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Modi apologizes to India's poor as lockdown criticism mounts

Modi apologizes to India's poor as lockdown criticism mounts

3/29/2020 12:25:00 PM

Modi apologizes to India's poor as lockdown criticism mounts

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked the nation's poor for forgiveness on Sunday, as the economic and human toll from his 21-day nationwide lockdown deepens and criticism mounts about a lack of adequate planning ahead of the decision.

4 Min ReadMUMBAI, March 29 (Reuters) - Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked the nation’s poor for forgiveness on Sunday, as the economic and human toll from his 21-day nationwide lockdown deepens and criticism mounts about a lack of adequate planning ahead of the decision.

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FILE PHOTO: Migrant workers crowd up outside a bus station as they wait to board buses to return to their villages during a 21-day nationwide lockdown to limit the spreading of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in Ghaziabad, on the outskirts of New Delhi, India March 28, 2020. REUTERS/Anushree Fadnavis/File Photo

Modi on Tuesday announced a three week-lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus. But, the decision has particularly stung millions of India’s poor, leaving many hungry and forcing tens of thousands of jobless migrant laborers to walk hundreds of kilometers from cities to their native villages. (Full Story) (Full Story)

“I would firstly like to seek forgiveness from all my countrymen,” Modi said in a nationwide radio address.The poor “would definitely be thinking what kind of prime minister is this, who has put us into so much trouble,” he said, urging people to understand there was no other option.

“Steps taken so far… will give India victory over corona,” he added.Modi, whose government on Thursday announced a $22.6 billion economic stimulus plan to provide direct cash transfers and food handouts to India’s poor, however, did not offer any clarity on future plans.

In an op-ed published on Sunday, Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo - two of the three winners of the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2019 - warned that even more aid for the poor is needed.“Without that, the demand crisis will snowball into an economic avalanche, and people will have no choice but to defy orders,” they wrote in the Indian Express.

There is still broad support for strong measures to avoid a coronavirus catastrophe in India, a country of some 1.3 billion people where the public health system is poor.But opposition leaders, analysts and even some citizens are increasingly criticizing its implementation.

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“It’s shameful that we’ve allowed any Indian citizen to be treated this way & that the Gov’t had no contingency plans in place for this exodus,” tweeted opposition politician Rahul Gandhi as images and footage of migrant laborers walking long distances to return home dominated newspaper headlines and news bulletins.

Police said four migrants were killed on Saturday when a truck ran into them in the western state of Maharashtra.On Saturday, a migrant collapsed and died in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh while on a 270 kilometers (168 miles) walk home, according to a police official.

“We will die of walking and starving before getting killed by corona,” said migrant worker Madhav Raj, 28, as he walked by the road in Uttar Pradesh.The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in India rose to 979 on Sunday, including 25 deaths.Although experts largely agree that a stringent lockdown in India is necessary to keep the spread of the virus in check, the economic fallout of the move is causing anger among the poor.

“We have no food or drink. I am sat down thinking how to feed my family,” said homemaker Amirbee Shaikh Yusuf, 50, in Mumbai’s sprawling Dharavi slum, around lunchtime on Saturday.“There is nothing good about this lockdown. People are angry, no one is caring for us.”

Additional reporting by Saurabh Sharma in Lucknow; Editing by Simon Cameron-Moore Read more: Reuters Top News »

JohanssonElvin Oh mein Gott. 😢🙏 Di hindlandê tunebûna otopêza û qedexekirina derketina derva ra, gel bi peyatî rêketinin ernestprakasa 😂 Oh my god So tragic 💔 This is all Modi’s fault! Shame on him and his followers! Omg...😫😭 At least this will stop them from raping... One can hooe Those in power that have created the mass hysteria world wide over a cold virus need to be sued by the masses. MM arr

This is Modi made disaster. Those people who are relocating to their home town in various states are creating risk for themselves as well as their family members in home town. Corona virus attacks respiratory system and to handle those issues, tier 1 and tier 2 cities are medically more equipped. ここにコロナ来たらとんでもないことになるな

甘地真是人类的千古罪人。 Narendra Modi proved he is either psychopath or completely detached from his own country reality lunatic😡 what did he expect? so needed public order when millions of seasonal workes away from home and no money or home to survive panicking? its planned genocide!!!! ChristWamea Kemarin kalian ,bantai saudara kami,,, Gimana kencingsapi ,,,,

This is such a nightmare, something I never thought I'd see in my lifetime. My heart breaks for every single one of them. Dear God, please protect these people. northxwarrior ?.... These people are gone!! ☹️ This is risky.. humanity must learn from this. I read even simple mask is effective, I sincerely wish so in this situation 🙏

kerala India today Pray the Indian people get through this with minimal death toll, despite the incompetent killing machine of Modi and his government. Makin gila Ramabayusutan GetVideoBot Incrível esta cena. Só Deus poderá proteger o povo indiano. If one person got it...🥴😥😨 wuiiiiih OMG UmaSharandon India’s MigrantWorkers are WalkingHome, hungry and scared of the police

Yaaaah Allah, protect these people, you are the only power to help,to cure and to feed ainurroh_mah Pada kemana aparat negara? That's why it doesn't matter for the wealthier countries to lockdown or isolate. Because when 1 country screws up, the months of lockdown is wasted. Double whammy... TandyHard4Life Noooo.... OMG! All I see in this is a nationwide rapid spread of the virus.

Lockdown tanpa survey dan persiapan matang, yang ada malah nyebarin virus secara cepat dan masif kalo begini mah. How completely and utterly moronic is their government! Madness! ernestprakasa this is crazy rangiekrist Nice.. social distancing at its peak 👌🏻 good plan executed by Modi ji 👌🏻 MV088

this_vid ernestprakasa Paraaaahhh ernestprakasa 😥 😢😢... covid19 will held party over there.. AT&T call center is empty now. 🤑 That’s insane. Shouldn’t Indian government have planned for this before they announce national lockdown? How is this mass fleeing of migrant workers back to their home villages help stop the spread of the virus?

OliverStuenkel C'est tellement triste. The results of that will be visible in the next 2 weeks😞 ..... konkrumah NAkufoAddo Kebijakan tanpa perhitungan, ini gila SaveThisVideo this_vid Shocking behaviour, workers abandoned ! If the Kenyan billionaires do not do something they can expect this but towards their posh homes , guns or no guns.

Good luck A catastrophe! Poor India, poor people. How is India going to cope? It's health service is a creaky health system at best. this is sad OliverStuenkel Mas o lockdown é tão legalzinho... eguineensis Horrible This is so terrible and will be devastating to this country. US should do this Govt fails to provide basic needs during lockdown or herd immunity?

lock the poor people at countryside, so the rich guys will be safer Choice of food vs corona. Dear Reuters , they are panic don't show sympathy on them they worked here from long time and all the money what they get they put for addiction drugs , cigarette etc How they are surviving till date ? where they hided till now ? Gomt promise all the facility door step

India is in big trouble if that really happening like that no good Well... U see jokowi mohmahfudmd aniesbaswedan DKIJakarta Stupid politics of the Delhi state government. They did this to malign the image of India and create a ruckus. Kejriwal can stoop any level low just for the sake of politics. Central govt. must dissolve the state assembly and impose president rule immediately. Send army 🙏

Social distancing eller ethnical cleansing är väl frågan... gomez_jn primerodios PrimeroDios El mundo tiene 7, 600 millones de habitantes de los cuales 2,500 millones se encuentran en cuarentena. 1,500 millones vieron por diferentes medios al Papa Francisco en su bendición al mundo 'URBI ET ORBI' Se fue el miedo.

As I have always said, Modi is a moron. Who is worse? Trump or Modi? Bar bar I think this is as expected? Poor planning, corrupt gov't, almost a billion poor people with the majority uneducated. There will be a major depopulation in India coming soon. China needs to be held responsible for this Virus that they spread around the world! ChineseVirus ChinaLiedPeopleDied

Mesakno rek Say what you want about Modi , at least he has India & Indians respecting SocialDistancing . The amount of people in India is gross, and they just ship their excess population to the rest of the world. Herrreza This is mad fucking depressing.. This what a lock down without planning looks like. Buses came later, people walked 200 to 600 kilometers to reach their homes, one parson reportedly died after walking 200 kilometers. Shame on us!

Massive outbreak again Its called Social Distancing. This is such a nightmare ! I wish them safe This is a bloody mess Don’t you see it ArvindKejriwal Stop this madness and spreading the fake news which is making workers flee back to their states... Globalism is a failure. Do you ever see anything positive about India? Stop being biased.

Animals In this situation it's too easy to spread the virus... Too crowded .. Omg 👀 Markhxr M_DW1986 look Poorly planned 21daylockdown by India! Such short notice to people who have lost jobs, can’t get transport to go home, no food. This is worse than COVID19 😳😳😳 susanamet OMG that’s a vector if ever there was 😐

God bless these countries! It's fine now every one been placed India really fucked its own people Let all the people in Delhi be happy so to the south,north,east and west ...may god bless them with everything they required I hope hunger doent end up killing more than virus would've. Well, they do have severe overcrowding.

If you want to spread a virus really fast this is an instructional video on how to do it perfectly. Mad fucking depressing. Has to be a better way. Mader Omg No solo pasa en Colombia. En un par de semanas se verán los resultados knock knock New Delhi, open the door pleaseeee... rip God Is God 🙏🏻👍🌹 COVIDIDIOT modi has drunk too much cow urine

Well here comes the prestitute version of the PM's message. There is NO 'mounting criticism' here in India. Stop biased journalism 👎👎 toughest leader ever, India unites, fight and will prove again 🇮🇳 If a person cannot manage well then bring president rule in India and handover to our intellectual administration officer who have capable person.we welcome PM after situation is under control.stay home and be safe

My god. What is that government doing? Kejriwal misinformed these people, brought them here using DTC buses and abandoned them, so that China-virus spreads fast in India. But, Modi apologizes.. Wow! What a misleading and clickbait headline. He apologized for all the discomfort that the lockdown has caused to the people but aptly elucidated the necessity of the lockdown amidst this pandemic. Expecting yellow journalists at Reuters to do a better job is too much to ask!

I can see major coronavirus explosion in India Who writes your headlines - austere religious scholars? Al Qaida? Iranian Mullahs? Self-hating brown sepoys? He apologized to all Indians for the inconvenience of the lockdown saying there was no other way to control the spread in a country of 1.3b. he apologized as he's modest,kejri announced the sealing of borders on 22nd and he on was mess created by Delhi govt for which Modi felt sorry...which leader in the world has ths gutsPraveer Bagichi Narendra Modi

The affected might have not even received the apology since they were busy migrating. Thanks modiji to show superpower india Crocodile tears.......'Dil se bohot dukh hota hai'..😑😑 He only apologize to whom he would like to He didn't apologise like you imply. He apologised as a reponsible PM who is having to deal with problems created by incompetent CM of Delhi ArvindKejriwal and other such.

ModiLiesPeopleDie Modi is apologising to poor people who are affected from 21daysLockdown because nobody implement lockdown with 100% perfection in a country of dense population of 1.3 billion so many people suffered but PM narendramodi wants to save 1.3 billion lives over Economy unlike UK,USA 太擁擠了,容易被病毒團滅。

there's no criticism. It is state govts that have failed and the PM has to take responsibility for it., Unfortunately. Because that's the statesman he is. We the citizens of India are ashamed we choose such a looser PM we Apologise to world Biggest migration of population in India since the partition of the country in August 1947.

He can apologize to the Muslims too. No Criticism..its Self awareness of a PM of 130 Crore Indian...

In India, the world’s biggest lockdown has forced migrants to walk hundreds of miles homeThe nationwide restrictions have vaporized incomes, compelling laborers to leave cities on foot.

Americans stranded in India fear for their safety and wonder when they can return homeA California couple waiting to adopt a child in India was days away from completion when the country&39;s coronavirus lockdown brought the process to a halt. India is safer than US right now! CoronaVirus19 Less chance of getting infected in India than in US right now.. mouserat

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India needs at least 38 million masks to fight coronavirus-agency documentIndia needs at least 38 million masks and 6.2 million pieces of personal protective equipment as it confronts the spread of coronavirus, and has approached hundreds of companies to secure supplies quickly, according to a report by the country's investment agency seen by Reuters. India can beat the virus with cow dung and cow urine They found coronavirus in sewage water in the Netherlands lmaooo and Indians bathe and shit in the ganges river Don’t think it’s hard to provide mask to its citizens. Every corner of the country u can see Small small units are making it. Village level to district level its working on it.

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