Monkeypox may be here to stay

8/14/2022 9:01:00 PM

The disease has gained a foothold among men who have sex with men, and experts warn that time is running out to stop the virus from spreading in the U.S. population more broadly.

Epidemiologists, public health officials and doctors now fear the government cannot eliminate monkeypox in the LGBTQ community, and they’re warning that time is running out to stop the virus from spreading in the U.S. population more broadly

The disease has gained a foothold among men who have sex with men, and experts warn that time is running out to stop the virus from spreading in the U.S. population more broadly.

It may be too late to stop monkeypox from circulating in the U.Back to video Chief medical health officer Primary Care Roxana Tabakman August 12, 2022 If you haven’t seen a case of monkeypox yet, this is likely to change.36 people have been hospitalized for monkeypox as of Aug.

S.permanently.Three cases have been reported in Saskatchewan since early July, Shahab said, all linked to out-of-province transmission or travel.The Biden administration was caught off-guard when the CDC confirmed monkeypox in a Massachusetts man on May 18.Nearly 14% of all monkeypox cases recorded worldwide are concentrated in the Americas, mainly in the United States and Canada.It was part of the first major outbreak outside parts of Africa where the virus is endemic, an unusual event that quickly spun into a global health crisis.“We’re at a stage where we think people are at high risk,” said Shahab.U.He said about 10% of monkeypox cases result in hospitalization, usually for severe pain or a super-infection (a second infection on top of an existing one).

S.” Monkeypox is transmitted primarily through prolonged skin-to-skin or face-to-face contact or with items like bedsheets or other surfaces contaminated by a person while infectious.It is important to note that no deaths have been reported in the region of the Americas, but that is not to say that the situation is not worrying," said Etienne.public health officials tracked the early cases around the country that followed.But a series of setbacks in the administration’s response — including clunky early testing protocols, slow vaccine distribution, a lack of federal funding to help state and local governments respond to the outbreak, and patchy communication with communities most affected by the virus — allowed the disease to gain a foothold among men who have sex with men, particularly those who have had multiple partners in a short period of time.Advertisement 3 This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below.Epidemiologists, public health officials and doctors now fear the government cannot eliminate the disease in that community, and they’re warning that they are running out of time to stop the virus from spreading in the U.The second is mass gatherings at large LGBTQIA+ Pride Month events held throughout June.S.He said it’s extremely important for people to know about transmission risk and visible symptoms to help keep the outbreak manageable.The virus has continued to spread in that group, as transmission can easily occur during sexual encounters.

population more broadly.“We now have so many infections in so many corners of the Earth that it will be very difficult to chase this down with vaccination campaigns,” said Sara Sawyer, a professor at the University of Colorado in Boulder who studies the spread of animal viruses to humans.Communities at risk Transmission so far has been reported in the LGBTQ2S+ and men who have sex with men (MSM) communities, which are currently considered to be at high risk for exposure to the virus."Monkeypox is here to stay and it's going to be a public health problem.“Not only do we not have enough vaccines, but if even some people go undetected or don’t have symptoms, they’re going to continue to spread it.” The Biden administration is still optimistic that it can stop that from happening in the U.Advertisement 4 This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below.S.Brazil had more than 1000 reports (592 confirmed cases) recorded in the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul, Ceará, Rio Grande do Norte, Goiás, and the Federal District.How does monkeypox spread? “Its most efficient route of transmission is close, prolonged, skin-to-skin contact,” said Anne Rimoin, a professor of epidemiology at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health and a member of the on monkeypox.

“We’re definitely in the boat of trying to control this outbreak,” Demetre Daskalakis, deputy coordinator of the White House’s monkeypox response effort, told POLITICO.“It is advisable while this outbreak is happening to limit the number of partners and avoid having anonymous partners that are hard to contact.He said the outbreak has been “full of twists and turns” that have forced federal health officials to continually pivot.But, he says, “I’m pretty confident that we’re on the right track.Vaccine eligibility expanded Vaccine eligibility previously included only adult individuals who had already been in contact with monkeypox.The presentation of the disease has been atypical, with many patients exhibiting clinical pictures that stray from the classic description of the disease (ie, fever and swollen lymph nodes, followed by a massive synchronous, centrifugal rash).” As infections have mounted, with 10,768 cases confirmed in 49 states , the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico as of Friday, the administration has made a series of moves to contain the virus and get vaccines to the 1.5 million people it estimates are most at risk.“Having this more focused approach has really helped (other jurisdictions) get ahead of the outbreak,” said Shahab.Tomás Aragón, California’s public health director.

As of the end of July, 99 percent of the U.And contrary to what one would expect, the genital or perineal/perianal lesions are not spreading further but are appearing at different (asynchronous) stages of development, even without the occurrence of fever, malaise, or other symptoms (absence of prodromal period).S.” Advertisement 5 This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below.cases were among men, according to the CDC’s most recent available case data , and 94 percent were among men who had sex with men.The outbreak follows the trauma of the Covid-19 pandemic, but working in the administration’s favor is the fact that the disease is not as contagious.The vaccine is currently delivered as one dose but could become a multi-dose immunization as public health follows recommendations made by the National Advisory Committee for Immunization.5 cm in diameter in the infralabial region, a little above the chin, which looked a lot like mild acne.Though it can spread through respiratory droplets, it doesn’t linger in the air.Symptoms of monkeypox can last up to four weeks.

It transmits between people who’ve had sex, but can also spread via other forms of close personal contact, and a handful of women and children have contracted it.Advertisement 6 This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below.It causes flu-like symptoms and a rash that can range from itchy to excruciatingly painful."This is not what is happening," she explained.But also unlike Covid and the monkeypox circulating in parts of Africa, this iteration of the virus is almost never deadly when treated.Testing is important People are strongly encouraged to contact HealthLine 811 with concerns about potential exposure, symptoms or vaccine questions, in order to facilitate testing.No one in the United States has died.And there are already two FDA-approved smallpox vaccines that can be used against monkeypox, though the full efficacy of the newer Jynneos vaccine is still uncertain.Testing volumes are currently low, said Shahab, but people are encouraged to seek testing if they have any concerns."We didn't think it was monkeypox, but we collected a sample because he was focused on providing healthcare to the LGBTQ community.

The government has more than 100 million doses of the other vaccine, ACAM2000, but it has serious side effects and can be dangerous for people with weakened immune systems.Its efficacy against monkeypox is also uncertain, so public health officials have not deployed it widely.“We just want to do everything we can in that initial surge, and keep case numbers low.On Aug.He was indeed positive!" This was the first of many atypical cases that Santini has treated.2, President Joe Biden rolled out a team to steer the nation’s response to the monkeypox outbreak.Article content Approximately 30,000 cases have been reported globally since the outbreak began in April, with around 1,000 cases identified in Canada, primarily in Quebec and Ontario but also in Alberta, B.Days later, HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra declared monkeypox a public health emergency, and the CDC advised people with the virus or symptoms to “avoid sex of any kind.In this outbreak, monkeypox is spreading through prolonged skin-to-skin contact and shared clothing and bedding.

” On Tuesday, the FDA issued an emergency use authorization allowing Jynneos doses to be split up and administered using a less-common technique, theoretically stretching the insufficient national supply of that vaccine five-fold to a total of 2.and Saskatchewan.We haven't seen any of these [yet], but ophthalmologists also need to be on the alert," Santini added.2 million doses.The CDC has started advising doctors around the nation how to administer it.Theresa Tam said Friday that.But all those efforts may still be too little, too late: Public health experts believe there is a high likelihood that monkeypox is here to stay.However, the last edition of the bulletin (epidemiological week 27: July 3-9, 2022) still mentions the classic signs and symptoms (fever, headache, myalgia, lower back pain , adenomegaly, chills, and exhaustion), but the document reports that there are confirmed cases of the disease recorded globally with no visible rash and with clinical manifestations such as anal pain and rectal bleeding.If it continues to circulate among men who have sex with men, some feel that its spread into the broader population, through intimacy, household and close social contact remains a distinct possibility.“There’s never been a better time to dress from top to bottom in latex or leather,” it reads.

“We just don’t have the kind of public health and health care infrastructure to eliminate this,” said Jay Varma, director of the Cornell Center for Pandemic Prevention and Response.“If we can’t eliminate syphilis, which is a disease that is readily treatable with a shot of penicillin, I find it very hard to believe that we’ll be able to control monkeypox.In practice, this diagnostic algorithm poses problems.” ‘A desperate emergency response’ has spread between rodents and humans for decades.But experts say there is increasing evidence that this strain of the virus, which is linked to an outbreak in Nigeria in 2017, has also spread undetected in humans for years, leaving public health officials and doctors racing to catch up with a pathogen that has already adapted to transmitting between people.“This thing was out of the barn long before the barn was even built,” said Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota.As of July 9, of the 218 confirmed cases in Brazil, only 36 reported having traveled outside of Brazil.County is prioritizing getting first doses into arms over scheduling second shots.

Frustrated monkeypox experts have warned for decades that a broader outbreak at some point was likely.“People are always searching for some new answer as to why this is a problem, but the problem is because we’re just not well-resourced to be able to adequately get in front of these viruses and stay in front of them, and we’ll continue to make that mistake,” said Anne Rimoin, a UCLA epidemiology professor laying out the scenario.“This was something that needed attention back in 2010.Transmission occurs primarily through personal contact with skin lesions of infected individuals, respiratory secretions, or contaminated objects, but other possibilities are being investigated.” It was not until the end of June that the administration launched a national monkeypox vaccine strategy.It built on the administration’s efforts to make tests for the disease more accessible and aimed to send more vaccines out to high-risk groups in areas where outbreaks were on the rise.” So it’s hard to say if and how your behavior should change two weeks after getting your second dose of the vaccine.

By the middle of July, the CDC acknowledged that its supply of the Jynneos vaccine, made by Danish manufacturer Bavarian Nordic, was no longer sufficient to meet demand.To make the situation more difficult, completely asymptomatic cases are beginning to be described, which is something that had not been recorded in this pathology until now.The government has purchased millions more Jynneos doses, but they aren’t expected to be available.

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Turns out insisting it was not a lgbt issue backfired. Who have thunk it Simply tell gay people to quit fucking strangers it’s not that hard If 93% of monkeypox cases are men that are having sex with other men, by what cdc has said, so if that pandemic was handled like covid shouldn't they be trying to force men to stop having sex with other men? JS SOMETHING WRONG

The question is: why USA doesn't act like all those countries? This was the obvious end result, in light of our reckless attitude towards the OTHER ongoing pandemic (the one that WASN'T being framed as 'only gay people should worry'). Frankly, it's not a surprise, just incredibly disappointing. CLose down the GAY sex clubs, gay porn movie sets and gay bath houses for 2 years to flatten the curve.

You mean gay and bisexual men, not LGBTQ. 🤦‍♀️ Call it what it is. It'd effectively an STI. Stop pretending it's floating in the miasma Why gay community kids are getting it too Can someone explain for the people in the back I’m a little lost as I don’t watch tv or news In 2003 they stopped a monkey pox outbreak in 6 states. They stopped it and only 47 people got sick. They could have stopped this but they chose not to.

Monkeypox may be spreading in Saskatchewan, says ShahabHealth officials are warning that monkeypox may be spreading in Sask., after several out\u002Dof\u002Dprovince cases were linked back to the province.

Aids crisis 2 WHAT. i think the more accurate headline is that the usa doesn't care about the health of queer people Monkeypox is NOT an STD so there’s no need to mention the LGBTQ community at all!!! Pox my neghole. then maybe they should drop the sexual activity requirement to get vaxxed since it's not a STI/STD

The monkeypox virus is airborne. It is not an STD. It's foolish to think this will only affect the LQBTQ community. Love to give up before we try It’s been too late for weeks… we read it. We know it. Now we will live it. Except those who die from it. Great setup to scapegoat queer people during a time of increasing ANTI-LGBTQIA2+ sentiment and rhetoric :) We see what you're doing, media, and you're culpable for what comes of this

Atypical Presentation of Monkeypox Creates ConfusionAtypical presentations are common in the current monkeypox outbreak. This factor may contribute to missed diagnoses and an underestimation of the number of cases.

It's not a 🏳️‍🌈 disease. FFS! Monkeypox didn't wake up one morning and say 'oh I'm gonna infect only the 🏳️‍🌈 population..' The following statements from these two infectious diseases directors in the article are devastating. I think I hear the TARDIS’ cloister bell ringing… If it’s sticking around could they give it a better name?

Another POTUS Brandon beauty! LetsGoBrandon UltraMAGA2024 Sad people do not understand how dangerous this virus is. Have they tried doing something? Y’all do realize that not only gay people can get this right? What's new....government couldn't stop covid like they said they would and you think they can stop this virus?

There is a price for sin!

Your monkeypox questions, answeredThe disease — characterized by a rash and lesions that can look like pimples, bumps or blisters — primarily spreads through prolonged skin-to-skin contact with those lesions

That’s a man in a dress! The fbi and Deep State are frightened to 💀 of Trumps return! Why? They will be held accountable for current and past crimes against humanity! The insurrection at Trumps home insured Republican rule, Dimms Drool! Because our lives are interconnected — it turns out that when those in power abandon whichever group they decide is expendable this time — it will end up harming everyone.

If the 'straight ' men could stop to date us late at night while their wifey and kids are could help! Lol First off, what's with the stigma-enforcement against LGBTQ people here? Second: Hell, no, ThisIsNotNormal either. ITS BIOLOGICALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO ONLY INFECT GAY PEOPLE FFS Blame gay men for this problem, way to go!

At least with this, there won’t be any BSing if one has it, or not. You’ll know if you have it this is supposed to be painful CovidEcoles Just stop fucking around, damn it! Uhhh... focusing on MSM only basically sealed our fate. Good luck everyone. It...has already spread more broadly because the CDC decided it was a gay disease and is so doing nothing. Yeah, it's a national emergency and pandemic two when we aren't done pandemic one and have a pandemic three (polio) about to hit.

San Antonio awaits 3,500 more monkeypox vaccine dosesThe number of confirmed local cases of monkeypox reached 17, while the number of reported...

Close the schools! I can almost guarantee it's in the entire population. The LGBTQ community are just the ones reporting and getting tested. Everyone else doesn't take their health seriously or doesn't want to be diagnosed with a gay groomer disease thanks to your reckless messaging It is election season. So really no surprises here. Lockdowns and stimulus checks in Oct?

It’s too late, we f’ed up again just like we did with COVID. We’ve spread a message that this is just a “gay disease” (much like how back in 2020 we claimed COVID only affected old people). So, the government can tell me to stay home, to stop Covid, but won’t tell the gay community to cool it, with anal sex?

It is already spreading in the general population. We need to stop framing this as a LGBTQ illness. That would be rather bad… Just don’t push the vax on those who don’t want it/need it

Opinion | The C.D.C. Continues to Lead From Behind“America’s response to Covid-19 went badly not just for Trump-related reasons, but because of problems inherent to our public health edifice, from bureaucratic sclerosis to the ideological capture of putatively neutral institutions,” writes DouthatNYT. DouthatNYT I am a pulmonary critical care doctor in a Trump loving district. It was Trump. DouthatNYT They also have a crisis of credibility. DouthatNYT In June of 1984 and again in June of 2022, the message from important parts of public health officialdom has been that the rules bind only some groups, writes DouthatNYT.

Stop sodomy… Stop monkey pox… Just sayin’…

WHO to rename monkeypox to avoid discrimination and stigmatizationWHO plans on having an open forum to rename monkeypox. How about “MoronPox” WeHo warts. How would a remaining the diseases destigmatized. The name is not why it has been stigmatized.