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Mitch McConnell says Joe Biden is already making serious errors as president

Mitch McConnell says Joe Biden is already making serious errors as president

1/24/2021 9:15:00 AM

Mitch McConnell says Joe Biden is already making serious errors as president

Speaking from the Senate floor, the minority leader said the new president should 'remember that he does not owe his election to the far left.'

Speaking from theSenatefloor, the minority leader said the new president should"remember that he does not owe his election to the far left."Among the first actions of the Biden administration were executive orders aimed at tackling the COVID-19 crisis, rejoining the Paris Climate Accord and protecting gay and transgender people from discrimination in workplaces, schools and other areas.

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The proposals were widely supported byDemocratsand rights groups and enacted key policy pledges from the 2020 campaign that won Biden the largest ever number of votes in a presidential election.Revealing details of the measures, Biden said there was"no time to waste when it comes to tackling the crises we face," adding:"That's why today, I am heading to the Oval Office to get right to work delivering bold action and immediate relief for American families."

Biden also took action to block the building of the hugely controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline between the U.S. and Canada, addressing concerns from environmental groups and indigenous leaders.Mitch McConnell (R-KY) looks on as U.S. President Joe Biden delivers his inaugural address on the West Front of the U.S. Capitol on January 20, 2021 in Washington, DC. Biden became the 46th president of the United States. headtopics.com

Alex Wong/Getty Images"On the Biden administration's very first day, it took several big steps in the wrong direction," McConnell said, condemning his actions revoking a key pipeline permit, rejoining the environmental agreement and firing a Trump-appointed general counsel to the National Labor Relations Board.

McConnell said:"If and when our Democratic friends depart from common sense, when they retreat from common ground, when their proposals would harm the common good—then we'll use the power the American people have given us to push for what is right.

"The president can and should refocus his administration on creating good-paying American jobs, not sacrificing our people's livelihoods to liberal symbolism."McConnell also proposed delaying the start of's impeachment trial to February to give the former president time to prepare his case.

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Like getting married to a Chines oligarch and then excepting millions of dollars from China for sedition. Mitch continues to make errors. Who cares what minority leader Moscow Mitch says? What a surprise it certainly didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out he was going to be an absolute disaster Who asked MoscowMitch?

Only bad thing is having McConnell there. Stop it Mitch! Your pres was a disaster every hour for 4 years. Where were you when you could have save this country from the devastation he caused!!!! Enough of the maligning of President Biden. Enough. 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼 MitchMcConneII Mr McConnell you and the republicans have failed us many times as you followed and spoke the same lies as Mr Trump. No one will follow your lies any more.

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣NO WORDS!!! Sit down minority leader Why didn't you tell trump that?!!! The GOP was doing as it pleased for more than 4 years...look where it got us! You forgot about creating precedence. Well, back at you....! Maybe we shouldn't listen to what Mitch has to say, you know since he has spent the last decade pooping on anyone who isn't a corporation

MITCH you are still loyal to Trump so working with a fair descent president who's working for the people and not stealing everything that's not tied down seems wrong to you. Who cares what Mitch says? Duh! F-him That’s too bad for you Mitch Why don’t we ask Mitch to lead by example and bring his state up at least to the top 25 states in the country before he gives an opinion on something he and his cronies have destroyed since he has been in office.

didnt Mitch just become MINORITY LEADER Then someone needs to straighten him up So...he is doing his job! Because he won’t cave to the GOP agenda? What else would Moscow Mitch say when he doesn’t get his way? MitchMcConnell Maybe Mitch should have run for president since he knows so much. Nice story . You gave a platform to one of the biggest losers in American politics in a century, MoscowMitch .

45 had 4 years of errors, specifically allowing 400,000 plus beautiful people die from the virus because he said it was a hoax by democrats and he NEVER apologized to the families... You mean undercutting any hope of for an economic recovery? It started with him not kneeling down and kissing Mitch McConnell's ass

If he thinks he knows so much why didn’t he run for president? Whatever 🙄 Suck it up, buttercup. According to McConnell hahaha! That said, no one should 100% agree with any person, even the President. We shouldn't blindly worship or follow anyone. Mitch much like Nancy needs to retire and let a new generation of politicians take over the reigns. Their responses are all too predictable and party biased.

OMG, here we go again. The Republicans want to do nothing with the Biden administration. These guys don’t care about US or doing what’s right to help Americans. It’s sickening. Given the way McConnell spent 4 years enabling Trump, I’d take that as a great compliment to Biden. Joe Biden is correcting SERIOUS mistakes or errors as a great POTUS.

Mitch is no longer in charge. Of course he's going to say that. chenweihua I no longer care what Mitch McConnell thinks. He’s permitting Trump’s attempted coup to go unpunished. He’s as guilty as Trump. The evil toad man shames the new US president now that he know he won't be assassinated for it. Contre le système d'exploitation de l'homme par l'homme

I really don't care what McConnell has to say. Mitch needs to take a seat. He has slowed progress to a slow drip. LeaderMcConnell FOR THE PAST 4 YEARS, YOU PROTECTED AND SUPPORTED THE BIGGEST S***SHOW IN OUR COUNTRY. You lost credibility 4 years ago. Please be QUIET!! How would Mitch know? He’s never been president.

Sorry McTurtle, your opinion is now just that: opinion. And your track record is such that you might want to think twice before opening your mouth now. The list of 'serious errors' on your part is quite extensive and cringe-worthy. It's time for you to sit down. He needs to be removed- Mitch you could have done some good but YOU didn’t!

ResignMitchMcConnell Yet Mitch was silent as a mouse during the 4 years of Trump? Don’t waste our time with this nonsense- But I read that Biden is REALLY Trump with Biden's face sewn on him. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 There is little difference between Trump and the GOP. ..by not being a republican Mitch is an ass. WTF Kentucky?

And not even one scaramooche into his tenure 😂 Mitch can shut the hell up Biden has not started an insurrection. Yeah yeah move along. Like McConnell told Trump for 4 years when he was trampling on our democracy he was making errors. Check yourselves please. Well if Moscow Mitch says so...... Oh, Mitch says. NO ONE should believe ANYTHING that comes out of that man’s mouth.

By wearing a Rolex, tan suit. Oh…ordered fancy mustard on a sandwich. The important thing to rememberer MoscowMitch let the DearGolfer get away with commuting an international quid pro quo, in an effort to influence aUS election. So the ConmanInChief incited an insurrection. Lollll is this the same moscowmitch that kissed trumps boots (among other things) and shoved through a justice in a week ? asking for a nation

Go away. We don’t care what Moscow Mitch thinks. Or you normalizing shills. louisa_oeffling Well isn’t that rich. No one care what Mitch has to say If it’s bad for Mitch it’s good for us. Fix your headline: Mitch, the minority (sic) leader, DA GOP REELY DUZN’T LYKE DA PREZSYDEN’T, B CUZ DA PREZSYDEN’T IZ AH DEMUKRA’T! VWYTH MKONNEL NOHW AH MYNORYTY, UV COURZSE EE’Z UPZSET’T! 👍🇺🇸

beachbumbjtc Cocaine Mitch has already made many mistakes in his life Wish he would’ve called out trump’s serious errors. louisa_oeffling Why would anyone listen to what the grim reaper, McConnell has to say?🤷‍♀️ MoscowMitch will remain and trend 🤷🏾‍♀️ LeaderMcConnell should be saying nothing just like he did nothing as his GOP did nothing while Trump divided, gaslit & began deconstructing this Country-while an insurrection was mounted ShameOnYou TreasonHasConsequences

Let’s start with your errors, Mitch. What else would you expect from MoscowMitch, LeaderMcConnell? SundayThoughts DianaWr48476186 “Errors”!!!? LOL We needed Mitch to stand up to 45 which he refused to do...No Hypocrites Allowed Has Moscow Mitch ever been president NOPE. Time for McConnell to act like the Minority Leader

Moscow Mitch’s birth was a “ serious error” Coming from someone who blindly supported the last president thus couldn’t be more irrelevant Says the guy that has allowed his party to become a band of seditionists and lets regular folk suffer and die by huge heaps while protecting his rich buddies and a few Russian oligarchs.

President Biden owes his election to the people who came out to vote, despite all the Republican voter suppression that was overtly implemented. If Mitch says that, it’s clear Joe is doing exactly the right things. Well, no one is perfect. Moscow Mitch has shown that every thought, word, and action, will be used to forward his partisan view of the World. This is no different and means only that. Kentucky sure is a messed up place, to re-elect the two Senators they have.

McConnell always have something to say in negative way to but not to Trump about the rioters or the riots itself ! It is okay to do that ! Yeah. Anyone who does not do what Moscow Mitch tells them are always making mistakes. Moscow Mitch knows better, he never makes a mistake. He shielded Trump from the 1st impeachment, so he could watch Trump declares war against his own country

Who is Mitcgh McConnell? Mitochondrial “Sherlock” McConnell No, he owes this election to the system that helped keep the GOP from overthrowing the election, the system that made the insurrection from working. The people who kept Trump from installing people to help him steal the election coming from MCCONNELL who's been totally unproductive one of the biggest problems that we have in Washington ! drain the swamp ? send TRUMP and MCCONNELL to IRAN

If Moscow Mitch says this then President Biden is doing everything perfectly:) No MoscowMitchMcTraitor he is doing exactly what we elected him to do! He had no credibility considering he has supported trump and backed the Big Lie for weeks. The last person in the world Biden should take advice from is Mitch McConnell.

There you go again LeaderMcConnell ... being an obstructionist and placing party above country. Mitch is Minority leader who cares what his opinion is? LeaderMcConnell is no one to cast judgement! MoscowMitchMcTraitor People do make mistakes. Moscow Mitch makes damages to American democracy. MIT h is the one making mistakes

Actually LeaderMcConnell should note that the Biden administration is first attempting to clean up the mess left behind, such as no vaccination plan whatsoever. Also they're telling the truth. Biden is doing exactly what 81 million voted him in to do. Votes have consequences Let me see, he’s not helping the rich and the corporations.

Cannot believe my ears😂 McConnell certainly the expert on making huge mistakes!!! Clearly, Biden is doing something right if Mitch has his knickers in a twist. Don't think something is an error just because someone on your side says it was an error. Look it up. Do some research. Don't check the news, check the actual sources. And be willing to accept you have either been manipulated or lied to.

Turtle up to his usual negative and reactionary tricks. He has represented one of the poorest US states (Kentucky) for the past 37 years.LincolnProject That is because Biden wants to help the poor and disadvantaged and McConnell wants to help the very rich, like him. This formula always works between the Rs and the Ds.

That's what he thinks 🙄 Mc Connel is wrong LeaderMcConnell has no place to talk junk considering he thinks 600 is good enough for the american people and gives zero damns when he sita in his 1% ivory tower. Resign Yeah LeaderMcConnell, he’s not sucking up to Republicans for sake of ‘unity’. I can see why you’d say it’s a serious error.

Says the guy who has lost control of his caucus.... Yeah, not bringing charges on you bozos And he hasn’t in the past four years as Senator!! LeaderMcConnell and what are YOU doing to help matters instead of starting shit? Your track record isn’t that great! He lost power. Not more than he has!! It's all part of their plan to pull him out of office...you watch.

You mean the Mitch who is cooperating with a filibuster? That Mitch? Why are you giving any oxygen to what MoscowMitch thinks? He enabled and protected a traitor to this nation. LeaderMcConnell is a traitor. He will be held accountable. MoscowMitch can suck it. NoOneCares Make Mitch irrelevant. Enshrined for enabling the most corrupt President in this nation.Prohibited witnesses at the first impeachment hearing. Subverted bi partisan actions in the Senate. Let his moniker; Grim Reaper; be remembered. Biden is a man with a soul.LeaderMcConnell

I think President Biden is doing a great job undoing all that dumbass did. The Vampire Ball begins. Mitch McConnell continues to make serious errors as a human being—fixed it for you. You’re welcome. There are rare opportunities when one party can implement their agenda. When the opportunity arises, take full advantage.

Mitch shut the fuck up😡 Doesn't matter who he owes his election to. He is President of the 81M plus the 74M plus all the others who didn't vote. I believe he will do what's right for everyone no matter if the choice is considered favoring the left or right. Why should I care about what Mitch McConnell thinks?

So, MitchMcConnell and the Republican'ts went on vacation and delayed votes to help Americans through the pandemic. Catered to their donors in order to pay for their campaigns and the Far Right. And he's got an issue with undoing the chaos Trump created ? Of course he would say that. 🙄 Mitch should talk! Did he mention all the mistakes tRump made each time during the last four years? Does he consider all the mistakes the GOP made and understand why he lost control of the Senate.

Mitch McConnell is about to be a footnote . Little Weir, in 4 years the worst president in American history didn’t have any error because he was Republican and now mr McConnell in 2 days is finding errors in new president Feed the horse instead of the sparrows, when the horse is satisfied enough, the sparrows may get some food🤔

Minority leader. Shut up Mitch Why we give power to this traitor’s opinions. The GOP forgot the last four years they disregarded everything, and did whatever fudge they wanted bc they could. Mitch enabled trump... he doesn't matter I take Biden's errors everyday.... And his opinion counts, because why? MoscowMitchMcTraitor needs to investigated.

rick50security Of course MoscowMitch says so. Biden is cleaning up the Republican’s mess. From the King of “Serious Mistakes” Mitch! If I were McConnell I would zip it for a few weeks and stay very,very quiet. He should be thoroughly ashamed of himself. McConnell said, condemning his actions revoking a key pipeline permit, rejoining the environmental agreement and firing a Trump-appointed general counsel to the National Labor Relations Board.-Sounds like good moves to me.

Biden sucks. McConnell says Biden should 'remember that he does not owe his election to the far left.' Really? What, McConnell got him elected? What the hell does that mean? Biden owes his election to the 81,000,000 who voted for him & voted against 45. That’s it. Odd how he didn’t say much when 45 was bent on fucking over America, killing 410,000 Americans and infecting 25,000,000 more. Screw Moscow Mitch, pawn of the 1%.

he never criticised trump once in 4 years but says Biden is wrong in 4 days MoscowMitch is irrelevant. Worse is yet to come such as War! To hell with Moscow Mitch McConnell 👎🏼 McConnell must be mistaken in his words. McConnell meant Biden is already making serious progress getting relief to families and tackling the virus and environmental damage Trump has done. I knew McConnell would get it wrong

Why does Hhe not stand for the Presidency himself since he seems to know it all? Define 'errors'. For McConnell, errors are enhancing Democracy and embracing facts and reason. Mitch has been a mistake for years. Why does the media keep giving this man platform! Stop! He's just salty that his title/position went from 'Majority to 'Minority'

Why are you even reporting on what the Senate Minority leader says? That’s not news nor interesting. If he thinks he knows best than why didn’t he run for President? Oh wait no one wanted him Majority rules. Wow, and what did HE think Trump did for the last four years? Never heard none of GOP calling him out.

joe is moving so fast , Mitch the bitch can't keep up. When have you ever done anything good acording to trump standards Mitch is concerned about good paying jobs? Mitch helped push the Right to Work law in Kentucky which anyone who has a measurable IQ knows it is a right to piss poor wages. Old McDonnell has the nerve to count others’ mistakes? Hope I got his name right.

He didn't give biden anytime time to do any errors What he says is irrelevant. The fact that he isn’t taking the last 4 years into account tells you how much Cocaine Mitch’s opinion matters. Fall back, minority leader. Says the guy who never stood up for Country over Party. Only in his very limited one track opinion

How you hatin from outside the club? You can’t even get in! Then I know he’s doing something correct lol. Oh Mitchell, nobody asked you for your minority opinion... Yes, letting you stay Trump began making mistakes as soon as he swore in at the inaugural ceremony. He started out putting down president Obama’s accomplishments, then stated he was banning all Muslims. You & the GOP supported him. Support President Biden & make it happen like you did for trump.

Lol another Trump comedian! Mr. M.M has seen a lot of Pres. come & go & he's mostly critised them ALL IF, he didn't like them or they're not in line with HIS Agenda. ALL PRAISES from M.M. 2 & 4 DJT UNTIL recently! Has the last 4 yrs & ALL that's led up 2 the attempted coup been BOTH M.M.'s & DJT's agenda 2?

I don't remember him using these words about the previous one. He can bite him. No shit, turtle man Who cares what Moscow Mitch says.. Mitch McConnell is one seriously big walking error. LeaderMcConnell Mitch can go eat a big bag of it. GREED and AGE are not the best ingredients for any cocktail. Did you say this to Trump when he started making severe blunders from day one in office. Biden is doing damage control of your former Republican president

The same guy who staunchly supported Twittler for four years? LeaderMcConnell as usual is way off base. He needs to concentrate on mending the republican party. Moscow Mitch can go stuff it. McConnell is also saying that Donald Trump is a big part of the GOP and needs to be in the future. This is one thing that will weigh the GOP down and be the ruin of their party. I believe they need to break with Trump and the far right in the same way he is accusing POTUS.

You know you’re doing something right if Mitch is bitching. ....and the pro slavery party storming congress? Carrying the confederate flag aloft in congress? Ok, the five people that died? He's got sh*t for brains. Who cares what McConnell thinks You Americans are so gullible!!! 美国人 真好骗 投票前 的败登: 我们已进入疫情8个月了,川普仍无控制疫情的计划。但我有! 投票后 的败登: 我要告诉大家,在接下来的7个月,我们无法改变疫情流行的趋势。

File this under the imaginary file folder in my head marked “Opinions that I give zero fucks about.” Mitch stood by and watched Trump shit all over the Country. But now he has an opinion on 3 days of Biden. If he’s talking about executive orders turnabout is fair play Hi! I am also now politically irrelevant! Can you interview me instead?

Biden has a Black “can’t do no wrong” Card with a blank US treasury checkbook. What can go wrong? Translation: Biden is doing an excellent job so far. Mitch does not care about us citizens, he cares only about himself. Lol ok MoscowMitch. Pfffffft! 👺 What has McConnell said about45 Here’s one, thinking the reptilian can be worked with - McConnell is a snake.

Says The Great Mitch McConnell FOH 😆 Suuuuuure Mitch. LOL. 4 Days vs. 11 Merrick Garland Months. Not even close, Mitch. Trusting MoscowMitch McConnell would be the MOST serious error Really? Maybe the last guy Mitch advised isn't doing so good today, because Mitch advised. We are finally liberated from Moscow Mitch, let’s enjoy this.

Tackling the Covid crisis is his 1 priority. That would help the job market, housing market and industry; in addition to saving lives. MitchMcConneII has no idea what he is talking about What a manipulative, power hungry shrew of a man. Mitchell supported the guy who coup'd right? 450,000 Americans are dead in less than a year because of Trump’s failures and MoscowMitch never once said anything about that.... I would think losing nearly half a million lives would be a serious error 🤔

LeaderMcConnell Isn’t to be trusted as far as you can throw him! They don’t call him Moscow Mitch for nothing!! He’s as crooked as Lombard Street! Surprisingly Mitch always had wonderful ideas of how to run the country the right way. Yet for last 4 years he was busy helping Trump in his grift and corruption while collecting his share of the crumbs from Trump's loot. Despicable sample for a human species.

Investigate Moscow Mitch, then let's talk.. John DuPont, Joe Biden’s long time friend from his state of Delaware. It shows many people from Delaware had or are going to lose their minds because of pollution coming from DuPont’s chemical factories!Same for Biden! LeaderMcConnell must have forgotten that his idol Trump called for domestic terrorism!

My own original best British joke —- What’s the Queen’s 👸 favorite food 🥘? Answer: Queen ElizaBeef the Second loves Red heart Beef and always get Seconds! He should have spoken up about Trump!!!! The chutzpah of despicable pure evil LeaderMcConnell to attack POTUS is laughable. He allowed terrorist, pure evil certified criminal white supremacist to run the People House as mafia family business, literally in the last four years. Enlarged the swamp, enriched themselves

Hey new president. Let's hear from a corrupt obstructionist who stole a SC seat and held the country hostage for the better part of a decade. Do better Newsweek MMC is an error himself! Now there’s something I’d have not picked. Mitch can not talk look at the GOP it is in shambles! Buckle up. We are in for a rough ride the next four years.

Of course he’d say that..... is his job to create fictional discourse and division. Happy MLK Birthday Holiday!Quite simply whoever running for next term presidencies or political positions must promise to pardon those law enforcement officers 👮‍♀️👮 before he/she/ts can be elected!Equal Opportunity Humor By: Jordan C. Fan, 范楚漳,環境先知。Prophet of Environment

Biden already: -admitted they have no COVID plan -signed off on killing 50k jobs -signed off on giving away billions to other countries -sent troops to Syria bUt DiD u sEe tHe dOg hE bRoUgHt tO tHe wHiTe hOuSe?! LMFAO He Is still better then Trump what a breath of fresh air. Why are we asking Mitch McConnell's opinion on this

Piss off moscow mitch And now I'm agreeing with Mitch! What is this timeline?! Who cares what he says? Nobody gives a fuck about what McConnell says Sit his old ass down Biden is fine !