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Minnesota’s Omar holds off well-funded primary challenger

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota on Tuesday survived a stiff Democratic primary challenge from a well-funded opponent who tried to make an issue of her national...

8/12/2020 5:39:00 AM

Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota has survived a primary challenge from a well-funded Democratic opponent who made an issue of her national celebrity. The win means Omar is nearly certain to win a second term in November in her solidly liberal district.

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota on Tuesday survived a stiff Democratic primary challenge from a well-funded opponent who tried to make an issue of her national...

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota on Tuesday survived a stiff Democratic primary challenge from a well-funded opponent who tried to make an issue of her national celebrity.Omar, seeking her second term in November, defeated Antone Melton-Meaux, an attorney and mediator who raised millions in anti-Omar money.

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“Tonight, our movement didn’t just win,” Omar tweeted. “We earned a mandate for change. Despite outside efforts to defeat us, we once again broke turnout records. Despite the attacks, our support has only grown.”Melton-Meaux used the cash to paper the district and flood airwaves with his “Focused on the Fifth” message that portrayed Omar, a member of “The Squad” of four progressive female members of Congress, as out of touch with the Minneapolis-area 5th District. He conceded defeat and acknowledged that his efforts weren’t enough, while declining to speculate on why.

“I’m also incredibly proud of the work that we did, that garnered at least over 60,000 votes from the district, from people who resonated with our message of effective leadership grounded in the district, and bringing people together to get things done,” Melton-Meaux told The Associated Press.

Omar in 2018 became one of the first two Muslim women elected to Congress, building on a national profile that started when the onetime refugee from Somalia was elected to the Minnesota Legislature just two years earlier. Her aggressive advocacy on liberal issues, and her eagerness to take on Donald Trump, made her even more prominent.

Omar rejected Melton-Meaux’s attacks, saying they were funded by interests who wanted to get her out of Congress because she’s effective. She also downplayed Melton-Meaux’s prodigious fundraising before the vote, saying, “Organized people will always beat organized money.”

Democratic U.S. Sen. Tina Smith and Republican challenger Jason Lewis easily won their primaries in the only statewide races on the ballot. Elsewhere, in western Minnesota’s conservative 7th District, former state Sen. Michelle Fischbach won a three-way Republican race for the right to challenge Democratic Rep. Collin Peterson. Peterson, chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, is one of the GOP’s top targets to flip a House seat in November.

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You can’t fix stupid and her district must be full of it. Disgusting un American/ Israel creep Nobody believes this bullshit. Well except democrats. Very scary and sad. I can't believe how dumb people are Good for her, bad for America. Survived? Wow ok Oh look, progressive MOC's are actually there because people want them there. Congrats Rep. Omar.

Oh Boy! We'll get to see her removed from office for immigration fraud and money laundering!!! survives? She was lucky , not everyone can win a primary by 30,000 votes 70Formula Why didn’t he/she make an issue out of Omar’s corruption? That’s a real thing. Just survived? She crushed the opposition by 30,000 votes.

It was a close race. She only won by 30,000 votes which translated to a nearly 20% lead over her opponent davidfrum Thre is room for her voice in Congress, also. However, I wish she wouldn't only concentrate on Israeli people and look around the rest of the world. Shes trouble, time will tell you mean in her solidly anti-semitic district

AP: She survived her primary. Google Search: Did you mean 'Pissed on the ashes and danced on the grave of her opponent?' Handily Defeated Establishment can sit on it. What a BS headline AP. 20 point victory is now surviving? Clearly the news media and GOP have been lying to voters and pushing false narratives about the real position of her constituents.

Name one piece of legislation she passed during her 1st term ..I’ll wait And you expect us to believe bernie lost BernieComeBack 'Survived.' davidfrum Hey David, perhaps we should insist on a new “rule”: every time someone brings up Omar we bring up Marjorie Taylor Greene The more you show hate the more voters the hated gets, we are tried of republican ways, time to delete racism totally.

Squad Up!!!! What a garbage district. “Survived”? Come on. Really? She killed it. Kicked Ass! Crushed it! squad Survived? Lol People in her district are idiot sheeple. She's corrupt and they don't care. Poor Omar plummets to the first spot :( Omar is extremely well funded This morning I survived an ant running across my path on the way to the bathroom.

What the hell is wrong with voters in Minnesota? This woman hates caucasians and follows a religion that preaches hate. Again you say survived when she demolished... Wtf guys Then again, this is the 'underage sex' paper. If the campaign is over, where is her husband gonna get those millions in contracts?

Face it, the constituents in this district are themselves anti American; ICE & HS should be instructed to collect occupants for denaturalization & deportation proceedings Shame on Minnesota. You reap what you sow. You’re problems are going to increase ten fold Not survived. Won. She won by almost 20 points. She was never in danger. Y'all know your language is a biased at worst and sensationalist at best. Wtf

She won by 18 points. Stop trying to make her seem controversial by pretending it's a shocking victory. It's fake news. Let’s hope republicans get out and vote her out! 57-39 at last count isn't 'surviving'. Shame, AP “Survived?” She CRUSHED EM How is winning by 18 points “surviving”? Survived is a weird way of putting dominant victory

thank the gods! Congratulations Rep Omar on a job WELL DONE!! You ROCK! Minnesota will fall to the slums Welcome to Somalia 2, a-holes! 🥴 Can we just give Minnesota to Canada? hard to believe this happened again. How does garbage, shit and communist win again? I want to get a look at her ancestry dna rundown.

'survived' uh huh What a shame... Is the voting base primarily Muslim? Black or white or mixed ? “Survived” really disappointing. America has lost it's way. Survived? If by survived you mean destroyed her opponent.. Mogadishu, Minnesota has spoken! Achieving a TWENTY POINT MARGIN is “surviving a primary challenge”!!

The left loves a good adulterer. headlines Should be Islam enters USA There's nothing liberal about her district davidfrum Bummer. I don’t care for her Omar crushed the oligarchs owned tool. SoporificANES I can't believe their are enough people who voted for this terrorist, what is wrong with the community she ran in. That's right all you have to do is visit the area and then you understand

Survived? More like absolutely crushed it. 'woodchipper survives encounter with log' Good let her. Let that shithole district burn to the ground while she keeps embezzling their money LOL it is hilarious to me how ignorant these people are that be all about that want for change yet keep electing leaders that keep them poor and suppressed.

I'll say it again, we get what we deserve. pray for our country!🇺🇸🙏 Kayla_R_Hall Yikes, who is voting for her? Oh yeah, she 'survived' by a mere *squints* 29 thousand votes. Quite the close one. Maybe Minnesotans want a representative who will push for actually progressive policies. Or should we be content with Obamacare if the opportunity presents for something better?

Who’s actually surprised? Her district is full of like minded far left wing marxists. Solid'liberal' or solid'left' ? Big difference you know? I'm sorry this happened to you. You mean “destroyed” or “obliterated” her opponent. ❤✌ Survived like how I 'survived' sleeping last night Yeah she's only ahead by like 25k votes

Unbelievable that the fraud made it She belongs in jail What the hell is wrong with people 🤦 When you steal money from your campaign you should not be allowed just to pay it back. What happened to ilhanOmar marrying her brother to get him legal status? This should have been enough to deport IlhanOmar . VoteRed Trump2020

Survived? She dominated. How does one who marries her brother get a big spot in government? Voter fraud obviously ant_mom Congrats to Representative Omar. WhooHoo! They keep shooting themselves in the foot 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ TheDemocrats' Antisemitism Intensifies... Um, she survived? No. She beat his ass. IlhanOmar progressives

I voted today !! She beat her opponent by double digits that's not 'surviving' that's crushing. Why does she insist on wearing men's headwear? Fame in & of itself is not an issue, in my point of view. I feel if your fame is earned by good works it's a point in your favor. Infamy based on corruption should be held against you. Fame that occurs outside ones personal actions doesn't matter unless it gets in the way.

her people like her. you may not, but her people do. fix the headline Indeed Again with the “Survived” huh... 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮she won in Africa? keidekay I think you mean 'destroyed' her neo-liberal corporate backed competition, as did AOC and Rashida. 🖕🥸 Many more victories to come. 😌 DINOs will be gone and the Democratic party will reign again.

kpel965 minn will get what it deserves How stupid are they in that district? Awful Minnesota is not that smart. Come'on ....wait....who Good News! Well done IlhanMN Everyone freaking out one here about “survived” 🙄 she ‘survived the overall primary challenge’, not ‘survived in the election’ like it was close. This terminology has been used for years. Grow up.

Proves solid liberal districts have no scruples or don't pay attention? 🤔 Survived the challene by utterly crushing her opponent and showing how undisputably popular she is 'Has survived'?! Hahahahahha... Congratulations Rep.Omar If by “survived” you mean “crushed Antone Melton-Meaux, saw him driven before her, and listened to the lamentations of his Republican donors,” sure, “survived,” let’s go with that.

Refer to your style guide and change your headline. 57.5% vs 39.2% sounds to me like she destroyed her well funded primary challenger. I think saying she 'survived' doesn't do the margin of victory justice. 312shelly3 Hey AO think you misspelled Crushed. Jews lose control of another golem. Good news. She is a terrorist in a district of terrorist supporters

is disappointed that a black Muslim woman won her reelection. sUrViVed She didn’t “survive” shit. She demolished it. She crushed it. There was no “eeking” out a win as you imply. 🙄 Winning by 18 points = 'survived'? 🤡🤡🤡 Proves how much lazy people want free shit. Hypocritical. Ppl who do honest work can't stay and ppl talk trash stay put.

Lots of absentee ballots- go figure! Survive? Hold off? She’s destroyed that guy You're supposed to say 'survived' when a candidate wins by a few dozen votes. Maybe even less. She won with an 18% lead. Almost 29,000 votes. Check your attitude. kpel965 Her district deserve the misery she will provide them.

all the folks in this thread mad about it 🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️ UROCKlive1 Disappointed 😞. WE as Americans deserve better than this! She does not represent Americans!! Never thought I’d see the day! Wow She won by 18 she destroyed the establishment grifter I want to ‘survive’ with a 28K margin

Lmao “survived”. She won in a landslide. That is unfortunate. She is a known supporter for the Muslim Brotherhood Group which promotes radical Islam. The group is considered terrier group by many nations. Trump’s administration is trying to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a “Foreign Terrorist Organization”.

Barf She won!!! Survived? She blew her opponent the fuck out. sooooo... how many votes did she get saveourchidren Effortlessly handled sounds better than surivied but doesn't generate clicks, I guess. Did you really say 'survived?' You mean crushed by more than 15% oh ok Survived? She won by 20% and was out spent 5-1, thanks for another shit, paid for headline .

Sad day How? You misspelled 'stomps on her challenger'. Elect Somalia... get Somalia davidfrum 'Survived'? She won by 20 points. JFC davidfrum Crazy rats DemocRATS davidfrum Omar's coming and wingnuts are scared she didnt survive, she smashed her competition. wtf is wrong with you AP? Great news for the GOP. She’s a walking campaign ad for the Republicans.

What is it with this “survived” talking point when they won by landslides? Are people that ignorant “Survived”. Second time today guys. Why do you keep saying survived Still gonna do this 'survived' thing? IlhanMN won by 27K votes RashidaTlaib won by over 35K AOC won by over 20K The Squad isn't surviving, they're thriving. These aren't 'fending off challengers.' These are mandates to keep pressuring the Democratic Establishment.

How? How does this happen? How Anti American values n she banks? AP repeating corporate propaganda for the establishment that Omar “survived” when she won by nearly 20 points davidfrum Bravo! Oh for fucks sake. What a P.O.S. Aren’t you happy Please stick to what you are, a press agency. Thanks. Does the AP not have access to a dictionary?

It was a blowout? Wtf you mean survive!! “Survived” 🤡 “Survived?” More like KILLED IT. nebraskaredrose Fan-freaking-tastic!! Well done, Ilan, thanks for fighting for the people who voted to have someone fight for them. It's progress! Change is coming, no matter how much or how little entrenched interests like it.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

She’s an embarrassment to the United States I used to think the AP was unbiased. I was wrong. My bad.😒 Minnesota under Sharia law. That's where they are headed. 'Crushed' is the verb you're looking for. davidfrum ffs, she annilated her opponent inkcanada Can you guys please stop using the word “survive” when the winner gets more than 50% of the goddamn primary vote

Dont like her, we can do so much better Pssst, don’t tell republicans. IlhanMN Rigged Fkg El Kaeda hell yeah Why doesn't she take that thing off her head IsntSheHot? WhatIsThisTheSahara? BizarreLook The Sqaud is intact!! Let’s go!! JoeCorallo 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 BARF.. Nasty human Bad news for the US. vote her out!!!

That's a crime in itself. A person with such a radically negative view on this country doesn't belong in office. 'Survived?' Lol, she destroyed her opponent, you weak ass liberals. Congratulations!! 🤮🤮🤮🤮 Survived? Holds off? Are those words we use for someone who wins an election by 18% points? I don't think 'survived' is an accurate representation of her thrashing those challengers.

She won by a large margin, report fairly. she is not survived but strongly beat her challenger Nancy Pelosi saved her. Excellent “Survived” This seems to be the narrative from both the AP and Politico on races involving the squad. It’s almost if they want to downplay just how popular they are. She kicked ass...poor headline!

Sorry Minnesota National celebrity? Hardly Voters in her district are getting the violence and destruction they have voted for. Let me guess a corporate Democrat....good we need progressive dems that want money out of politics. It’s the terrorist herself lmao 😂 “Survived” by 20 points last I checked. Where is she from? Who are these people who vote for her 😳

Sorry, Armenians. 57% vs 39% win, id say thats more than survived

Ilhan Omar faces toughest Squad primary testAlexandria Ocasio-Cortez survived her primary. Rashida Tlaib did, too. Now it’s Ilhan Omar ’s turn on Tuesday — and she faces the stiffest challenge of any member of the Squad The squad of DomesticTerrorist 🤡 She needs to lose. The people need to rid themselves of AOC a lying crook!

Rep. Ilhan Omar faces tough primary challenge in Minnesota 5th Congressional District raceRep. Ilhan Omar , D-Minn., is set to defend her seat in Minnesota 's 5th Congressional District on Tuesday, in one of the most expensive primary campaigns in the state. Antone Melton-Meaux, a Black lawyer and mediator, has emerged as Omar's most serious challenger. In an interview with ABC News Another sellout....The coterie of idiots who are used by racists and apartheid Israel to muzzle criticism of the crimes and war crimes against Palestinians... Hope she loses. She is embarrassing to the people of the state of Minnesota I support Ilhan Omar. She is very good, very effective.

Rep. Ilhan Omar faces tough primary challenge in Minnesota 5th Congressional District raceRep. Ilhan Omar , D-Minn., is set to defend her seat in Minnesota 's 5th Congressional District on Tuesday. Antone Melton-Meaux has emerged as her biggest challenger. Dr. Yan Limeng spoke for the first time: The new crown virus is a product of the Chinese Communist People’s Liberation Army Virus Laboratory! If the stories (illegally immigrated by marrying her brother, paid $800K of campaign funds to new husband, etc.) are true then she probably shouldn't be reelected. She resembles .... Yassar Arafat

Challenge To Minnesota Rep. Omar Tops 5 Races To Watch TuesdayConnecticut, Georgia, Minnesota , Vermont and Wisconsin hold primaries today. Rep. Ilhan Omar faces a tough challenge in her Minnesota district, and in Georgia, GOP leaders try to stop a controversial House candidate from becoming the nominee. I don't know why ANYONE would re-elect Omar. She has been nothing but a progressive hot-mess in MN.

Ilhan Omar Faces Well-Funded Rival in Democratic Primary in MinnesotaRep. Ilhan Omar , a prominent member of the progressive “squad” in Congress, faces a primary challenge from attorney Antone Melton-Meaux, a well-funded rival who has focused on her outsize national profile and controversial statements. isnt the problem there that obama filled that district with terrorists so they are the majority now? The question remains; are the people of MN driven by common sense or the flavor of the day in ideologies? “We don’t need a celebrity, we need someone who is going to serve.” Biden2020 💙🇺🇸

Tuesday's primaries: Ilhan Omar fights for political survival and QAnon believer hopes to join the House Minnesota 's 5th Congressional District is strongly Democratic, and the winner of Tuesday's Democratic primary will likely go on to victory in November. I heard Omar’s brother is cool Why does this woman dress like she's en route to a costume party?