Monsta X 'From Zero' Is No. 1 After Fan Project for World Digital Song Sales Chart


Monsta X officially lands their first No. 1 on the #WorldDigitalSongSales chart



Monsta X officially lands their first No. 1 on the WorldDigitalSongSales chart

"From Zero" features heavy contributions from former Monsta X member Wonho, who was recently cleared of past drug allegations.

and their fans have yet another reason to celebrate this week. The K-pop boy band earns their first No. 1 on Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart as"From Zero" leaps onto the chart to debut at No. 1 more than two years after its release. The tropically-tinged pop cut sold 2,000 copies in the week ending March 19, according to Nielsen Music/MRC Data."From Zero" has now shifted 3,000 copies in America to date. Originally,"From Zero" was included on Monsta X's 2017 EP The Code , considered by many to be a breakthrough release for the band as it marked their first No. 1 album on Korea's domestic charts with landing them their first No. 1 win on K-pop charts. To date, The Code has earned 27,000 equivalent album units to date in America (counting album sales, track-equivalent albums and streaming-equivalent albums). But there's a deeper reason for this track just finding its way to the charts this week. Following the news that Monsta X's member Wonho was cleared of all charges after an investigation over allegations of past drug use, fans celebrated by purchasing and streaming"From Zero" as a way to show their excitement over the news. The song is considered a special track to Monsta X and particularly Wonho for his heavy involvement in the track's songwriting and production credits, as well as for its message. The track's lyrics speak about apologizing and wanting to start over"from zero" even if there's been pain and hurt in the past -- a timely message for MX fans as they responded to the singer's departure with both online and in-person protests. Along with the statement from Monsta X's Korean label home Starship Entertainment that the singer had been cleared of his charges, the agency added that they"will continue to fully support Wonho for developing his own career in the future." Monsta X performed"From Zero" on several television, award shows and tour dates around their promotions for The Code . Take a look at the full, seven-member group's performance from Korean chart show Music Bank Read more: billboard

TYY for tweeting about it💛💛 STARSHIPent !!! Congrats my seven kings and monbebe 😊❤ Because From Zero is a beautiful song MX7shinesWithMBB 너_없인_앞이_안_보이는_이_어둠_속 OfficialMonstaX Por nuestros 7 Kings. MX7shinesWithMBB 너_없인_앞이_안_보이는_이_어둠_속 OfficialMonstaX 7 kings 💕💕 Because From Zero is more than a song for us and for MONSTA X.. we will start FROM ZERO! 🎀MX7shinesWithMBB 🎀너_없인_앞이_안_보이는_이_어둠_속 🎀OfficialMonstaX

YES BILLBOARD KINGS ALWAYS SERVE STARSHIPent thoughts? OfficialMonstaX STARSHIPent YOU MISSED SOMETHING STARSHIPent are you seeing this? Горжусь!!!🥺🥺 Вы заслужили это место!!!🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

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look OfficialMonstaX STARSHIPent Yeaaahhhhhhhhhhhh monsta x world domination yaraline1 Let's start from zero OfficialMonstaX STARSHIPent OfficialMonstaX HOOOOOOYYYYYY Yo STARSHIPent Whoah.... Congratz Monsta X dan Monbebe 👏👏👏🎉🎉🎉🎉 OfficialMonstaX will wait for your comeback soon 💋 STARSHIPent Official_MX_jp OfficialMonstaX

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Epic_Records LEGENDARY BEHAVIOUR Just coming back to inform you STARSHIPent that your artist hit a new mile stone. STARSHIPent y’all keep forgetting this article :) Yea you seeing this bro? They really out here ignoring us 😔 STARSHIPXent teteeh_26 My kings MONSTA_X MonstaXisUndeniably7 OfficialMonstaX STARSHIPent Epic_Records

STARSHIPent c'mon wake up. I am sorry MONSTA X agency STARSHIPent didn’t recognize you like didn’t recognize us too but we love you. Can you tell starshit head they need to repost eshygazit Thought you like good articles STARSHIPent STARSHIPent Dude look at this😳👀

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Our kings!!! STARSHIPent NOTICE US SENPAI DUDE Thank you for talking about this achievement for OfficialMonstaX and MONBEBE again! Deserved STARSHIPent 몬스타엑스 ot7 💕 OfficialMonstaX Monsta X & Monbebe power!! StarshipProtectFancafe 팬카페는_몬베베와_몬스타엑스를_위한_공간 OfficialMonstaX STARSHIPent STARSHIP_STAFF Wonho's power...what a legend Congratulations to all 7 for this great achievement! OfficialMonstaX FromZeroForWonho

From Zero is very special. Knowing that someone so amazing composed it and simply the 7 best people in the world sing this song is one of the most magnificent things in the world OfficialMonstaX

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1193_club Starship puedes decir algo al respecto porfavor. MONBEBE se lo esta matando para hacer esto y la empresa no dice nada. Estamos tristes y enojadas That's fantastic eshygazit Se lo merecen, felicidades bebus❤️ OfficialMonstaX MONSTA_X MabelSelenaCel3 OT7 PERIODDDD Congratulations. You're a really powerful fandom. I'm so sorry that many don't believe in your power. It's a pity that Monsta X's company doesn't say anything about this achievement. You're doing an amazing job, keep going up!

Yes anything for 7 kings Monbebe_Nation We haven't stopped for five months. The unsubstantiated rumor-based hatred system where the victim is attacked as guilty must stop. We will not allow them to destroy our family and years of work. Wonho is monsta X, monsta x has 7 members. He must come back home OfficialMonstaX

Monbebe_Nation From 514 MX born as 7 people, they grew up and learned together with years of struggle and hard work, we also learned with them. We want to start over from zero, transforming what we've learned into strength, continue to grow together into the future. Mx are 7 OfficialMonstaX Monbebe_Nation So proud! Thanks fam for the hard work. Our 7 boys deserves this and much more. Let's fight more! Wonho belongs to monsta x. He must come back home StarshipProtectFancafe 팬카페는_몬베베와_몬스타엑스를_위한_공간 OfficialMonstaX STARSHIPent

anyway💅 OfficialMonstaX

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Monbebe_Nation God job Monbebe ✨💪💓💛💛 OfficialMonstaX 7 TALENTED MEMBERS OF OfficialMonstaX MONSTA X RISE!! STARSHIPent eshygazit The Kingssss🖤🖤🖤 OfficialMonstaX الووو Shame on you STARSHIPent ! Still quiet about this? U have no heart! MONSTA X is seven members! OT7 forever and ever! OfficialMonstaX

WONHOMECOMING Wonhocomebackhome Thank you Monbebes. CONGRATULATIONS MONSTA X🎉♥️🎉 OfficialMonstaX MONSTAX MONSTA_X STARSHIPent So proud ~ Monsta X is always 7 💙 OfficialMonstaX STARSHIPent please stop ignoring us 🤡 Proud of my boys ❤ Love for monsta x OfficialMonstaX

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Monbebe are so proud of their 7 kings STARSHIPent we don't see you where are you? Any posts about these amazing news Monbebe4gOT7 Aku sayang semua artikel positif yg selalu up pake foto ot7💕 HELLO STARSHIPent Jeff__Benjamin Hey STARSHIPent STARSHIP_STAFF Wonho’s From Zero landed 1!! Acknowledge all 7 OfficialMonstaX achievement!!

Yes you are correct Wonho is still part of Monsta X! MX=7 JOOPOCALYPSE JooheonIsBack OfficialMonstaX STARSHIPent MONBEBE AMA A MONSTAX!! A TODOS!😭💖💖💖 OfficialMonstaX ELLOS SON MUY TALENTOSOS Y MUY INTERESANTES! TIENEN MUCHO QUE VER Y APRENDER DE ELLOS!!😭💖😭💖💖💖 OfficialMonstaX Ohh claro que si!!! 😭💖💖 Dios mío! LLORO DE AMOR CON ESOS CHICOS!!!😭💖💖 OfficialMonstaX


sweet2hunnit YESYES SEVEN AND SEVEN ONLY THANK YOU OfficialMonstaX 🤗🤗🤗 we will do anything for Wonho❤️❤️ Congratulations OfficialMonstaX STARSHIPent 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 STARSHIPent why are you ignoring this? STARSHIPent are you blind STARSHIPent ? STARSHIPent

STARSHIPent STARSHIPent ? STARSHIPent ? WELP, LEGENDS Jeff__Benjamin OfficialMonstaX STARSHIPent From Zero🐻🐰🐶🐹🐢🐝🐺 OT7PIC OT7 PIC OT7 PIC OT7 PIC OT7 PIC OT7 PIC OT7 PIC Te amo 💖💖💖MONSTA_X OfficialMonstaX STARSHIPent are you blind? I stan billboard Congratulation my babes

wow king shit Congratulations to OfficialMonstaX 💜 I love how billboard is OT7 YESSS THEY USED OT7 PHOTO! DKDKDKDKDKD 💜❣💞 STARSHIPent ALLO ? OfficialMonstaX kings hey STARSHIPent STARSHIP_STAFF arent you proud of your artists growth and effort? why is there no acknowledgment yet? Starship did you read this news STARSHIPent 🤔😏

KihyunnieKi OfficialMonstaX

If there's something we all could learn from this song is that no one is perfect & this is the time we show we're willing to accept them as human & start From Zero 💙 WONHO MONSTAX WorldDigitalSongSales OfficialMonstaX Official_MX_jp STARSHIPent eshygazit Epic_Records Jeff__Benjamin Yea but STARSHIPXent OfficialMonstaX keep on ignoring this since they have a wonho phobia 😤😤😤

STARSHIPent being radio silent about this 🥴🥴 Wonho = King. Just saying. OfficialMonstaX The power of Wonho The power of Monsta X The power of Monbebe OfficialMonstaX Jeff__Benjamin LETS GOOOO MONBEBE yES MIA REYES OfficialMonstaX OfficialMonstaX excuse me, you got a task to retweet We need Wonho back with MONSTA X. We miss him sooo much😿

OfficialMonstaX WorldDigitalSongSales Go MONSTA X!!! You are unstoppable!!!!! KINGS!! JOOPOCALYPSE Thank you so much for the article and the acknowledgement of Monbebe fight for Wonho and Monsta X JOOPOCALYPSE JOOHEONisBACK OfficialMonstaX STARSHIPent OfficialMonstaX STARSHIPent STARSHIPent in case you are illiterate and don’t understand this huge achievement of your artist

yay 😁 lot of love to our amazing and talented kings!! 💕💕💕 OfficialMonstaX MONSTA_X wala man lang acknowledgement from you sse porke alam nyo mahal na mahal namin monek kahit ano mangyare 😐 JooheonIsBack JOOPOCALYPSE OfficialMonstaX STARSHIPent joobeehoney Yes yes yes! JOOPOCALYPSE JooheonIsBack OfficialMonstaX STARSHIPent eshygazit

STARSHIPent STOP BEING SILENT ABOUT THIS! Kings!!!! OfficialMonstaX STARSHIPent Hi! Hello! Annyeong!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you see this!! MONSTAX

gureumm_ I love the picture on it! thanks billboard Woahhhg congratulations!! Deserved!!! ♥️ Jeff__Benjamin Thank you. Seriously thank you for that! It’s perfect, especially the video 💖 Monsta X 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑 OfficialMonstaX Yes you use the right image Legends OfficialMonstaX From Zero nr.1 OfficialMonstaX MonstaX STARSHIPent Epic_Records

I wish the company that said it would support whatever its decision could publish something about this good news but seems not to care about this great achievement since it is also helping income WONHO you are amazing OfficialMonstaX STARSHIPent Legends Omg that's amazing

RT Monbebe please OfficialMonstaX STARSHIPent And yet they still ignoring it STARSHIPent OfficialMonstaX ARMONSTAX 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡 The power of 'Luv' for Wonho😍😍 OfficialMonstaX MONSTA_X MONSTAX OfficialMonstaX kings behavior STARSHIPent STARSHIP_STAFF wonho = king monsta x = king STARSHIPent wake up!!time to work

Yo STARSHIPent, we're still waiting for you to acknowledge this. Anyway, congrats to my 7 kings!! 🥺💕 OfficialMonstaX STARSHIPent magbubulag bulag ka nalang ba lagi char

wonho = king monsta x = king STARSHIPent wake up!!!!! don't ignore!!! MY BOYS DID THAT MONBEBES AND MONSTA X POWER OfficialMonstaX congratulations monsta x and monbebes! you guys worked hard, you deserve this!💘 Wahhhh!!!! You guys definitely deserve this!! Fighting!!! 😃😆💕 OfficialMonstaX BABIES POWER 🐣💙💙💙

OfficialMonstaX STARSHIPent Monbebe awesome..they did it for Wonho.., Wonho...Wonho....😍😍😍😍😍 Way to show our respect and love for these seven wonderful men !! I love the songs of Wonho, and he deserves that his composer talents be credited ! (there are other composers in the group, too... ;). Monsta X = 7. JOOPOCALYPSE JooheonIsBack OfficialMonstaX

Thanks for putting this out there Billboard. It's sad that STARSHIPent won't acknowledge this achievement still but we're thankful that you chose to do it :) STARSHIPent !!!! Did you hear what we all want? thank you! WorldDigitalSongSales From Zero the Queen! Monbebe and Monsta x are one For Wonho, MBB are proud of him, this is our way to celebrate he was cleared and innocent as we always knew and defended for almost 5 months. MBB never left him behind and we love him more. This is a huge achievement for OfficialMonstaX JOOPOCALYPSE STARSHIPent we want wonho

🐻🐰🐻🐹🐢🐝🐶. 👌👌👏👏👏👏 Still so proud of OfficialMonstaX & amazed by Monbebes 👏👏💙 THANKS JEFF Jeff__Benjamin Kings 😍😍😍😍🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷 JOOPOCALYPSE JooheonIsBack OfficialMonstaX Tq for using OT7 pic I love u🙏❤ monxharu STARSHIPent


YESSSS KINGS 🔥✊🏽 OfficialMonstaX Deserved OfficialMonstaX Ehem STARSHIPent 😏 OfficialMonstaX congrats!!! 🤗🤗 Retweet STARSHIPent OfficialMonstaX Yash ma boys!!! Uri Monekie!!! OfficialMonstaX

LEGENDS slay asf 😏 THATS HOW WE ROLE YOS! OfficialMonstaX ❤ Tangina nyo naman eh STARSHIPent pansinin nyo na nagagalit na ako ah So proud of OfficialMonstaX and Monbebe! This shows how much we love this 7 boys. Just wish STARSHIPent would acknowledge that! Ох Кричю ли я ? Плачу? Реву? Да! Потрясающе прекрасная фотография!!!!!!!!!!!

STARSHIPent retweet this Congrats Monsta X and Monbebes❤ OfficialMonstaX STARSHIPent monstawrecker SAY SOMETHING STARSHIPent OfficialMonstaX

tweeted about this twice. 😒Whats up STARSHIPent ? OfficialMonstaX MONSTAX MONBEBE From Zero 1 deserved. mxcharts THE POWER OF MONSTA X AND MONBEBES. It’s been 5 months and the world still thinks we’re gonna leave our SEVEN KINGS? Not even if we die. MONSTA X IS 7! OfficialMonstaX we’re so proud of you!

1nteinstrgshity 몬스타엑스 축하해! 🥳 モンスターエックスおめでとうございます! 🎊 Monsta X congratulations! 🎉 OfficialMonstaX YEZ STARSHIPent STARSHIP_STAFF eshygazit Rise and shine 🤡 Thank you for the article Billboard!!! UwU FromZeroForWonho FromZeroForMX7 OfficialMonstaX To Shownu, Wonho, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Jooheon and Changkyun. OfficialMonstaX

Stop pretending that you don't know about this STARSHIPent Congratulations !!! You guys have been always working hard💎💙💙

nunudanaa 💓❣️💓❣️💓 wow YES TO MY BOYS AND FELLOW MONBEBES!!! 😭😭 OfficialMonstaX congrats king ♥ OfficialMonstaX STARSHIPent deserved Who? CONGRATS MONSTA X AND MONBEBE!!! ♥️♥️♥️ Congratulations to my precious OfficialMonstaX and mbbs ❤❤❤ Hello there STARSHIPent mxcharts Deserved. OfficialMonstaX STARSHIPent any comments?

Congrats MONSTA X 🤗 omg yess congrats monbebes Fck bts beanniiie MONSTA X WORLD DOMINATION honeygomie Thank u billboard... The 7 members deserve the love and attention MonstaXEurope It's Wonho s songs . This guru OfficialMonstaX 😁😁😁😁😁 Finally, isn’t it? Huh? STARSHIPent OfficialMonstaX KINGSSSSSS OfficialMonstaX STARSHIPent

bang, takkan nak duduk ontok yor STARSHIPent

STARSHIPent OfficialMonstaX Let's say thank you from zero queen Its for wonho 💕 JOOPOCALYPSE JooheonIsBack OfficialMonstaX STARSHIPent nayjuseyoo YASH! WE DID IT! STARSHIPent SAY SOMETHING ! LOOK AT THIS ! Wowowow ❤❤ 몬스타엑스 hi STARSHIPent yessss Jeff__Benjamin Jeff__Benjamin Monbebe we did amazing 💛💛💛💛

Jeff__Benjamin ❤️ Jeff__Benjamin STAN MONSTA X STAN TALENT Jeff__Benjamin I love you jeff❤🐇 ben artık bu fotoya bile kızamıyorum Of course! 😏❤️ OfficialMonstaX

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