Minneapolis Police Were Sued A Decade Ago In Similar Restraint Case

The department settled for $3 million and offered training for officers in how to restrain people in custody more safely in the 2010 case.

5/30/2020 4:34:00 AM

Minneapolis paid out $3 million dollars to settle a lawsuit over the 2010 death of David Smith. The young black man died after an officer pinned him down with a knee on his back for several minutes.

The department settled for $3 million and offered training for officers in how to restrain people in custody more safely in the 2010 case.

Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was charged today with third-degree murder and manslaughter in the death of George Floyd. Video of Chauvin, who is white, with his knee on the neck of Floyd, who is black, has caused days of protests and rioting in the Twin Cities and other communities across the country.

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According to charging documents, an autopsy showed no evidence of strangulation or"traumatic asphyxia," but it says being restrained by police, combined with Floyd's underlying health problems, likely contributed to his death.In recent years, many police departments have trained officers to be alert to the risk of what's called"positional asphyxia," the possibility that prolonged restraint of a suspect in a prone position can be deadly. It's a lesson some in the Minneapolis Police Department already learned once, 10 years ago.

Minneapolis paid out $3 million dollars to settle a lawsuit over the 2010 death of David Smith, 28. The young black man was mentally ill, his attorneys said, and died after officers Tasered him and then held him face-down on the floor for several minutes. One of them kept a knee on his back even after he stopped responding to questions.

This video is excerpted from evidence presented in the court proceeding. As you can see in this video at 0:13, the officer is using a similar move-- a knee in the back of a man lying face down-- as officers used with George Floyd.Credit:NPRThe above video came from a personal camera carried by one of the officers, and was evidence in the lawsuit. The attorney for Smith's family, Bob Bennett, says the parallels between that video and the images of what happened to George Floyd are"stark."

"Both videos show an inhumanity and uncaringness that are quite frightening, I think," he says.Bennett says when Minneapolis settled the Smith case, it pledged additional training for officers in how to restrain suspects more safely. At the time he assumed the police department would follow through with the training, but now he's not sure.

This kind of training has become more common in recent years, especially after the death of Eric Garner, who was tackled around the neck and held down by New York City police in 2014. His repeated cries of"I can't breathe" became a rallying cry for Black Lives Matter and police reform.

This week, many police on social media condemned the video of Floyd's arrest, saying they'd been trained never to knee a suspect in the neck, or maintain pressure on someone's back longer than necessary.We are also trained to get people, as soon as safe and feasible, up off the ground and into a car, or at the very least into the recovery position on their side. There are several opportunities in this video to do just that, but it never happens, and a man dies.

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Why does it seem that they were still being trained to use those methods. Dangerous to compress neck or back. Neck is airway and it's blood flow to brain, and back/chest is where lungs have to expand to breathe. There is also panic and medical stress when can't breathe. Why does it seem that they were still be trained to use those methods. Dangerous to compress neck or back. Neck is airway and it's blood flow to brain, and back/chest is where lungs have to expand to breathe. There is also panic and medical stress when can't breathe.

The police are hunting people of color unchecked. It’s going to stop. Seems to be the murder position of choice for these cops. They should learn lessons & now, they will suffer for long time with wounds as they created with animal law enforcement, this dept. should be punished with poor training & lack of disciplines.

Explains why he was so brazen ngaio420 Nothing new.. same song and dance. When will we ever learn! Sometimes the police officer is the criminal. Sometimes the police officer makes a mistake. Sometimes the police officer is the victim. Are you for law and order or do you want to discriminate against a group and let lawlessness prevail?

😔 ... $3M to settle David Smith's death will significant dwarf the settlement for Floyd's death. Then there's the overtime, new training, and renovating/replacing property and buildings destroyed in the riots. The price tag for the trust that needs to be built is incalculable. Bob Kroll has a few enforcers on his squad. magat gonna magat

systemicracism That training did really well. -.- “In a shocking turn of events we have uncovered evidence of a long standing pattern of black people being murdered by police” Same sh*t, different decade. Can you *please* adjust the language to correctly state that he was killed by the officer? Using taxpayer money—including from black taxpayers—to sustain institutional racism against blacks.

Oh, they haven't seen ANYTHING yet. CityMinneapolis is going to have SO many lawsuits come at them from all the reporters they arrested and shot at, not to mention the suit that they'll get from letting their cops act like the Gestapo. It will be GLORIOUS. The violence across the country will probably reduce the chances Biden had over Trump and may have cost him the coming election

The head of the police union... Thank you! This is part of the problem with Capitalist America. It pretends that lives have monetary value. And those lower income, targeted communities have virtually no other option but to take the money, when presented with reparation for injustice JFC. C'mon 😡😢 Minneapolis please get standard training in place effective now. Your officers should have never allowed this and those there should have stopped it. They were even BLACK.

Wait, isn't Minneapolis run by liberal Democrats? 🤔 Wtf Minneapolis As American as apple pie Minneapolis PD - you have a problem. This is American tradition MsKaitlinnMorin OMG So this is not the FIRST TIME ? radleybalko A legal arrangement where the only penalty for killings is quiet paltry settlements with desperate families is what has taken us here. Section 1983, wielded alongside qualified immunity, remains a toothless, half-measure check on a lawless system out of control.

radleybalko The 'taxpayers' paid for the crimes of the state enforcer. This has to be something they've taught the officers and nothing's been done to stop this from happening Blame the Minneapolis, and Minnesota leadership. Yep you would think we would have trained and screened our police force better. Very sadly we did not! Progressive Democrats holding purse strings would not spend the money. Now another terrible loss of a good human being. George Floyd

And nothing has changed $3 millions with inflation that should be $6 millions today. Will that do to calm all of these madness. 😂😂😂😂 BURN THE COUNTRY DOWN. A city paying the large settlement from citizens' tax dollars is *not* going to stop police from killing suspects / citizens. The offending officer who kills needs to be the one to pay (or go bankrupt) and/or spend a long time in prison.

Let’s hope they can’t but their way out of this one. The imagery of a uniformed police officer with his knee on the neck of a black man is a fair representation of America on the necks of Blacks for hundreds of years. 😱 Paid out in taxpayer funds? Take the cop's pension, savings, home & property. Make it where they lose their money. They get a slap on their wrist and taxpayer money is used in settlements. Make them have malpractice insurance paid by themselves

This is Trump Fault. America knew we had a problem with the Police Abusing their power. Obama tried to stop it. Trump had Jeff Session declare “it is not the responsibility of the federal government to manage non-federal law enforcement agencies.” This has to end. Once and for all. JusticeForGeorge BlackLivesMatter

The autopsy report said the same thing as the Floyd. So we know deprived someone of sufficient air can lead to their death. There are cultural wars of misunderstanding and intolerance in camps all over this country and in every burb. We now broadcast several hundred channels of ignorance right into the brainhole of ever American. lies are death.

As part of the settlement, officers were supposed to get training precisely to avoid this situation happening again. 🤬 This has got to change. Time to weed out who deserves a badge and who does not. Hope this brings change we need. Enough! “when Minneapolis settled the Smith case, it pledged additional training for officers in how to restrain suspects more safely. At the time he assumed the police department would follow through with the training, but now he's not sure.” I’d say they certainly didn’t follow through

Obviously corrective action procedures are absent from MSP police training. Smells like 42 U.S.C 1983, Monell liability to me. Deliberate Indifference. A reminder that Minnesota has been a liberal blue state pretty much forever. The United States is a failed state. If you can’t protect all your citizens you have failed.

LOL today l learned there are “dueling studies about whether positional asphyxia is a real threat.” Does anyone happen to have those studies? History repeats itself. But what happened to the officer Was this another, Amy 'not enough evidence to indict' Klobuchar cases? amyklobuchar I knew they had practiced this. What a bunch of shit bags. The entire Dept needs to be fired

And it appears nothing was learned, changed, since the 2010 incident. That literally says nothing. These cities are using tax payer money and just make problems go away. Clearly it is a learned tactic that they continue to practice!! Fanning those flames!! Keep it up npr you're doing a great job. taxpayer dollars funding police abuse

Words cannot describe the how hot my blood is boiling✨🌟🧚‍♀️🌈 but numbers can. 100°C 🥰💜💫☀️ JenHatmaker hope you wake up.

Protesters Set Minneapolis Police Precinct on FireDemonstrations over the killing of George Floyd boiled over late Thursday night. Protests broke out after a video went viral this week showing Mr. Floyd, a black man, struggling to breathe as a white Minneapolis police officer pressed his knee against Mr. Floyd’s neck. Peaceful protests BlackLivesMatter That I can understand doing since the police were responsible for the killing of the man, looting stores makes no sense, those people should be shot like the president says

Minneapolis police station torched amid George Floyd protestUpdates from protests against the death of George Floyd in police custody: • Protesters torch police station. • CNN crew arrested while reporting. • President Trump draws warning from Twitter for “glorifying violence.” Full coverage: This is what happens when the Mayors, the police departments and the police unions allow crappy cops to remain on the force. We need to hold these liberal Mayors, PDs and Unions accountable. HARSHLY Arrest the murderers!!! realDonaldTrump looking for opportunity to Floyd’s murder! 1st he acted as if he cared,to see if that gets him some black votes! If it weren’t election yr, he wouldn’t even mention it! Black ppl aren’t fools; we’ll never forget Charlottesville neonazis support or Central Park 5!

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Minneapolis police station torched amid George Floyd protestFrom AP Morning Wire: • Minneapolis police station torched amid George Floyd protest. • Twitter adds ‘glorifying violence’ warning to Trump tweet. • US job losses stir fears of lasting damage. • NZ near eradication; India cases surging. SIGN UP: Twitter should label your tweet as misleading They just arrested a group of reporters live on TV. Are you going to step up? This is police state stuff! Chaotic Neutral

Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin arrested in George Floyd's death: UpdatesIn two deeply shaken cities, peaceful protests later turned violent over the deaths of unarmed black Americans George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. This isn’t going to stop the riots. Good, arrest the others and charge them all. That’s great!

Tension mounts in Minneapolis as protesters clash with policeThe second night of demonstrations in Minneapolis near the site of George Floyd's death began peacefully but grew violent as the night went on. Gabe Gutierrez reports from the demonstrations on Thursday morning. gabegutierrez “DEATH?” He was murdered. gabegutierrez Rioters, looters, and arsonists are not protesters. gabegutierrez News has a responsibility to not just show the ending results of how Police treat different groups of people differently but to show WHAT STARTED IT. Police using tear gas & intimidation yet no tear gas when white nat'l carry long guns to state capitals, no tear gas for them?