World, Coronavirus Update: Latest Covid-19 Vaccine And World News

World, Coronavirus Update: Latest Covid-19 Vaccine And World News

Mississippi governor lifting county mask mandates starting tomorrow

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves has announced the state is lifting its county mask mandates and allowing businesses to operate at full capacity starting tomorrow

3/3/2021 12:14:00 AM

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves has announced the state is lifting its county mask mandates and allowing businesses to operate at full capacity starting tomorrow

The coronavirus pandemic has brought countries to a standstill. Meanwhile, vaccinations have already started in some countries as cases continue to rise. Follow here for the latest.

In final step, CDC publishes Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine recommendationFrom CNN's Jen ChristensenThis Dec. 2, 2020 photo provided by Johnson & Johnson shows vials of the COVID-19 vaccine in the United States. Johnson & Johnson/AP

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention took the final step to sign off on the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine Tuesday, publishing the vaccine recommendation in the agency’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose Covid-19 vaccine was given emergency use authorization by the US Food and Drug Administration Saturday. On Sunday, the CDC’s independent Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices unanimously voted to recommend the coronavirus vaccine, and CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky accepted the recommendation.

The MMWR publication represents the final and official CDC recommendation for immunization of the US population.The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is the first single-dose Covid-19 vaccine authorized in the United States. It can be used to vaccinate Americans who are 18 years old and older.

The report said that the vaccine, made by Janssen, Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine division, “is a reasonable and efficient allocation of resources” during the pandemic.“The Janssen COVID-19 vaccine has high efficacy against COVID-19–associated hospitalization and death. Persons may receive any ACIP-recommended COVID-19 vaccine and are encouraged to receive the earliest vaccine available to them. Use of all EUA-authorized COVID-19 vaccines is critical in controlling the pandemic,” the report said.

The CDC did not recommend the vaccine for one population group over the other, but its characteristics – the single dose that doesn’t need special refrigeration – should help states expand the availability of Covid-19 vaccines to “most community settings and mobile sites” once it is more widely available. The report also said the J&J vaccine might be good for people who would have a hard time returning to get a second dose, as would be needed for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

“The feasibility of administering the Janssen COVID-19 vaccine in a wider variety of settings provides an opportunity to improve equitable access to an effective COVID-19 vaccine,” the report said.Four million doses of the vaccine are now being shipped to the states.

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How does the Greedy Oppressive Pig sleep at night? This is why Republicans never win the Popular vote n Presidential Elections* and that's a fact.?....Jack***🇺🇲👍 Tìm ột người bạn trung niên chân thành, tình cảm để tâm sự những vui buồn và đồng cảm cùng nhau. This is a mistake! What is the percentage of those who have received COVID-19 vaccine?

Good luck with that. If people are dumb enough to go out as if there isn't a pandemic going on, then shame on them. You go Governor Guess Charles Darwin forgot to include him in the evolutionary theory and how refusing to believe in science can affect the society around. The shepherd leading the sheep off a cliff. Why study science if you refuse to believe in its logical deductions.

Maybe the doctors and nurses in Texas and Mississippi should strike? They will ultimately have to deal with this move. All the redneck states.... go figure. Stupid. booo Lifting the mandate does not mean you cannot wear a mask. This just lets people decide what is best for them. MISS-PISS-E If it looks like a hick from Miss-piss-e sounds like a hick from Miss-piss-e acts like a hick from Miss-piss-e It must be a Miss-piss-ian It's another swing and a MISS...MISS-piss-e

Absolutely ridiculous and reckless endangerment! Anyone can STILL wear a mask, STAY home, Social distance non-stop, not travel, WFH, home school your kids, NOT see your family. TONS of freedom in MS and TX! EdnaRosse4 lots of people are going to die. Lots of trumpers. GOPInsanity Why so soon? Of course they got vaccinated first and everyone else has to wait

So let's start the count down to the next corona virus spike... one Mississippi... two Mississippi... three Mississippi......... Asking him if he has had his vaccination yet? Bet the answer is yes. Have you? No Federal Assistance! Disinformation, falsification, compulsion, crying to elicit pity, and demagoguery are typical characteristics of the Narcist TPLF desperado. JustinTrudeau DeputyPM_Canada TheBlackCaucus tonyaveasey Blklivesmatter RevJJackson aliciagarza opalayo UnityFo

TateReeves The family of Tate Reeves appear to be happy about the brilliant decision Mot nguoi phu nu binh thuong,ngoai cong viec va lo cho con,thich duoc di choi,ngoi cafe voi ban be,thich di dao noi chuyen cuoc song Question: if someone's family member gets covid-19 and dies can they sue the governor for wrongful death

It’s a race to the bottom between Texas and Mississippi Tater Reeves was worried that Gov. Abbott was going to get credit for being the dumbest governor in the US. He had to act quickly to save his title. There’s a ‘bright’ shining Republican star for you! Reeves wants to beat DeathSantis in just how many of his people he can kill through Covid! Not much smarter than a 5th grader!

So irresponsible and confounding Trust the science, not the politician Another fool that's why I live up north I feel like they hate people I guess Texas opened the flat gates Another Republican... another huge error... now Mississippi and Texas can complete for the final Covid-19 death.😱 Freedom!!! Disgusting. My mother is much stress for her. At least a mandate helps support people who want to do the right thing. Reeves is a killer and needs to go.

Foolishness... watch the cases climb and deaths soar Business can't heal the sick or raise the dead. CNN must be very disappointed by this news. There is still a deadly pandemic going on 😂🤣 I pray the the people that support it get exactly what they deserve. If you agree with this and get sick, please don’t make a self pity video. No one cares. If you get sick because you are tired of wearing mask, no one cares.

Y'all's sound like a bunch of scared bitches what freaking science tell me that what's science live your life but being scared I guess scared cuz the government tells you to be scared they told you to stick a finger up your ass and rub your forehead you do it Tate Reeves deliberately putting people's life at risk, bet he's got plenty of clean water.... People like Tate Reeves make me sick! 🤮

Tragic! Dreadful for the people that most definitely will become victims of covid19, will even cost people their life, I'm so sad for the whole lot that's going on in Mississippi, having no water in the richest country in the world. I just don't understand it. Mississippi Gov putting.... Sooo irresponsible!!

XINH GÁI DỄ GẦN ĐÔI KHI CŨNG NÓNG TÍNH Dunce! Jeez Americans don't seem capable of learning, despite all their dead Can we prohibit Texans and Mississippians from leaving their state? Mask don't prevent the psychosomatic illness that the CDC and Fauci have instilled in people when the began brainwashing ppl with falsehoods about coronaviruses. The Democrats used covid as a biological weapon to get votes for the election and that's it.

Glad I don’t live in that state. The dumb never stops. I will continue to wear my mask & hope that other responsible people will do the same He wants his constituents to die. Why? Happy landing. Dumb ass Send their vaccines to my state. They don’t deserve them I wonder how many will die of the virus. Another irresponsible COVIDIOTS

👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 No water AND no masks. Mississippi thing, or most Mississippi thing ever? Wow 2 states are doing it right! While the rest of the states are lying to it ppl about this COVID19 Yet the government is pushing the vaccine into ppls are. The vaccine is just the virus. Its the flu! Just wait and see what happens

How utterly brain dead stupid. Hundreds will die unnecessarily, when vaccines for all are inly 2-3 months away. This is a terrible idea, risking the lives of millions for what? COVID is real WearAMask Is this a race between Mississippi and TX for the victim lead? they are all going to be culled by the mindless stupidity of the powerful.

Fire him? OMG ProfTimNoakes Come on Britain. Make yourself Grant again and follow their example. Stay the fuck in Mississippi, don't bring that kind of stupid into Memphis. SimonPearson961 BorisJohnson CMO_England uksciencechief matthancock Glad there are leaders out there following science. This is why the UK has the worst global performance during Covid.

Lol Good luck Fools Oh dear. Công việc ổn định. Anti covid restrictions policy is related to lack of education which certainly explains Mississippi. This thread is a marketing mans dream. It just goes to show how a great campaign really drives home a message that everyone remembers and becomes passionate about!

Thật thà,vui tính,ghét sự giả dối. Well done Reeves. OpenUpAmericaNow somuchtodo2 So y’all even have water? Hopefully California will get it’s head out of its ass and follow their lead Watch as infection and deaths rise. Texas is just a cesspool at this point. good, may more states follow Texas, Miss. Florida

Red(neck) states leading the the cliff.... Brilliant move, as usual. Fck yeah! This man can not care about the people of Mississippi, this goes beyond any understanding over the CDC's recommendations. money and power seems to be All he cares about. The funeral homes will be very busy again thanks to Gov. Tate Reeves.

Because he made it ok for people to die. Gotta pay that electric bill...🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦 🤡 1) He's a dumbass. 2) Everyone who pretends things are 'normal' is a dumbass. 3) This dumb state (my area at least) never abided by any mask or distancing policies anyways. Close the border to the south, because y'all know that they'll also take this opportunity to take their infectious ass on the vacation they postponed. TexasMaskMandate TexasCOVID texaskilledamerica Mississippi COVIDIOT

This man is awesome. Can we have him over here in the U.K. please Well please stay in your state so you don’t bring your virus to other states. Good luck with their death and hospitalization surge. What a bunch of selfish people they are! Was planning to trip to see family in MS when COVID breaks, but now it will be next year! GOP wants to kill more TheDemocrats!

Wow! Here we go..doomsday 🙄 robinmonotti This will piss off CNN. ☠️ Yes !!! Very good ! Mask is useless.... Just in time for Jackson Mississippi’s 16th day without water. Same Mississippi with the dirty water that the national media won't cover. Probably black communities....right!! cnn MSNBC Atleast you'll have less fools,you should actually encourage them to discard them completely, it will hasten their departure.

Listen folks, ain’t no time to let your guard down, continue to wear your mask and wash your hands distance yourself from others. Coronavirus be like thank you for being stupid!!!! Did they make seatbelts optional too? 🤦🏼‍♀️ Another clown alert. Arseclown! Please all folks from Mississippi don’t visit CO, we don’t need your business or spreading of the virus.

And let’s watch the cases and deaths tick back up like watching the NYSE numbers on a good trading day. The facts are right there for everyone to see, open slowly and maintain masks! Are the neurons not firing in his hippocampus? Hell, if Texas is gonna double down on stupid, Mississippi wants some side action.

Talk about this please Southern political stupidity is badly under-rated. Of course there are exceptions, but I stand by my statement. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Idiot It's clear they're trying to get covid-19 going again because Biden is bringing the cases down Way to go Gov Reeves. Great job on Newsmax interview with Rob Schmitt. Thanks much for opening our state back up.

OMG 😱 You would expect Mississippi to think this way, but Texas...come on. mình mong muốn kết bạn với những bạn nào tròn tròn và mâp mập ( bear ) ^^ Must be why Mississippi leads the country in every category.... This makes no sense. It will make all the lockdowns meaningless as a hinge will go fast into reverse. Open up but wear a damn mask. This shit is far from over

Madness; he wants to prolong the pandemic! Sâu sắc và duyên dáng Watch the covid cases go up in Mississippi and Texas. Stay away from both. I need my daughter out of Mississippi now! Finished or not. Mississippi will always be Mississippi. A cesspool of ignorance and degradation. Idiot. People: use the brain God gave you to make decisions for yourself. Only a small percentage of people have been vaccinated against Covid-19, but also there are variants that are spreading as well. Bb

Whyyy? Are all these states just trying to get rid of their people? It’s a simple piece of cloth that covers your nose & mouth. You can get them to coordinate with your wardrobe of that day or go for the fun masks!! Crazy to do this early. How will you blame trump for this? I swear these people need surgery with Doctors and nurses breathing into their , Say ? Open Abdominal area, during An appendectomy.. right after they all had lunch - with Onions and Pickles . And if they woke up (During this Maskless Surgery?)to that?Lofl.they believe in Masks.

Another very bad decision ❗️ Hope it all works out! 🙄 They just don’t fucking get it. They never will. Oh well expect a rise again of covid-19 cases Thanks! The medical field is booming!!! Also, what a great time to be a funeral home owner 🤷👌🤑 He will regret this decision What in this world us happening!!!

You get a free shirt in Mississippi and Texas Nice Great for the state of Texas and Mississippi. About time God Bless America and protect it from those who want to destroy it 🙏🇺🇸❤️ I'm not getting wet because this umbrella is protecting me from the rain, so I might as well throw it away! And another politician playing God. I wish people of Mississippi the best.

Brothers who live in Qatar and do not have transportation will go to give the vaccine. I will offer you a pre-service in my car for free 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ Medical professionals must be heart sick 36 states left LETS FUCKING GO In Australia we did what was asked by the people who actually knew what they were talking about. We told any which whingers and protesters to fuck off and guess what? We have 0 covid and life is gradually returning to normal.

Republicans light their own dynamite stick! Bye Bye! Another irresponsible Governor This is the play of the heartless GOP ... They want to try to gain power again in the Senate. Their tactic is simple... To lie & set up people to believe that Biden failed at his promise to the american people by ANY means, even at the cost of human life! VoteThemOut

RIP Mississippi And when their cases rise, they’ll be screaming that Biden is failing to control the virus. 🙄 Genius Poor decision 😔 consequences are coming in the near future 😔 Fuck That. Just as we're making progress these governors want to fuck it up and fuck us in the ass because Republicans refuse to believe in the viruse and save live by simply wearing a fucking mask.

Oh, so the pandemic is over?! 🙄 Sure, southern states trying to kill off voters Great news 👍 Why teachers don’t wanna show up to work they wanna sleep the line for COVID-19 vaccine this is freaking fucking bullshit They are trying to strengthen their base for 2022 and 2024. 😡 Wait a little longer!! We’re almost there!

V2019N What could possibly go wrong?😂😭🥶😷 CatrionaColllns 😩 As long as these shit states do this game of whack-a-mole we will continue to have a rise in cases and deaths and one shut down after another. People in shit states should not be allowed to travel. Thank God President Biden got the vaccinations going.

Idiots Idiot Wise decision Hmm, I think tatereeves has some work he could ACTUALLY be doing to help his state as opposed to trying to kill them Because ‘Mississippi tatereeves just doesn’t give a 💩💩💩💩 All these red states about to be responsible for so much deaths It was a silent discussion in Orlando at CPAC to prove to trump Biden doesn’t know what he’s doing. Look at the red states lift the mask mandates

First Texas and now Mississippi? So glad I live in Oregon Smells like a QTrumplicans plan... i Ummm what state is next , arizona for $600 This seems like a case of the RED states vs the Blue states concocted by republican governors and Trump to sabotage the COVID19 vaccination process. I feel for the people who have to live in Mississippi. Or any other red state.

Yay death! Isnt Mississippi still suffering from the snowstorm damage? Why are they and TX doing this now? Great now the next states right issue that will cause the next Civil War will be wearing masks. Help me understand what it is about science that the southern states just don't get. Why are they trying so hard to kill their constituents? Lifting mask mandates is blatant stupidity. Choose which members of your family you will sacrifice in the name of politics. All? Idiocy.

Mississippi is now officially America’s control group. Let’s check back in 30 days, shall we? Welp! Just because those governors are lifting the mask mandate doesn’t mean you HAVE to stop wearing a mask. Each individual should do what is best for them. Why? To undermine Biden's fight again Covid? To be the identifiable source for that and the cause of more Covid death? Brilliant.

If not now then when? All you fucking freaks in the comments need to get outside. What are you going to be scared of next? Republicans really want people to die just as long as they get their social anxiety sated and their Coors Light huh? It is a wise man who knows where courage ends and stupidity begins ~ Jerome Cady

Numbers have been dropping like crazy I don’t blame him When science expands several steps towards combatting Covid-19, It is States like Mississippi that hurls the nation faltering in viral infection.🇵🇷