Mom gives birth to 3 girls on the same day exactly 3 years apart

The odds of such a rare occurrence are hard to calculate.

10/21/2021 5:31:00 AM

'In disbelief': Mom gives birth to 3 girls on the same day exactly 3 years apart

The odds of such a rare occurrence are hard to calculate.

When Kristin Lammert was pregnant with her second daughter, Giuliana, her due date was so close to her first daughter Sophia’s birthday that Lammert felt confident Giuliana would be born on the same day: Aug. 25. No one believed her — but she wound up being right.

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Three years later, her third daughter, Mia, also was born on Aug. 25, making the day three times as special for the family.“We were just in disbelief,” Lammert, 32, of Oviedo, Florida, toldTODAY Parents. “The closer we got to Aug. 25 and the more that we joked about it at home, the more I wanted it to happen. ... Actually, Sophia said that she was going to get a sister again for her sixth birthday. She was wanting that to happen and I thought, ‘Well, it could.’”

Aug. 25 is a big day of celebration for the Lammert family. All three of their daughters were born on Aug. 25, exactly three years apart.Courtesy Kristin LammertEach girl is exactly three years apart: Sophia is 6, Giuliana is 3 and Mia is almost 2 months old. One family having three children born on the same day is so uncommon that it’s hard to estimate the odds of it.

“It is extremely rare. … We’ve spoken to some statisticians and they say it’s really hard to calculate,” Dr. Christine Greves, an OB-GYN at Orlando Health Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies, who is not Lammert’s doctor, told TODAY Parents. “The

Guinness Book of World Records holderis a family that have five siblings born on the same day and they listed that as being about one in a 17 billion chance.”Greves also noted that just 5% of babies are born on their due dates. Sophia was born two weeks after her due date on Aug. 25 when Lammert was induced. When Lammert learned she was pregnant with Giuliana and her due date was Aug. 29, she suspected Giuliana could arrive sooner.

“I had joked that she could come four days early and the family was like, ‘Well, yeah but that’s probably not going to happen on its own,’” Lammert recalled. Read more: »

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When is the husband’s birthday-haha That’s cool 😁 Thanksgiving must be Dad’s lucky day! wow those stars were aligned lol ♡☆ Well that’s a very expensive day for the parents haha Not so rare - my grand mother (in Australia) had 3 children, each 3 years apart, on 22 February. if it some point the girls want to have there birthdays separate times, it should be okay since it’s still could be on the same day but at different time intervals

That is so awesome! 3 girls, so much fun!!!!!!!! Thanksgiving must be Dad’s lucky night! (Maybe his birthday?) how utterly sweet and adorable!!!

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