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Mnuchin and Blankfein say Bernie Sanders would 'ruin' U.S. economy

Mnuchin and Blankfein say Bernie Sanders would 'ruin' U.S. economy


Mnuchin and Blankfein say Bernie Sanders would 'ruin' U.S. economy

Former Goldman Sachs head Lloyd Blankfein and U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnu...

Heather Timmons 3 Min Read WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Former Goldman Sachs head Lloyd Blankfein and U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin both said that Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders would destroy the U.S. economy if he wins. FILE PHOTO: Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs, listens to a question at the Boston College Chief Executives Club luncheon in Boston, MA, U.S., March 22, 2018. REUTERS/Brian Snyder Blankfein, who was the chairman of Wall Street bank Goldman Sachs ( GS.N ) during the financial crisis, tweeted the criticism about Sanders as the U.S. senator from Vermont led the New Hampshire primary Tuesday night. “Sanders is just as polarizing as Trump AND he’ll ruin our economy and doesn’t care about our military,” Blankfein wrote. He also alleged that Russia would be supporting Sanders. Goldman, which Blankfein, a registered Democrat, led for 12 years, played a key role here in the subprime mortgage market collapse that caused the Great Recession. Asked Wednesday if he agreed with Blankfein’s comment that a President Sanders would “ruin” the economy, Mnuchin, in comments to journalists after testifying in Congress, said, “I think Lloyd Blankfein couldn’t be more right on that.” Mnuchin, a Republican, is a former Goldman Sachs banker who led the bank's mortgage bond trading. He left the bank in 2002. Before becoming Treasury secretary, Mnuchin was the head of OneWest Bank, which foreclosed here on more than 36,000 homeowners after the financial crisis. Sanders’ supporters were quick to point out Blankfein’s connection to the financial crisis. “This is what panic from the Wall Street elite looks and sounds like,” Faiz Shakir, Sanders’ campaign manager, responded on Twitter. “Let me see, a billionaire executive on Wall Street doesn’t like me,” Sanders said on CNN Wednesday, when asked about Blankfein’s comments. “Hmm, I am shocked by that.” Sanders and rival Democratic contender Senator Elizabeth Warren have made fixing the country’s wealth inequality a focus of their presidential campaigns. Blankfein, who supported presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race, has criticized the “wealth tax” proposal floated by Sanders and Warren. The policy would be “completely unworkable,” he said in November, because it would require annual assessments of the value of an individual’s estate. Asked Wednesday about Blankfein’s latest remarks, current Goldman Sachs Chairman David Solomon said, “That was Lloyd being Lloyd.” With the presidential race just beginning, “To say that this one or that one is having an impact on the economy, it’s a little bit early,” Solomon said. Reporting by David Lawder and Heather Timmons; Additional reporting by Elizabeth Dilts; Editing by Leslie Adler Our Standards: Read more: Reuters Top News

ruin their economy. Concerning the middle class it's done by this bankster. It looks like the apocalypse of Brexit announced tirelessly for 3 years. Finally Great Britain which wrote the Magna Carta still a great country, a noble people. The Thames has not turned red. ❌ Oh what a surprise! Listen to finance fears, and you should understand for whom to vote against actual crazy wealth redistribution. This is very good for Sanders. 👍

The best possible endorsement for Bernie. Your bio should read 'Top and breaking anti-Bernie news, pictures and videos from Reuters' Guess who is speaking? What the hell is Trumo doing to the country now. Ruining the DOJ,the state treasury,granting tax cuts to the rich. Destroying the healthcare. What did Goldman Sacks do for the economy in the 80s By robbing the bank. You pricks destroyed the mortgaging housing economy.

PENELOPPE192 C une bonne nouvelle que ces deux voleurs se positionnent contre lui Ça démontre que Bernier sanders tient le bon cap Like they haven’t? They’re more worried about their situation than anything else Many say they did, first

‘He’ll Ruin Our Economy’: Ex-Goldman Sachs CEO Blankfein Blasts Bernie Sanders“The Russians will have to reconsider who to work for to best screw up the U.S.,” Blankfein wrote in a Monday night tweet. lisettevoytko Your personal economy, you meant to say, Billionaire Blankfein. LMAO lisettevoytko Such Clear Hypocrisy. lisettevoytko GWB would like a word.

. . But, . Blankfein And Mnuchin, Have NO Credibility - They Cannot Be Trusted... And, Bernie Is BRILLIANT. . . And you are experts in ruining other people. You should know! For who? Ruin it for billionaires. The rest of us are going to be better off. Menteurs ! Liars ! That’s a standard GOP practice. SCARE TACTICS. Honestly after 2006 economic collapse I’ve lived through worse and who lost homes the middle and lower class did. You rich folks did not.

Oh, 2 people we can certainly trust! 🧐 Only for a fraction of the 1%....awww boo hoo 😭😭😭 Bernie2020 yeah...less money for them

Former Goldman Sachs CEO says Bernie Sanders will 'ruin our economy': 'If I'm Russian, I go with Sanders'Former Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein claimed Senator Bernie Sanders was as polarizing as Trump but would 'ruin our economy.' Agree. A banker doesn't like the guy who will expect the wealthy and corporations to pay taxes and the banks to regulated so they don't rip us off... Why do so many think he can beat Trump? Trump and the Russians want him to be the candidate. I don’t understand why people support him.

yeah, it would mean less money for him Jewish conspirator, Bernie Sander will make an excellent Predident. The bankers who run America don’t want him to be president so I don’t think Bernie stands a chance. . . Bernie Is BEST... . Rep.sanders won't be the last not to worry about economy, some major financial institutions do surpass him doing so by far😎

They should know! WTF else are they gonna say? Why waste our sight and hearing even discussing what these two say? PROPAGANDA: Mnuchin/ Blankfein are advertissing for Trump in order to keep their job. Homo economicus isn't a a species - it's based on a human w psychopathic tendencies..w all that that implies for the health of human affairs. So it's no surprise that flag-wavers for h. economicus want to scare the electorate away from BernieSanders. EvonomicsMag EvoInstitute

That was Goldmann Sachs and other banks that ruined U.S. and world economies.

Lloyd Blankfein Says Bernie Sanders Would ‘Ruin Our Economy’Lloyd Blankfein, the former Goldman Sachs chief executive, on Tuesday night criticized Bernie Sanders about the economy and military. Sanders ’s campaign manager responded saying, “This is what panic from the Wall Street elite looks and sounds like.” It might ruin his economy as a billionaire finance executive, it would do wonders for the economy 99% of Americans operate in,. 'Economy ruined...' Says the guy with healthcare and retirement.

Bullshitting yourselves. Ruin it for them certainly. Now rich ppl won't be able to screw poor ppl over as easily. My heart bleeds. That includes the bailed-out tribe, does it not? 😂 And Trump isn't Unlike the banking crash 10 years ago? We’re still paying the costs of that one that’s just an obvious statement

... Steve Mnuchin says Bernie Sanders would ruin the U.S. economy. Mnuchin is obviously unaware of the tax burden placed on the American people, by his tax break for the rich. And, Mnuchin is unaware of the impending recession by this administration. ... They reserve the right to ruin the U.S. economy.

Just more republican fear tactics. The economy has been slowing down. The only thing it’ll do is put a dent in their bank accounts Being condemned by Blankfein must be worth a 10 point boost in the opinion polls.

Former Goldman CEO Blankfein: 'If I'm Russian, I go with Sanders'Former Goldman Sachs CEO and Chairman Lloyd Blankfein has said Russia should back Bernie Sanders for president in order to 'best screw up the U.S.' translated Goldman alum comes out of the closet and confesses to being a Russian mole If I am a Kremlin fan Playing all the greatest hits

For whom? Trump's friends? This coming from the guys who capitalized off the housing crisis. Look what Mnuchin & Trump are doing to the deficit. day the guys stealing our tax dollars This from a couple of guys who actually ruined the US economy in 2008. Bottom line, amnestying college debt would be the biggest boom to the middle class, would massively impact discretionary spending, lift our economy, increase car and home ownership. Ffs you dweebs. Wake UP.

Painfully true! Is this the same Goldman Sachs that's currently in a rot? That's rich coming from GoldmanSachs who needed around $125,000,000,000 just to keep the doors open in 2008! Excellent, the new economy built will be for all. BREAKING NEWS: a citizen of the US with a few years of experience in finance says the Government has checks and balances to deter one man from ruining the country. Bernie could do nothing without complicity. 😏

Didn’t Goldman Sachs help bring the World Evonomy to the brink of collapse? And isn’t Mnuchin in an administration running trillion dollar deficits. Why are we listening to these people?

Ex-Goldman Sachs CEO rips Bernie Sanders: He'll ruin our economy and doesn't care about our militaryFormer Goldman Sachs Chairman and CEO Lloyd Blankfein has said Russia should back Bernie Sanders for president in order to 'best screw up the U.S.' Are you guys going to do this for all politicians? Or just ones that you hate? Means there is gonna be massive market selloff if he wins the election and a whole bunch of people will lose money 1 DESASTRE....................................................

Bernie would run the economy for soul less money fucks like Mnuchin and his lucky wife. Weren’t those 2 the type that ruined the economy LAST Time? Blankfein's Goldman sold worthless Mortgage Backed Securities, home prices imploded, Mnuchin's Indymac foreclosed on houses. One two punch. Do not believe them.

Didn't Mnuchin kick an old lady out of her house because she was delinquent something like 40 cents on her mortgage? Also, they are speaking of the economy that rewards villains like them, not the real economy, which would thrive under a Sanders-type plan. Yeah the Derivative brothers and their cohorts would have to actually pay their 35% instead of the rest of us taking up their slack.

...would 'ruin' the U.S. economy.... for rich people. It already is! Trump and his lackeys are artificially inflating it! I’m not too concerned with what these two clowns think of BernieSanders. The rest of that sentence is ...ruin the economy for the 1%. Poor babies don’t have enough money yet?

Bernie Sanders would 'ruin our economy,' former Goldman Sachs CEO saysFormer Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein thinks Bernie Sanders would be a bad president. That's not a surprise, considering that the Vermont senator has spent much of his campaign criticizing Wall Street and billionaires. Bullsh....! This guy is literally the definition of a welfare queen who used massive government subsidies to bail out his bank and edge out of the competition during a time when his institution was a key player in facilitating the great recession. Nice take, but he should be in prison. Plans total 60 trillion over 10 years, we bring in 3 trillion a year in taxes. Simple math people

When it comes to ruining economies Goldman Sachs knows a thing or two It would only be ruined for them. That’s why they are so stinking mad. Awwww... Absolutely! Its all just debt... does it really matter who should pay for it? If that Munchin didn't ruin it yet, no one can. I'm no Bernie fan but it seems they're avoiding the 1000-lb OrangeBeast in the room. YK... The one who says we have the 'greatest economy in history' but can't give federal workers a pay raise because of 'serious economic conditions.' TRUMPisTheCOUP LiarsLyingForLiars

Obviously- we would be venuzuela We will defeat communism by any and all means necessary This message brought to you by the people who caused the Great Recession and ran off with your pensions. bernie comin I'm not a fan of Bernie, at all, but those two fellows saying that makes me want to like him. Their actions have benefitted no one but the uber-well-to-do.

With Sanders in office, the Bernie Bros will be standing in breadlines just like the 1930s. The only difference is they won't eat the bread unless it is gluten free. ....for them. Mnunchin is ruining it Ruin the economy, Why? Because the very top would be able to receive the socialist payout that the rich are so use to getting from the tax payer. The market works for us not the other way around.

False! how come EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD has free healthcare and education... instead stop spending trillions in army weapons They mean he would ruin their plans for robbing America in broad daylight. The idea isnt that he's going to 'ruin the US economy'. What he's really going to do is stop the glasses of billionaires from overflowing

The UK & USA are mirror images of each other on politics. I wonder if that’s because both countries press is ruled by Murdoch & his disciples, especially on the demonisation of left wing candidates. IF COURSE THEY'RE SAYING THAT!!! They are TRUMPSTERS! Loyalists! All hail to money and Caesar, ( Trump)!

What else could they say and not risk castration by Master Trump? Bernie doesn’t care if his policies ruin the economy. He is old and going to die soon. The rest will suffer. Billionaires start to worry that they possibly cannot plunder the economy as right now What a joke. Of course they would say that. They probably pay next to nothing in taxes right now!

Assholes GOOD They should know - they are the experts. Sander’s main policies would have a lot of unintended, negative consequences if implemented. However, they would never get passed so he wouldn’t ruin the economy. Ruin the murdering corporate billionaire parasites that thrive on American cheap starving labor. They have to go.

Why haven’t the “experts” been saying this for months or years, Bernie has been saying the same thing forever, why is the biased liberal media just now reporting on this? Where have they been up to now, the biased liberal media is the worst The US economy is a disaster already... Not only is Bernie a dope, he's also incompetent, corrupt and extremely weak. Selling out in 2016 in 3 different occasions is proof. FeelTheBern2020 🤣👌

Sour grapes Tweeted by mimi ,, of the elite MSNBC.... Disavowing MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF AMERICAN VOTERS.. Running scared.. and all for.............. a job and status quo.. It does not make them sleep well. MSNBC A COMPLETE DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILY OF ELITES Mnuchin. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That's rich! Get it? Oh this is a rich cohort of critics, reuters. Two C-suite Goldman Sachs guys, yes, the same Goldman that admitted defrauding investors in mortgage-backed securities in the meltdown that we are all still paying for? Those guys? dobetterreuters

Like they did?🚬😐🥃👎 For the rich, the military industrial complexes, corporate America you know. The ones who actually have been getting over on the rest of America. Sanders would ruin the banksters and their political buddies who should have been put in jail anyway after the subprime financial meltdown

How many times has Goldman Sachs paid out huge settlements for wrongdoing but never admitted guilt? It might ruin it for all the ultra wealthy, but giving healthcare and taking care of the middle class is not a bad thing, it sure as hell not happening now under the false king that you all worship Two people with a combined net worth of 1.5 billion dollars say a plan that raises taxes on rich people would ruin the economy? Who knew?!?!

Considering that Blankfein has person experience ruining the economy (CEO of Goldman Sachs in 2008), his opinion on this should be considered sarcastic. Also, Mnunchin avoided jail for fraud during the crisis by the skin of his teeth (ie. a 'donation' to DA Harris). Blankfein should know. He and his friends destroyed the economy by causing the meltdown.

That’s a definite. Yea like anyone should listen to Mnuchin. He’s another Trump puppet and seriously cannot be trusted.

Blankfein, along with a lot of other financial executives, should be in prison for helping to cause the stock market crash in 2008. I wouldn't trust this clown to do my taxes. Both of these meatheads think tax cuts pay for themselves. Got to preserve their membership in the $20 Billion club. Yes, let's all pretend we value the opinions of guys who crashed the economy through fraud, grift, Ponzi schemes, and wildly unethical gambling with other people's assets.

economic anxiety over their next bailout bonus Panic at the Disco The fixed economy that keeps producing billionaires while the middle class continues to shrink? Go for it, Bernie. Ruin it. Too late. They ruined it first. Fear of having to pay their fair share of taxes will drive them to say anything. Remember they already have all the money.

change, not ruin. ruin for the superrich who only want to get more rich, perhaps.

He would recreate the economy into a trickle up economy, and a mixed market economy like Germany. Clean the swamp You got that right for him. Trains will make cows produce black milk. Ruin it for the rich. Because they're the only ones benefitting right now. Hmmm, the latter has some nerve to make that statement.


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