Minnesota officer meant to grab Taser before shooting Black man, police say

Daunte Wright, 20, was killed during a traffic stop, sparking tense protests near Minneapolis.

4/12/2021 9:02:00 PM

UPDATE: Minnesota police chief asserts that he believes an officer intended to grab a Taser, but mistakenly grabbed her gun and shot and killed Daunte Wright during a traffic stop Sunday.

Daunte Wright, 20, was killed during a traffic stop, sparking tense protests near Minneapolis.

last year.Body-cam footage appeared to show Wright getting out of his car and then getting back in before a female voice could be heard shouting"Taser!" before Wright was shot. The officer had meant to draw a Taser but instead grabbed her gun, Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Gannon said at a Monday press conference.

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"This was an accidental discharge," Gannon told reporters.Mayor Mike Elliott said he wants the officer fired."We cannot afford to make mistakes that lead to the loss of life," Elliott said."I do fully support releasing the officer of her duties."

Daunte Wright, who was shot and killed by Brooklyn Center police during a traffic stop on April 11, 2021.Courtesy Wright FamilyWright called his mother, Katie Wright, asking for the car's insurance information, shortly after being pulled over, she told reporters on Sunday. headtopics.com

He had been pulled over by police for having an air freshener hanging from his rear-view mirror, which is illegal in Minnesota, according to Katie Wright."Initial details are troubling," the American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota said in a statement."Wright’s mother told several news outlets that she was on the phone with her son when he was pulled over for having a dangling air freshener on his car rearview mirror. She said they asked him to get out of the car, but wouldn’t say why. Then she heard scuffling and gunshots."

"The ACLU-MN has deep concerns that police here appear to have used dangling air fresheners as an excuse for making a pretextual stop, something police do all too often to target Black people," the statement continued."The warrant appears to be for a non-felony."

April 12, 202101:13The unrest in Brooklyn Center came at a particularly fraught time for Minnesotans, already on edge with theChauvin trialdrawing so much attention.The National Guard was mobilized to control a rock-throwing crowd which gathered in front of the Brooklyn Center Police Department by nightfall. Officers fired rubber bullets and tear gas during the unrest.

Chauvin's defense on Monday asked a judge to sequester jurors, fearing they could be influenced by the killing of another Black man by police.The request was denied.MSNBC legal analyst Paul Butler said Chauvin's defense never had any real hope of having jurors sent to a hotel room for the trial's duration — but instead made the application as a possible, post-conviction insurance policy. headtopics.com

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Asking for"the jury be sequestered is really a way that the defense ... can preserve this issue on appeal," Butler said. Read more: NBC News »

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B.S. this was no accident. Fire her and charge her with murder Bullshit! That is no excuse for killing an unarmed man! Negligent homicide. Bet this cop isn't charged Don't you just love how the media spins things in favor of police after they murder someone Cops are trained liars starting with the chief....

It used to be the police screaming “don’t resist” to someone who was face down and not moving was their “get out of jail for murdering a Black free card.” This one was more sophisticated. Yelling TaserTaserTaser. The new homocidal cop get out of jail free card. If it was a white male, the picture would already be plastered all over the internet.

It's negligence. Seen it before. If she can’t tell the difference in the weight of a taser versus her side arm or doesn’t know they’re usually worn on opposite sides of a the belt a person is wearing....🤦🏼‍♀️ And when she felt another weapon in her hand, she wrapped her hand around that alien shape, pointed it at her victim, fitted her finger over the trigger, and fired.... I once tried to use a stapler as a mouse. Didn't try to right click though.

So he’s either a) grossly incompetent b) racist or c) both. Why are US police forces so full of these idiots? That’s a Bunch of Hogwash actions speak louder than words and she’s a Veteran and her action came at the cost of a 20 year old mans Life should definitely be consequences no way in hell are we gonna just brush this off as a Accident

'Identified?' How about 'arrested and charged?' Us is one of the countries with worst public behaviour and disciplinein the world right now. Looting and rioting in response to even the most despicable of crimes is wildly unhelpful in every conceivable way. It's patronizing to suggest that black people are incapable of expressing their anger without committing property damage & stealing.

“The officer involved in the fatal shooting” Weird way to say “officer that killed Daunte,”but okay. show us the bright yellow taser Lol sure Another day, another mindless shooting, a tragic loss of life with unfortunately no end in sight,horrendous BS! Incompetent and dangerous police are a bigger threat to Black America now more than ever! PoliceReformNow GunReformNow

All these pictures of hands up don’t shoot. Had Daunte just don’t that instead of resisting, none of this would’ve happened.

No tell me first off why was he even grabbing for his taser to as he said meant to grab it but grab his gun, didn't he know the difference between the two? How quick they are to grab for weapons in situations that they aren't even called for and then cry accident. She had that gun right in front of her, if she couldn’t tell the difference between her gun and taser, then she should not have either!

Really who is fooling who!! This wild level of incompetence does not excuse her from murder, at the very least manslaughter. What a cesspit, bin juice drowning world we live in. God rest every poor soul killed and families the grief and pain inflicted by the oppression of the system 😢 At this point American tax dollars will pay for billions in reparations from here to eternity. I can’t with this crap.

So now if you’re a black man in America and you have an air freshener dangling from your window, it’s a death sentence. WAKE UP AMERICA, THIS IS MURDER! It’s starting to feel like being a black man in America is an automatic death sentence if he ever encounters police. Literal murders by police every few weeks.

A white police officer has murdered another innocent black person. White journalist will say it was an accident.

Black people don’t need an excuse to loot and riot..... They don’t care about explanations. Here we go again. There’s something deeply disturbing happening in the USA. Bullshit Bull shit, anyone knows the difference between a taser and a gun, cop needs to be fired Someone’s life is gone. Someone is now fatherless. Someone is with out a son and a sibling. She needs to pay with time in jail. That’s one hell of a “mistake”

No one should be killed over a routine traffic stop 😡 What Fire her and lock her up! And turned off the safety? So often,no excuse,that any african american want to stay in the usa. And if you believe that...

New belt. What’s this? Come on, give me a break. so just what did little daunte do? There is a 0 percent chance that this is what actually happened. So WHO Really Want The American People To Believe THAT LIE....Wait So After He Is Not Only Killed At A Traffic Stop Allegedly He Then Lay In The Street For 4hrs Or More🤔 WHY The Cops Are NOT Doing BETTER Actually They Are Doing More KILLING I Know A Cop That NEVER Used He GUN🤔

Why even taser someone for a traffic stop? Judge jury and executioner aka police officers in American Here we go with the bulls÷=× as usual. Oh he grabbed his gun and fired thinking it was a tazer. Full of s*÷× cops again making sure 1 of their own gets away with murder. Sorry that’s b.s. not with the way he was shouting at Wright. Mentality was black Guy should be on the ground because I’m elite with a badge and gun. I have the power and I use it!

She reached for the very place that holsters her gun, she’s either stupid or pushing a ridiculous lie. Police issue tasers should be a mandatory neon green. Hard to mistake a gun for that...

Why is it that so many police officers have to resort to a taser or a gun in the first place. Do these people think they get a pass on being cooperative when asked? Everyone seems to carry a gun in the US so I don’t wonder why law enforcement is so cautious Sounds legit..... So, *accidental* murder... I believe that's called manslaughter


Since they are worn on different sides of the body, this appears to be a lie, an attempted cover up. Tragic incident. Good move to release video quickly. Chief should not have declared this an accident since not in charge of investigation. Press conference a shit show from that point. Press in the room was poor, pointing fingers vs. gathering available facts at this point.

How the fuck do you confuse a tazor with a gun? Smh! JusticeForDaunteWright BlackLivesStillMatter the message they send by posting this photo that has nothing to do with the incident is very clear Officers who can’t tell the difference between a taser and a gun should not carry guns. Departments that cannot train their officers well enough to tell the difference but still send them out into public armed should be under stricter civilian supervision.

Wow! Officer and Chief should be fired yesterday. Law and order people lost final argument of reforming policing in our country. 'Mistake'- Both of the should be run out of town! Riiight. Tasers and guns feel the same weigh the same and operate the same. Riiight. Who can't feel the difference between a taser and a pistol.

That’s not gonna help Not buying that. The police chief did a great job. He gave facts, he showed his emotion, he was honest and straight forward to a hostile audience. I thought it was my apartment, I thought it was my taser, I thought he/ she had a weapon. Only cops need guns tho NBCNightlyNews What!? That's stupid! Unbelievable!