Minneapolis Ex-Officer Derek Chauvin Who Knelt On George Floyd's Neck İs İn State Custody - Cnn

Minneapolis Ex-Officer Derek Chauvin Who Knelt On George Floyd's Neck İs İn State Custody - Cnn

Minneapolis ex-officer who knelt on George Floyd's neck is in custody and faces a murder charge

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5/29/2020 8:43:00 PM

One of four police officers fired over the death of George Floyd is now in police custody, an official says

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Turn it loose, and Iet it walk! It can't get far, for my God has a hand on it. We're not to judge,but let it roam free,till it's time is met here on this world. For it's time,most certainly shall come to past. Ane we shall not be burdened by it anymore! Son una Basca de Policias degradan el uniforme...

Pomicias caras de mierda... Racism, probably, maybe. It’s all about good people and bad cunts though. Even talking about about blacks or whites or others creates a divide. We’re human end of. jenniferbeals I wonder if he has seen himself in this video an how he could, possibly, even sleep at night or not feel remorse, shame or realize how he could have done things so much differently. No more!

MbuyiseniNdlozi This one here must rot in jail. Who put Chauvin up to this? Asesino. De. Negrosssss he should be hung in public until he runs out of breath. That would be justice served... That's not enough!! It was 1st degree!! What about the other 3 monkeys, ain't them pricks going to do any time in the clinker.

xversaniax AllLivesMatter btw I hope everyone wakes up & forgets the lies created by Hollywood. USA is just a dictatorship led by a criminal elite Not enough Kill him while the whole world is watching saharaknite 3rd degree What about the other spineless cop, who just stood there looking proud as punch! His only contribution was to cockily say, don’t so drugs kids. He should be up for trial too!

What about his accomplice? He was an accessory to the crime Astrologic007 he should be charged with a greater crime because he was wearing a uniform not less. a uniform or the office you hold should not be a protection for criminal behavior it should cause for a harsher punishment not less. Thank God for justice. Give him life as he took a life.

3rd Degree Murder? Oh Hell No!!! This was 1st Degree Murder without any doubt. Anything less than that is NOT justice!! ! Gosh! Feel like I’m looking at the face of Satan. Evil. He should get 1st degree plus the other 3 too. Mouloud_Nouraki Word of injustice deeppp27 Cap 3rd degree murder/ manslaughter. Must be nice to have everyone looking out for you

Third degree murder Good This is not good He should rot in hell for what he did. May George Floyd rest in peace. First degree is only if u can prove it was a planned murder that wasn’t planned See this is why our young people are rioting in the streets now! We are tired of this two sided justice system! 3rd degree is a joke!

Please show the complete photo of this terrorist cop sitting on George Floyd's neck. Okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Manslaughter? That's ridiculous ! AnneRiceAuthor Should be first degree and the other cops there should be second or third degree . sally_angg I wonder what will happen to him in prison. He will face many inmates who don't like cops.

What is this now? It shouldn’t be about race. Whether a black, Asian, Hispanic, or white was murdered unjustly there should be consequences for who did it No lives matter until black lives matter. Do not forget the policemen who are standing there and do not help the man. These are no better. Rot in hell Monster!

I wish you can all die the same as George Floyd died, I can imagine the suffering he went through.💔💔💔 At the end of the day to many people have gotten off for murder and I’m not talking just about cops, violent crimes are on the the rise in lots of communities and it all needs to be brought to a halt. We’re all in this together and don’t want to be blamed for anyone’s actions...

Third degree murder? He knee on the man's neck, the man dey shout I can't breathe,he was still kneeling on his neck, he piss for body when he was about to give up the ghost he was still kneeling on his neck, he died he does not feel remorseful, he is heartless😭 This was clear cut murder... first degree. George Floyd kept telling him he couldn't breath but he carried on with sheer arrogance.They need to also look into the history of complaints against this officer and his conduct.

He will be out within a few weeks The United States does not have freedom of speech. Don't deceive more people. JohnNsengo Third class man, third class death, third class, third class, third class. Fry him About time!! first degree* Shame ...that’s save him from the death penalty.....mind u once he’s locked up who knows eh?

Smh All 4 need to be arrested. Chauvin needs to go to prison FOR LIFE. How about First Degree Murder!!! And Hate Crime Charges as well!!!! CNN fake news needs to get arrested as well -- It says Floyd had underlying health issues: 'The autopsy revealed no physical findings that support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation. Mr. Floyd had underlying health conditions including coronary artery disease and hypertensive heart disease.'

ChrisCuomo and his brother Are enemies of the ppl Cap f**king maga Should be first degree BlackLivesMatter Floyd First-degree murder and intentional homicide thejadasilkshow How about life with outperole Best news I heard all day. Now let's see if anything else happens other than losing his job. There HAS to be a conviction of this officer. Best case scenario, he's found guilty of 3rd degree murder, gets the max, does 25 years to life & get's his just deserts in prison.

JUSTICE. Hang em. He also looks to be lactating. gogetsmarthome 😢🇺🇸 That's not third degree murder, he knew what he was doing and deliberately continued, so did his colegues. That man committed first degree murder in a police uniform Crooked cops wear crooked badges! This beast is evil, how could be a cop?

Was his badge crooked because he was so crooked? This is a sickness with cops that cries out for psychological screenings before hiring. IQ test wouldnt hurt either. Maybe they could be retrained to shoot to wound? he's goin to be dead in prison I hope that Derek Chauvin spends the rest of his life in prison because, what he did to George Flyod was wrong however, deep condolences to his family and I'll the family in prayer🙏🙏

3rd Degree? Really? Guess these riots are just gonna continue then. That pic reminds me of Sam Rockwell's character in Three Billboards Outside Ebbings, Missouri. Is there something behind this cop? What the hell was he thinking? He has a beautiful posture and enjoys it! A look of great pride! He could win an Academy award!

Yep. Here is part of the arrest complaint Well yeah, he is a murderer... String him up & skin him alive, only then will justice be served JusticeForGeorgeFloyd They ain’t never sent a Klansman to jail. Watch another grand wizard pass him a gun to kill himself. And like a good Klu Klux Klansman he will pull the trigger.

wvd11_moo 3rd degree is not acceptable!! He needs to be made an example & we need to SEE him being taken to prison!! I bet you a £ he gets away with it Murderer. He know's someone that's why he hasn't been fired before hand. Why doesn’t the police do a check on all their officers’ past records to know what they’ve been up to? This man has so many charges yet he was allowed to roam free until now...rubbish

Yes I hope he's found guilty of all charges and punished to the full extent of the law Life in prison for all of these officers, with no chance of parole RAISETHEDEGREE RAISETHEDEGRE With that look....he knew he screwed up! Not enough. It should be first degree murder. Not enough...he mean to kill him with hate You can see it in his face

First degree not Murder three PUT THIS MAN UNDER THE PRISON, he needs to feel the pain year in year out IN PRISON and don’t forget his cronies!! People will track Well done, he single handedly ended the Corona virus😁 What was he thinking...hard force hmm🐝 Police need to enforce the law on the police also. What where the other cops thinking , why did they not object to this crime taking place. Did the public not understand that a man was having the life crushed out of him in their full view.

I want to know the rest of the story. He used to work with Mr Floyd? This was not random. slap on the wrist and hero status amongst Rons And if he do get charged he’ll be in protective custody with the others that’s not justice justice is put to death. Should be first degree murder because racists intend to cause harm

Yes! Something bothers me, is what the guy on his neck does, concentrating all streingh,weight , knowledge and will,. Knowing there is other officers on ankles waist and arms already locking in control, it really bothers me. And now the charge bothers me more Bad cops bad cops jenniferbeals When you see militias during antilockdown with heavy weapons, total disrespect like top picture and they do nothing. Only to come to a month later to have GeorgeFloydMurder happen right in plain sight, he complied, did not resist, and was unarmed, pleading for help. Unacceptable

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? He knew what he was doing, he killed an innocent man who was unarmed and who didn’t resist arrest. He truly deserves to be charged for FIRST DEGREE MURDER. He’s a MURDERER not a police officer. JusticeForGeorgeFloyd BlackLivesMatters RAISETHEDEGREE wow 3rd degree the bare minimum of course

Third Degree = accidental. How is intentionally kneeling on someone’s neck for 8+ minutes an “accident” ? A killer impersonating a cop. Sad thing is, if there were no witnesses, he would be still in his job like nothing had happened. 3rd degree? WHY NOT 1st DEGREE? Poor guy was probably just doing his job. Hope that truth comes out soon

故意杀人 Great start, what about the others? Any cut-rate attorney will help him beat the charges. Department policy. Department policy. Department policy. I love it! It’s about time. One down, three more to go! 'faces charges'.... ⚖️Lets see how long that'll last?!🤔🙄 (after all, its all happen'n under the American 'Justice System')😵.... we've All seen how well that works!!😱 - its a shame Capital-punishment no longer exists, for the likes of this species!!

Chauvin should be charged with murder in the 1st. He was told several times to get off Mr. Floyd by other officers. 9 minutes later, Mr. Floyd was dead and Chauvin never took his knee away. This was deliberate. A dangerous man. Good. jenniferbeals He needs to go to prison for life. OverexcitedDrgn Only third degree?!!! He need the first degrees he knew what he was doing!!

Good!!! Day 3 and still hasn't been charged¡ What about the other 3? At least 2 of them were holding Floyd down and assisting in his murder. It’s a start, he will probably get manslaughter and do 4 years. Now let the justice system play out. Will she be blind? Or will she see clearly? So he could plead to a lesser charge

A bit sad that it took 3 days of rioting and destruction to come to this So he should face a murder charge he killed that man and he knew he was killing repeatedly I Can't Breathe shocking how evil he is pushing his knee into the man's neck this must stop perhaps it will now this disgusting officer as been charged it sends a message to police officers

Should be first or second degree murder and the other 3 should be charged for assisting a murder. The face of a blood thirsty racist. May he never come out alive from the prison. At this point asking Protestors to RESPECT rule of LAW would be like asking Jewish People to KISS Hitlers ass! Understand the US Government right down to LOCAL POLICE is CORRUPT.

If it was the Asian cop that knee him, I bet you he’ll get the 1st degree murder. LOCK HIM UP Third-degree That cannot be enough! oliviaella_x DEATH PENALTY Haha 3rd? That's why they took awhile to arrest him, they were coming up with a plan haha he won't even go to jail. Nothing is going to change... White skin is too powerful

Thanks god justice served one behind bars and three to go , JusticeForGeorgeFlyod I still have faith in the majority of LEO's and will always support them..the true LEO's - what they do is NOT easy. That said, this man is not a LEO; he is not human IMO and deserves to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

THIRD DEGREE? What about the other three Officers looking on as accomplices and participating in the way THEY did?! The other 3 need to be charged with murder by association Thug! I hope he rots in jail. Death penalty is too good for this piece of $..T AndrewYang I’m no lawyer, but I studied civics. He should be charged with at least 2nd degree.

jaketapper 3rd degree is not enough. this is amazing news, but only third degree? And what about the other officers who stood and watched as Derek was murdering George Floyd while he was begging for air? Now arrest the looters! The are thief’s!!! Criminals “ thou shall not steal “ arrest them! This dude a former cop and a racist, I don’t see his time in prison going over well

Hopefully something happens to him in prison involving his own neck Third degree!!!! Wtf!! I'm a British citizen, iam almost glad justice has been served! To me its 1st degree murder, those other police well thats assisted murder as they did nothing to help that poor man fight for his life! Its absolutely disgusting, with no respect for his life! Do the right thing!!!

Wtf 3rd😢 He didn't act like an officer of the law. I believe he would have loosened up his pin on the neck a bit when George complained of not being able to breath. His actions were cruel. Now arrest the looters! sickemma its not enough and there were four of them. Now arrest the other 3. This is second degree murder & first degree manslaughter what video have people been seeing?

AndrewYang Manslaughter? That’s a joke right? That implies murder wasn’t the intent. You can’t kneel on someone’s kneck for that long and not mean it. What about the other cops who omitted? They should be judged as Coauthors! the assassin should get the death penalty At this point they are mocking black lives deaths at the hands of racist white men who are put in power because of their skin color. I’m done.

Litterally would pay so much money to have this dude whacked Third degree ? He deserves first degree and he deserves prison for a very long time even life I would say. Even other cops have spoken out about the video and they would all agree that he was just a bad cop and he deserves more. This was no accident. MoreJusticeForGeorgeFlyod

He should be charged with first degree murder and given the death penalty. this isnt a 3rd degree murder. he had EVERY intent to murder George Floyd. is that it really ,death row i say,and the assistanted muder for the three officer for murder too. That took a ridiculous amount of time!! He was on CAMERA killing the poor man. Now gather the others as accessories!! Make it right Mr. Freeman! This can NOT happen to another person.

He’s going to have to go in solitary confinement in jail. Joaquin Phoenix was right all along TheJoker WatchTheWorldBurn When you apply constant pressure to a man's neck and obstruct his airway for EIGHT MINUTES, that's deliberate suffocation. Nothing but first degree murder here. JRMun0z Third-degree ? Lol

It killed several others in the last decade, should be first degree at this point.. They should use this pic as his mugshot ! This charge is so insulting !! 4 cops ? George Floyd is shouting for his mother and saying he can’t breathe!! The murder was intentional 3rd degree & manslaughter? If it was a 14yo black citizen who was falsely accused to murder white girls... He would be sentenced to death by electric chair

So what have they done to stop psychopathic, sociopathic, narcissistic, racist police officers from getting hired since then?🤷‍♂️ Have you even stopped using types of Choke holds that stop people breathing? Have they done anything or they just living in a delusional dreamland He’ll get off with it......

PROTECT AND SERVE.. Need to charge the same to the cop that watched him doing it the whole time. Third degree murder the injustice is glaring He is evil with a badge to kill Shameful! Poor man dies in the hands of the very people who are there to protect! Sad. Third degree for a cop in the force for 19 yrs, over 17 complaints, knowingly what he is doing. Third degree can be lowered to a misdemeanor and these cops will do no jail time, just a slap on the wrist. More of the same nothing has changed.

Police has no right , to punish people , only to arrest in suitable way and the judge , the only one who punish . M-manslaughter? Youre kidding. Right? I dont know about 1st, but this is CLEARLY 2ND DEGREE. He deserves to rot in jail 3rd degree burns are more serious than that...wtf? Good! Throw his butt into a dungeon and from the highest point of Himalayas, drop the key into a crevice.

You are F***ed DerekChauvin The torment you are going to experience 🤦🏻‍♀️ DerekChauvin I have no doubt you knew what you were doing! Well, you definitely are going to pay the price. GeorgeLloyd DerekChauvinKilledGeorgeFloyd The other officers? Let him go What about the Good Samaritan law I am not trying to say I'm smart by any means but if I understand it even a little bit then why can't we get the other officers that were standing idly by arrested for violation of the Good Samaritan law

This is America 2020 jaketapper Third degree murder charge? Manslaughter? That means that, if convicted, he would serve between five to twelve years. Not good enough! AndrewYang 3rd degree is fucking ridiculous ITS NOT UNINTENTIONAL HE IS A TRAINED OFFICER Intent It’s not enough. This is just to quiet the masses and stop the riots. He WILL get off and the second wave of riots will be much worse.

Should have been arrested sooner.Maybe now the riots can stop or is that wishful thinking? How long till Trump pardons him? How long till Bill Barr drops the charges? 3rd degree? Tf? Hope the other cops that were standing there get charged as well. The Hennepin County Attorney's Office has released the criminal complaint filed in the arrest of former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin. Read the full document here.

Great news...Made my day Throw this clown UNDER the prison Rot in HELL!!!! Why third degree murder? Why not first or at least second degree murder? AndrewYang Should be first degree murder. Second degree at the absolute minimum. The killing wasn't accidental. My friend that was second degree murder. Not man slaughter.

Give this mf the 40yrs he deserves. He will be handled one way or another. alexforeurope Why not first degree murder? Is it Premeditated now? Oprah OfficialMLK3 chelseahandler SnoopDogg donlemon NAACP MinneapolisPD And yet the protesters continue to loot and burn. Seems their demands for accountability were not serious.

Not. Enough. Clearly, Chauvin was using his position in authority to get away with murder. Chauvin's record clearly shows he has hate and discipline issue. People like this should have been arrested and jailed earlier, and discharged from the police force. Why is every photo of this guy of him giving the people's eyebrow?

Third degree murder? No way! The charges need to be corrected to reflect the crime. Politics going on here with the Minneapolis prosecutor's office and the police. The police and prosecutors work together daily. Federal hate crime. Should be first degree, hands down . NotLycan 👀 Burn another Police precinct .

Chauvin didn’t act alone... AndrewYang He faces acquittal of 3rd degree murder charges* States charging him with the wrong thing on purpose. Don't get it twisted. This is not a rendition of justice. It's more cost effective to have 1 man in a 'Cell' then to have dozens of men guarding his home. BlackLivesMatter GeorgeFloydprotest GeorgeFloydWasMurdered

I mean Thank God he's actually getting charged with something but holy crap are you serious. I hope your family faces the same treatment as Mr Floyd Freeman. death penalty He should get the death penalty what he did was wrong he knew it was wrong but continued using his power he says I can’t breath so you carry on your going to kill me so you carry on death penalty too easy lock him like a animal chain him up lashes as a treat you deserve pain

Help How much jail time is this combo max? VTNiks03 So you're telling me that he's getting a 3rd degree murder charge... That's not enough Mike Freeman doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about. Clearly u can see the intent in this man's eyes. They have (hate and rage) written all in them.... Qué asćo da USA y su justicia. Racistas. Eso es lo que sois. RAISETHEDEGREE

FINALLY Third-degree, fucking disgusting. It was 100% malicious and full of intent. Sickening 1 down 3 to go Depraved heart is more like it! reminds me a bit of the wacky cop from 'Three Billboards' movie. It should be first though Should be first degree. Add another murder charge for the Native American he killed 💯

and now it was that they arrested him? And the other 3 idiots that were just watching? lee_latz autumnsoclassy So. They want to piss us off even more. It's about FUCKING TIME! If this arrest had been made on Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest, most of the rioting would have been avoided! It's nothing else than 1st degree murder ~ he's been disrespecting George Floyd as a human being every single second + he WANTED to hurt him, otherwise he would've listened to what he said + begged for a release.. this man deserves a lifelong prison sentence.. at least that!! 💔

His knee on George's neck and his hand in his pocket like his chilling. What about the other asshole Asian cop who stood there watching and did nothing? What’s his name and what’s he being charged with? Myon Burrell is serving a life sentence for FIRST DEGREE murder for allegedly shooting a stray bullet that killed a girl. This copstrangled George Floyd for TEN MINUTES- all the while KNOWING he was not moving or breathing. It was deliberate! First degree murder!! Nothing less!!!

About time... It's either first-degree munder or nothing patrickmadrid Specific VETTING for occupations across the board, it’s obvious that this officer was not called by God to be a “peace officer”✝️🙏💜 Third degree murder is a fucking joke. Keep going, Minneapolis. that was definitely first degree murder..

Third degree murder carries a max 25 year sentence in Minnesota We are concerned about the human rights violations against the people of Minnesota, and urge the US police to exercise restraint, refrain from violent law enforcement, and prevent unnecessary bloodshed, so as to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the people.

The other officers that stood by are complicit and also need to be charged. JusticeForGeorgeFloyd This is the best news I've heard all week. Send him down! Look like the police work wit him for 17 years 🧐😳😡😡 BlackLivesMatter GeorgeFloydWasMurdered MinneapolisRiot Minneapolis The Louisville Metro Police Department declined to comment on the case to the 19th, citing an ongoing investigation. Taylor’s family members, who are alleging excessive force and gross negligence in her death, filed suit on April 27 against the three officers involved w shooting

Minneapolis has some violent protestors like StLouis did. Did they not see in MN how the mayor was saddened&determined to work on this too?BUT,takes time&can vary with witnesses who might need interpreters, be ill,etc?&notALLin town are involved&don't deserve a BURNING town?! America saw an intent to kill in the 1st degree! This murder was thought out and planned, festering for 400 years...'laying in wait' pressing your knee into a handcuffed man's neck until he stop breathing is murder, and others standing guard are guilty of accessory to murder...

The question is, would they have arrested him if the country wasn’t rioting and burning? The man who murdered George Floyd you mean. I get being unbiased but you fuckers saw the video. That was murder. Say it you cowards. ohh really.. too late after the event.. lethal injection only result left CUZ THIS OK!?

It is not enough for the one officer to be arrested. All of the others who stood there and watched him kill GeorgeFloyd should have been arrested as well. We must demand that reforms are put in place so this won’t happen again. They better give him a stiffer sentence than they gave Mohammed Noor who got 12.5 years for 3rd degree murder and manslaughter

Three more to go. FIVE DEMANDS, NOT 1 LESS (We stand with George Floyd and Minnesota) : 1. RELEASE the American citizens arrested in demonstration. 2. APOLOGIZE for definiting us as THUGS, RIOTOR. 3. WITHDRAW all the charges of all demonstrators minnesotaprotest GeorgeFloyd StandWithMinnesota Are they feeding him burger king?

Minneapolis mayor spoke about how awful it was,&FBI said they were investigating right away&there are always some who act like wild animals on acid BESIDES who don'tCOMPREHENDthings need to be checked on both sides&some might get arrested faster because they getALLfacts FASTER! Why are the protestors burning down buildings and acting like thugs?

THIRD degree murder? No no no. That is first degree premeditated murder. Period! Have they been released? LT.BOB KROLL HAS GEORGE FLOYDS DEATH ON HIS HANDS..HIS TRAINING METHODS WERE BANNED YET STILL PROVIDED......KILLOGY METHOD WARRIOR LIKE POLICE TRAINING One down, three to go....... rainbow_chunks I am a young proud black man fearing for my life. Covid-19 . racism will! Come on my brothers and sisters this is NOT OK! SpotifyUSA Spotify joerogan ufc allowed for too long! uber netflix Apple Airbnb

Minneapolis Mayor Calls for Arrest of Officer in George Floyd DeathCalls for the arrest of the officers involved in the death of George Floyd grew Wednesday, as a small crowd gathered at the site where, according to video footage, a police officer had held him down with a knee on his neck. with the leak of that cop in the dirtbag hat .. its premeditated murder at this point ... LIFE OR BUST Justice for GF... 😡😡😡😡😡 Kamala put countless black kids and men away tho knowing how fucked up system is tho...

Justice For George Floyd Protest in MinneapolisJustice For George Floyd Protest in Minneapolis Blind_Chronic same propaganda ....EACH ELECTION ....ITS REDUNDANT ...ITS ALMOST LIKE ........PREDICTABLE NEXT .....your gonna get skittles and ice tea ..FROM RUSSIA All races are victims of PoliceBrutality WeAreAllInThisTogether ❤️❤️❤️ Burn it down! Occupy the Police

Protests continue in Minneapolis after police killing of George FloydProtests erupted across Minneapolis after the death of George Floyd, an African American man who was pinned down by a police officer. Four officers were fired this week after a video of the incident went viral. sarasidnerCNN is on the scene at a protest. sarasidnerCNN Not sure of MinneapolisPD protocol, but do we as a police force efficiently drag someone to a car 100 feet away or do we efficiently use the cop car that was 10 feet away? Please see leaked video on clearnet. sarasidnerCNN So they been fired..... has that solve anything, they deserve to be killed North Korean style sarasidnerCNN Thanks media, this is what you wanted. BTW, whites are more likely to die in the hands of the police, not the black folks.

Minneapolis Mayor Calls For Charges In George Floyd Death“Why is the man who killed George Floyd not in jail?” mayor Jacob Frey asked of the white police officer who kneeled on a Black man’s neck. Because he is a cop, and cops protect other cops. Awww... Minneapolis has a 12 year-old mayor... he gay too? that's how you know they're 'progressive' sounds like riots are in order

Minneapolis Mayor Calls For Charges In George Floyd Death“Why is the man who killed George Floyd not in jail?” mayor Jacob Frey asked of the white police officer who kneeled on a Black man’s neck. Terrible tragedy described by overdramatic, questionable sincerity mayor. Better question: why did the cop who murdered George Floyd on camera think he would not be punished? very good question

Conflict erupts at Minneapolis, L.A. protests over George Floyd deathDEVELOPING: Protests erupt in Minneapolis and Los Angeles over the death of George Floyd. Minneapolis police used tear gas for a second day on demonstrators, while protesters stormed an LA freeway. Minnesota is a racist state. Where were these assholes when all tbe white fake militia was at the capital steps😡