Monsta X Becomes Second-Ever K-Pop Group to Enter Pop Songs Airplay Chart

.@OfficialMonstaX is just the second K-pop group to hit the #PopSongs chart


.OfficialMonstaX is just the second K-pop group to hit the PopSongs chart

As Monsta X's 'Who Do U Love?' with French Montana breaks Top 40, Epic Records promises 'more English recordings' for the boy band.

The Pop Songs chart measures total weekly plays, as tabulated by Nielsen Music, among its reporting panel of 168 mainstream top 40 stations.

Erik Bradley, music director at WBBM-FM (B96) Chicago, says that the song's tempo, memorable hook, relatable lyrics as well as the growing strides K-pop artists have made in America all factored into garnering radio play. "Although 'Who Do U Love?' is still developing we're happy to give it a shot because of all the ground work the artist and their team have put in thus far to get it to this point," he tells

EVP at Epic Records Rick Sackheim sees the track helping "bridge the momentum between K-pop fever and pop radio." He says, "American radio has shown over the years to further push pop-culture moments and make these moments into true music movements with longevity...'Who Do U Love?' lays the foundation for long-standing relationship between Monsta X and U.S. radio audiences."

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OfficialMonstaX happy OfficialMonstaX This. English kpop songs are easier to play. Tsk. Meanwhile korean kpop songs strive to be played. Kpop songs really needs to work harder to be heard. OfficialMonstaX Went from being under the radar no wins for almost 3 years to this and keep growing! 💕 OfficialMonstaX

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