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Missing Japan? Virtual tours come with shopping, drinks and souvenirs

Do you miss Japan? Virtual tours come with shopping, drinks and souvenirs

7/30/2021 7:17:00 AM

Do you miss Japan ? Virtual tours come with shopping, drinks and souvenirs

Tourist attractions and enterprising tour guides are using technology to emulate the look, feel and taste of a trip to Japan .

Crowds walk through Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, Japan.@ Didier Marti | Moment | Getty ImagesDeemed “the busiest intersection in the world,” the crossing can accommodate an estimated 3,000 people at every light interval. The bursts of organized chaos symbolize Japan’s dedication to the “Four Ps” — patience, politeness, punctuality and precision — attributes that govern one of the most densely-packed societies in the world.

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For a 360-degree view of Shibuya Crossing, seeCNBC’s interactive feature,which includes interesting facts about the intersection.Astute readers will find no fewer than eight people wearing masks, even though the photograph predates the global pandemic. The story explains why.

Folding furoshikifuroshiki online workshopare sent a customized package from Japan before the class begins.Wrapping precious items in furoshiki, or decorative cloth squares, is a centuries-old Japanese tradition. Today, the practice is viewed as an environmentally friendly way to

wrap small items without using paper or plastic wrap, though they can also be used as small handbags and home decor.The Furoshiki cloth is commonly used to wrap presents, however unlike wrapping paper, the cloth is traditionally given back to the gift giver.

imagenavi | imagenavi | Getty ImagesThis live one-hour class taught in English teaches participants how to wrap gifts and make a handbag out of furoshiki. The cost is 10,000 Japanese yen ($91) for the class, two furoshiki cloths and a pair of rings.Go inside the Shinkansen

The speed and timeliness of the Shinkansen have made Japan’s bullet trains so well-known that riding on one is considered a tourist attraction unto itself.Trains regularly reach speeds of 200 miles per hour and have a reputation for arriving and departing on time — to the exact second.

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C3Kenneth Drinks and souvenirs....virtually? Sooooo yeah thats a thing I guess. I just think it lacks a little substance. Fuck virtual tours good luck

Earthquake, Magnitude 3.6 - WESTERN HONSHU, JAPAN - 2021 July 29, 18:26:30 UTCMagnitude: M 3.6, Region: WESTERN HONSHU, JAPAN , Date time: 2021-07-29 18:26:30.0 UTC, Location: 35.00 N ; 135.60 E, Depth: 10 km.

GLIMPSES: Medalists' bouquets hold deeper meaning for Japan TOKYO (AP) — Of course, an Olympic medal has significance. But the bouquet of flowers that every medal winner is being handed at the Tokyo Olympics has deeper meaning. Much deeper. The sunflowers and all the other flowers in the bouquet were grown in the three northeastern Japan ese prefectures that were devastated by the 2011 earthquake, tsunami, and the subsequent meltdown of three nuclear reactors. What? They're passing out radioactive flowers at the Olympics? Handing out Radioactive flowers seems a little sus. I totally had the feels for this tweet... until the last line

AP Interview: Japan minister urges young to get vaccinated TOKYO (AP) — As Olympics host Tokyo saw another record number of coronavirus cases Wednesday, Japan ’s vaccination minister said the speed of the country's inoculation campaign is less urgent than getting shots to young people, who some health experts are blaming for the current surge in infections. nice Absolutely depends on where you live. Uhhhhh ok but they don't have enough vaccinations to go around right now. Have friends unable to get vaccinated, and know people 40+ that were unable.

Tropical storm dumps rain on northern Japan, spares OlympicsRIFU, Japan (AP) — A tropical storm dumped rain in parts of northern Japan on Wednesday after moving away from the Tokyo region and relieving the Olympic host city of a feared disruption to the games. thanks Sad social distance umbrellas? looks like pool noodle propeller head was right all along

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Soda served in bucket at KFC dubbed the 'most American' thing everAlong with the original recipe, hot wings and popcorn chicken, now your drink comes in a bucket at KFC as well. Americans are so fat it's disgusting Popeyes been doing this before KFC. Old news That’s not a good thing!