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Minneapolis cop who knelt on handcuffed black man arrested

BREAKING: Minnesota authorities say the police officer who knelt on George Floyd's neck has been arrested.

5/29/2020 8:24:00 PM

BREAKING: Minnesota authorities say the police officer who knelt on George Floyd's neck has been arrested.

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The police officer seen on video kneeling on the neck of George Floyd, a handcuffed black man who died in custody after pleading that he could not breathe, was arrested Friday...

He defended the city’s lack of engagement with looters — only a handful of arrests across the first two nights of violence — and said, “We are doing absolutely everything that we can to keep the peace.” He said National Guard members were stationed in locations to help stem looting, including at banks, grocery stores and pharmacies.

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The Minnesota State Patrolarrested a CNN television crewearly Friday as the journalists reported on the unrest. While live on air, CNN reporter Omar Jimenez was handcuffed and led away. A producer and a photojournalist for CNN were also taken away in handcuffs.

The Minnesota State Patrol said the journalists were among four people arrested as troopers were “clearing the streets and restoring order,” and they were released after being confirmed to be media members. CNN said on Twitter that the arrests were “a clear violation of their First Amendment rights.” Walz publicly apologized on Friday.

Protests first erupted Tuesday, a day after Floyd’s death in a confrontation with police captured on widely seen citizen video. In the footage, Floyd can be seen pleading asofficer Derek Chauvinpresses his knee against him. As minutes pass, Floyd slowly stops talking and moving.

Attorney Ben Crump, who is representing members of Floyd’s family, called for an independent investigation, and said he asked to take custody of Floyd’s body to have an independent autopsy performed. Floyd said that talk of a heart condition or asthma are irrelevant because Floyd was walking and breathing before his contact with police.

The doctor who will do the autopsy is Michael Baden, former chief medical examiner of New York City, who was hired to do an autopsy for Eric Garner as well.Minutes after the precinct burned on Thursday, the Guard tweeted that it had activated more than 500 soldiers across the metro area. By Friday morning, a couple dozen Guard members armed with assault-style rifles blocked a street near a Target store that has sustained heavy damage by looters.

The Guard said a “key objective” was to make sure firefighters could respond to calls, and said in a follow-up tweet that soldiers would assist the Minneapolis Fire Department. But no move was made to put out the 3rd Precinct fire. Assistant Fire Chief Bryan Tyner said fire crews could not safely respond to blazes at the precinct station and some surrounding buildings.

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Elsewhere in Minneapolis, thousands of peaceful demonstrators marched through the streets calling for justice.In New York City, protesters defied New York’s coronavirus prohibition on public gatherings Thursday, clashing with police, while demonstrators blocked traffic in downtown Denver and

A day earlier, demonstrators had taken to the streets in Los Angeles and Memphis.Full Coverage:MinneapolisAbout 10 protesters went to a Florida home believed to belong to Chauvin. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office tweeted Friday that Chauvin was not at the residence and has no plans to be in the area.

In Louisville, Kentucky, police confirmed that at least seven people had been shot Thursday night as protesters demanded justice for Breonna Taylor, a black woman who wasin her home in March.In Mississippi, the mayor of the community of Petalresisted calls to resign

following his remarks about Floyd’s death. Hal Marx, a Republican, asked on Twitter: “Why in the world would anyone choose to become a police officer in our society today?” In a follow-up tweet, he said he “didn’t see anything unreasonable.”The city on Thursday released a transcript of the 911 call that brought police to the grocery store where Floyd was arrested. The caller described someone paying with a counterfeit bill, with workers rushing outside to find the man sitting on a van. The caller described the man as “awfully drunk” and said he was “not in control of himself.”

Asked by the 911 operator whether the man was “under the influence of something,” the caller said: “Something like that, yes. He is not acting right.” Police said Floyd matched the caller’s description of the suspect.State and federal authorities are investigating Floyd’s death.

Chauvin, theofficer who knelton Floyd’s neck, was fired Tuesday, along with three other officers involved in the arrest.The owner of a popular Latin nightclub said that Floyd and Chauvin both worked as security guards at the club as recently as the end of last year, but it’s not clear whether they worked together. Chauvin worked at the El Nuevo Rodeo club as an off-duty security guard for nearly two decades, but Floyd had only worked there more recently for about a dozen events that featured African-American music, Maya Santamaria told The Associated Press.

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Santamaria said if Chauvin had recognized Floyd, “he might have given him a little more mercy.”Santamaria, who sold the venue within the past two months, said Chauvin got along well with the regular Latino customers, but did not like to work the African-American nights. When he did, and there was a fight, he would spray people with mace and call for police backup and half-dozen squad cars would soon show up, something she felt was unjustified “overkill.”

___Associated Press writers Steve Karnowski, Jeff Baenen and Doug Glass in Minneapolis, Gretchen Ehlke in Milwaukee, and Aaron Morrison in New York contributed to this report. Read more: The Associated Press »

HannaBattahFox4 Who is going to arrest those at the CDC that continue to experiment on African American Community? MMR CoverUp of severe effects on young African American males wdtnjohn wdtnjohn TeamBurma It took three days? good start *who killed George Floyd Fixed your tweet What a hell is goin on in this world🤭🤭

MaddowBlog Through education and legislation may we one day appreciate the true beauty of human diversity Murdered ***** ChrisCuomo 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Correction.... MURDERED So what do you do now that you have followed the media speculation and didnt wait for corners report or investigations to correctly say why this man died?

y’all are better than this. he MURDERED him stop being cowards He's where he belongs. There was no need for that kind of treatment of someone who was already handcuffed. He killed George Floyd for no good reason. So are we all fucking ignoring that this person is likely burning the American flag? You spelled ‘murdered’ wrong.

Why not say it as it should be told 🤷‍♂️ 'strangled' , 'killed' or 'murdered' are better words than 'knelt' Every protestor arrested last nite in Minneapolis was from out of state. Hmmmm🤔 Murdered***** Better late than never. But what about the other 3 cops who stood there, watched and did absolutely nothing about it? They should be arrested too!

*Murdered He killed him! Let me fix it for you: the police officer that killed George Floyd by kneeling on his neck has been arrested. Easy. The word you're looking for is 'executed' not 'knelt' 'Knelt on man's neck'?! FAIRmediawatch what are we doing here? You spelled 'murdered' wrong. emilybungertMN Let’s see if he gets condamn for real !

Don’t forget three others with with. ABFalecbaldwin killed not knelt. ABFalecbaldwin But can he breathe? Correction: murdered not knelt ABFalecbaldwin ABFalecbaldwin u just found out now? Death penalty 'the police officer who knelt on George Floyd's neck for 8 minutes on the sidewalk until he ceased breathing and died' you guys need to update the 'AP Style' guide.

Good. Now, violent protesters back off. Stop the looting and destruction. It sends a bad message He should be arrested, not just fired 1 down George Floyd was murdered. He was murdered by way of suffocation. Stop sweetening your headlines to paint better pictures of white crime. If the races were reversed I'm sure this headline would be much different.

Why even arrest them and charge them anymore. The damage has already been done .they should set them all free. Fuck them looters and rioters. Ya cant have your cake and eat it too. gleeshfit That’s a safety net for him When he was taken into custody and secured in handcuffs, did they put a knee on his neck? How Police treat an BlackMan alleged to have passed a counterfeit 20 vs. how police treat a WhiteMan wanted for Murder.

ChrisCuomo The media is glorifying violence omg every reply is the same stupid shit. y’all are sad 'knelt on'? You've had 19 hours to fix this, . kneeling can now get you arrested? Yet, many police officers have been caught on LIVE cameras that they shot reporters with rubber bullets or arrest them with no apparent reason. What about them?

“Murdered” I think you will find. ChrisCuomo Should be charged for first degree murder. This just a slap on wrist. Imagine the sceanario if the victim was white and the cops were black, brown or Asian/ Latinos think .......? It's a start Uh 6I 666 jk 5. What about the other three pigs standing doing nothing,,,

marxquintanilla 'knelt on' = 'straight up murdered'. 'arrested' = 'taken into protective custody by his cop buddies'. There I fixed your bullshit. What about the Oriental policeman in the video? Was he an accessory? Minnesota Authorities don’t deserve to live!!What the fuck are they doing to the “other” police guys

HE KILLED HIM I'll call it a victory if and when he actually gets convicted. Should be in a death sentence Knelt 😭 Finally! He should never work as a pollicer officer ever again. All of the police officers involved need to arrested. Knelt? He knelt him to death. That looked like murder to me. I hope American friends calm down. America is a democratic country

no justice no peace! he killed him but ok Too late Being charged is it start. They don't need to be a long trial send his ass to jail LockHimUp MinneapolisPolice You had a few typos, I went ahead and fixed them for you. CharleyTakaya we also found out via autopsy that Floyd died from a preexisting medical condition and not strangulation / asphyxiation.

About bloody time! That’s not enough nor is what he has been charged with...it was Murder!!! Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ Knelt? You mean killed, murdered dont you? police officer who murdered george floyd* And what about the other three cowards? Let me fix it for you. Minneapolis cop who murdered George Floyd was chargers w manslaughter death and a misdemeanor as he was not paying attention.

He will be charge,then appeal and judgement months later.Guilty will be sent to jail and later pardoned by Trump when this episode is forgotten Rwakakamba Why did it take 3 whole days to arrest him? Joisieh39 Look at what it took for them to do what they should have done from the get-go! excellent! now, arrest all the cops that stood and watched.

It was a fucking public Lynching knelt Knelt on his neck? Good news The retired American rapper 'Matta Bell', who announced his conversion to Islam and has lived in Saudi Arabia for years talks about the difference in dealing between the police in America and Saudi Arabia after the accident of the killing of the black-skinned GeorgeFloyd george

And will soon be released.... Fuck yea! Tht shit bags goin down! Sadly it's not enough Too little too less. Arrested or requested to report to the station? 3rd degree... what a fucking joke! Killed... Justice 🙏 Good. Let due process now be served. Knelt? White supremacist garbage. MURDERED! Not knelt on. Say it with me now.....MURDERED.

Dont you mean 'who murdered George'? That's the power of democracy by the people for the people 💪 Was he too kneeling in protest against police violence? We need Kaepernick 'knelt' . The cop didn't. Wrong wording on that headline Ok so that’s it then. This was predictable. These idiots in the streets are not there for George Floyd. If anything, they should be protesting against their OWN local officials.

If the cop was black and the victim white. The cop was lynched.... BEYONDBANANAREPUBLIC MURDERED! CALL IT WHAT IT IS YOU COWARDS. Too bad the had to burn the city down to make it happen You misspelled 'murdered.' AP, you said Minnesota in this tweet. Knelt. Interesting choice of words. THIS is the correct way to handle the tragedy - make the wayward cop face accountability. The answer is NOT riots to ruin the communities of innocent people!

Why not his partner too who is shown in the clip? He is equally responsible for the crime! Savages. secupp what an epic image. that picture really does tell a 1,000 words. “Knelt down”? The officer wasn’t just kneeling down like he was tending to a garden. Unless he knelt down on a hose and pinched it shut, sucking the life out of it.

Again. Stop using variations of “knelt”! Language matters. You are using such a blameless word. He squeezed, he crushed, he murdered him. Do your job. he is in Florida kNeLt MURDERED. fixit Please note - it's Third Degree Murder. He might not even have to serve any time. Fabulous image! You mean the police officer who killed George Floyd!!

What about the other officers? They should be in prison for life along with Derek Chauvin. Is he in custody or has he been released on bail? What about the other 3? Jesus AP....ffs YouAintBlackEnough How...how is this sentence normal? savukku Minneapolis: Democrat governor. Democrat Secretary of State. Democrat State Auditor. Democrat Sr US Senator Democrat Jr US Senator Democrat Reps 5 / Republicans 3 Democrat Mayor. Democrat AG. Democrat Police Chief. 2016 General Elections - Voted Democrat. MinneapolisRiot

Now let’s get back to work everyone He crushed George Floyd's neck and suffocated him. Not 'knelt' Murdered** ranjona Death penalty for police officer. Let this be example Knelt? You have Limbaugh running your social media BREAKING: Minnesota authorities say the police officer who MURDERED George Floyd has been arrested. Fixed that for you.

*murdered It had accomplices which stood by and allowed the murder to happen. They have to be charged too. Just wondering... it was an alleged fake $20? Why would they kill him for that? The punishment doesn’t fit the crime. If there even was one to begin with. 🤦🏻‍♀️ surely the officers can get the needed information to confirm if the money was fake. Technology! Use it!☹️ Save lives. 😔

You can say it... “who killed George Floyd” Is now a GR8 time 4 the OGs of Minneapolis 2 ask the Dudes 2 'Stand Down NOW & STANDBY!' coz Mayor Dude is trying 2 do the right thing at last & Von Chumpus XLV wants to kick off Angry Racist Sniper GAMES ASAP? wow The policeman and his colleague who stood by his side during the incident deserved to be killed by hanging.

“...police officer who KILLED George Floyd....” Fixed it for you! What a disgrace. Kaepernick knelt! That cop choked and killed Floyd! LETHAL INJECTION!!!!!!!!! MURDERED!!!!!! MURDERED!!!!!! Fuck the NFL Revise this bullshit please No match needed here. The police officer who murdered George Floyd you mean

What a dumb headline. Cop who murdered an unarmed man is charged. There I fixed it. You mean Minneapolis cop who murdered a civilian in cold blood. :: Knelt is clearly an understatement 'knelt on his neck' knock it off with this passive language shit Murdered a man. Say it. Not “knelt” Authorities say that police officer that killed... fixed your headline.

*who murdered* No justice till he’s dead. You slowly killed a man for the whole world to see. No trial needed. Knee for a knee. Senseless act...sympathy to the family. ❤️ you spelled 'murdered' wrong *the coward who murdered George Floyd There are White Nationalist on the police force who Trump fuels their hate, but 1 bad apple can taint the whole bushel. There are more good cops & these bad apples need to be called out - just like the worst rotten apple we have every had in the Oval Office needs to be kicked out

Why y’all bitches keep saying knelt can we find the associated press building too since they wanna be word dicks Needs to be 1st degree murder! He chilling in the lounge drinkin coffee and donuts ... and waiting for the next move ..he not arrested . Dont believe everything in the media Eye for an eye throat for a throat.

So stop riots now then? 以前黑人没在中国的时候我呼吁大家不要种族歧视,自从黑狗来到中国以后我只想说这次美国警察干得漂亮! As he should! Murder is bad! Arrested? More like escorted to a comfy segregated cell. All by himself. He likely knows the staff. And some are probably supporting him... 'Killed' funny way to spell murdered 🤔 It's a murder! Murdered. Say it.

Knelt? Seriously? How about “asphyxiated with his body weight on George Floyd’s neck”. It took Minneapolis to burn to arrest the criminal sad story of America Why does it take a national protest for the American judicial system to prosocute white men who kill innocent black men TheJusticeDept You spelled 'MURDERED'wrong.

Finally These protest, happening now are as much abt the anger that has been brewing the past 3 years as it is abt the ppl they are actually protesting over. XboxJuan4K Whoopsie, looks like a typo got past your editors. You appear to have misspelled “murdered” Knelt sounds too fukin polite AP, he pressed on his throat for 9 mins. 3 mins longer from the time he went unresponsive

Note to the Editor: “murdered” has been misspelled as “knelt” What about the other officers? Shouldn’t they be arrested as accomplices to murder? Justice would be all of them behind bars for life with no parole! I expect more from the AP. You need not soft sell the act of Murder. “Knelt” ?! 🙄shame on you FakeNews

Again with the lack of the word murder, AP. Minneapolis cop who murdered black man charged. That’s it. Bye. Book and release, he’s never gonna see a day in jail. Hopefully he gets his sentence while on the street if you get my drift. Let’s go back to the Freddie gray case. All pigs found innocent. You can just say 'The officer that most clearly murdered George Floyd'

Horrible byline . I think you meant to say the pig* who murdered* This officer tortured George Floyd to death. That is murder. His fellow officers assisted in this torture & murder. That makes them accomplices & they too should be charged & arrested for murder. Who is going to arrest those at the CDC that continue to experiment on African American Community? MMR coverup of severe effects on young African American males

I bet they somehow managed to arrest him without kneeling on his neck for 9 minutes. The police officer does not believe that this is a human being, and is suffering Oh God, I swear I thought it was going to read he was killed. 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 DanRather And only charged him with 3rd degree murder! Really? Nowhere near enough!

Not knelt, murdered. You’re really bad at getting facts straight huh the one who killed him* POLICE ACROSS THE USA! NOW THAT YOUR BRAIN HAS BEEN ' WIPED CLEAN ' U WILL PROTECT AND SERVE THE PUBLIC LIKE U ARE SUPPOSED TO!! Curtis from moreno valley Retweet follow like Life in prison ChrisCuomo Charges not equal to the crime.

you mean A MURDER 'Who killed' ChrisCuomo An arrest is not enough. Officers need to pay the price for their crimes just like everyday people. ChrisCuomo Pls get Sarah riot gear! ChrisCuomo Look out front there is a story to cover. This is CNN buttsniff I'm going to bet they didn't put their knee on the cops neck

Let me fix that headline for you - The police officer who murdered George Floyd has been arrested. “The police officer who killed George Floyd.” Don’t mince words. cagedfear Your headline is wrong. It should read Officer who knelt on George Floyd's neck until he died has been arrested for murder. Took them days!

But only after several videos surfaced and a TON of protesting...shameful it didn’t happen immediately. All four need to be charged with murder. The cop kneeling on George's back (compressing his chest) is as much to blame as the cop on his neck!! Try again: '...the police officer who murdered George Floyd has been arrested.'

It looks like you misspelled “murdered”. marleneshields7 I’m thinking he will have to be locked up alone for 24 hours a day. I kinda hope he’s fearing for his life like he caused Mr. Floyd to. DanRather What about the other three officers who stood by and did nothing to stop it Did they arrest him for kneeling?

ChrisCuomo The police officer who gently lent George Floyd his knee until George died has been arrested. finally. 'Knelt' on his neck, you make it sound like it's holy, religious, gentle. Something so wrong with that verb being used in this instance. Cop language. Nowhere near enough. Those 4 cops who killed George Floyd ought to be executed in front of ABC News for what they did.

Seems like a “too little too late” moment in a way I’ve never felt before in my life Knelt?! You mean murdered. 1 down. 3 to go. A 3rd degree charge is a slap on the wrist. Days late and millions of dollars short 🙄 So wait, which one expressed concern? The cop who had his knee on his neck? The cop who had his knee in his back? The cop who had his knee on his legs? Or was it the cop who kept others from trying to save George's life? I'm confused, school me please

You spelled murdered wrong Knelt Seriously what’s wrong with you people Knelt on Los baSStardos unidos de américa y SSus eternas jediondeces, como nó? Europarl_ES ONU_es justiciagob Julio_Rodr europapress RT_com Reuters rennoaltocampoo PODEMOS eldiarioes CMonteroOficial luisgonzaloseg VickyRosell angelvictor publico_es CascadoPablo

Should be all 4 officers. The other 3 stood and watched they are conspiracies to the murder What about the undercover cop that started the first fires? I bet QAnoners helped to instigate the riots QAnonisacult Knelt?! There must be some autocorrect for protecting cops You misspelled MURDERED. Do better.

3rd degree murder is not good enough and the other officers involved need to be locked up too 1st degree murder and accessory to 1st degree murder these laws must be changed that allow police 🚔 to get away with murder M U R D E R E R now type it out Where are the others? Even the medics who said nothing. Did nothing.

I am assuming that eventually the others “who were not kneeling but complicit” will be arrested too and soon “ right!? “Minnesota cop who killed man charged with murder”* There, I fixed your propaganda whitewashing minimizing bullshit headline. A month from now, there's going to a lot of knocks on peoples doors with cops arresting people for crimes that will put 100's of these people in the cells next to the LEO Video cams everywhere, facial recognition software being used, cellphone pinging, people that snitch Watch

Come on, . Knelt makes it sound gentle. Call a spade, a spade. hismoonchildksj May we see the mugshot? Why is not public yet? s1guza Oh hey guys! I guess burning your own city to the ground worked! Great job! Take him to jail! Oh wait you burned that down too.... RoseGermany46 This racial violence has been getting worse! Our government does not have moral decency. Especially, Wh and GOP senate.

He knealt him to death? A late justice it is not justice at all! KNELT? Are you serious!? MURDERED! KILLED! Took long enough... It should be second degree murder GerberKawasaki Let me fix that for you..... KILLED GEORGE FLOYD. Nah, you kneel down to tie your shoe lace. You don’t kneel down on someone’s neck. Lol, make it make sense.

Never knew “knelt” was a synonym for “murder” About damned time Knelt on? News flash, Kaepernick7 knelt, not that cop. Is shot now, 'injected tubular projectiles'? Is stabbed now 'inserted flattened, sharpened steel'. Call it what he did. He suffocated Floyd. He murdered him. Stop being such cowards and do you job. Report the FACTS!

He murdered him. Get your facts straight fejimanz Put that scum bags name in your header So? There are three others who need to be arrested and they all need to be charged with premeditated murder. '...the police officer who murdered George Floyd has been arrested.' There, I fixed it for you. DanRather They viewed “accessories” how?

'knelt'--don't try to pretty it tf up... FIX IT!!!! There. I fixed it for you. Shouldn’t it be the police officerS? You spelled “choked George Floyd to death by kneeling on his neck” wrong. “The cop who killed a man charged with murder” fixed the headline for you You’re seriously going with this headline? From what I’ve read, he was charged with 3rd degree murder. Unacceptable. This was flat out 1st degree. There was NO REASON for that cop to kneel on the neck of a handcuffed fellow human.

How about Man who murdered unarmed black man arrested justinamash We want reformed police powers, privatization of all police forces, separation of state and police will create an environment for police accountable! Let all Police Officers be on alert...We, as a society, of the people for the people. will not stand for this injustice. Not yesterday, not today, not ever, never again.

Police officer who killed... Correct your headline! 'Murdered' George Floyd. 😷🌎 This is why people don't trust the mainstream media. This bs right here is the reason why Oh FFS “knelt”? HE FORCED HIS KNEE INTO GEORGE’S NECK UNTIL HE KILLED HIM! Help build his base - Follow Joe! JoeBiden spread the word - out number DJT!!!

You mean the police officer who MURDERED GEORGE FLOYD. CALL IT WHAT IT IS!!! The should have been done straight away and the bigoted Police authority there needs to be removed. Strikes me America, you rushed into the 21st Century, but bounced back to the 20th, still harbouring major Rascist views that you've still not dealt with. Rascist leaders abound!

The correct word is “murdered” Murdered* The officer that MURDERED George Floyd. They arrested a CNN reporter first. That was not 'knelt' get your facts straight. Good. There’s clearly a major issue in Minneapolis if it took days for him to be out in custody. A start, but not good enough. You kneel in church. This act of restraint and brutality doesn't qualify as kneeling!

Uh, excuse me the word you're looking for? MURDERED!!!! HE. WAS. MURDERED!!!! Say it! MURDERED. Don't sanitize this sh*t to make it more palatable. HE. WAS. MURDERED!! You forgot the '' on the word knelt. MURDER* who the fuck titled this Time to do more than just arrest, they need to make NO DEALS and CONVICT.

IT WAS MURDER Z_ninetales *fucking. Murdered. Murderer******* 'knelt on' what the fuck Good. Jail time. Yamiche murdered.. the word is murdered 👆🏻Complicit white nationalist linguistics and framing at work. “Knelt on.” “Neck.” That’s a funny way of spelling “took” and “life.” A step in the right direction, if nothing else.

Fix. Your. Language. 'Knelt on' as if he was protesting something. 'Murder' is the word. You kneel to get something from the bottom shelf. You murder if someone dies while you do it. Wait this hadn't happened already Fuck wrong with ya'll. Bout time. Even if you understand the restraint move he was trying to use, he 1. Used it improperly with deadly consequences. 2. In a situation where it was not justified. Should be held accountable like a citizen would.

He didn’t just kneel on his neck!!! Why don’t you say “racist cop arrested for the murder.” Great news 👍👍 That's step 1... Step 2 court room... Step 3... Jailbird..n life imprisonment Arrested means being placed in protected custody to ensure he is kept safe from any harm “Knelt” I kneel at church that officer killed that man. Who writes this shit?

Knelt? You mean the officer who murdered George Floyd? 3rd degree kneeling. You spelled 'murdered' wrong. 'Murdered' is the word you're looking for. Ok now go round up all the people who destroyed the city and put them in jail You misspelled murdered. Why arrest him? Did he do any wrong? Why did it take protests to get him arrested? Is it just for show?

So late action shame on such slow process Finally MoLulkowski Who murdered* George Floyd. KNELT!!!? get a fucking grip 88SEATTLE61 Yeah 3rd degree murder and manslaughter. He formed malicious intent after 2 minutes when the started pleading for his life. All of the officers involved should be arrested. Knelt?🤦‍♀️

I feel for the innocent business owners whose shops & livelihoods went up in flames,but I feel much more pain&sorrow for George Floyd &his family;business owners in all cities must confer with police chiefs&police officers to change procedures for the safety of officers& citizens And it only took riots and setting the precinct on fire to get an arrest.

3moretogo DanRather What took them so long? M U R D E R E D ******* Do people need any more incentive to turn out to vote than what we've seen in the last day, the last week, the last month? Crawl over glass to vote, folks. you mean murdered? Now arrest the ones that stood by and let it happen. Correction: The fired and discraced police officer who murdered George Floyd in cold blood, has been arrested.

Knelt? That’s an interesting choice of words. u mean the officer who killed Floyd. We have to vote for change in November. The working class people are struggling and yet the rich ignores them. The division has got to stop people are dying. What will that do ? If I recall Darren Wilson, the cop who killed Micheal Brown was finally arrested to quell Ferguson protest and riots. He was cleared of all charges.

It is not enough. But we have all had enough of this bs. I am an old white lady. esteban_suero ArrestAllFour NOBAIL ***murdered george floyd All four of them need to be charged. Being arrested is one thing but keeping his ass behinds bars that will be the tuff part they still need to arrest all the criminals that caused the rioting and destruction of property 2 wrongs never make a right after all they caused 30m worth of damage who is gonna pay for all that destroyed property to be fixed

CatalinaGomezS Great news! Correct your wording - that evil racist murdered georgesfloyd with racist intention. Your strategy normalizing their inhuman racists act must stop now. is car salesmen masquerading as journalists. Good. FINALLY! JusticeForGeorgeFlyod What about the other three? They were clearly accessory to the offence.

You misspelled killed It's not enough. Floyd is dead and this kind of police action should not still be happening in 2020. Our country must make serious changes to how we police our communities. Enough. “knelt” is quite the euphemism.... On some bullshit charges. ALL of those officers should be arrested!!!

This is disgraceful journalism, KNELT!!! That barbaric murderer subdued George to the ground, then choked him to death with his knee!!! 21st century American lynching of people of colour He shouldn't have been on the force anyways. I think the phrase you meant is 'pinned and crushed a man's neck until he died'.

spelled murder wrong there bud Policing is only a job, when a person puts a gun on their belt to work as protectors of the people that in itself is a serious contradiction The Governors train police to be mostly a tax collection agency that is what the greed of money done to policing Nothing to do with race

Odd picture Charged with 'sorta' murder Y’all saying “knelt” and not “murdered” don’t sit right with me I have little confidence he'll be convicted as he should be. Changing the narrative as usual. A murderer (killer cop) was charged with murder. What’s with the long twist? BiasedMedia dgray3994 He’s have been arrested without looting and burning too!

Released 1993, little has changed in 27 years A halfwit President destroying his nation, politically, socially, economically. With the world watching on... Killed him. Good Oops you made a mistake there-- instead of 'knelt on George Floyd's neck' it should say 'murdered George Floyd.' Nice job. But I think they were four there. Where are the others?

State sanctioned lynch mob Knelt? Crushed. He's dead. About fucking time How about the three that let it happen? Now true “good cops” would make sure he’s held ina gen pop holding cell. 'Knelt on'? You meant murdered right? this should say 'murdered' you imbeciles *Murdered Arrested or protective custody ? He didn’t just kneel on a mans neck. He murdered him.

And all it took was 48 hours of rioting. Swift work by the Minnesota PD You should add ...cause it was caught on video He needs the chair! To those wondering why murdered isn’t in there, while bias absolutely plays a part in how passive this is, it’s also because they have strict regulations that mean they can’t say someone murdered someone else till they’re convicted

alexaguiarpoa 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 They meant the cop that murdered George Floyd I think the appropriate term is.. MURDERED. Wine ? He'll get a good bumming in the prison showers. you spelled M-U-R-D-E-R-E-D wrong Fix your headline. What about the other two knelt on his body? Hey, you misspelled “murdered George Floyd” in your headline. Might want to correct that.

'Knelt'? You can do better than that AP. Knelt? You kneel to pray. You don't kneel to murder someone. “...the effects of being restrained...” is an odd way to phrase having a knee pressing your neck down as you gasp for air & plead for your life. You mean “Corrupt cop who murdered George Floyd arrested”

He was fired, why wasn't he arrested tight then & there Why did it take so long? Also, wht abt the other officers of COURSE..They Don't Care, THAT America has been watching these arrests And..RELEASES, (As-Soon-As MSM Moves On) Year after Year after Year after .. .. .. .. Not “knelt”, murdered! Killed!

Fuck the language you use. More and more people see through this. Be better. THE COP MURDERED GEORGE FLOYD!!! Third degree murder, a slap on the fucking wrist I don’t care about the Arrest. Let’s see the Murder Charge followed by a Prison Sentence! That’s not actually your headline...is it? Knelt? How about crushed

Yeah Third degree 😤 You meannnn MURDERED Only because they knew someone else was gonna kill his ass. Another form of protection. i think the word you’re looking for is murder here it’s spelt like this M-U-D-E-R Minneapolis cop who MURDERED George Floyd*** That’s not enough the others need to be also let’s get with it

Other 3 should be charged as accomplises to murder! Can people stop saying knelt like he was praying or something? He pinned him to the ground and murdered him. Period. Knelt or murdered? The narratives are beginning to change. 🤦‍♀️ Disgraceful headline. The word you are looking for is murdered. Also, just for claritys sake, this arrest is not justice, its optics.

And he says he won’t cooperate 'A great revolution is never the fault of the people, but of the government.' You have woken up a sleeping giant you right wing, racist bastards. BlackLivesMatter GeorgeFloydWasMurdered BREAKING: Minnesota authorities say the police officer who murdered George Floyd has been arrested. Fixed it for ya. RAISETHEDEGREE HE KNEW WHAT HE WAS DOING

Could you update the headline to be accurate: fired police officer who killed man by knelling on his neck is arrested. Cut “knelt on” paste “murdered.” Fixed it for you. Knelt sounds so innocuous unless referring to a 49rs quarterback. JuliaDavisNews Would you please the areas within the United state 'sub-states'?

You misspelled 'murdered'. nodank_ Where's the Perp walk photos? Oh yeah, I'm sure he was treated with kid gloves and not like you or I would be. Knelt!!! Are you kidding me. Write the headline truthfully!!! Knelt on? Try murdered, ffs. There were more who stood by and let it happen- what about them? Too late

The right wing white supremacist xenophobic idiots r going 2 get a taste of their own medicine now. How long will this blatant disregard for the law & order and absolute dehumanization of an entire race going 2 continue in America? Is this the going to be the last straw? KILLED is the word you're looking for.

You are part of the problem AP. *Murdered *BREAKING: Minnesota authorities say the police officer who KILLED George Floyd has been arrested. Fixed it for you Knelt? Uh, that’s not how you spell murdered. Shame on you for this ridiculous headline That's a strange spelling for 'murdered'. HE MURDERED HIM He didn't 'kneel'. He choked a man. Wtf

Now do the rest of that trash. Say their names, say their fucking names. What took so long? You mean the police officer who murdered George Floyd. I'm actually pleasantly suprised. Usually it takes weeks or months and no charges are pressed. But soros is just flying more “protestors” in This lede is bullshit.

“BREAKING: Minnesota authorities say the police officer killed George Floyd has been arrested.” Fixed it for you. Don’t look like a jackass, it takes less characters to say this. AbbyEden Finally. *cop who killed a man* Good news they should put him in a cell full of gangsters “knelt”, really? that was murder!!!!

The word is “murdered”, not “knelt on”. Just like it’s “the president LIED”, not “misspoke truth”. You press people normalizing every horrible thing that he does and says by whitewashing it has a big hand in bringing us to where we are now. Stop it. Yeah, and people who shoot guns are just curling their index finger

Depraved-heart murder would seem a reasonable charge. Office who *killed* George Floyd. You can’t be serious with this headline That's a weird way to spell 'murder.' “Knelt on neck” - putting my middle finger up in the air. Guttano What is his name? Change your headline. He didn't kneel he meant to murder George Floyd.

False headline. This should read murdered!!! And the others The other 3 cops should be arrested too tf 'knelt on' he didn't just, like, rough him up and let go. The monster fucking murdered George Floyd. Say it with me now. M U R D E R E D. Not enough First degree murder it was. Should be 'Police officer who murdered George Floyd has been arrested' more like it

You misspelled murdered Sifill_LDF BenCormier96 another good photo 'Knelt'? You might as well have used the word 'genuflect.' CORRECTION: police officer who MURDERED George Floyd has been arrested! Death penalty He murdered him. Only Fixed it. Murder. Murder. Murder. Use the word, it applies. Third degree and manslaughter. Punishment fits the crime. After all, how was the officer supposed to know what would happen to George Floyd without oxygen... this is a slap in the face to the black community in an effort to appease and calm them. Bullshit is what I call it.

You meant choked to death with no apparent regard for his life. I expect a retraction. pattonoswalt Bullshit headline You mean murdered? You have a funny way of saying 'killed'. KNELT ON? “ KNELT” SERIOUSLY... WHAT KIND OF WhiteSupremacy JOURNALISM IS THAT!? HE MURDERED…MURDERED…MURDERED GEORGE FLOYD Heard it was only 3rd degree. So the bare minimum?

AmputationSuck Should the other officers who did not step in to stop it not be charged with accessory? Fix your fucking headline. It’s “murdered”. The only people I feel bad for is the tax payers of Minnesota because you'll be paying for this 'protest' rebuilding! Nothing changed in LA after the billion's of dollars in damages.

I fixed the headline 🙃 BREAKING: Minnesota authorities say the police officer who fucking murdered George Floyd has been arrested. Why aren’t you accurate in your reporting by using the word “lynched” And what about the other 3 Is it so hard to say “killed”? now arrest the other three, who are complicit

'BREAKING: Osama bin Laden, who redirected flights towards New York City, has died.' See how dim that sounds? CNN ABC NYTIMES WASHINGTONPOST MSNBC CBSNEWS FOXNEWS BBCWorld Reuters **BREAKING NEWS** The ethnic committee should have send letter to Trump. When he suggested to Cops. To rough up their arrestee's before putting them in their van. WORDS MATTER!

'Chauvin’s wife Kellie said her husband was “a softie” under his police uniform.' - The Daily Best Wonder how he'll do in jail 😂 If you’re going to create a headline please make sure it’s accurate: BREAKING: Minnesota authorities say the police officer who kneeled on George Floyd's neck and subsequently murdering him has been placed in protective custody despite murdering a man in broad daylight

Who killed him by crushing his windpipe? Why did it take so long? Why did it take so much violence to do the right thing? This is just so incredibly fucked up! You mean killed, right? I mean come on, being pro-police is fine and no problem but he knelt on a handcuffed guys neck until he passed out - how is this NOT seriously messed up?

No, he’s getting promoted and a raise SubToOptimus Not enough ACAB reeeEeee He should get the death penalty This is just a show. Don’t forget that their MF leader still on WH. The MF who killed GeorgeFloyd , he has bunch of misconducts in the Past. This is not just only about gerogefloyd its about to end this F WhiteSupremacy and their idiotic and ruthless MF leader.

no, no, no, no, nope. 'knelt'. no. This whole post title shows the cowardice of this author/press. Couldn’t even admit the cold-blooded, filmed murder of a subdued man in a position of helplessness who used his dying words to cry for help. Only to be ignored again by using “knelt” in place of “killed”.

Such an inappropriate headline to use the word “knelt” when describing this murder! Local all of them up! He murdered George Floyd. M-U-R-D-E-R-E-D. “Knelt”. Knelt. F me. You mean the man who killed him? Ok kieroncg He'll yeah well done.. And the other cops? They have blood on their hands too. Maximum sentence for the murderer. Such a racist.. The behavior is not excusable!!!! RIP GeorgeFloyd

And the other 3 standing around? “Who knelt on George Floyd’s neck”...wow. Firing a police officer doesn’t end his career when he/she can simply go and work at another law enforcement organization. The state’s AG should revoke their Peace Officer’s Standards and Training (POST) certification and prosecute them accordingly as any other citizen!

s1guza We need all 4 to be arrested, not only one🤷🏾‍♂️ A license plate that says police, no Not same ones that stopped him. Why exactly this guy who worked with Floyd keep his hand in pocket the whole time until Floyd dies? This is a set up to start a war... Soro happen to be in town dropping off millions to org to get riots going.

STOP SAYING “KNELT ON HIS NECK” HE MURDERED GEORGE FLOYD you guy are racist. Why can’t you guy call it what it is “MURDER” must you redefine it with The officer who knelt on” Ogun go soon kiss all of una Put him on the pod wit all lifers... he won’t eat one time. WATER DIET Who **MURDERED George Floyd Good!!! All those who abuse power should be held accountable—police judges lawyers bankers billionaires!!!

Finally got that THUG of the streets! I feared for my life this past week What about the other 3 police officers who did nothing but watch GeorgeFloyd die? Knelt on his kneck for 5+ minutes and murdered him* “Gravity brought Chauvin’s knee into contact with Mr. Floyd’s neck for an extended period, Sir Isaac Newton to be posthumously charged with accessory to murder”

*BREAKING: Minnesota authorities say the police officer who MURDERED George Floyd has been arrested. Arrest the other 3. Now arrest His 3 accomplices ...the police officer who KILLED George Floyd... SubToOptimus I’m glad they finally arrested the guy,hopefully he’s convicted. Now please people stop the riots and looting and let’s just have peaceful protest like MLK did before us.

Who knelt..... you should say « who murdered » Maybe if they had arrested this officer earlier, the people wouldn't have looted. USJewishDems Kap kneeled. What that cop did was murder. I think you meant to say 'murdered' George Floyd. Do better. You mean 3rd degree MANSLAUGHTER! WHAT A JOKE!!! Good Weak sauce AP.

“Knelt on his neck” such a soft way to say murdered someone Y’all really said knelt instead of killed... You might want to fix this headline. There was NO kneeling going on. Who wrote this shit? Have mercy... You misspelled murdered You spelled “murder” wrong. The cop Murdered George Floyd. He didn’t just “kneel on his neck.” That makes it sound accidental.

“Who knelt on George Floyd’s neck.” You mean “who murdered George Floyd.” Now we wait for the trial, he'll probably be aquitted, more protests which will eventually die down.. then a little while until IT ALL HAPPENS AGAIN. This shit needs to stop FOREVER not just a little while. There were 4 cops there. 3 more arrests need to be made.

3rd degree is shooting an unarmed man after you realize he was reaching for a phone but you were too quick to shoot. Strangling a man for 7 mins is 100% premeditated 1st degree murder. Cold fucking blooded. One more THUG off the streets 🙏🏽 Still has to be proven. Just look at the video of the killing Daniel Shaver in Arizona.

Finally! What about the others? Investigation? The video is clear? he murdered him Black life mattes just as white one, you white nationalist! Derek Chauvin will be afforded due process and a trial, two things he denied to George Floyd. BlackLivesMatter You mean, Derek Chauvin the police officer who murdered George Floyd has been arrested?

3 days too long The phrase you’re looking for is MURDERED. Finally Rioting doesn't work, right? Right? First denshould be first degree murder and the other three need to be arrested as well. No bail either. Let them sit in jail. Knelt on his neck WTF? I think you mean the former police officer who killed George Floyd has been arrested.

He or they should be arrested. Mr.Floyd was murdered for the WHOLE WORLD to watch on media. HORRIFIC You misspelled murder Was he arrested because the evidence supports the charge or because the mob is looting and pillaging? I have yet to hear about an autopsy detailing the COD. Cause if it wasn't the knee on the neck the state has no murder case.

paullnet_kw You're an accomplish in the murder of George Floyd....zombie press 'Murdered.' The word is 'murdered.' You misspelled 'murdered.' paullnet_kw It's very bad...I hate Trump administration What are the charges!! An arrest is almost meaningless without charges!! 3 days of protest ? Just for you to arrest him what if they hadnt ? Fucking government wouldnt have done shit woulda had an open case for years just to push it to the side and ignore it. “Looting and rioting was the answer”

This should say 'the police officer that killed George Floyd' at least If they had shot Mr. Floyd to death I assume your headline would have read 'the police officer who placed small pieces of metal into George Floyd's body' Knelt. Great word choice, dipshits. lty. Think he did a little more than kneel on his neck... 'Minnesota authorities say the racist police officer who murdered George Floyd has been arrested'. Fixed it for you 👍

Who arrested him? Precisely how long did they put their knee on his neck during the process? All I ask is that it he is treated exactly how he treated the last person he arrested. Seems more than fair. Knelt.....you mean killed. Knelt? WTF? Try gain AP. Feel free to use this one: Minnesota authorities say police officer who brutally murdered George Floyd in broad daylight has been arrested.

You control the media and the narrative and this is always the type of vulgar you tweet. It’s murder! 'knelt'? Somehow this verb doesn't adequately describe the violence and horror of cutting off someone's air supply by putting all their weight on the victim's windpipe. 🤔 'knelt'? Fix your damn headline.

Fixed it for you. This headline really downplays what happened Floyd died on video. You can say that he was killed. Shameful disregard for the truth. you spelled “murdered” wrong Knelt? AP, fire your social media staff. Killed. You mean the officer who killed him. AND? Get a better headline writer. “Knelt on man’s neck,” are you fucking serious?!?!!

'...police officer who deployed warrior training he had been given by his department in direct contravention of the civilian authority....' There. Fixed it for you. You spelled murdered wrong Really buried the lede on this one folks... Funny way of spelling “killed.” DerekChauvin is his name and he is literally a serial killer.

So does this mean everyone will now again start paying for stuff before they leave the store? Should have been faster! Presume you meant to insert the words ‘ and murdered Mr Floyd’. ? What an awful headline. Who writes these What a cowardly headline Murdered. Colin Kaepernick “knelt” — the cop crushed a man’s windpipe with his knee. Please be accurate.

DanRather Too late Not arrested, he was put in protective custody. Oh come the fuck on. You guys don't do this with any other defendants. 'Man who discussed prospective buyers' financial situation and persuaded them to invest' is not how you describe fraud. This was murder. If you can't be courageous at least be honest.

Someone lost a life, it's called Murder 🗣️ every police officer there should be charged. killed, murdered, executed, assassinated? just some words you could have used instead of this diluted shitty title? kapernick knelt. That officer pinned GeorgeFloyd to the ground with his knee on George's neck, crushing and suffocating him until he died. Use appropriate words.

FIXINGTWEET: Minnesota authorities say the police officer who crushed George Floyd's neck has been arrested. About time Murdered, the word is Murdered not knelt Are you racists, too? Police who belong to alt-right racist groups must be outed & fired. State leaders have been fanning the flames of racial violence & must resign. KY Reps must be held accountable for what happened in Louisville last night: ResignMaddox ResignMassie

Who killed **** How’s George doing after the officer knelt on his neck, guys “Knelt”? Really?! This headline is part of the problem Check your verb and try again “Knelt on?” KNELT ON?! it's called murder. This cop MURDERED George Floyd. BlackLivesMatter *murdered Love to have reporting standards that for some reason preclude reporting the logical conclusion that kneeling on someone's neck for a prolonged period of time causes suffocation and subsequently, at minimum, brain death

'Knelt'? God, you guys suck. You missed the died part Correction: Minnesota authorities say the police officer, DEREK CHAUVIN who MURDERED George Floyd BY KNEELING ON HIS neck FOR MORE THAT 7 minutes has been arrested. BREAKING: Minnesota authorities say the police officer who murdered George Floyd has been arrested.

murdered concerned citizens deconstructed building built with taxpayer dollars that served as a base for cabal of murderers This headline is embarrassing. He killed the guy. I wouldn’t be surprised if he got off with a slap on the wrist, sadly. Also, 3rd degree? Aw hell no...he was told to stop and kept doing it.

The officer didn’t just kneel on George Floyd, he KILLED him. Good. Throw the book at him AP is a soulless stenographer service get your facts straight! George Floyd was murdered Stop saying 'knelt'! He murrrrdered him. Yamiche Good! Say 'murdered' you fucking cowards. justinamash Who the fuck puts their knee on people’s neck. What a monster!

There's a typo in this tweet, it is spelled 'killed him' The way this is phrased. Fuck the state. DanRather Now time for the OTHER 3 THAT HELPED HIM. secupp Now those babies can be happy now they arrested the cop. But if they roit and cause damage should be arrested what's good for the goose is good for the gander

wonder if they wish they’d done this sooner So when he 'knelt on George Floyd's neck ' he killed him. You can and should say that Knelt on his neck? See? That doesn't sound so bad, does it? He just knelt on his neck! How can you fault a (white) guy for that? Good job, AP. I don't get how harming innocent business and people trying to earn paychecks accomplishes anything, especially when business are struggling due to COVID. Some of these people want free stuff, not justice. No doubt cop needs to be held accountable but this doesn't make it right.

Article should say the cop who murdered him but other than that, massive W Where he at ?! Where's the address ?! MiddletonPlays FINALLY *MURDERED We deserve more... The police officer who 'murdered' ,fix your headline your racism is showing. Reporting this for that fake caption. 'Knelt' are you kidding me?!

The Family Dollar murdered this man?... Target ?.. Took long enough Where is the video and who is gonna kneel on his neck? Manufacturing consent!!!! Again, I think the word you’re looking for is ‘murdered’ he was murdered say it as it is Choose a better verb. Killed, Murdered, etc. Not knelt. Odd way to phrase that don't you think?

What about the other 3 Don't you mean 'killed' or 'murdered'? Aren't you all about brevity? why would you get arrested for simply leaning on someone's neck? “The officer who murdered” there, fixed it for ya. He's still breathing though...F**K him! you misspelled 'crushed to death'. “Minneapolis cop who murdered handcuffed black man arrested” - there you go, I fixed it for you

TechnicallyRon Knelt on his neck? Is that what we're calling murder now? Murdered not knelt ! Not get enough, get the other 3 How we know if they actually arrested him? okay but how long does he have? Whoops. I bet you meant to say murdered. *MURDERED ScottAdamsSays You misspelled “killed” - it’s not “knelt”

Nothing more happened after he knelt on his neck right Did they take him to Burger king first Rosie It's about time. Has Trump pardoned the arrested police officer yet? DanRather It's a start. Now how about the accomplices? Last I checked, the perp who stands outside the bank while his partner holds it up can't avoid arrest...

Morning_Joe sometimes it takes rebellion to make positive changes. KeikoAgena Now let's see that CONVICTION!!! Do not fail this community again!!! No sham trials! *who killed You're fucking kidding me, right? And, nobody jammed their knee in his neck until he died? Will there be an investigation? Will he stand trial? Will he be found guilty (or, not guilty) by a jury of his peers? Will he be sentenced? If so, then Chauvin got more respect as a human being than he gave GeorgeFloyd.

1 down 3 to go You spelled MURDERED wrong, Knelt? No no no. ITS CALLED MURDER AND YOU NEED TO CALL IT MURDER. Fix the headline ! His name was George Floyd!! Use it!!!! GeorgeFlyod Who murdered him! kill that officer Wouldn't be surprised if this is only to protect him Oh he's going to be a popular guy in prison.

Knelt implies MR. GEORGE FLOYD is beneath his killer. His killer murdered him Question is did they arrest for his own PROTECTION You mean the police officer who murdered George Floyd. And just like that, Coronavirus isn’t important anymore. ALL FOUR COPS SHOULD BE TAKEN INTO CUSTODY. He was arrested for kneeling on his neck or for killing him? You headline needs rewriting.

'knelt on George Floyd's neck' i think you mean MURDERED Took you long enough You mean the racist cop who brutally killed George Floyd ? 'who knelt on George Floyd´s neck? '🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Ethiopiaaye [] *who killed [] 'Knelt' he didnt kneel on him, he murdered him. Get it straight. You spelled murdered wrong.

Yamiche *killed is the word you’re looking for So the countdown for him to be pardoned by the Orange virus realDonaldTrump begins. Try. Again. MaddowBlog What is the charge exactly? I've seen arrested but not what he's charges with. *killed Thanks for the good news but the title of the press release needs to be corrected. He didn't just kneel, dude wasn't praying. He murdered George Floyd.

You misspelled “murdered.” LuisDSaya Very good action about time Fixed that headline for you GeorgeFloyd KlasfeldReports Good. There, I fixed it. Seriously , wtf? BREAKING: Minnesota authorities say the police officer who murdered George Floyd has been arrested. Caption should read “Police Officer who murdered George Floyd by a carotid block while kneeling on his neck” !!

Excellent. Also, these photos are incredibly powerful. aussietorres Good! DanRather The police officer who murdered George Floyd* Weird way to say 'murdered' now the 3 others also You typed knelt on when you should have typed Murdered. Who killed George and not who knelt Good! He can’t go to jail. He needs to hang for this!

He murdered him. 'Bout time. KlasfeldReports Now the need to get the others. And this cop. the police officer who MURDERED*** george floyd. what the fuck is this tweet lol? The criminal must be locked up. PERIOD Goddamn sugar coating by the press is complicit in systematic violence and racism that exists in our country. he KILLED HIM. Killed him. How fucking hard is that to say? Knelt is what Kaepernick7 did to try to wake ppl up to this shit

Took them a whole week to arrest that murderer, despite the overwhelming evidences against him, but within seconds to arrest a journalist on duty, a black journalist! Killed! He killed him No shit. 3 days too late. Now you can start the investigation. Were they unable to find him before? Too late. There's no trust anymore.

fixed it “Knelt” my ass he KILLED HIM ffs tssznews That's good. I always wanna believe in the police force and the kind officers out there, but it's guys like this one who make it hard They better! That’s a good start but what about the other officers on the scene? We want all of them to pay for what they’ve done! We want all of them stripped of their freedom and futures just like George Floyd was stripped of his humanity, life and future!

Lol 'who knelt on' get the fuck out of here miroslavadamekx Does NOT matter, blacks want new plasma TV 😀 Only did it to stop the Bottom Line from dropping even further. If there were no riots and national media coverage, he’d still be walking. Oh and way to fuck up on the headline. Worst headline of the day award. He KILLED him. Make it clear.

The others stood there and watched. They need to be arrested. benwegmann CHARGE THEM ALL He killed someone. SubToOptimus arrested or prosecuted? Finally. Throw the sonofabitch under the goddamn jailhouse. Thursday: 'There's evidence to suggest charges might not be appropriate. Please maintain order. Protests and riots do not help.' Thursday night: Protests and riots Friday morning: 'We've made an arrest'

the verb is 'killed' Seriously, very TOO LATE! A city was WASTED & BURNED due to indecisiveness & slow response. you meant MurderByCop not 'knelt', but MURDER, the officer that MURDERED GeorgeFloyd. AP do not perpetuate the racism by playing these Headline games, or are you racists too AP? are you?

AP (April 30, 1945): German political leader who had some negative views about Jews dies. Welcome to America. Your country is on fire. Literally. Might be time to stop spending money on wars and the military and start spending it on social programs and infrastructure. Your backyard needs to be cleaned.

You misspelt murder. You have 14 million followers. The least you can do is try to report a more accurate headline. Because this, is trash. DerekJamesTV I’m going to burn my town down now and loot every store because I’m a complete idiot. Why has it taken them that long. Fucking disgraceful. Good start. The officers who stood by&made sure nobody intervened in the murder need to be arrested, too. I believe it’s called “accessory to murder,” or as it appears a felony has been committed, don’t all involved get charged with murder? Time for justice to be applied blindly.

What of his enablers? MURDERED. MURDERED. MURDERED. Custody or safe home....safe house till tempers subsidies....hang Derek in full view in public square Now do the other 3 that aided and abetted in the murder of George Floyd. They are all guilty. They helped him hold him down until he was dead. See how the coverage compares against other news outlets on Ground News GeorgeFloyd Minneapolis racism Politics NorthAmerica

They should have done the right thing in the beginning wtf why now Stupid. People always trying to get away with shit, including me. That’s a soft headline, should read cop who murdered George Floyd is arrested. TechnicallyRon This headline isn't good enough. He is arrested to be kept safe I don’t believe it! Perp walk please! What time will the other 3 turn themselves in? EnoughIsEnough sickandtiredofbeingsickandtired exhausted

They just arrested him so they could get him to a safer place MaddowBlog When they arrested him I wonder if they put a knee on the back of his head for about 10 minutes while he sucked car exhaust You mean “who murdered a citizen” right? What the fuck is this language, he killed the man Yamiche Have the reported the charges yet?

Can you please fix your heading!!! The Minneapolis officer’s arrest comes after three days of protests, some of which escalated into violence as demonstrators torched a police precinct that had been abandoned by officers.

Mayor: Officer who put knee on man's neck should be charged Minneapolis mayor calls for criminal charges against the white police officer seen on video kneeling on the neck of George Floyd, a handcuffed black man who complained that he could not breathe and died in police custody. Another American Jamal story...same old stuff Firing isn’t enough. They need to be arrested and tried for murder. and you see all that - that creates tension which makes things in the body weaker.

Minneapolis braces for more violence over death in custodyMINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz called in the National Guard as a wounded Minneapolis braced for more violence Thursday, one day after rioting over the death of a handcuffed black man... *A black man who was murdered 'Riots' is the correct terminology.

Protesters enter Minneapolis police station, set firesMINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Protesters angered by the death of George Floyd, a handcuffed black man who died while in police custody, gained access to a Minneapolis police precinct on Thursday, the third... Makes sense if the officers are out surrounding the alleged murders house, who would stop them from doing this? FUCK MINNEAPOLIS POLICE! FUCK MINNEAPOLIS POLICE! FUCK MINNEAPOLIS POLICE! FUCK MINNEAPOLIS POLICE! FUCK MINNEAPOLIS POLICE! FUCK MINNEAPOLIS POLICE! Rioters*

How to Demand Justice for George Floyd and Support Anti-Racism EffortsGeorge Floyd, a 46-year-old black man, died after Minneapolis police officers handcuffed him and pinned him to the ground. Here are just a few ways you can help demand JusticeForFloyd and support anti-racism efforts across the country. This must end. ✔️👉🏻 __ideas 💥FOLLOW to be inspired! 🔝The best ideas for you! We are all human at the end of the day it should never have been black, white yellow, Red; being human should suffice🤷🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️😳👀

LeBron James, Cardi B, Kim Kardashian and More Celebrities React to George Floyd’s Death: ‘Enough is Enough!’Hollywood’s most notable figures are speaking out and demanding justice for George Floyd, an unarmed Black man who died in police custody on Monday after a Minneapolis police officer kneeled on his… NOT A WORD FROM TRUMP ABOUT GEORGE FLOYD'S DEATH/MURDER. A queen! phpress MichaJohnson GeorgeFloyd

'They murdered my brother': George Floyd's family seeks murder chargesRelatives of African American man killed by Minneapolis police while handcuffed in custody demand officers be arrested and charged with murder.