“Mini” Monster Black Hole Could Hold Clues to Giant’s Growth

The discovery of a supermassive black hole in a relatively small galaxy could help astronomers unravel the mystery surrounding how the very biggest black holes grow.

1/11/2022 1:25:00 AM

Big clues may be found in 'mini' black holes. 👀 Researchers using ChandraXray discovered a heavily buried supermassive black hole in a dwarf galaxy. Find out how they are unraveling this mystery:

The discovery of a supermassive black hole in a relatively small galaxy could help astronomers unravel the mystery surrounding how the very biggest black holes grow.

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chandraxray How can we find tiny planets? chandraxray I'm gonna be honest, Space is both freaking terrifying, and amazing at the same exact time.

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chandraxray just like early sailors explored this planet, with tech, scientists now explore the universe. but will we ever get to know the secrets of creation? the ultimate truth about creation? the more we see, the bigger the expanse of universe. fascinating but depressing at same time chandraxray Found a bunch of black holes for you. Hopefully it helps

chandraxray Do You Know Can Black Hole Burn. Ham Yapar BENIM 🔔🔔 Dünya'yı Only ONE Day. Oynatmaya az kaldı nerede bu Orospu Zilli Kraliçe Elizabeth Let's Work Space Minning. chandraxray Really it is all possible to view due to hard work of NASA chandraxray Shortly after the Big Bang, there was no matter, only energy, when the Universe cooled a bit, atoms coalesced. This matter would have been extremely dense because the Universe would not have expanded very far. Wouldn't this cause at least trillions of black holes to be formed?

chandraxray okay, this is so cool chandraxray Why not study New York City? It's a mini Black Hole. Been sucking us Upstate taxpayers for decades. chandraxray 认主的来 chandraxray Would it be possible in an empty enough section of space to have an extremely minuscule sized solar system? As an example, say our solar system but like a 10th of its size and scale? 🤔 could you have a hand sized planet functioning properly in a proportionate Goldilocks zone?

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Black Holes are Giant Fuzzballs, Theoretical Physicists Say | Sci-News.comNew research by physicists from the Department of Physics at the Ohio State University attempts to resolve the debate over Hawking’s information paradox.

chandraxray cool chandraxray 👍🔭🎇🌆 chandraxray The multi-layered structure inside the Library of Babel was that of an eleven-dimension energy field where the ebbs and flows of eternalism and annihilationism converged into the ōmeyōcān. chandraxray gm chandraxray What if black ⚫ holes 🕳 where to suck up all the stars at the same time its creating a new Galaxie with the same particles sucked in and released back into a new world ?

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chandraxray Big clues! I would like to know them soon! chandraxray 😀 chandraxray You could explain this to me like I was 8 years old and it would still go over my head. Yet, I continue to be amazed... chandraxray ある意味でこの動画がミニブラックホールなのかもしれませんね chandraxray Para cuando el comunicado sobre vida extraterrestre fuera de nuestro planeta?🙂

chandraxray Scary! We all gonna die in next several million years! chandraxray I'm not convinced that *black holes* are holes at all. We can only see them from one perspective, so it's just a 2 dimensional perspective. I think they are a gravity nexus where a star is formed. The bigger the nexus, the more matter will collect until nuclear fusion occurs.

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