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Mimicking Local News, a Network of Michigan Websites Pushes Politics

Nearly 40 websites that look like local news outlets feature largely identical articles with a distinctly conservative tone.


A network of nearly 40 websites that look like local news outlets from throughout Michigan in fact offer largely identical articles about taxes, alleged voter fraud and education costs with a distinctly conservative political tone

Nearly 40 websites that look like local news outlets feature largely identical articles with a distinctly conservative tone.

until he stumbled across the website on his Facebook news feed earlier this month.

“I don’t know if fake but local-sounding news outlets makes things more credible, but they certainly seem to think so because they’ve gone to the effort to do that,” said Mr.

News of the websites and their political and business links was first

At a time when social media has become a key gateway for sharing information, the collection of websites underscores how political messaging can be deftly repackaged to look like the fading local journalism that readers were used to trusting.

Read more: The New York Times

The media doesn’t have a lock on format. If u don’t like it, build your own better mousetrap. Busted. They’re taking a page from the two papers RogerAiles purchased Putnam County News & Recorder and Putnam County Courier These accusations that mainstream media outlets like WP NYT do the same. Please share unbranded news sites from WP, NYT.

So? It is called a native ad. Are you people blathering idiots or what? This is an outrage! Imagine the audacity of media pushing politics! And? BySteveReilly Real Fake news. GlennKesslerWP Ummm Michigan you say... hello Vlad

Morocco's Moga Festival Shines Bright With Blond:ish, Kenny Dope and Local RootsThe ancient citadel town of Essaouira — known best as Astapor from Game Of Thrones — played host to the third Moga Fest with International DJs, Moroccan artists and local Gnawa music. MogaFestival

How many support TulsiGabbard ? Yes, there is bias in reporting. Kettle meet pot. AndrewYang has a policy to create a Local Journalism Fund: Just like yourselves and the Wapo. It’s only bad of other people are doing it.... right What about you Fake News? Isn't it a double standard? So the truth? DisinfoEU Two interesting angles to this: 1) adversaries have noticed fake profiles and facebook adverts will no longer cut it 2) They have increased their budgets and have employed more people Conclusion: fake news brings results Result: fake news etc. will be harder to spot.

No doubt . And that’s just one example. Wake up!! Reagan took down the fairness act and the result is CORRUPT FOX NEWS AKA Sinclair Broadcasting 🤬🤢🤮 something bother you about that?

China Censorship Casualty ‘Better Days’ Finally Gets Local Release Date; Well Go Working On U.S. BowEXCLUSIVE: Another casualty of China’s crackdown on potentially sensitive local films this past summer has been given a lifeline. Derek Tsang’s Better Days will release this Friday in the Middle Ki…

Dark money from Koch brothers and other illuminati. Average folks in this country are completely fucked. Is that worse than several cable news networks airing around the world, the same FakeNews on the same day? BuyAMirror Hypocrites EnemyOfThePeople Sounds similar to the verbatim talking points Democrats roll out in perfectly synchronized it's coordinated by someone behind a curtain.

Disgusting Could you guys write another article defending the deep state again that was so exciting 😅😅😅 O noes we don't want any conservative opinions Sort of like the mainstream media Have they been taken down? You don\\t get it. It was a mockery of what journalism has become- One be eco chamber. Looks like WhiteHouse uh, I mean pravda propaganda

Paranoid Trump Surrounded By Completely Unfamiliar Faces Of Immediate Family MembersAll the latest politics coverage from The Onion, America's finest news source. I’m SURE he recognizes Ivanka They sound like good people, but i dont know them exactly I don’t see Tiffany in the picture.

So as liberal medias nationwide. Local news which isn't local news. Coming to politics near you. You should do a story on all national news outlets who do the same thing but lean left. But then you’d have to implicate yourselves ....So, bias? You are making me very angry, NYT. Once the newspaper of record, you've gotten VERY sloppy. Step up your game.

Republicans can only win by lying 🤷‍♂️ The New York Times calling out sites that look like news outlets but push politics, that's rich. 😂 When you're confident in your party I used to think the media independent. how gullible I was🤣 So fakenews is mad at fakenews?

Jimmy Carter Forced To Remove Dozens Of Genital Piercings Before Entering MRI MachineAll the latest politics coverage from The Onion, America's finest news source. Is it April? Nope nope nope gosh darnit.

NYT is left leanings outlet always post left favoring content? How’s that an extraordinary statement?

https://time.comBreaking news and analysis from Politics, world news, photos, video, tech reviews, health, science and entertainment news.

Kidnapper Pleasantly Surprised To Find Word ‘Ransom’ In Magazine He Cutting Letters Out OfAll the latest local coverage from The Onion, America's finest news source. fool, gotta use gloves. fingerprints, it's how they get ya. Grammatical error... idiot!!!! Sometimes things just work out in your favor...

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