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Missouri Hairstylist Exposed at Least 91 People to Coronavirus After Working While Symptomatic

The infected stylist worked at the salon for eight days while feeling sick

5/24/2020 1:12:00 AM

Missouri Hairstylist Exposed at Least 91 People to Coronavirus After Working While Symptomatic

The infected stylist worked at the salon for eight days while feeling sick

Hair salons in the state were allowed to reopen beginning May 4 under Missouri'sinitial recovery phase.The infected worker, who was not identified, exposed 84 customers and possibly seven coworkers, said Clay Goddard, director of the Springfield-Greene County Health Department.

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No other positive cases connected to the stylist have been reported and tests will be offered to those who were exposed at the salon, Goddard said.Those who recently went to the same locations as the infected stylist, including a Walmart, CVS pharmacy and a Dairy Queen, were encouraged to keep an eye out for any coronavirus symptoms and to follow proper precautions should they feel sick.

RELATED:Image zoomLeren Lu/GettyAccording to Goddard, health officials believe the stylist contracted the virus while traveling in a different area of Missouri."The good news is both the clients and the hairstylists were masked," Goddard said of those exposed at the salon.

The Great Clips location closed for sanitizing and deep cleaning after learning of the sick employee, the co-owners of the salon told, adding that the stylist is currently "following medical advice and taking appropriate actions."Goddard noted that it is now "safe to go" back to the location.

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mhoptman But look at Karen’s haircut! Worth every penny - no charge for the coronavirus At least they don’t social distance in Missouri so the hairstylist will get full bang for their Covid19 spread . lol lol 🤷🏻‍♂️ Why were they working while symptomatic? Why weren't they self-isolating? Isn't this the definition of 'reckless endangerment'? If you feel ill, STAY TF HOME.

I wonder how many people she actually infected? Hey, wasn’t she in the pool at Lake of the Ozarks on Saturday? It’s hard to understand that someone who is symptomatic would go to work and then have ALL these people effected . There needs to be consequences for her behavior! Definition of super spreader Would be interesting to observe how many of the exposed actually were infected. So the risk of visiting hairstylists in general can be better estimated. hopefully some updates in next days

It's really not looking good for the future of Missouri. Those who become infected pass on Covid19 exponentially 😡 So how many did each of the 91 infect? If any one of them are anywhere near as reckless, several people will die. No one is asking what Great Clips’ current sick leave/call out policy is! It is more than likely that they are at fault vs the stylist. If she calls out, she doesn’t get paid. If she has a full book, chances are high the salon isn’t going to call and reschedule everyone.

GovParsonMO should be sent to prison for this. In turn those 91 people can spead the virus to everyone they come into contact with. Think before you speak. Just be careful out there my people. All sorts of things are going to happen, and why? All because of money, money, money! Idiot. I know this not supposed to be here but this how i came across Mrs Janice .. I invested $500 and I earn $5,000 in seven days. I recommend her to anyone who struggle financial janice75564230

This is the whole problem. During these times how can anyone go anywhere when feeling ill. People with no symptoms is one thing but this is just a stupid person with no regard for others. STAY HOME IF SICK !!! She should be charged! Horrible! And this irresponsible asshat also exercised utter disregard by visiting a fitness center, a Dairy Queen and a Walmart in the last 10 days.

Of course this shameful liberal magazine is going to write something like this! THIS IS RECKLESSENDANGERMENT She worked till 3 days ago so hopefully everyone tests negative And still no one died. OMG. fearmongering That was not just an intense!

A hairstylist worked while symptomatic and exposed 91 people to coronavirusA hairstylist worked while symptomatic and exposed 91 people to coronavirus, according to health officials. Do people really dying to have a haircut during pandemic 🤨 Well obviously the salon didn't follow the 'The new normal ' protocol. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Hair stylist worked while symptomatic, exposed clients to virusA hair stylist in Springfield, Missouri, exposed as many as 91 people to coronavirus after working at a salon for 8 days while symptomatic, health officials say. Should be arrested and held liable Arrest him plz

Coronavirus live updates: Symptomatic hair stylist potentially exposes dozens of peopleA Missouri hair stylist knowingly worked with COVID-19 symptoms, potentially exposing dozens of people. 🙄 SMH Even though you changed the headline, still fake news sorry. People are not as gullible as they once were.

Hairdresser working with coronavirus symptoms potentially exposes 84 peopleThe county health department is now trying to warn anyone who may have come in contact with the Great Clips stylist, though no cases have yet been connected to the salon. Masks4All Masks aren’t muzzles, understand the difference. To maintain freedom comes at a small cost to protect yourself and others around you. Masks stop you from touching your face and protects you from others who may be carrying it like this hairdresser here Keep in mind, it’s not confirmed she even has the virus. But hurry up & scare everyone, ppl are starting to leave their homes!!!!

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