Mitch McConnell Says He'd 'Absolutely' Back Donald Trump In 2024 Presidential Race

It's a stunning turnaround from his comments that Trump was 'practically and morally responsible' for the Capitol riot.

2/26/2021 5:28:00 AM

It's a stunning turnaround from his comments that Trump was 'practically and morally responsible' for the Capitol riot.

It's a stunning turnaround from his angry comments this month that Trump was 'practically and morally responsible' for the deadly storming of the Capitol.

if he would support Trump if he wins the party’s nomination for president in 2024, McConnell said enthusiastically: “The nominee of the party? Absolutely.”McConnell also noted, however: “There’s a lot to happen between now and ’24. I’ve got at least four members that I think are planning on running for president .... Should be a wide-open race.”

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Despite his stance on Trump’s responsibility for the Capitol attack, McConnell nevertheless refused to convict him for “incitement of insurrection” at his impeachment trial. After his criticism of Trump, the former president called him a “dour, sullen, and unsmiling political hack

.” He added in a statement that McConnell is “destroying the Republican side of the Senate” and that the senator was “one of the most unpopular politicians in the United States.”When pressed by Baier on his stern criticism of Trump for inciting the Capitol riot, McConnell responded: “What happened in the past is not something relevant now. We’re moving forward. We’ve got a new administration. It’s a very left-wing administration.”

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How much does it take to prove he is a self-serving immoral liar? Way To Go Mitch, We All Knew You Were Always Donnie's Bitch !!!! Let’s see if they live that long! Trump's gone give him nervous breakdown With his justifying wrongs Mitch got Kentucky folks called Wildcats! Cuz dey senator ain't strong. Some say wife is got a black belt. Slapping, kicking McConnell round. Citizens called him a flunky, Aft impeachment, Saw him on ground.

There he goes again....talking out of his ass!!! 😪😢humanity step UP!!! There a couple again To be so wish washy shows his lack of real leadership. This shows self interest and self preservation. Constituents are not a factor. Mitch needs to be put out to pasture - but then Nancy's no spring chicken - at least she doesn't mumble in a monotone drone when she's spewing out her political claptrap - i feel like passing out when Mitch speaks for mote than 10 seconds!

Mitchy does this every week, he's going flat out on the dementia path. It means that no matter what he says, that's not what he means. Why would anyone take what this guy says as gospel? He's a liar. Trump's a liar. Cruz is a liar. Graham is a liar. The whole GOP lies. Should’ve stuck to your first instinct.

Maybe Russia sent him a little reminder about who’s side he should be on! Why & how is this a surprise? Mitch is a skilled manipulator- knows what lies to say at what tins to draw attention & make the press go nuts, then returns to his home next to the fascist zealot who just left office. The gop.... the party with no spines but big mouths..... ty for giving the Democrats the presidency for the next 8 years

Lol you all look like fools plain and simple More flip flops than a dolphin at San Diego’s Sea world Maybe we can get Mitch a desk size version. Mitch obviously has dementia and should be removed from office before he tries to think again...or before he is paid off to do do again!! Make up your fucking mind! Old geezers!

Coward, coward, coward!!!!! McConnell could be suffering from dementia. Make up your stupid mind Everyone is for sale He needs to go away! 🤬 With any luck they'll both be in the 'Big Whitehouse in the Sky' by 2020 The evil turtle strikes again. They’ve got something on him. Guaranteed. This MANIMAL is so lethal to the American psyche, there are no words to explain his treachery.

McConnell is the largest AMOEBA ever recorded! The G O P needs to be de-certified remove GOP This guy is a freaking train wreck. Huh? What is planning? Its always something. I am soooooo tired of these old azz congressmen.. we need a clean sweep... Speaks out of both sides of his mouth. Damaged. Look at his red cheeks. Trump got to him somehow. He knows backing Trump is wrong. These republicans have no integrity.

Kentucky needs to be 'practically and morally' responsible for keeping this ass hat in office so long! for sure, no doubts, this gentleman is senile or is suffering dementia of some sort, or, some devilsh camaleon illness. Idiot Disgraceful Fickle-Minded man! It’s not a turnaround it’s a turtle (sorry turtles) protecting itself

And that's why he has to go. He is saying it would be okay to endanger all Americans again. Is Moscow Mitch being held hostage? The moral vacuum that has undermined democracy Idiot. What is wrong with him No shame!! Stunning? No. He is party above all and if that is who the nominee is he will support it. Stunning, that's a laugh

At least he’s consistent. This guy has to go! cowardsfortrump This guy has changed his tune so many times why would anyone trust a word coming out of his mouth Where is your moral anchor? Donny must have reminded Mitch that he still has that Kompumat on him. And his treasonous wife too. I think he has the beginning of dementia..seriously.

Shameful ! I am hopeful investigations into Trumps private, businesses & political history will topple his power & those claiming allegiance to him ! GOP Pick a lane!!!! I’ve been thinking he has dementia. Now I know he does A lot can happen in four years; these old white guys could croak and Cheetoh would be a non-issue along with old Turtle Face.

Geez do you even have a backbone Mitch? The man had no sense of values that have any meaning. His legacy, like Trumps will be soiled. It’s like something you would find in a dirty diaper. And suddenly I'm nauseous He's a 2 faced high school girl. McConnell says whatever will benefit him based upon who he's with at the time. He needs to go! Kentucky, you know what you have to do when he's up again.

No moral values Mitch McConnell has no spine whatsoever Really? Stunning turnaround? FFS, the guy's been like this for 50 years. no big surprise here given his history I wonder where you'd be if Capitol Police did not bother to protect your shabby life of betrayal of them and of this nation. The man without integrity, principles, honor or courage....sold out to the highest bidder. Sad the nation has come this low

Pathetic coward. Coward Wtf you talking about? Grow a pair! Despite his statement that Trump was in dereliction of his duty, this patriot will support him anyway! Some people just like to see the world burn He looks like Tin man in wizard of oz mitch needs to see a doctor.. he isn't looking too good.. maybe by 2024 he might not even be here..

These people are scared as shit Holy cow he is a little weakling My Bet is on EXPOSURE of Trump’s paper trail. The DNA Report and trial that follows. The money received from Foreign Government for he and Jared not reported. Illegal sale of weaponry. Secrets given to Putin. Many acts committed against Our Country by Trump, Family or Associates.

It’s not stunning. He has an R by his name. This guy needs to go back to his plantation where he keeps several oil paintings of Leo from Django. Gross, GOPDomesticTerrorists GOPBetrayedAmerica GOPCorruptionOverCountry ByeTrumpTrash Wow Republicans voting in these lowlifes without character is the party being destroyed from within because of the mess underneath. No integrity. Can’t examine themselves because they know inside Republicans are without merit

You misunderstood. That was an endorsement, not a criticism There is a power vs. pawn relationship here. One wants to be king but is ignorant of the government, the other wants his to be the ruling party and is king of the political backroom. Who is the pawn and who is the power, the rolls inter change where needed.

Do ANY of these people have a spine? A conscience? What exactly does the former POTUS have on these people that they are willing to sell their souls? Votes? Is it really worth selling out your humanity to be re-elected? It's called paying lip service. He condemns the insurrection, then moves on... Senator McConnell might have the same the dementia that President Biden has

Accept that Mitch and Kevin are without elements of character needed to be Leaders. Both men’s exhibitions of hypocrisy is a sign of men not credible or able to lead.Tendency to betray whoever stands in the path to Power for them individually. No Real Plan for future of The Party KYGOP KyDems SenateGOP SenateDems GOP TheDemocrats LeaderMcConnell does not think much of himself if he allows Donald Trump to brutally criticize him and then less than a month later turn around and support him. Insecure grovel spineless

Someone got a spanking The Father of Hypocrisy. Twarp Who cares what he says. He doesn’t have credibility or a heart . We know Bitch McConnell we know you'd 'back' him.. You and your fellow republicans are in line but can your keep sexual desires to yourself? We have enough visuals with Miss Lindsey. I’m sure somebody can explain this one...of course, no one will believe it but it will be fun to read the attempt...

Do you spell hypocrite with a capital h? The problem is the mic in front of him. See innocent mitch talks with the left and with the right side of his mouth. These two have no link between them or with the brain obviously. For a turle look alike, Mitch McConnell is fast in his about turn from his hypocritical rhetoric in the Senate Chambers during the Donald Trump Impeachment Trial for Donald Trump's Seditious conspiracy and Insurrection against Americans and America.

Hello Americans. Mitch McConnell is simply the proof that one cannot change a vulture into an eagle. Mitch McConnell is a vulture. Brain dead. he is just so predictable. GOPBS Isn't it time to put these old goats to pasture?! Where are the youth with new and better ideas!?! He’s hinted about stepping down as a Senator. Recently introduced a Kentucky State bill 2 not allow the Kentucky Gubnor from naming his replacement. If true? He can screw around as much as he wants.

He's knows which side his bread is buttered on, and he looks like the type who will swing in whichever direction needed to keep his position. Total lack of integrity and moral fibre and hope he and his kind are voted out off office. something just doesn't smell right at all, He is a spineless guy . Mitch is clearly out of his mind.

You turned on a man ,that with out him their would be no New York city like you know it and their wouldn't be PROUD AMERICANS . U R not to be trusted . PERIOD He is a fly! No direction! just wish someone could kick his ass real good ! That’s some scary s*** right there! These people will do ANYTHING and say ANYTHING on the off chance that monster returns . Pitiful

Is he gone senile? How old is he? Maybe there must be an age limit for this job. Loyalty at all cause and cost. These are benchmark examples in regardless of behaviors, utterances and grand standings. Cannot get vex with him for his support we can only see his flipping and flopping. It is his loyalty that we know even if we don’t agreed or understand it.

OR... he would support him *because* of it McConnell has shown us that he despises & opposes a functioning democracy for the US a million different ways, why should this be different? Most politicians would sell and deliver their granny's if it meant keeping the feet under the's not public service anymore it's big business....happy Friday..!!

It's his trademark I mean even rats know when to jump off a sinking ship. Humans go down with the ship because reasons. Just for trump ears. He knew that trump will face tax, civil cases and biden will win 2nd terms. It’s time for Mitch to go 🤮 Dead eyes Seems lower than a snakes belly. McConnell doesn’t deserve one more day in power.

Everyone with an IQ above lukewarm temperature on either party: How corrupt can politics become 🤷‍♂️ This is no surprise; I don't know why anyone would be surprised? 2022 is crucial to continue to put the lid on a minority Authoritarian Party that is determined to gain back power with their favorite Autocrat.

Doing everything to keep his position even if it costs him his life. This is what USA has become. lies are about keeping control.. exposeHATE4PROFIT time to DefundFASCISTS BANKRUPTtheTRUMPS and ALL who supported them. Accountability is key in 2021!! Not. Even. Shocked. He's about winning. Trump gives the GOP and himself the best shot at doing so. He's a 'say what needs to be said at the time it needs to be said' guy, but you don't trust him if his tongue's notarized. The GOP has been Trumplified to a scary degree.

He’s super sweaty. What’s he scared of?! blackmail If Biden won't do his damn job, trump won't have to do much. One week McConnell is saying Trump is responsible for an insurrection that attempted to not only overturn an election but to overthrow the US democratic process & now McConnell would support him in 2024 if Trump is the GOP nominee for President.

50 Senators, 0 spines Spineless and corrupt Why is this surprising to anyone? The shift in politic are faster than you can imagine What a piece of shot excuse for a human being. Mitch McConnell is another great example for TERM LIMITS Why do I see a red dot 🔴 on his head in my mind? Do I loathe him that much I envision a laser beam cooking his brain?

He would! That's his bread and butter right there!!! he's afraid & think will get reelected or he just found out he's trump is his illegitimate love child GOP is beyond sickening No suh’plises here. There’s no disappoint left to give to GOP. The most telling fact seems to be, with the likes of McConnell, Cruz, Hawley, Paul, Taylor Green, Graham et al, is that knowing their character, Americans voted them in, time and time again!

Spineless What does Trump have on these Republicans ? They fall behind him all the time like he is the Messiah. The Undead Turtle does it again...hahaha America knows who you are. Do you He's doing The Opposite. If you are still alive . . . Republican = traitor Kompromat doesn't go away..... They are all falling in line, if the Dems let them block bills from being passed and let them pass voter restrictions in the state legislatures it's on them really

Trump doesn’t seem well. Mitch doesn’t seem well. EndOfStory Facts This dude has to go ... Disgusting and predictable. LeaderMcConnell He has zero morals, zero scruples, zero guts. Good Lord. Sad that Mitch McConnell still backs Trump for 2024. Mitch has a chance to end his career honourably by dumping Trump. All the good things Mitch did in his career will be forgotten if he doesn’t do the right thing now. He should behave like John McCain, leaving a similar legacy.

As Alice Cooper song goes 🎶Hey Hey Hey Stoopid🎶 I think he must be having a breakdown. Republicans should change their mascot from an elephant to a jellyfish because they're all spineless. Ass kisser He does a better character spoof of Mitch McConnell than anyone else. Not a surprise, he's been like a beached whale trying to save his career and both sides just want blubber :)

GOP is no longer a political party. 🤮 It's all they have left. They are an empty rotten shell held together mostly by hate I need some darts 🎯 “What happened in the past is not something relevant now.' What a shit-for-brains asshole statement. Hey Fatass, there are about 2.3 million prisoners in the US that are requesting that you release them since what they did in the past is now irrelevant. What an ass kissing suckup

This makes no sense at all. Who and what got to Mitch. Take this as an act of war Biden. Get your guns out. No mercy. No compromise. . The only thing I agree with Trump I do think the one percenters thought they could use him then cast him aside. It is a class issue. Are republicans becoming stupid? It’s so sad to see a party with republicans with no spine

Trump knows this and he is not going to allow himself to be used He’s senile. Mc Connell is playing a dangerous game here. Their are class issues here because I know underneath Mc Connell facade he finds Trump abhorrent I'm seeing sort of a lack of principles here, former Senate Majority Leader. he must be bi-polar

Trump has the goods on Mc Connell pretending he's against Trump is just posturing. And his lust for power trying to keep the Trump voter in the camp to win primaries. Mitch you got a red face! I guess you must be very embarrassed!! That is not what he said. STUNNING? Love of money makes all things, OK AGAIN! Never mind backing the person who conspired to kill you!

Dictator Don’s Bitch McConnell Because it is all about lying Does he have selective dementia? Has he forgotten what he said after he refused to vote for impeachment of the very person he blamed for January 6th. Gah! He's giving me whiplash. This man has no balls. One day he goes with righteousness and the next day goes back to eat his vomit.

What a whore I think something is wrong upstairs with Mitch. Smile please! 😳🤔 Why is anyone surprised? So fuck all the crimes he’s done The GOP is broken and there is no will in the party to fix it. Time for sensible conservatives to join the (D) and man the right oar bank. Or live with being the American Fascist Party. Your well on the way already with the anti-Truth campaigns from (R)'s and FOX type outlets

That is just a ploy so Trump does not start a third party and take his supporters. They need his supporters so they are playing along with him. This man LeaderMcConnell is a snake, he changes with the wind ScottJenningsKY Such a hypocrite Let the ball licking re commence ! WTAF LeaderMcConnell is the example of a person without any values except power, racism and money. He is the ugly face of US America.

It isn't a turnaround he's just playing the game. Remember, he voted to acquit Trump before making that statement. Why is anybody surprised? Probably because Trump trashed him for the remarks. Not as tough as he thinks. Cowed by Trump He's cookoo for Cocoa Puffs!! Is he high? Of course he will. We good souls misread the rant of so-called LeaderMcConnell as an evisceration of Trump. But in reality, he was acting as the MC introducing the award winner who was “practically and morally responsible” for such a great feat. McConnellBetrayedAmerica

Bet mcconnell got a phone call from trump. Why is anyone shocked this is the WalkingDead thegrimreapers MoscowMitch TRUMP IS GUILTY HE SAID After acquitting him WELL THE COURTS COULD STILL GO AFTER HIM HE SAID Sure I'll back trump absolutely if he is the Republican nominee What morals does he have? This suggests these GOP ‘men’ have no honour! Worse, they don’t care! What does it tell the youth of America? Imagine seeing your father operating like this?Ok maybe if you’re El Chapo’s sons it’s too late to save you. Leaders? Really? If so, leading you to what? Rising nausea 🤮

I don't get it. Why does the GOP think Trump is their best and only representative? Or has the party decided that hate, white supremacy and lies is their new tag line. I'm glad my parents aren't alive to see this. Their Republican party is dead. Is it me or does it even look like someone is holding a gun to him? What a coward.

This 🐢 needs to retire. Bottom feeding, inbred troglodyte. That’s two-faced hypocrite McConnell for you. He can never be trusted. This man is a cancerous tumor on our country. Period. Do these people have a backbone? The cartwheels and flips they do in pursuit of power (WITHOUT MORALITY) must surely make the regular GOP supporter wonder what they stand for!

As I said earlier watch what he does not what he says...what has he done complete turn around of what he did a few weeks ago...are we learning people... Senate & House Republicans have made crystal clear they think Trump is the candidate who can win back control for them. They will do anything and everything to keep Biden from succeeding. We must end their minority control - end the filibuster, make DC a state, voter rights, etc

You can see what an unpatriotic AMERICAN looks like. How is his head still attached to his body? Party over country. The republiqan mantra. Moscow Mitch learned well from his Soviet trainers. 'I don't believe a president has to be practically or morally responsible.' So important to always ignore his words but also to always watch his actions.

Coward Must be getting sued 🙂 Could Mitch McConnell kindly tell the American people that your response to supporting Trump were misconstrued , an that you meant anyone who emerges as the GOP nominee you’ll support but not particularly Donald Trump-:)) I think what McConnell meant to say was, any Republican who becomes the GOP nominee he’ll support them, but not particularly Donald Trump. McConnell’s response must’ve been misconstrued by the media. If he was to turn around & support Trump, after all that was said & done-:))

Wonder who put a burr up his butt. Can you say Putin? WTF! Is wrong with Republican white men? Have they totally given their balls to Trump? This isn't a stunning turnaround. It's business as usual for the Turtle. Headline is a little misleading (at least to me) bc he’s saying he will support Trump if Trump ends up being the Rep party’s final nominee. The alternative is him choosing to support a Democrat, which would be political suicide. I don’t think he wants Trump to get that far tho

Has he been tested for dementia? YOU are a representative in Congress. For the love of god.. if you must push a completely false narrative, don’t choose a rag that no one takes seriously to push it! 🤐🤮 Trump will be 78 years old in 2024 Born: June 14, 1946 (age 74 years), Good old Moscow Mitch. The expression on his face looks like he is brainwashed and sold his soul to the devil

It is hilarious people still get stunned by the stunt of those Gophers Why would anyone be stunned by this? LeaderMcConnell Didn’t Take Long To Show His Other Face Again. Look at him. Really look at him. He’s terrified and terrifying. He’s been threatened by someone. By who knows whom Thst fool got them by the balls

MITCH McCONNELL speaks with a forked tongue !🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍 They are out of their minds. Finally, Covid-19 deaths and hospitalizations are declining. In real life he would be evaluated for diminished capacity. Something is not right. You can’t believe anything a Republican says. They will sell their mothers for power of money. Don’t be fooled by Romney too. If any of them had integrity they wouldn’t be a Republicans

Proof, short term memory loss! Term Limits! The GQP is anti-democracy. there is nothing “stunning” about it. Hell they may not even be alive in 4 years•who tf cares lol 😂 His impeachment speech about 45 and his comments today is a clear indication something has gone terribly wrong psychologically. SpeakerPelosi SenSchumer DNC LeaderMcConnell GOP GOPLeader MarkMeadows stevenmnuchin1 CNN MSNBC ABC NAACP POTUS VP

Is it stunning though? Most of the party are flapjacks. It's an absurd statement and shows that the man has lost either his ethics or his mind. Holy shit here we go again, what is this high school hanging with rich kid to be cool? washingtonpost has opinions calling for the “Ds” to work in a bipartisan way to get the COVID relief and $15 minimum wage so needed. This is another example that the current “R” leadership has no credibility whatsoever. You can’t trust or work with them.

LeaderMcConnell the decaying man. Spineless coward. Sick. Idiot/irresponsible/better retire/monster/whatever you want to say. Disgusting! How can anybody in their 'right' mind trust anything he has to say. Ever! But, his loyalists, constituents reelected him. This guy is the epitome of what’s wrong with the Republicans , thru need to investigate how he has been able to stay n power as the Kentucky representative for 40 years , just despicable

Just get that gremlin out of the office already. Punk ass !!!!!! I’m curious, really curious, I think and I can be wrong but could DJ T have something over some of the Republican party bigwigs? Don’t forget Don was friends with the guy from the Enquirer. It made a living digging up dirt for their rag of a paper.

Weak This is insane.... I honestly have no idea what has happened or what Trump has “on” this party... they’ve lost their minds,their mural compass and their dedication duty. The Republican Party is gone. Neera is too much but Trump isn’t... insane Who cares? He’s an asterisk now. Moscow Mitch: party over country, party over principle.

Not sure who is dumber.. Him or the people who vote him in.. The nature of Trump's cronies... The Evil Turtle has spoken! He would own slaves as well if it was legal. MoscowMitch has no moral center. No it's not. Like most politicians say one thing and do another and they wonder why they are not trusted Psycho old man

hopefully they’ll both be too old and demented by then. huffPost McConnell really needs to go WE NEED TERM LIMITS!!!! Stat Good ol’ Bitch McConnell... Piece of shit this man is! Come on. We must back honorable candidates. Do better Maybe this is why they call us snowflakes we here someone act decent for one moment and we suddenly think they are good. Even if we see them act evil a million times before and after.

Looks like Mitch got his booster Trump kool aid shot. Just in time too. They must have rushed this super dose to the senate as he was slowly becoming half way human again. CNN And Dems are cowards if they don’t include $15 in rescue bill. Guess GOP is still the majority. McConnell is not human! Stunning? I'm sorry, this whole stunning thing is getting out of hand. This would plead an assumption of morality, or decency, or something way above the level of turtle crap on the flag. Maybe just say 'as expected'. LeaderMcConnell TheDemCoalition SoyBeanWalker CREWcrew

Y’all seem SHOCKED whenever Moscow Mitch does a 180. Good lord. He’ll do and say anything if he thinks is politically prudent in any given moment. He has no scruples, principles, morals, or decency. It’s pure Machiavellian. He knows Trump will either become disinterested because he has to disclose financial items to run or he’ll be in jail. This way he doesn’t inflame Trump’s base.

“Hilly, you’re…you’re a sweaty mess! Are you ill?” Just pathetic I have no idea what this dude genuinely stands for. He’s all over the freaking map Wow, so this is what the mighty sounds like after falling hard. This man should retire now before the former guy makes things impossible for him and his unified party.

oohh...Kompromat ... what does Donny have on Mitch? 'Stunning turnaround'? Are you fucking kidding me? Name a time in the last 50 years when the GOP took a stand for civility and the good of the American public. We'll wait. Stop both sides'ing this fucking reprehensible republican hypocrisy and bullshit actions. It's pathetic.

Whaaa Tha?...Smh There is no word in any dictionary that can describe this shell of a man MoscowMitch MitchMcConnell SenateMinorityLeader Not surprised. I wonder how much the cheeto bribed him with Mitch can absolutely kiss my ss! Peridot! We thought Mrs Graham was the flipflopper. No this qunt is! People died on January 6th because of Trump's lies. Reminder: People died. Why is the twice impeached inciter with blood on his hands being considered as a candidate, yet, the Senate won't confirm Neera Tanden?!? This is mind-boggling

Face-lift 🤯 Hey MitchMcConnell do you smell burned toast?! Pussy. GOP needs to regain control of Congress. Internal fighting and/or letting Trump derogate them would derail their goals. The best approach is to be sucking to Trump. Besides, Trump would be a formidable challenge to Biden or Harris. 🗑 You are such a Nazi !

LeaderMcConnell just proving 1) he has no soul, 2) he does not care about this country. The only thing he cares about is 1) how much money can he get, 2) party. Anyone who would be willing to allow another attack on the capital hates Americans ASS kisser This guy is a snake 🤮 Hey MitchMcConnell do you smell toast?!

Crime is thicker than blood No doubt about it. Mitch is a psychotic dinosaur. WTF?! This guy isn't spineless, he's a jelly fish! Pathetic Please explain what the hell is wrong with the Republicans, why do they insist on supporting a bunch of crazy white terrorists ?! So Mitch supports a criminal for president.

Find the skeletons in ole Mitch's closet did he? How can people believe any thing this guy has to say when he clearly has issues with stability and truthfulness with his comments....nuts!! We need to get a baseball game going he doesn't look so good as rickles used to say about sinatra, 'he'll hurt your family.'

Senility is real. It happens... before your very eyes. SenateGOP LeaderMcConnell JohnCornyn are not fooling anybody - they are signing onto their allegiance to trump and the budding Fascist party and its White Supremacist base. His two faces almost match his three chins. Just another old white privileged man in our elected offices that has absolutely NO idea what it is like to be an American. What it is like to work so hard and not being able to feed your family so you end up I. The long food lines!! Dick!

You really think this relic is gonna be around in 2024? He's literally growing mushrooms Gutless MvcConnel slithers from one side to another. He has no moral compass. Typical Mitch. Stands for nothing but power. Talk about dementia ! That guy does not know what side he's on 🤣 He’s so predictable and calculating.

A turd blowing with the wind never has “a stunning turnaround.” The Republicans of today have lost all sense of moral accountability. Power and profitability from our government positions is all they care for. McConnell, like every other selfish Republican, doesn’t want to lose the position he profits from year after year.

It's easy to understand when you accept that it's party before country for Republicans. If that’s not trying to have it both ways Idk what is. No it fucking isn't. Why do you ppl fall for this shit DAY AFTER DAY AFTER DAY? traitors stick together down at the very shallow bottom end of the gene pool, which is next to the Agolf Twitler Golden Shower Slip & Slide

🤦‍♀️ He’s crazy! Ok really...stunning? Are we honestly surprised at this point. Moscow Mitch flip flops back and forth too much to have thought otherwise Amazing what these scum-bags will do for their own self-interest. Even riding on a horse with the devil they despise isn’t beneath them if it will further their own causes.

Mitch McConnell needs to use all the wealth he has accumulated off the backs of Americans to invest in some blotting sheets or pressed powder for that OBSCENE amount of shine on his turtle face. and they day joe biden has dementia lol this fools mind been gone Saw no conflict in his messages. He blamed Trump for enticing the insurrectionists, but he did not criticize Trump's presidency as a whole. Current Reps. will be threatening Biden with any strengths they have, include association w. Trump.

Wow, this dudes gotta go too. Too many contradictions That’s if he’s around in 2024. Damn it Dana Carvey. Yeah, what the heck is going on here? Someone check McConnell for senility. He’s saying something different every time there is a mic in front of him. Oh, NM, wishy-washy is the official Trumplican platform.

Vampire party. No reflection The turtle from hell. Unless McConnell is expecting Trump won't make it to 2024. I'd feel sorry for that level of confusion except that he's a republican blithering on about Trump. He's despicable but he doesn't hide it. He needs to go I be Damn old Puckerface McConnell looked out of my phone and Cracked my Screen Damn he's ugly how and the hell can his wife kiss him without getting sick eeeeeweee Nasty

trashhuman but we always knew that. It’s all he has. A corrupt leader, Russian bribes, division, lies, insurrection, and diversion. He offers nothing more. They offer nothing more. What does Trump have on him? But is it? Is it stunning? And this is what tells you (again) that for LeaderMcConnell it's not about morals or principles, but Power. Keep this in mind and it will help you understand better in the future. He is a COLD being.

So he would be 'morally responsible' for the next attack on the capitol Is there a more pathetic man This person has done so much damage to the country in so many fronts. Gotta go where the power is. These Republicans have no spine. They’re a party of and for only theirselves No, it wasn’t. Mitch is addicted to power and money. If you were surprised, you don’t know who LeaderMcConnell truly is.

that just put his name on the ballot The turtle has turned. And everyone thought it was impossible to speak out of both sides of their mouth. McConnell proves double-speak is a requisite for duplicitous politicians. How many faces does this man have. What a putz!!! Who needs a friend like this? When things get tough, he walks over to the other side. He is unstable, unreliable and frankly a pain in the arse to watch him speak.

CS Politicians won’t grow a Spine. Operate on layers of interests Disgusting Spineless humans. Like I said the other day, it’s all one big game to this person with 17% likeability . He must be some sort of masochist. I would not care if he drops dead. What a tragic comedy the GOP IS. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Incredible, incredible, incredible Senile? “If he becomes the nominee”. You think he would support the Democratic nominee instead? None can be surprised. He only cares about himself. ... Well that's not true.... Russia, and 🍊 🍑, and I'm guessing torturing small puppies. Who said turtles can’t walk backwards?

before he was spineless, and now? If P.O.S. was a person... I am recently in your country, looking for new friends