Moms Are Sharing What They Wish They Knew Before Becoming Mothers, And It's So Eye-Opening

Society almost never talks about these things, but you should.

7/31/2021 8:20:00 PM

Society almost never talks about these things, but you should.

Society almost never talks about these things, but you should.

"Watch out for trampolines and sneezing!" —meghansensenig8."I wish I had known just how many babies come early and end up in the NICU. It's not something that is often talked about with expectant mothers, and I was not at all prepared when my daughter came eight weeks early."

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"The NICU is a scary place, but it's also a wonderful place with amazing nurses who take care of your baby like their own. I owe my daughter's life to the doctors and nurses there.I just wish that mothers were taught more about the NICU so — on the off chance that their child does end up there — they at least have a little knowledge about what to expect." —

anniey4ebe4c1699."How little my single friends understood about my new transition into motherhood. I’m a stay-at-home mom, and all my single friends expected me to adjust to their schedules since they had 'actual jobs.'""They would contact me last minute any time they wanted to hang out, telling me to just ‘bring the baby out, too’ if I couldn’t find anyone to watch her. One friend lost her job and had the audacity to tell me, 'Since we’re both unemployed, we should go on a vacation somewhere.'

It's not easy to stay friends with single people once you’ve had kids. They need to be pretty patient and understanding if they want to stay in your life." —Tap to play or pause GIFTap to play or pause GIFNBCUniversal Television Distribution / Via

giphy.com10."That doctors wouldn’t believe me when I said my baby was sick. That first-time mom treatment is real, and it almost cost my daughter her life.""At four months, she got a rash. We were sent home twice, and they attempted two more times after we were admitted. It took a total of a week to find out my baby has scalded skin syndrome — a rare form of staph. Her skin literally would fall off if you touched her. A $30,000 plane ride and a week in PICU, and it’s like it never happened." —

11."Safe co-sleeping practices, like removing heavy blankets, not going to sleep under the influence, etc.""Co-sleeping may not be for everyone. However, I personally credit it for the success of nursing. In addition, I was able to get so much more sleep with him close to me. The last plus — waking up to baby kisses some mornings was definitely not unappreciated!" —

some1anon1acct12."How much I actually am enjoying motherhood! I went my whole life saying I didn’t want kids because I enjoy being selfish with my time and money.""My mind changed after I had a miscarriage and was pretty distraught. I successfully conceived at 39 and have the most amazing, ridiculously funny, entertaining, smart, and loving daughter! I still can’t believe we created this beautiful being." —

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Tap to play or pause GIFTap to play or pause GIFSony Pictures Television / Viagiphy.com13."Everyone will have an opinion on everything you do as a mom as soon as you get pregnant. If they don't like the name you've picked, the stroller, maybe a coat you've bought, then you'll probably be told about it!"

"I'm now pregnant with my second, and I'm very selective about what I tell people because the weight of pleasing everyone on my first gave me severe anxiety, and I never felt like I was a good enough mom to my son." —14."How they can drive you insanely crazy. You literally can't wait for them to go to bed."

"But when they do, you miss their little faces so much you go and kiss them while they sleep. Motherhood is one crazy ride." —janineg48bd9364415."The absolute fear you feel constantly. Along with the immense love you feel for your children, there is an intense fear for their well-being. Constantly. It seems irrational how often you think your baby has stopped breathing or a rare venomous spider has secretly bitten your child in a spot you can’t see."

"The number of times night and day you check for these things and worry about these things is astounding." —Tap to play or pause GIFTap to play or pause GIFNBCUniversal Television Distribution / Viagiphy.com16."No one ever tells you how much the baby is going to love you. And just how much you will love them."

"I honestly thought and had this fear that the baby wouldn’t like me. I couldn’t believe how much he truly loved me." —sleepykitty66617."Children can be irrational little beggars with a death wish. You cannot childproof the world. They will have accidents no matter what you do, so don't beat yourself up too much about it."

"Also, get into the habit of allowing your baby to be with other people you trust, even if it's only 10 minutes at first." —kayblu0218."How much having a kid would amplify my mental illness. I always struggled with anxiety, but postpartum kicked my ass. A year and a half later, I’m struggling to feel like myself."

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"My typical coping techniques aren’t as effective. Eventually, I found the only way to get better was to go to therapy. A work in progress but I couldn’t recommend it more." —Tap to play or pause GIFTap to play or pause GIFITV Studios Global Entertainment / Debmar-Mercury/Lionsgate Television / Via

giphy.com19."I didn't anticipate how much I would lose my identity and what made me, me. I was pretty individualistic before I had a baby and that really fell by the wayside in the first 12 to 18 months postpartum. It naturally morphed into more of a sense of family, that we were a family unit, and my decisions, thoughts, and feelings really changed so I wasn't just thinking about myself. Having a baby fundamentally changed who I am and I'm ok with that."

"I also started sticking up for myself at work, and I no longer quietly accepted the shitty assignments. I got promoted this year because (I have to assume) of my insistence on speaking up for myself, sharing my ideas more freely, and asking others to collaborate more often. None of that would've happened without becoming more collectivistic." —

katies1957fiat20."I would say that you are not a bad parent for wanting to be on your own sometimes. You are a parent but also more than just a parent. You are still yourself with your own interests and needs. It's ok to have time on your own, time for a hobby, or time to exercise or meet a friend."

"'Me time' is really important, and I think makes you a better parent. My therapist says 'you can't pour from an empty jug,' so make sure you’re taking care of yourself and that there’s juice in your jug. It’ll help you be the best parent you can be." —

21."Baby boys get boners. It's normal.""I was so nervous that I was accidentally breaking my son. Somehow, I missed this during sex-ed and baby class. No one said anything! I thought they only happened after puberty." —Tap to play or pause GIF

Tap to play or pause GIFWarner Bros. Television Distribution / Viagiphy.com22."The psychological torture of waiting for your child to get a sentence out when they've said the first three words at least ten times."—23."You can't kiss every booboo and make it better."

"My first had a heart defect and passed away at five months old, and the helpless feeling is still with me 13 years later. It influences how I parent my three healthy rainbow children. Read more: BuzzFeed »

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