Mississippi Governor Signs Bill To Retire Flag With Confederate Emblem - Cnnpolitics

Mississippi Governor Signs Bill To Retire Flag With Confederate Emblem - Cnnpolitics

Mississippi governor signs bill to retire flag with Confederate emblem

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves on Tuesday signed a bill that takes a historic step to retire the last US state flag to feature the Confederate insignia.

7/1/2020 1:36:00 AM

JUST IN: Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves has signed a bill that takes a historic step to retire the last US state flag to feature the Confederate insignia

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves on Tuesday signed a bill that takes a historic step to retire the last US state flag to feature the Confederate insignia.

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Yall really hate reading books huh? Students that major in History in University, do the professors roll in statutes in class? No, they read books and search the internet. History is only erased because some people don't want to read books. We celebrate winners in America. Surprised, but pleased. Their choice and they used a legitimate process to get there.

不敢想象 About time.. but replacement..” in god we trust” is BOTH divisive illegal endorsements of religion and unconstitutional.. also IGNORANT..! lauriekit The State ... that failed to ratify Slavery for 148 yrs It—and every other state flag—should be abolished and replaced by the following flag, which should be the new flag of the United States. Just so everyone’s clear on who rightfully constitutes this country.

Way overdue Why do people hate all these things? Nobody alive today experienced anything slavery. I don’t care what they do with statues or flags. It’s all foolishness. I wonder when Mexico will rid of ALL its Aztec culture, they LOST to the Spanish in 1600. What a bunch of losers! South officially pussified.

*hysteric step There's no Confederate emblem-there's no Mississippi History is being Erase!!!! Then Erase ALL LAWS!!!! Trump won't like this.... They will come up with a new one with some type of Klan encryption hidden in it. But hey it's just a flag right? The Confederate flag is the new Nazi symbol. Thought this was pretty intresting...

Chris Cuomo just ate his a** up with that last comment about you’re not a mind reader either and you don’t know what the protester meant by clapping those magazines together but you made a assessment of what you saw didn’t you!!!! Mic drop lol how silly a nation can be! Ppwerful and true,but the left and media is posing us with there evil lies destruction of hate and violence to win the presidency, then teu this countey in a one world goverment

Finally Time well spent. morons Really? so you going to share a flag with the netherlands When can we expect the same work on the mascot for the University of Mississippi? Rebels fought for the south, who promoted slavery. Its time for the flag and the mascot to GO Mississippi’s Republican governor and whose house and senate consist of 89% Republicans. That shows you even the Republicans are on board to destroy our racist roots.

Take down the transgender monument going up in New York. That is beyond disgusting and offensive. 🤮🤮🤮🤮 Explanation to all. After handing out reparations and defunding all the police departments, we should replace all the flags with this flag, especially over our nation's capitol ! Only then will we make our future Czar of Racism Kaepernick happy. Thanks for the hope & change, Obama !

like the MontgomeryBusBoycott hitting them where it hurts, $, gets results. SEC threatened tatereeves with no championship sports in Mississippi going forward and good ole boy Tate changed his tune overnight Georgia Seems like the confederates are always losing!!! What does White Supremacy Biden think?

Good riddance to bad rubbish. And what? Replace it with BLM and Antifa flags? OMG! The WORLD 🌎 is ending! AMERICANS can not travel to EUROPE! We are on the SH HOLE list with RUSSIA 🇷🇺 , et al. THANKS to the LOW-LIFE orange 🍊 dude... for SPREADING CORONA/RACISM /JOB LOSSES, etc in this country. 🍊 is the REAL ENEMY of the people! DEFEAT the ENEMY!

🎯Good. Balls 👏👏🙏🙏 Corporate America made this happen, make no mistake. Because they are more attuned to what people in this country want, than are many of our elected leaders. Anyone think losing sports revenue factored into this? BOOK OF THE DAY:'Relationship Goals: How to Win at Dating, Marriage, and Sex'

Been draggin your feet for centuries! Bout fckn time!!! Mississippi’s flag should be William Faulkner eating a plate of barbecue. THAT’S a state I would visit. Welcome to the 21st century. OMG. Idiots. Erasing history... BLM movement is full of felons & schmucks! Only 150 years too late. So sad a statement about Mississippi.

losing team loses again Meanwhile, the party of the Confederacy and KKK continues to retain its name, history and the fiction that it was not built on racism. Taking down this flag isn’t about ignoring history it’s about acknowledging it. Republicans. !! Just stupid! Make sure they don't replace with the one Trump wants

What's the new design “bUt OuR hIStOrY”

Mississippi governor to sign bill to remove Confederate emblem from state flag in 'coming days'Sad,,,, Shameful Good riddance

Mississippi lawmakers overwhelmingly pass bill to create new state flag without Confederate battle emblemThe Mississippi flag and its Confederate battle emblem is expected to come down in the coming days as lawmakers voted overwhelmingly to choose a new state banner. Time destroys all things. Long overdue. Should never have had it, as the civil war was a rebellion, subsequently put down.

Mississippi governor to sign bill removing Confederate emblem from state flagRepublican Gov. Tate Reeves is set to sign a bill Tuesday evening to remove the Confederate emblem from the official Mississippi state flag, the only remaining state flag to feature the Confederate insignia. Place a running river. As logo..green with blue. Now do the Democratic Party.

Mississippi Legislature Passes Bill to Change State FlagThe legislature in Mississippi, the last state with the Confederate battle emblem on its flag, voted by a wide margin Sunday to change the state’s flag after 126 years. WSJ is not legitimate media. They (WSJ) R a tentacle of the Murdock disinformation machine. “The WSJ's Trump problem”-'Dozens have left paper in the past yr & interviews w/ current & ex-staffers show outrage over pressure from management 2 normalize Trump” Big deal Do you agree ?

Mississippi state legislature passes bill to remove confederate symbol from state flag in historic voteThe Mississippi legislature passes a bill to change the state flag, which features a Confederate emblem. The governor has said he will sign it. kind of bullshit they waited until now... but now or never, right? I'm flabbergasted. They're going to all the effort of a 'do over', but mandating that 'In God We Trust' be part of the new design What part of representing all the people (and separation of church ad state) does that accomplish?

Mississippi lawmakers vote to remove rebel emblem from flagJACKSON, Miss. (AP) — Mississippi lawmakers voted Sunday to surrender the Confederate battle emblem from their state flag, triggering raucous applause and cheers more than a century after white... I can come up with something way better than that! Good on ya, Mississippi!!💕👍💕