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U.S. News, Michael Brown

Missouri governor pardons gun-waving St. Louis lawyer couple

Missouri's governor has pardoned Mark and Patricia McCloskey, who gained notoriety for pointing guns at social justice demonstrators as they marched past the couple's St. Louis home last year.

8/4/2021 1:27:00 AM

Missouri's governor has pardoned Mark and Patricia McCloskey, who gained notoriety for pointing guns at social justice demonstrators as they marched past the couple's St. Louis home last year.

O'FALLON, Mo. (AP) — Missouri Gov. Mike Parson announced Tuesday that he made good on his promise to pardon a couple who gained notoriety for pointing guns at social justice demonstrators as they marched past the couple's home in a luxury St.

. The couple also said the group was trespassing on a private street.Mark McCloskey emerged from his home with an AR-15-style rifle, and Patricia McCloskey waved a semiautomatic pistol, according to the indictment. Photos and cellphone video captured the confrontation, which drew widespread attention and made the couple heroes to some and villains to others. No shots were fired, and no one was hurt.

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Special prosecutor Richard Callahan said his investigation determined that the protesters were peaceful.“There was no evidence that any of them had a weapon and no one I interviewed realized they had ventured onto a private enclave,” Callahan said in a news release after the McCloskeys pleaded guilty.

Several Republican leaders — including then-President Donald Trump — spoke out in defense of the McCloskeys’ actions. The couple spoke on video at last year’s Republican National Convention.Mark McCloskey, who announced in May that he wasrunning for a U.S. Senate seat headtopics.com

in Missouri, was unapologetic after the plea hearing.“I’d do it again,” he said from the courthouse steps in downtown St. Louis. “Any time the mob approaches me, I’ll do what I can to put them in imminent threat of physical injury because that’s what kept them from destroying my house and my family.” He echoed those comments in a statement issued Tuesday by his campaign and added: “Today we are incredibly thankful that Governor Mike Parson righted this wrong and granted us pardons.”

Because the charges were misdemeanors, the McCloskeys did not face the possibility of losing their law licenses or their rights to own firearms.The McCloskeys werein October on felony charges of the unlawful use of a weapon and evidence tampering. Callahan later amended the charges to give jurors the alternative of convictions of misdemeanor harassment instead of the weapons charge.

Parson’s legal team has been working through a backlog of clemency requests for months.He hasn’t yet taken action on longtime inmate Kevin Strickland, whoseveral prosecutors now sayis innocent of a 1978 Kansas City triple homicide. Parson could pardon Strickland, but he has said he’s not convinced he is innocent.

Missouri’s Democratic leader contrasted Parson’s treatment of Strickland’s case with the McCloskeys in bitter denunciations of the governor’s action.“It is beyond disgusting that Mark and Patricia McCloskey admitted they broke the law and within weeks are rewarded with pardons, yet men like Kevin Strickland, who has spent more than 40 years in prison for crimes even prosecutors now say he didn’t commit, remain behind bars with no hope of clemency,” Missouri House Democratic Minority Leader Crystal Quade said in a statement. headtopics.com

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Democratic state Rep. LaKeySha Bosley said, “The governor’s stunt ominously underscores that under his watch, justice belongs only to the privileged elite in this state.”_____Associated Press writer Summer Ballentine contributed to this story from Columbia, Missouri.

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Ugly hearts in these folks The McCloskeys may have been pardoned but they will NEVER be forgiven for those tacky ensembles! Somebody needs to make a citizen's arrest for crimes against fashion. Figures!!!! Smh..🤨 Never should have been charged This is why pardon power is so important. To write the wrongs of politically motivated prosecutions.

This truly should not surprise any Black person. Justice is not color blind when you are white and privileged. You go unpunished. A pardon absolves an individual of guilt. It’s like that shit did not happen. The world knows who these racist are … we see you. Of course he did. It is high time to begin curtailing the rights of these criminals. Governors included.

DefundFASCISTS and ALL who support them. Accountability is key in 2021!! Competence is essential in 2022!!! go figure! (sigh) Justice served! Just disgusting

Missouri governor pardons St. Louis couple who pointed guns at protestersMissouri Gov. Mike Parson (R) on Tuesday pardoned Mike and Patricia McCloskey, a St. Louis couple that gained national notoriety after brandishing guns while social justice protesters marched by their mansion in June 2020.Flashback: Last July, Parson vowed to pardon the couple — who pleaded guilty to one count of fourth-degree assault last month — if they were ever convicted of a crime.Stay on top of the latest market trends and economic insights with Axios Markets. Subscribe for freeThe anti-ra Very good of the McCloskey couple to use the Second Amendment to protect themselves. Now, wrongfully convicted Police Officer hero Derek Chauvin should be pardoned. Wrongfully terminated Police Officer hero Daniel Pantaleo should be rehired and reinstated by the NYPD.

BRAVO! I have cognitive dissonance! demonstrators 'for justice' can break into private territory, but not into Congress! ahahahaaa! Trespassers, not protesters They pointed their guns at them because they were being threatened that they were going to kill them and burn there house down tell the truth AP stop with your lies

Fuck Missouri . The Show Me The Money State. The Governor can do that. Authorities are forced to put them under surveillance like anyone who issues a threat of violence to the community, however. 🤬 Lol 😆 America is a Joke “Marched past”

Governor pardons St. Louis couple who pointed guns at Black Lives Matter protestersMissouri governor pardons St. Louis couple who were charged with waving guns at a group of Black Lives Matter protesters outside their home last year. Definitely not a political favor or anything...🙄 As he should have. They should have opened fire on them once they passed through the gates. youreallydontmatter WHITE PRIVILEGE prevalent in America!

Those “protesters” tore down a gate to a private community. The McCloskey’s did nothing wrong. Desperate to change the conversation from the COVID disaster that is Missouri, Gov takes time to remind his constituents of his racist bona fides DEPLORABLE Yet so many Americans want to forgot about the past. Here we are. Again.

Yeah because in Missouri we respect property and if you dont you get 'the warning' as it should be everywhere! Good. You don't get to intimidate strangers on private property just because you got a bunch of likes on TikTok. You meant ‘dangerous mob of threatening protesters’

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Great news! When the GOP say they are for Law & Order what they really mean is they are for incarcerating people of color & exonerating rich white people & racists - oh & they only 'back the blue' if it's convenient to their agenda, if you have any doubts, ask the Capitol Police Officers. Both McCloskey's pleaded guilty 'Mark McCloskey, who pleaded guilty in June to misdemeanor fourth-degree assault and was fined $750, and Patricia McCloskey, who pleaded guilty to misdemeanor harassment and was fined $2,000'

Ah yes, good to pardon criminals who say they would happily commit the crime again. He would 🙄 🙄 Always on the white side of history, those racists The gaslighting in this post is beyond reprehension. Go watch the video again, they could have been killed by those thugs Klanclowns gonna Klan DEPLORABLES...ALL OF THEM. HILLARY RIGHT AGAIN

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Pardons are out of control. Some protocols/guardrails need to be implemented DemGovs TheDemCoalition So defending your property is now racist 🤔? And getting a pardon means you are a white supremacy person ? But looting and burning down businesses is okay ? And if the people defending their property were non white it would have been okay ? I'm trying to understand twitter logic

It's really sad that this doesn't surprise me. 🤮

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