the word, after all, it’s all about luv.”

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StarshipDoesntDeserveMX7 스타쉽_몬엑_잘_좀_케어해 😊 Lmao billboard I'm slowly getting disappointed with you 🤡 wonho will come back monbebe fighting RightBesideWonho 반드시_널_찾을게 STARSHIPent OfficialMonstaX eshygazit Yeah 7 kings KyuniesBoyMikey Thanks for the article, but could you please return to SPREAD our word about wanting Wonho to return and also to Starship take better care of their idols?! WE ARE FIGHTERS

Ulan sizde de mi 6 kişilik foto gözümden düşüyorsun... Thanks. RightBesideWonho 반드시_널_찾을게 I volunteer اخسس عليكم حاطين المعدله I hope the special day of February 14 will be the best day of Monbebe in the world. You understand the feelings of Monbebe from all over the world, don't you? There are seven people in MONSTA X. 몬스타엑스와_몬베베는_운명이에요 STARSHIPent STARSHIPent_jp Epic_Records

Obaaa MiddleOfTheNight EpicRespectMonstaX7 스타쉽_일_좀_제대로_합시다 OfficialMonstaX STARSHIPent

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Thank you for this article! I would like to add this picture because yours is not complete... we have seven voices.. seven kings! ❤️ I really would appreciate it if you would write an article about our ongoing fight for Wonho! 🙏🏻Yes, we are still fighting! AllAboutLuv WONHO .. SE QUE TE ESPERAN Oh my gosh!!!

We want Wonho back EpicRespectMonstaX7 스타쉽_일_좀_제대로_합시다 OfficialMonstaX STARSHIPent We should be strong for our baby's EpicRespectMonstaX7 스타쉽_일_좀_제대로_합시다 OfficialMonstaX Monsta X - MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT (Official Music Video) qua YouTube 몬스타엑스 MONSTAX MONSTA_X OfficialMonstaX Música sensacional

Sem foto ot6 bb use fotos ot7 Perfeita🖤🤴🏻♥️ MONSTA_X MIDDLEOFTHENIGHT OfficialMonstaX So.. who wrote the caption

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They are 7 members. Use a 7 member picture. Who?🤣 Please, Wonho también es parte de esto... 💙 EpicRespectMonstaX7 스타쉽_일_좀_제대로_합시다 MonstaX_Canada uh what’s up with the captions OfficialMonstaX Yes they do and monbebe too The forgot wonho..okay..ARRASEO pao_cbr Thank's TamarWrites AllAboutLuvForWonho 너_함께_걸어줄래 🌸∴。 * ・゚*。🌸・ ・ *゚。 ・ ゚*。・゚🌸。 🌸・。°*. ゚🌸 ゚。·*・。 ゚*゚・。 * 。 ゚ *.。。🌸 ・゚・。 * 🌸 。・゚*.。 。 * *. ゚ * 🌸* *🌸 ゚*・。 🌸 °*. ゚ 🌸*

WHAT 'WITH LOVER?' IT SHOULD BE 'WITH MONBEBES' I'M SO MAD! OfficialMonstaX look oooh!! 😔😔😔💔💔💔 timeminhyuk

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Can I be jooheon's lover?💙💙💙😍😍😍😍 É OT7 CRIANÇA AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH INFERNO Please use picture with 7 of them. Wonho is in the song too a mira BrasilMonstaX Can't wait Wonho is still in this work, please use a picture with the 7 members. huh ? are you ok Ok Billboard, just use a ot7. As you say, they are a SEPTET. What about an article on Cyberbullying, defamation, accusations without proof, and mistreatment of Victims of those? such as Wonho and MX. AllAboutLuvForWonho 너_함께_걸어줄래 OfficialMonstaX

oSAooNooAo wtf.. Arshin_hsn

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NCmonbebe_BR Ot7 infernoooo wonowonho1 is wonho the lover 😔😳 MonstaXEurope Wonho's voice in it. I love it even more Thank you for this Monsta X . Always working hard and giving us good songs ❤️❤️ Monsta X 7 forever!! AllAboutLuvForWonho 너_함께_걸어줄래 OfficialMonstaX The song is amazing. Make sure to stream it, guys!! Also, Monsta X is 7!! AllAboutLuvForWonho 너_함께_걸어줄래 OfficialMonstaX STARSHIPent Epic_Records

spend with wonho why the caption sounds like it's a gang bang lol MonstaXEurope Música MARAVILHOSA com meus sete garotos perfeitos! Pura arte! AllAboutLuvForWonho 너_함께_걸어줄래 OfficialMonstaX STARSHIPent wonowonho1 you can use a picture with 7 men -.- AllAboutLuvForWonho 너_함께_걸어줄래 STARSHIPent OfficialMonstaX

AllAboutLuvForWonho 너_함께_걸어즐래 OfficialMonstaX STARSHIPent the single is so good! already preordered the album😍 AllAboutLuvForWonho 너_함께_걸어줄래 STARSHIPent OfficialMonstaX dionysunX wrong picture as Wonho is in the Song you know the Track ´´Middle of the Night´´ you are talking of so, so you actually can use an OT7 picture !!!!

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You dropped the correct picture. You’re welcome AllAboutLuvForWonho 너_함께_걸어줄래 OfficialMonstaX STARSHIPent We are their lovers.... EverythingForWonho MONSTA_X KINGS 🔥💜🔥💜🔥💜 AllAboutLuvForWonho 너_함께_걸어즐래 STARSHIPent OfficialMonstaX U are really weird... U give wonho credit.. U use his voice but don't include him in album pic... Are u crazy!?

Monsta X really work nonstop this year. I still wish their all company can respect and take care all 7 boys better. Monsta X did all the job right, so their company should do all their job right to them AllAboutLuvForWonho 너_함께_걸어즐래 OfficialMonstaX yu_mon9311 嬉しいけど曲と記事の写真が合ってなくてどう喜んでいいかわからない。。(´・ω・`) この歪んだ状況がいつまで続くの?? AllAboutLuvForWonho 너_함께_걸어즐래 OfficialMonstaX STARSHIPent

AllAboutLuvForWonho 너_함께_걸어즐래 Bet that lover is Wonho Wonho is featured in the album in case you forgot? first of all the caption is off and second of all the picture is wrong

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“Monsta x want to spend the Middle of the Night with monbebes” that’s it! Your caption sometimes becomes weird 😂✌️ OfficialMonstaX AllAboutLuvForWonho 너_함께_걸어즐래 NOPE!!! They want to spend with Wonho!!! allaboutluvforwonho The song is just...Perfect. However, pls use different pic one with the 7 of them AllAboutLuvForWonho 너_함께_걸어줄래 STARSHIPent OfficialMonstaX

ARMONSTAX 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑 Monsta X has seven members come on AllAboutLuvForWonho 너_함께_걸어즐래 Its a track of seven member You should use a seven member pic🤗💗 AllAboutLuvForWonho 너_함께_걸어즐래 STARSHIPent OfficialMonstaX Love you Monsta X, all 7 members ❤️ I’m still buying the album because I love my boys I’m just ?

When you are using Follow promo photo. This one is much better. AllAboutLuvForWonho 너_함께_걸어줄래 STARSHIPent OfficialMonstaX No dejo de escucharla,sus hermosas voces son tan suaves ♥️ AllAboutLuvForWonho MiddleOfTheNight OfficialMonstaX

honeyneve They use his voice and they credit him on the album, which they damn right should. Yet he’s not in photos? MonstaXmas_2019 I have an idea for an article! Two recording labels use nasty emotional manipulation to make profit out of fan's pain. Okay this caption is weird af Hey can't u use a 7 member pic

molly_madd This song is Art👏👏👏😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 AllAboutLuvForWonho MiddleOfTheNight OfficialMonstaX STARSHIPent hate_luck Love this song💙 honeyneve Thank you for fixing Billboard 🥰 MonbebeIndia Did billboard delete any OfficialMonstaX related tweet? I am trying to find a particular tweet but can not find it.

Thank you for this article Oooo thats better 👍

that’s better thank u Now that's nice to look at doesn't it? molly_madd Thank you for rewording They have released a new song already do this boys ever get a break they have had the most comebacks for any group this year and is my boy wonho in it? Wow, that's better....but this photo.... AllAboutLuvForWonho 너_함께_걸어즐래 OfficialMonstaX STARSHIPent

Do you seriously think we won’t leave the same comments just because you deleted the tweet? This article is offensively written; and is unbelievable callous considering g what Monsta X &their fans are going through right now. AllAboutLuvForWonho OfficialMonstaX STARSHIPent 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💕💞❤️💖💓❣️♥️

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