Minneapolis protests get heated, looting reported as George Floyd death sparks new outcry

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Protests grew increasingly tense in Minneapolis on Wednesday, and looting was reported, as outrage grew over George Floyd – whose death in police custody was recorded on video that went viral.

Fox News’ Mike Tobin, reporting live from the scene, was caught in the crossfire and said he felt pepper spray get into his eyes.

The police on the ground, carrying their bicycles like shields along with Tasers, pepper spray and tear gas, received cover from a garrison of officers on the nearby rooftop of the department’s 3rd Precinct, armed with tear gas launchers. She posted video that showed a mob of people, many of them in masks, at the front of the store. Looters made off with items ranging from TVs to clothing and even groceries, the outlet reported.

He was unconscious by the end of the clip, which is several minutes long. Medics arrived in an ambulance to load him onto a stretcher, and he appeared limp. He was later pronounced dead.


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as said by Nacy pelosi ,it's a beautiful sight

compare to hongkong , what will fox say now,

let's hope they were wearing masks

You aren’t addressing this story whatsoever!! Only the late night hosts are!

government of China is saying they will do more corruption and get more exploitation from persons in HongKong,if persons of HongKong are against them ,they will maim or even kill them just like Nazis did

They will find evidence Chinese officials and policemen got a lot of money from persons and let them leave Wuhan after it was closed,they will find Chinese officials were engaged in illegal wildlife trading sales,and how Wuhan Virus Research Institute caused and led to COVID-19

government of China is still covering up the fact COVID-19 spread to and break out in World from Wuhan,They are very afraid investigators of US,EU,Canada and other countries go to Wuhan for investigation

It is a tragic event to say the least, but what does looting have to do with anything? Did Target and Autozone and any other store looted have a hand in the events leading to the murder of Mr. Floyd? Those people need to be arrested as well!!! Disgusted with people!

Why are people showing their ignorance and stupidity by looting stores, tearing up businesses, stealing merchandise. What does that have to do with what happened What does that have to do with Black Lives Matter? Bunch of thieving Thugs! But if cops stop them, oh brutality!BS

A riot is the language of the unheard.

Savages who use what happened as an excuse to commit crimes.


What is wrong with Demrod governors. Can they not govern as it appears they are all incompetent. What is happening in Minneapolis is not a peaceful protest? This is a full blown riot with destruction of personal property. The governor should have called in the National Guard ASAP

How did Floyd end up on the Ground with an officers knee on his kneel. CNN Chris Cuomo had additional video that showed he fell. The question is why didn’t the officers simply help him up? He does not appear to be fighting them.

Once looting starts it's no longer a protest but a criminal act and the original complaint is no longer considered the reason you came out. Stop looting. No violence. Peaceful protest is the only way to be heard.

Protesting because they want more jobs or school opportunities? May allowed, this is primitive ! And later they complain why they are arrested ... where these people work? Os are sucking OBAMA SOCIAL SECURITY AND HILARY SOCIAL SERVICES FREE?

We never elected officials to force us to stay home. what were they thinking? I am very surprised no one has been shot yet.

We should all be outraged.. but when you start looting and destroying businesses belonging to others..you create another wrong and make yourselves look bad

Did these 'protesters' face riot police? Were they maced? Were they arrested? Were they fined? TrumpOwnsEveryDeath

None of this would happen if that idiot move his knee from Mr. Floyd’s neck! 😡Lockhimup

Only a non human brain cell could come up with the idea of rioting and looting as a response to something that wasn’t done to you, and wasn’t done by any of the people you are hurting by your sub human behavior.

The best way to remember a slain man.

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