Minneapolis Seethes Over George Floyd's Death As Trump Calls Protesters 'THUGS'

As one protester in Minneapolis told NPR, the anger over George Floyd's death is about more than just one man — it's about how police treat black people across the U.S.

5/29/2020 6:14:00 PM

As one protester in Minneapolis told NPR, the anger over George Floyd's death is about more than just one man — it's about how police treat black people across the U.S.

Demonstrators set fire to a police precinct overnight during continued protests over the black man's death in custody. The president weighed in via Twitter, and police arrested a CNN crew.

Kerem Yucel/AFP via Getty Imageshide captiontoggle captionKerem Yucel/AFP via Getty ImagesFlames consume a liquor store near the 3rd Precinct in Minneapolis, where demonstrators gathered for a third straight night to protest the death of George Floyd in police custody.

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Kerem Yucel/AFP via Getty ImagesAs one protester in Minneapolis told NPR, the anger over Floyd's death is about more than just one man — it's about how police treat black people across the U.S."This is how our people react, you know? When we've been done wrong for so long," he said."So, me, I'm just praying and hoping everybody makes it home safe."

On Friday morning, state police arrested a CNN crew while they were reporting about the unrest on live television."A black reporter from CNN was arrested while legally covering the protests in Minneapolis," the network."A white reporter also on the ground was not."

YouTubeThe crew consisting of correspondent Omar Jimenez, producer Bill Kirkos and photojournalist Leonel Mendez was released about an hour later. CNN Worldwide President Jeff ZuckerMinnesota Gov. Tim Walz personally apologized to him for the incident.

The swift backtrack did little to soften the shock of the spectacle, though."With all the perversions of American democracy that we have witnessed, few rival the dystopian spectacle of a U.S. journalist calmly reporting the news and repeatedly offering to reposition his crew at the police's request, only to be arrested, cuffed and hauled away alongside his crew,"

said Suzanne Nossel, CEO of PEN America, advocacy group that fights for press freedom.She added:"For us at PEN America, where we routinely document the arrest and imprisonment of writers and journalists worldwide, the action was eerily familiar, but something we expect to see in authoritarian states: Turkey, Hong Kong, Egypt. To see it in the United States of America is appalling."

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Stop being criminals by destroying your jobs your city yourself!!! Join the police academy 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 BrandonEaston This is not only how police treat black peoples badly and horribly this violation of black peoples human rights Sigh. NPR, please explain to the world that the rate of being murdered by the police per crime incident is higher for whites. They aren't killed more by the police. If they can stop being responsible for a disproportionate amount of crime, they can equalize it.

And one said that ppl where using the death to steal. I see you didn’t report on that but I watched it live. The woman said there was no excuse for the burning and looting. WilcoxNMP And yet none of you can prove this killing was racially motivated. Also, police killings of blacks are one quarter what they were in 1960 while killings of whites are about the same. The biggest danger to blacks is other blacks.

3rd? It's 1st degree it was deliberate premeditated. HouseJudiciary People are justifiable angry. The have endured institutional racism for 250 years. Does anybody think disenfranchised angry black people destroying their own neighborhoods by riots is any different than disenfranchised white people destroying democracy by voting for Donald Trump?

Fun fact.. in Minnesota 3rd degree and manslaughter essentially same. Light sentence, tantamount to calling it 'accidental'. It's not enough. Sensitivity Policetraining & more nonracist employee requirements could be an answer. It’s no excuse. Trumps own racism has fueled this, with his aggressive speeches. Potus, Governor, Mayor & City Police leaders haven’t condemned racism. DerekChauvin supports racisttrump

vprnet Tony says this is a load of BS .. no one rioted.. looted.. or thugged for him... Every American of every color should read Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States…it tells the whole story and it’s not pretty, but it’s the truth!!! wewerenevergreat!!! WHY IS EVERYONE ASKING THE WRONG QUESTIONS? IGNORING their surroundings Do you not notice the inaccuracies? Where’s the guy who video’d it? Who are the ‘violent’ protesters with earpieces in? Who is the guy in black tactical who BROKE THE 1st WINDOW? Not curious?

Stay away from them. Then you don't have to deal with it. Ferguson never recovered, Detroit never recovered. who needs Minneapolis. If the people that live there don't? Does this mean it was dying anyway? It had nothing to do with injustice it was opportunity and some say started by outside agitators that want to generate activist money

Oh please. people destroying things are THUGS! they are not protesters Trumpisabuffoon Does ANYONE believe Donald Trump cares about George Floyd's death? Do you think he loves Minneapolis? He politicized to criticize the Mayor, when you don't need critics. You need support. He is bravely typing tweets from the Whitehouse, not leading his country.

Well said mr President So you decide to burn a city down and loot from businesses and put people out of work for YOUR actions. Grow up and learn to protest without violence. You are a coward. You crossed the line when you pick up a rock or pole and matches you deserve to be behind bars The Oxford dictionary describes a thug as a violent person, especially a criminal. Try picking up a book.

Can’t call a thug a “thug”? I never learned that it was ascribed to any color, religious group, etc. Anyone making that distinction is wrong. Still hasn’t changed. FUNNY YESTERDAY HE SAID HE SAW THE VIDEO ''LAST NITE''AND IT DISURBED HIM...PEOPLE THAT WAS REAL SLICK..HE WASNT TALKING BOUT THE GEORGE FLOYD VIDEO..HE WAS TALKING BOUT THE RIOTING....WATCH N JUST REMEMBER, ITS TRUMP..HE DID NOT MENTION GEORGE FLOYD ONCE

It happens to all races, but only one race chooses to destroy their own cities in response. THE BIGGEST THUG OF ALL IS THE FAT DISGUSTING THING TAKING UP SPACE IN THE WHITEHOUSE. .TRUMPIZM NOW CASTING A HUGE BLACK CLOUD OVER THE COUNTRY..IT MUST BE REMOVED Did you criticize Obama when he used THUG to call Baltimore rioters in 2015? Double standards?

Since most major city police forces are headed by blacks and many are majority minority, maybe it is more the way blacks treat the police? Of course he did, that's on purpose. Only racists like NPR would consider the word 'thugs' as racist. Really people, the asinine things you now try to claim are 'racist' is absolutely hysterical.

Looting and burning down your own city is definitely the right way to go in response. Well look how blacks treat each other, look at black on black crime. Start there NPR again perpetuating violence! Where’s Twitter censorship? Censor all or none!! TwitterFactCheck 'thug' is a racial overtone, per NPR?

The dictionary doesn't describe the word 'thug' as a racial overtone. NPR fact check? So, now thugs is racist? Let's cancel that word to make trump look bad. How dare he say... Thug. Read enough intersectional gender articles and half of the NPR content would be considered racist. And how is thug 'widely' criticized as racist? It's not.

fakenews Trump called the looters and rioters THUGS! Ifthe shoe fits...FakeNewsMedia spinning words to make fake headlines. defundnpr Riots and looting Minneapolis mayors office, occupied by democrats since 1974. Spin all you want npr, you won't stop Trump 2020. it’s just racist. no need to dilute with “overtones”

self restraint from everyone What else should we call them? Better than white people according to data. Yeah, and it just happened NOW. someone there ready to film, stupid cop does this horrible act, it is been filmed directly in entirely, no one take the phone off, and then this protests and chaos in the middle of THIS HORRIBLE VIRUS. Now it seems VIRUS IS AT THE BACK OF MINDS?!

'Minneapolis Prosecutor: Democrat Minnesota Governor: Democrat Minneapolis Mayor: Democrat St. Paul Mayor: Democrat They’re all allowing Minnesota to burn right now. This destruction always occurs in their cities. What the hell are they doing right now to stop this madness?' Dishonestly misleading. Trump has called the rioters and looters thugs. Not the protestors. NPR contributing to anti-race relations.

FFS 🤷🏻‍♂️ Police attacking more black citizens in LA In 2015, Obama called the Baltimore Rioters Thugs. Where were you then? Clowns. Minnesota has become a fascist state. Truly incredible that the blue state and city government is arresting news crews and refusing to charge the police officers with murder. The Minnesota Democrat party has reverted to their racist Jim Crow roots.

Looting and rioting can never be justified. For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and you will be commended. Romans 13:3 It’s one thing to protest and demand justice. It’s a whole other to loot and burn down businesses that have nothing to do with police brutality. GeorgeFloyd

Could white supremacists be instigating the violence? Cops posing as Antifa? why is it difficult for the black police to bring change in the police force......or they turn white after the oath? blame not the police much but the institutions that command the police...the police are just common brother thug with a gun to enforce law given to him and manual

This is the Minneapolis police chief, Medaria Arradondo Полностью с вами с согласна It’s time we start accepting the fact that white police officers in predominantly Black areas are not going to work anymore. Anytime a White Officer cannot get compliance it racist. If it’s a Black Officer, that’s not going to be an option...

wordglass Looting and setting property on fire is what Thugs do no matter the color. A cop who commits a murder in the line of duty is certainly a Thug but worse. This is how Trump reacted to peaceful protest. I'm failing to find any dictionary definition of 'thug' that involves racial overtones - - not even a subtle suggestive element. I love you NPR, but everyone is so off target... These are thugs. The murdering officer and all those who are loving tearing society apart... riots

The same thing happened to a white guy in Texas in 2016, no one said shit and the charges were dismissed against the officers. Why is the media so full of crap? Peaceful demonstration encourages a participatory democracy and a circulating economy. Demand Justice in the voting booth and the courts. Burning and stealing is always wrong

You can be angry without violence and destroying neighborhoods that provide jobs and stability. This is sheer criminality. It is an excuse that criminals are using to harm people and property. It is not the way to go about a peaceful protest. This is what happens when peaceful protests just get ignored. Especially now a days, this will reach a boiling point. This is a wake up call for our judicial system and law makers. You are tasked to address the issues with actions, not platitudes.

No , not just black people but all americans who cannot afford competent lawyers . The American justice system only works for you if you can pay That's because he's a racist! Firetrump So, let me get this straight. BLM only if white people kill, but no BLM when they kill their own? Got it... George Floyd may be the face we see... but he is every black man in America.

Rioting is what happens when white people have the audacity to try and tell Black people when and how to protest (spoiler alert, it’s never) and write them off as an angry black man/woman when they attempt to voice their justifiable rage. That rage boils over. CBDWELL1 Viral outbreaks ebb and flow never really end key is managing them minimising them. We see this in neural models of various outbreaks over last 30 years

Thugs has always been a code word Minnesota has become a fascist state. Truly incredible that the state and city government is arresting news crews and refusing to charge the police officers with murder. OMG ‘Thug’ is not a racist word. It only is if you want it to be. Thugs come in all colors and races. Way to divide, msm at it again😣

I mean, obviously? As one African-American business owner is telling anyone who will listen, the Muslim shop who called 911 over a $20 bill treat black people worse than anyone he's ever seen. Wait, is it an election year? We could end this all right now by charging the officers with murder and opening a nationwide investigation into every police force that exists in America, purging and charging the white supremacists that have infiltrated every police force.

White men protesting with assault rifles = good people People of color protesting without rifles = thugs THIS is why! BlackLivesMatter This Is No Longer A Protest, But A Coverup Of Mass Theft And Vandalism. 😉RIPGeorgeFloyd Police treat every race the same, poor people are more likely to commit crimes and there is a higher amount of black people in the poor community so of course they'd have a higher rate of arrests and therefore a higher likelihood to resist arrest and be hurt or killed.

Organizing a peaceful protest in Boston. In the name of all the victims murdered by police brutality and not given their proper justice. icantbreathe BlackLivesMatter JusticeForGeorgeFloyd He’s correct see all the gang signs being throw around? LOL A thug is a thug It Is what it Is No racial undertones NPR... STILL Laffin

Hypocrite. may we assume that they were collecting reparations? So, maybe ARSONISTS is more PC. REALLY npr ?!? Why do I even listen to your programming?!? BiasedMedia The THUG in office is unfit for humanity. Was it also racist when Obama said it? In realDonaldTrump 's mind... Thug = The 'N' Word ..just sayin...

They are not thugs, they are freedom fighters. Fighting for the freedoms you take for granite. Trump benefits from controversy and any distraction from unemployment and COVID-19. Whether or not riots/protests/rebellions (whatever you want to call it) are justified in principle, the biggest beneficiary is the oppressor so it's not a great strategy this time.

He also made a threat of extrajudicial killings of his own citizens. They are thugs and 99.98% are black. I’ve called white ANTIFA thugs. That’s life Let us remember that during the initial peaceful protests, police used tear gas and rubber bullets. Police response to protests caused the riots. OK, now Obama is a racist, get over yourself!

Thugs are criminals. Why do liberal media outlets pretend everything is racist? Since when does the word “thug” bare racial overtones?! Yeah you're right, Do you think he was really talking about India nationals. That's where the word cones from idiot. they were killers with religious disclaimers. What is there about slanting a sound bite to mske things worse that gets you guys off?

But good people that shut down the Michigan Captial was fine people GTFOH

Donald Trump on violent Minneapolis protests: Mayor Jacob Frey 'very weak,' 'thugs' dishonor George Floyd's memoryAs fires burned around the Minneapolis Police Department’s 3rd precinct, President Donald Trump lashed out on Twitter, calling the city’s mayor 'weak' and saying that 'thugs are dishonoring the memory of George Floyd.' Where’s the lie? He is right on both. The ppl who stormed that capitol with guns threatening the governor were true 'thugs.' These ppl who are protesting are just fed up and exercising their constitutional right to peacefully protest. Get it straight POTUS

Donald Trump on violent Minneapolis protests: Mayor Jacob Frey 'very weak,' 'thugs' dishonor George Floyd's memoryAmid escalating violence in Minneapolis after George Floyd's death, President Donald Trump criticized the city's mayor and called protesters 'thugs.' Suspend the Cheeto's account. Flagging the tweet is twitter injecting its opinion into his statement. While you're burning our city. I see your paper burning into history. You'll be just as passe as the old rotator phones. America does not need you, you're just another political organization. And we have great communication capabilities.

George Floyd Protesters Breach Minneapolis Police Precinct and Watch It Burn. Here's What to Know'When the looting starts, the shooting starts': Trump tweets about protests in Minneapolis, saying 'THUGS' are dishonoring George Floyd's memory and suggesting the 'Military' assume control Hey troll you are the thug 😂🤣 Thugs have taken over and the army should be called in. How is looting Target a protest? Somebody has to assume control. The people of Minnesota aren't doing a good job.

Protesters enter Minneapolis police station, set firesMINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Protesters angered by the death of George Floyd, a handcuffed black man who died while in police custody, gained access to a Minneapolis police precinct on Thursday, the third... Makes sense if the officers are out surrounding the alleged murders house, who would stop them from doing this? FUCK MINNEAPOLIS POLICE! FUCK MINNEAPOLIS POLICE! FUCK MINNEAPOLIS POLICE! FUCK MINNEAPOLIS POLICE! FUCK MINNEAPOLIS POLICE! FUCK MINNEAPOLIS POLICE! Rioters*

USA TODAY @USATODAYMinneapolis police and FBI speak to media about their investigation into the death of George Floyd. What investigation. There’s no investigation. Every one saw what happen. The racist cop killed him. JusticeForFloyd

USA TODAY @USATODAYMinneapolis remains on edge as protests continue following police-involved death of George Floyd Following the murder of George Floyd by police while in custody. Not protestors, they are rioters with violent intentions who want anarchy. PoliceThePolic1 PoliceThePolice